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MacGregor’s Bargain

by Rowena Williamson

Historical novelMacGregor’s Bargain by Rowena Williamson For half a century, the Jacobites have rebelled against Britain in an attempt to reclaim Scotland’s throne for the exiled House of Stuart. Now, tensions are building and the Battle of Culloden looms in the future, with the fate of Great Britain at stake. It is the summer of 1744 and Scotland is about to change forever. Set amidst the mysterious, sweeping mountainsides of the Scottish Highlands and in the seductive city of Paris, MacGregor’s Bargain is a gripping story of love, loyalty and betrayal, hope and devastation, and accounts of human strength and vulnerability buried between the pages of history. In light of the ongoing Jacobite rebellion, Niall MacGregor, a wealthy soldier of fortune, member of an outlawed clan, sees hope for a free Scotland, and a chance, by marrying Anne Drummond, disgraced heiress to a castle on Loch Laggan, to own land and start a dynasty. Anne, whose behavior has made her an unsuitable bride for any man in her own class, accepts the marriage as a way to protect her people. But she sees horrifying visions of bloodshed and destruction. Niall is determined to fight for Scottish independence, and Anne is cursed with the power to know the outcome. Torn between her loyalty to her husband and her loyalty to the clan she is destined to protect, Anne must make a choice, harder after the birth of a daughter. A close friend is thought to be an English spy, causing a rift between Anne and Niall. Anne grows to know her husband, and develop love for him. He still seems to see their marriage as a mere bargain, making their destinies unclear as ominous signs of Scotland’s fate develop. Written by Rowena Williamson, an exciting new award winning author, MacGregor’s Bargain is based on years of extensive research. The story is one steeped in romance and rebellion, and the characters of Niall and Anne will not be soon forgotten. But what does destiny have in store for them? Can the Jacobites disprove Anne’s visions and finally defeat the British? And can Anne and Niall find love before it’s too late? “Well plotted, richly imagined, and evocative. I am a champion of Rowena’s writing.” Bharti Kirchner, whose soon-to-released fifth novel is Tulip Season: A Mitra Basu Mystery.

Embers at Dawn (The 9 Lives of The Outlaw known as Crazy Cat)

by Loen J. C.

Lee ain’t no goddamned lady. She has done gotten herself unbaptized, unmarried, and unlawful. She is the outlaw known as Crazy Cat. One cat is buried, another is put in a hatbox, then sent to the town marshal along with the head of his deputy. Lee knows what needs to be done. She needs more men with guns, but where can she find them? And who can she trust amongst those already in her gang? A bloody battle ensues between corrupt lawmen and outlaws. Embers at Dawn is the story of one woman’s struggle to find freedom in a world that would rather see her in a corset or behind barsâ??one being as bad as the other, according to her. It’s a story of rats and sons of bitches, eccentric saviors, and a ramshackle gang led by the outlaw known as Crazy Cat.

Of Lake, Land and Liberty

by Joseph W.M. Bebo

Historical Fiction about the Battle of Plattsburgh on 9/11/1814 in the War of 1812. A story of boys becoming men in the crucible of battle.

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