Free history Kindle books for 04 Dec 13

How to Survive a British Colonial, African Upbringing

by Laura Herbst

This book will shock you at the treatment Britain handed out to the people of the beautiful land that was once Rhodesia.
The so called British Empire saw Rhodesia as a veritable cash cow but when England’s rule ended she painted the whites in Africa as pariahs and ensured the failure and destruction of a once prosperous nation. Zimbabwe’s blacks are beaten and starving and the whites are scattered across the world. South Africa is running full tilt down the same path as whites are butchered and maimed at an alarming rate. England is silent on the slaughter but has developed a new way of profiting from Africa. This is a personal view of the politics of the region, with a mixture of humour, sadness and some bitterness. The writer is a Rhodesian – a third generation white African who has finally left Africa to find a place of acceptance.

Ian Ford, published author of “Halfway to Somewhere” comments: “Wherever England has gone it has systematically destroyed the local culture replacing it with the so called right culture from the homeland. Talk about evil England is guilty of the systematic rape and pillaging of so many countries in the last 200 years or so.
This is Laura’s very personal account on the tragedy inflicted on her much loved homeland and particularly of the corruption that has overtaken the people and the culture of what was once a stable wealthy country.
This is an up to date account which will want to make the reader reread time and time again. It is also a chilling warning of what could happen to our own land. You will not want to put this book down.
Rhodesia was a much loved close community totally whose destruction was encouraged by destroyed by a so called enlightened country that once ruled the world. As a result, this is a that is now in total chaos.”

A Trail Through The Pubs, Bars And Taverns Of Historic Fitzrovia: Noho Walking Tours

by James Davis

A guide book to the historic pubs and bars of London’s Fitzrovia. The book contains five walks in and around Fitzrovia, stretching up to Camden and down into Soho, with a particular emphasis on traditional and well preserved pubs.

The book is also a guide to the locations of the novel Noho, a noir thriller set in the Fitzrovia of the 1930s, but a knowledge of the novel is not a prerequisite to enjoying the walks around this fascinating area that has played host to such literary greats as Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Quentin Crisp, George Bernard Shaw, Virgina Woolf, Dylan Thomas and more.

Fitzrovia is home to some great architecture, history and even better pubs, this book is your guide to some of the hidden gems of Central London.


by Don Dennis

You’re the pilot of a World War Two bomber. Your mission is to fly from your base in England and bomb a target inside Germany. It’s an eight hundred mile round trip as the crow flies, but you won’t fly a direct route – instead you’ll divert over the North Sea in a feint to keep the enemy guessing. Because of this you’ll cover almost twelve hundred miles.

During the flight you’ll face swarms of German fighters and intense flak. If you make it to the target and drop your bomb load, you’ll confront the same enemy defenses on the way out.

After more than six hours flying, with fuel tanks near empty and wounded on board, you finally approach England. You’re now descending from your flight altitude of 20,000 feet, but the weather has closed in and the cloud cover totally obscures the countryside ahead.

Somehow you have to get your aircraft down through the murk, find an airfield and land before you run out of fuel, or the wounded die for want of medical attention. If you can’t find a break in the weather, you may have no alternative other than to abandon your wounded crewmen and bail out.

Or you can try a “blind” instrument approach not knowing your position and hoping you don’t slam into a hill or a crowded city or town.

So what do you do?

That was the problem confronting British and American bomber crews in the opening years of the air war against Germany.

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