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Household DIY: Save Time and Money with Do It Yourself Hints & Tips on Furniture, Clothes, Pests, Stains, Residues, Odors and More!

by Jesse Jacobs

Discover a proven blueprint to saving money with DIY projects, hints and tips!

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can do your own household maintenance activities without seeking help from professionals. This book contains tips ranging from the manufacture of your own cleaning and hygiene products, stain removal and odor control. There are also some home and garden projects, as well as home improvement and craft ideas you’ll find interesting and useful.

This book teaches you simple DIY techniques and tricks that can be easily done by the average person. There are even some simple projects included that can be done at home which would not only be cost effective but financially rewarding as well!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

*DIY Home

*DIY Cleaning Solutions

*DIY Gardening

*DIY Furniture Restoration

*DIY Odor Management

*DIY Personal Hygiene Products

*DIY Solutions to Clothing Problems

*DIY Crafts for Homeowners

*And Much, Much More!

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Diet Detective’s Diet Starter Kit

by Charles Platkin

This is a MUST read before you start any diet.

“Give me answers: How can I lose weight? Please tell me the secret(s)!!” I’m asked these questions all the time. As if I had some magical secret that would leap from these pages and grab that doughnut out of your hands and shove an apple into your mouth.

It’s not happening.

So what is my advice? What’s different from the last 600,000 or so words I’ve written or said on the countless news and TV programs where I’ve been asked to speak?

Not too much. In fact, the science has not really changed too much in the last 15 years in terms of weight control. Is there a group of successful losers? Some place to look for answers? Not exactly, but I have complied a few key points from the various articles and research that I’ve done in the last 14 years that will really help you lose weight for good. This is a short eBook, designed to read fast, and get you started losing weight fast. Read on and start losing.

More Muscle: Focused Three Week Training and Meal Plan for Maximum Muscle Gain

by Todd Miller

A no fluff – focused – three week training program and meal plan for anyone wanting to pack on some muscle. It was designed by a military infantry officer, amateur boxer, and trainer to help boxers shed fat and add muscle to compete at the top of their weight class or move up a class.

But it’s not just for boxers…

Getting more muscle is actually very simple The four components covered in this book combined with the detailed training and meal plan will kick start your muscle building efforts and will work for you even if you’ve struggled with putting on muscle in the past.

You don’t need a bunch of supplements. All you need is progressive training, the right amount of rest, and the right fuel to maximize muscle growth. This straight-to-the-point book gives you a step-by-step plan to start building muscle today.

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You’re Perfect: for the Heart that’s meant to Love You

by Trent Shelton

Are you tired of feeling insignificant? Are you tired of feeling like you’ll never find “the one” for you?

Don’t you know you’re Perfect?!

“You’re Perfect” aims to increase your self worth by helping you understand that God made you Perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you. In “You’re Perfect,” you’ll not only learn about the great qualities of yourself, you’ll learn what True Love is and what it’s not. More importantly you’ll learn how to apply those principles to help you find the Heart that’s meant to Love You.

100 Natural Beauty Tips That Will Make You Beautiful Forever

by Bella Sparelli

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People have been searching for the best techniques for optimal health and beauty for many years. Sparelli provides natural beauty tips to keep yourself beautiful forever based on her years of research in the beauty world as well as talking to the experts. You are assured to be wowed at these excellent tips. With 100 tips, there are a probably at least a few tips you were not familiar with before. This book is over 100 pages long.

In addition to the bonus at the end of the book, there are a couple of tips from other countries including:

* Beauty secrets from Korea
* Beauty secrets from India
* Beauty secrets from Italy
* Beauty secrets from Brazil

and more…

Become the Alpha Male and Get the Women of YOUR CHOICE

by Justin Williams

Being an Alpha Male isn’t about being arrogant and rude. It is about being the man the ladies want and the man other men respect. An Alpha Male gets the ladies, has more respect among other men and gets promoted easier. Learn how to become the alpha male and open your world of new adventure and opportunities. It is the role of every man’s dream! The women WILL come.

Organic Gardening Book Package: Organic Gardening: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Organic Produce & Seed Saving for the Organic Gardener

by Michelle Anderson

Organic Gardening Book Package

Get two organic gardening books for one low price!

If you’re not growing your own organic foods, you may be compromising your health and the health of your loved ones.

The first book in the package is Organic Gardening: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Organic Produce.

This handy guide provides you with all of the information you need to get your organic garden started. You can plant and grow your own organic produce and become less reliant on the chemical-laden produce sold at your local grocery store. The only way to tell for sure what’s been sprayed on or added to your food is to grow it yourself. Buy this book package now and learn just how easy it is to grow your own organic produce from seeds you’ve saved yourself.

The topics covered in Organic Gardening: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Organic Produce include:

  • Why growing organic foods is better than buying them.
  • How to create living soil that’s perfect for growing produce.
  • Soil tests that are critical to the health and safety of you and your garden.
  • Acidic vs. alkaline soil.
  • How to save tons of time by using mulch.
  • The difference between organic and inorganic mulch and why you should use both.
  • 11 types of mulch you can use in your organic garden.
  • How to make organic compost and apply it to your garden.
  • How to make your own compost tumbling bin the cheap and easy way.
  • The best (and worst) organic materials to add to your compost bin.
  • Whether or not organic seeds are worth the additional cost.
  • USDA hardiness zones and what they mean to you.
  • How to decide when to plant your seeds for best results.
  • How to start your own seeds and grow them into seedlings.
  • What companion planting is and how it benefits your garden.
  • What to do when weeds go wild.
  • The best type of irrigation for an organic garden.
  • Common diseases and plant illnesses and how to handle them.
  • What to do when animals attack.
  • Harvesting your crop.

The second book in this Organic Gardening Book Package is Seed Saving for the Organic Gardener.

For the aspiring organic gardener, there’s nothing more rewarding than growing organic crops from seeds you’ve harvested yourself. This book gives you the information you need to get started harvesting and planting your own seeds.

The following topics are covered:

  • Why saving seeds is preferable to buying seeds.
  • The key difference between hybrid and open-pollinated seeds.
  • Why you need to avoid GMO seeds at all costs.
  • How to control cross-pollination of your plants.
  • Bagging, isolating and boxing your plants.
  • Growing healthy seeds.
  • How to harvest seeds from a number of popular plants including artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, flowers, corn, strawberries, cucumbers, melons and more.
  • Why you should avoid harvesting tree seeds (there’s a much better way to grow trees)
  • What heirloom seeds are and why they’re important.
  • Special handling of plants you plan on harvesting heirloom seeds from.
  • The difference between organic and heirloom seeds.
  • How to start your seeds once planting season rolls around.
  • Sowing seeds in your garden.

Buy The Organic Gardening Book Package today and learn how to grow organic plants and harvest seeds from them that can be planted year after year.

Amazon Prime and the Lending Library – Everything You Need To Know For Free eBooks, Free Movie Downloads, Free TV Series and Free Shipping for Prime Members to Get the Most Out of Your Kindle

by Sanders Williams

Amazon Prime is a members only service that offers a range of services including free eBooks, free moving downloads, free TV series and free shipping. There are different types of membership, including Prime, Student and Mom, each with different benefits to take advantage of. We explain it all in our step by step guide on what Amazon Prime is, how to find unlimited free movies, eBooks, TV series, take advantage of their shipping, and all the rules and regulations, as well as a step by step guide on how to sign up, cancel and everything in between.

Amazon Prime and the Lending Library is a full reference guide for all those who want to get the most out of their membership and their Kindle.

Eating Organic On A Budget: How To Eat Organic Without Spending A Fortune

by BJ Knights

Eating Organic On A Budget- How To Eat Organic Without Spending  A Fortune

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Organic foods are everywhere today offering a natural alternative to our favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats. But is everything worth the cost? This guide explores the benefits of eating organic and how to do so within an affordable budget. Learn several tips on cutting costs, organic dieting, and finding the right organic foods to enrich a healthy lifestyle.

This Guide Will Cover:

  • A primer on eating organic
  • Types of organic foods and how they meet certification
  • How to incorporate an organic diet into any weight-loss plan
  • Steps in promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Creating an organic budget
  • Where to shop organic and why

So download today and learn about what this growing phenomenon has to offer, even on a tight budget. Join the crowd and download now!

Gluten-Free Goodness – Kids Lunch Recipes

by Brian B.

Gluten-Free Kids Lunch

Another definitive Gluten-Free recipe book for Gluten-Free lifestyle.

In this book you will find 25 amazing Gluten-Free recipes that are also free from grains, dairy or processed sugars.

Check out some of the recipes:

– Cream Filled Carrot Cake Muffin

– Almond Butter and Strawberry Sandwich

– Beef Bun

– Lamb Pot Pie

And more!

Grab your copy today!

Natural Skin Care Recipes Handbook: 30 Simple Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Beautiful, Healthy & Younger Looking Skin Using Only Natural Ingredients.

by Patricia Gardner

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Have You Been Looking For Those Perfect All-Natural Homemade Skin Care Recipes? You Know, The Ones That Are Simple, Effective and Easy To Make?

You can make homemade face masks using all-natural ingredients and avoid the harsh chemicals of other facial treatments.

The natural skin care recipes within this handbook created by natural health author Patricia Gardner will help to keep your skin look silky smooth, by giving it powerful therapeutic benefits, all while being time and cost effective.

When you purchase Natural Skin Care Recipes Handbook: 30 Natural & Essential Homemade Recipes for Beautiful, Healthy & Younger Looking Skin. These 30 best recipes have been carefully gathered and proven to give you the most naturally enhancing skin care recipes you will ever find. Crafting your own personalized face care recipes using natural herbs and other ingredients that help to nourish, cleanse, and protect your skin and keep it looking young is a seriously amazing feeling. Recipes that don’t have harmful chemicals that are irritating and toxic for your skin.

Face masks so good and natural you could actually eat them too!

These are the easiest homemade skin care recipes that will keep your skin looking and feeling young and help you save money. You can use these natural face masks instead of those commercial grade toxic face products we are surrounded by.

In her “Natural Skin Care Recipes Book” she has collected some of the best skin care recipes that you can make yourself including:

  • Body and face scrubs
  • along with facial masks
  • Toners, mists, moisturizers
  • What are you waiting for? Give your skin a new lift on life! Pick this book up now and discover the amazing benefits awaiting you on the inside! I truly hope to help you and that you find what your searching for in your life.

    To Life, And To Your Health!



    The Amazing Blow Job Guide: Become His Oral Goddess (February 2013 Edition)

    by Kacy Karcher

    “Do You Want To Learn The Secret To Make Him Go Crazy Over You?”

    If you answer yes, then this is the only oral sex book you’ll ever need….

    Come on ladies, we all know that men love oral sex…giving him head isn’t
    as difficult as it may seem, unfortunately many women have a tendency to
    get it wrong…

    The Amazing Blowjob Guide: Become His Oral Goddess is a comprehensive
    no BS, no holds barred oral sex how to guide to help you
    become an oral goddess in no time…

    These aren’t just your typical Cosmo sex tips that tell you how to please your
    guy–we get down to the nitty gritty and offer tips that work for your guy
    whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, or some random guy you pick up when
    you’re feelin’ a little randy!

    We cover everything that you could possibly want to know about giving a guy
    oral, including all of the stuff that most girls, even the brazen ones, wouldn’t
    dream of asking out loud. We don’t just want you to know how to give a
    blowjob; we want you to master the art so that you can enjoy all of the
    pleasure that giving oral has to offer.

    Get it while it’s still available at this low price!

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    The Art of Achieving Goals (Fulfilling Life series)

    by Eran Stern

    The key to success is the way you set up your goals. Now, when you understand that our potential is endless, you surely understand that you have all it takes to achieve any goal you want. Whatever you really desire can be achieved. The main question is how you will set up your goal.

    Everybody can set goals, and many do, but most people do not achieve their goals. The key to achieving your goals lies in the way you are setting them up in the first place. Most people are not aware of the way they set up their goals, and thus miss them over and over again. In the following chapter you will discover the secret to success which starts by correctly setting your goals and the accuracy in which you define what you would like to fulfill.

    Under certain circumstances we all stop and most of the time we don’t know why. In this book you will learn to identify those inhibitions that prevent you from getting what you desire, and how to overcome them. There is no man alive who doesn’t fear when embarking on a new road or a new course of action. Even those we consider “brave” are fearful as everybody else. What sets them apart is the fact that they do not stop when facing their fears. You can do the same – get out of your paralyzing comfort zones and act forcefully to get the worthy goal you chose!

    A very important part of the fulfillment process is the readiness to get on the road. The clear and concise knowledge that you are willing to pay the price and get on your way will enable you to takes continuous actions that will progress you towards your goals. In this book I will show you how to complete the process that will enable you to actually start acting toward achieving your goals.

    Grow Your Orchids Like a Professional: The Comprehensive Guide for Indoor and Outdoor Growing and Caring of Orchids

    by PJ Group Publishing

    Are you interested in growing some orchids?

    You will not come across a plant family with a variety of flowers like the orchids plant family. This plant family offers staggering variety of unique flowers you are bound to fall in love with. You will come across orchids that grow as a single flower on each stem while others will grow in hundreds on one stem with beautiful color variations. You can have orchids in pink, yellow, purple or even white with others being multicolored. It is no wonder most individuals seek to learn how to grow their very own orchids.

    This is why this e-book was created. You will get to learn all about growing and caring for orchids both indoors and outdoors. Finally, you can grow orchids in your home using this guide.

    In this e-book you will learn you will learn of the requirements you need to be able to grow your orchids like a professional. Some of the aspects covered include:

    – How to grow orchids.
    – Where you can begin.
    – What you need to be able to grow orchids successfully.
    – How to care for your orchids.
    – And so much moreâ?¦.

    There are so many myths surrounding growing and caring of orchids. Despite what these myths say, this e-book is here to prove to you that you can actually grow and maintain your orchids easily.

    Before you know it, you will be growing orchids with ease.

    Intermittent Fasting: How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off Without Dieting

    by Jeremy Lam

    The Secret to Lose Weight Fast WITHOUT Dieting

    Learn the Weight Loss Secrets that the Health & Fitness Industry Don’t Want You to Know……

    (#1 Belly Fat Blasting Secret Revealed : Learn the One Simple Technique Celebrities & Fitness Models Use to Reveal Their Abs)

    Are you sick and tired of following diet after diet religiously while
    giving up many of your favorite foods? What if I tell you there is a
    easier path for permanent weight loss without all the yo-yo dieting

    There are many ways to lose weight but The 24-Hour Diet Solution
    teaches one of the most effective strategies on how to lose weight fast
    and keeping it off permanently.  In fact don’t take my word for it,
    just look at some of the comments from our clients. 

    Success Stories

    “Finally, I found the book which has given me an honest, realistic advice on how to get
    the body I have always wanted. Thanks to Jeremy Lam, author of Diet No More. After
    I followed the strategies and recommendations from this book on how to lose weight
    and lose fat fast, I lost 5 pounds in just 2 weeks. This is a fast diet which I have
    never experienced from other diet regimens. The best thing about it too is I don’t have to
    watch what I eat anymore. If you want to learn more about what I am saying, uncover
    the secrets by reading this book and you will understand what I am saying.”

    “I have been using restrictive diets to get me down from 69 kg to 60 kg and they all
    worked. I used the lemonade diet and lost weight almost straight away!! In fact I got
     down to 60 kg and was so proud of myself.  However, I was so hungry after 10 days
    of drinking just maple syrup, water and lemon juice that my weight rebounded on
    me and I was back up to 70 kg within 2 weeks! The 24-Hour Diet Solution changed
    all that and strongly emphasizes the difference between body weight and fat and for
     me this could not be more true. In fact, I was gaining fat and not losing weight using
     these restrictive diets! The 24-Hour Diet Solution shows that health and gradual fat
    loss is more important than losing weight and I could not agree more. Slimming pills,
    restrictive diets and fads simply do not work and I recommend
    this book to guide you on what does work.”
    Marcella Blasko

    We debunked many weight loss myths in this book including…

    • Does acai berry help fat loss?
    • Can milk thistle cause weight loss?
    • Why you should not stay on a low-caloric diet
    • Is fat loss supplements hype or not?
    • Does whey protein help with fat loss?
    • The truth about the hcg diet
    • Calorie shifting and fat loss

    and more….

    What The 24-Hour Diet Solution will do for you:

    • Lose weight fast healthily without sacrificing your favorite foods
    • It’s a simple diet that anyone can follow easily
    • Spend less time exercising and working out
    • Even celebrities and models use fasting to reveal their toned abs   
    • Save you a ton of money from buying unnecessary pills and overpriced supplements
    • You can finally enjoy eating out with family and friends totally guilt-free
    • No more starving yourself to death
    • Never ever experience weight rebound again

    If you are finally sick of following meal plans, counting calories,
    giving up your favorite foods, and starving yourself to death,
    then I guarantee The 24-Hour Diet Solution will be the A-Z guide to
    finally help you lose all those unwanted fat and keeping it off for good without all
    those downsides!  Say goodbye to controversial diets forever starting today!

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    A Quick Start Guide to Traveling With Your Dog

    by Caesar Owens

    Today, it’s very easy to take your pets whenever you travel. It can be
    a trip to the beach, another state or even another country. No matter
    where you go, hotels, airlines, cruise lines and even restaurants have
    become more open in accepting pets. In fact, some of them have
    even upgraded their services so they can cater the needs of pets and
    pet owners together. For this reason, it’s almost unfair if we leave
    our animals behind when we travel, and we don’t need to come up
    with excuses about not bringing out animals along.

    If it’s your first time taking your pets with you, you may find it
    quite complicated since there are some things you need to consider
    before you travel. You also need to attend to the needs of your pet
    all throughout the length of your journey. That’s why this eBook was
    created. It will serve as a guide, especially for pet owners, who will be traveling with their dogs.

    A Quick Start Guide to Traveling With Your Dog covers the following topics and more:
    – Should You Travel With Your Dog?
    – Things to Pack When Traveling With Your Dog
    – Things to Do and Places to Go
    – Finding Dog-Friendly Hotels
    – Traveling by Car
    – Traveling by Plane
    – Traveling by Boat
    – Dining With Dogs
    – Dog Medications for Travel
    – Overview on International Pet Travel

    5 Gifts to Give Yourself

    by Lori Hil

    Do you ever feel tired, lost, or just plain burned out? The truth is you cannot give what you do not have. When you are full, vibrant, and passionate you have so much more to offer. Receiving is not about being selfish, rather fulfilling your core needs and desires so that you can give your very best to the world. That is what the world around you needs. It needs the full you, the complete you. It needs the you that is living a life of love and compassion that stems from your very core. When you give yourself these 5 important gifts, you will ignite a fire within that will set the world ablaze. Happy Gift Giving…

    Long Distance Relationship Without Stress

    by Arnold Williams

    If you’re about to experience a long distance relationship, this book will help you make it work. Inside you’ll discover:

    • The unexpected benefits of a long distance relationship.
    • Strategies for managing loneliness and doubt.
    • Ideas for growing stronger as a couple instead of drifting apart.
    • And how to keep the spark alive no matter how many miles come between you and the one you love.

    If you truly believe that your partner is “the one” and that he touches your heart like no one else, be strong and do not let the distance between you interfere with what the end result could be.

    Don’t fear your long distance relationship. Embrace it! This gem of a book will show you how.

    What’s Right with This Picture? Teaching Kids Character Strengths Through Stories

    by Renee Jain

    “Don’t eat so much junk!” “Study harder!” “Stop fighting with your sister!”

    We want the best for our kids. In the pursuit of their greatest well-being, we often take a path of rooting out “what’s wrong” and fixing it. But what if living a good life goes beyond reducing the problems our children face? What if it is equally important to teach kids to seek out “what’s right”? Turns out the research supports this notion.

    Helping our children identify, apply, and nurture their character strengths is a 21st century life skill which is associated with greater life satisfaction, engagement in school, academic success, and overall well-being. What we know is as important as it is to reduce the problems facing our children, it is equally as important to nurture what is right. In this, they have the tools to thrive and create positive connections to the larger world.

    “What’s Right with This Picture?” is a workbook for teachers and parents to work with their kids to learn character strength vocabulary, identify character strengths in themselves and others around them, and find ways to apply strengths in their lives. This fully-illustrated workbook teaches these lessons through fun and relatable stories and activities.



    Imagine waking up knowing what your purpose was! Or how about discovering what you are truly worth? Have you ever questioned why you are here? What if you knew how to make an impact not just in your own sphere of influence, but on a global scale? If any or all of these questions resonate within you; then may I welcome you on this adventure;or as I like to call it the QUEST.

    We are embarking on a very unique and special expedition.In this book we will discuss how to identify the brilliance that is within you; what keeps you from it;and what are the steps for recovering your brilliance.

    By the end of our time you may find yourself changed; along the way you may just meet your truest self; for the treasure that we are going to excavate is rare and priceless.

    It is my hope that you discover your INNER BRILLIANCE and daily celebrate the treasure that is you!

    The Art of Raising a Pomeranian Puppy

    by H.T. Chow

    Pomeranians are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world ever since Queen Victoria got herself a Pom. But Pomeranians are one of the smartest dog breeds out there and it can be difficult for a first-time pet owner to take care of them.

    Nobody likes to be outsmarted by their own pet dog.

    A puppy that is taken care of poorly is more likely to get sick. And it may even have permanent negative effects on the puppy for the rest of its life. Therefore it is important to apply good pet care since the very first day you bring your puppy home.

    In “The Art of Raising a Pomeranian Puppy”, you will discover:

    – The important things to consider BEFORE you get a puppy (to make sure that you are ready).

    Simple and essential ways to puppy-proof your home (so that you don’t accidentally KILL your puppy the first day you bring it home).

    – How to find the perfect Pomeranian for your home!

    The best diet you can feed your growing puppy.

    – 10 dangerous health concerns about Pomeranians that you MUST know.

    Effective tips about how to train your Pomeranian puppy.

    – Common mistakes during puppy training that you must absolutely avoid.

    The pros and cons of the Pomeranian breed.

    and much more!

    A puppy is supposed to bring joy and excitement to a home but unfortunately sometimes a puppy can also bring frustration and fatigue. This is why it is important to prepare yourself with the adequant knowledge and skills to take care of a puppy and the challenges that comes along with it.

    Create happy memories with your Pomeranian puppy. Order “The Art of Raising a Pomeranian Puppy” today.

    How to Set SMART Goals – The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Life You Want (The Road To Happiness)

    by Matt Morris

    WARNING: This book will change the way you think, speak, and act.

    The Secret to success is applying the right principles with the right action and the right mindset.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    – How To Set Powerful Goals

    – Constantly Have A Mindset Of Excellence

    – The Step-By-Step Approach That Many Successful CEO’s And Entrepreneurs Use

    – A TON of Ways To Stay Motivated Toward Your Goals And Everyday Life

    – Strategies To IMMEDIATELY Boost Your Self-Confidence

    – Techniques To Coach Yourself And Hold Yourself Accountable

    – Ways To Keep Pushing Forward Even When You Feel You’re Reached A Dead-End

    And much much more!

    It’s almost 2014! Begin Setting Up Your New Year Resolutions Today So They Can Be A Reality In 2014

    Download Today For ONLY $3.99 (the price of a latte)…Don’t miss the chance to buy this and change your life. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device today.

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    DIABETES BUSTING DIET: Discover The 5 Healthy Choices That Are Often Overlooked When You Have Diabetes (Fighting Diabetes & Winning Series:)

    by Victoria Roswell

    Fighting Diabetes & Winning Series:

    Learn the secrets to effortless
    healthy living with the right
    diet consistently.

    Learn little known ways and
    methods of eating and preparing
    the right foods to become stronger
    than the potential debilitating and
    painful effects of diabetes.

    Learn to reduce the effects
    of diabetes flare-ups and get
    your life back!

    All the tools are inside!

    Simple Green Cleaning Recipes: How To Save Money, Health & Environment

    by Alice Parker

    The greatest danger to our health in our homes comes from common household products. This book is about how to choose safe green cleaning products and make toxin-free products yourself. 
    Did you know that… 
    ❢ More than 60 (!) toxic chemicals are found in the average home, which translates to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals;❢ Toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air;❢ Over three million poisonings are reported every year, and household cleaners are the No. 1 cause of poisoning of children.
    From this book you will learn…
    â?© What is green cleaning, anyway? â?© What makes a product “green?”â?© Why natural products are not automatically safeâ?© Hidden dangers of cleaning chemicals â?© How to go chlorine-freeâ?© Easy to make DIY cleaning recipes for every room of your house: living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry etcâ?© What are the green cleaning super-agentsâ?© How to improve indoor air qualityâ?© Guidelines for buying green products: spotting toxic chemicals, avoiding scam productsâ?© And more…

    Total Blueprint for World Domination

    by Jolene Stockman

    *** Winner *** 2011 Flamingnet Top Choice Award.
    Total Blueprint for World Domination (17,000 words) is a motivational non-fiction book for young adults. Design your dream world and make it happen!

    More praise for Total Blueprint for World Domination
    Total Blueprint for World Domination provides excellent advice for success and presents it in a manner that is entertaining, thought provoking, and empowering.” Crystal DeJesus.

    “Smart, funny, and truly inspirational, Total Blueprint for World Domination is a self-help book that can win the hearts of individuals who wish to live their life to the fullest.” The Examiner.

    “Jam packed with useful information and food for thought… After reading Total Blueprint for World Domination, I feel far more confident and upbeat. I feel as though I could go out and do anything I want to.” Everything To Do With Books.

    If you are looking to get excited about your life and create your dream world, then Total Blueprint for World Domination is for you!

    Enfolded in Silence: A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood

    by Barbara Hughes

    Barbara Hughes’ relates the story of her childhood sexual trauma and later healing in paintings, poems and prose. In the first part of the book she reveals her childhood experiences in art and prose; the second part offers tools that helped her heal. Her desire is that the book will direct others toward paths of healing and encourage them in their journeys, as well as promote an understanding of the healing process and the cost of abuse. The story is one of pain and hope.

    DEPRESSION BEATING EXCERCISE: Discover 5 Secrets To easily Start Beating Depression With Excercise In 7 Days (Fighting Depression & Winning Series)

    by Donna Jean Edwards


    Fighting Depression & Winning Series:

    Learn the secrets to crushing
    the effects and pain of depression
    with the right excercise and mindset

    Learn little known excercises
    meditations and strategies to
    help you become stronger both
    physically and mentally to reduce
    the debilitating effects of depression.

    Reduce mental flare-ups and start to
    get your life back!

    All the tools are inside!

    Mind Power

    by Christian Godefroy

    Mind Power is a book for everyone who want to maximise their potential and take charge of their own destiny.

    What can this book really do for you?

    Most of us have some corner of our lives where we feel we have failed- may be because we have never tried, having been programmed as children to believe that we may not succeed- Mind Power will show you how easy it is to change all this to become more effective and confident, in other words to alter your self image – A positive approach to situations in life !!

    The Author Christian Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and auto suggestions. He has given training seminars to over 6000 senior personnel around the world on self-confidence, relaxation and communication. He is also the author of “The Complete Time Management System and Super Health”.

    PREGNANCY AND YOUR SLEEP: Discover 5 Things that Will Quickly Get You To Dreamland And Help You Get The Shut Eye Your Body Craves! (The Pregnancy Success Series)

    by Lily Langford


    The Pregnancy Success Series: 2

    In this volume, Lily reviews
    the most common causes of lost
    sleep, rest and vitality during
    pregnancy and how it can get it back.

    Also revealed are the shockingly
    common mistakes that cause loss of
    precious sleep during pregnancy that
    can potentially harm the vitality and
    health of mother and child!

    Discover the easy to follow
    guidelines and simple remedies
    to regaining control and ensuring
    the most restful nights sleep during

    Assure success and uncover the
    simple strategies inside

    DEFEATING POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: Discover The Signs And Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression And What You Need To Do To Stop Suffering Now (The Pregnancy Success Series)

    by Lily Langford


    The Pregnancy Success Series: 7

    In this volume, Lily reviews,
    the true signs and symptoms of
    Postpartum Depression and uncovers
    both common and uncommon ways to find
    relief without drugs or medicines.

    Also inside are often misunderstood
    myths about Postpartum Depression and
    it’s true causes and how to support a
    loved one and ultimately reach full health
    and vitality.

    Avoid falling victim to the
    shockingly common mistakes made
    by most and assure a successful
    Postpartum Experience.

    Assure success and discover the
    secrets inside.

    Improve Your Dating Situation Now: Your Guide To Make Love Simple

    by Sylvester McNutt III

    Do you deserve a relationship that thrives, feels good and is rewarding? This book was written to solve the problem that plagues most relationships. We are not effective communicators; relationships and marriages are failing at an alarming rate due to the fact that we do not have the tools, experience or education to make positive contributions to them.

    This books entire goal is to offer you vital information about psychology, teach you valuable traits from communication and help you pump more love and fun into your relationship.

    It’s time to Improve Your Dating Situation Now, are you ready to get what you deserve?

    Basic Quilting: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started (How To Basics Series)

  • Well-chosen beginning projects develop your quilting skills without requiring a long time to complete
  • Expert advice on choosing fabric, batting, backing, thread, and quilt designs
  • Complete instructions and full-color photos for creating a pot holder, tote bag, pillow cover, and table runner

    Generations of family members have handed down quilts that have become family heirlooms. Quilting is a wonderful way to recycle old fabrics to create new, beautiful, and useful items, and Basic Quilting is the perfect introduction to this long-treasured craft.

    The book begins with a comprehensive description of the materials and equipment the new quilter needs, and clear instructions on basic knots and stitches, all illustrated with step-by-step full-color photos. Includes background on how to match and care for quilting fabrics, and choosing the block pattern, piecing, and quilting establish the techniques a new quilter needs.

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