Free humour Kindle books for 04 Dec 13

Don’t Have A Cow: Volume Two

by Alex Vega

From Alex Vega, the author and illustrator of ‘Sonny Stories on the Big Island’:

This is the second compilation of the ‘Don’t Have A Cow’ comic strip. New friends include a cat who just won’t stop sleeping on Cow’s head. Cow’s escape attempts are a unsuccesful as ever. There’s alien visitations. A giant human face mask. Extreme skateboarding. There’s even a farmyard olympics!

A Flock of Poems (Poetry for every mood. 36 poems)

by Jojoba Mansell

A collection of poems for every mood, from despair to elation, misery to mayhem. Poems for adults, children and those in between.

The Stand-Up

by Jim Mullen

Is being funny the same thing as being happy? A fictional, once-famous comedian uses his own rise and fall in the business as fodder for jokes in the same nightclub where he started thirty years ago. A monologue about why being rich and famous doesn’t solve anyone’s problems. A short, sad story told by a raucous, foul-mouthed host.



They were young, handsome, ambitious, horny, and searching for love in all the wrong places……………………

Robert Goldman is a successful romantic fiction writer who can never fully commit. His life consists of crazy women, crazier sex, and running away at the first signs of a ring. Robert is the boy who never grew up.

Malcolm is a handsome,dignified business man who is the shining light of the community. Everything he does in life is planned out by his parents, society, and teachers who saw his potential. Along the way he lost himself and is in a relationship with a woman who is a beautiful lie. Malcolm is the lost overachiever.

John was a frail weakling in high school. He grew into an attractive,, chiseled, God among women. Out of bitterness for the way he used to be treated, he uses easy sex and quick ejaculations as a replacement for love. John is the damaged stud.

Paul had a small penis. It caused him to work hard in every other area of life and eventually become a millionaire who owns a company producing video games. He has sex with all the hottest women and knows it’s because of the money. Paul is the insecure nerd.

Join the guy who will never grow up, the overachiever, the damaged stud, and the insecure nerd, on their journey to find love, happiness, and themselves in MEN WHO LIKE GIRLS.

Writer Mr. Woody was not influenced by Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, and Baldwin. He was influenced by Carlin, Seinfeld, Sandler, Rock, and Pryor. His words are a reflection of those influences. If you are not uptight, looking for a fast read, and a good time, you are in the right place. If you are open minded and want it told like it is you are in the right place. If you want conservative Cosby style humor….RUN. Mr. Woody is well worth the investment and the journey is just beginning.



Lyric David hated everything. She hated Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake.She hated Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and texting. She hated vampire movies, mainstream books, blockbuster movies and the sun shining. For Lyric David everything sucked.

As the books go on we learn why Lyric believes everything sucks. She was the kid in high school who never fit in with the popular kids or even the nerds. She was the girl in college who was just trying to find herself. She was the girl who after she graduates, is still just as confused as when she went in.

Today Lyric is on her own, publishing a semi successful comic book called Everything Sucks, is in a relationship with a brain dead, self proclaimed intellectual named Drake, and still trying to find her place in the world. You will find that this series of books are both comical and insightful. Everything sucks is like a female version of Seinfeld with an R rating, meets a more edgy version of Girls, meets a real world version of Sex in the City, meets something unlike anything you ever read. You will enjoy it, and the episodes will be over before you know it. Everything Sucks is well worth the small investment.

Santa’s Greatest Wish

by Etoile Grace

A light and witty poetry book which brings to light origin of Christmas as well as exposing Santa’s greatest wish! This book teaches the simplicity of love without the need for big gifts or expectations, which inspires even the most greedy heart to question and to soften to the meaning of the festive season. While Santa’s need for love and fame are brought to the surface, this book also serves to honor the Jesus of Nazareth who inspired the very concept of what we celebrate for today. May this book spread the joy that each of us deserves to experience in every season!

Turkey Broth for the Spirit: Just a Few Questions Part I: The Pentateuch

by Ester Lighthorse

A complete questioning of the verses of the Pentateuch, by an Atheist, subsequently providing possible reasons why so many people do NOT believe that the Bible, or that God are anywhere near the Truth. Isn’t the Bible is full of inconsistencies, nonsense claims, and outright lies if the verses are viewed in a certain light and interpretation?

This book is full of questions that the Christians of the world need to answer, to give reason as to why they believe what it is they believe, back up their faith, and even help to provide information that would help Atheists to see the Truth, if it is indeed there in the Bible.

Only the questions to each book of the Pentateuch are given. Absolutely NO answers are given. The purpose for this is for Christians to log onto the corresponding blog and post their answers for the world to see. If you love God and believe in His truth and the truth of the Bible…then read the book and post REAL, true answers that make sense. Prove your God. Give people a reason to believe.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Web Reference eBook

by Adelaide Byrne

A guide to explore the movie “A nightmare on Elm Strret” on the web.

The more rate criticisms: over 60.

The judgment of the Catholic Cinema Center.

Horror Movies List of Year 1984.

Introduction to Seriality and Teenagers.

Illustrated eBook.

The Best Video from the Web.

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