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Love is the poison. Love is the cure.

by Jojoba Mansell

An anthology of poetry, over 40 poems exploring the dark depths and dizzying heights of love and life, as well as those grey, misty areas between the two.
PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY difference between edition 1 and edition 2 is a change of cover. Edition 2 DOES NOT contain any new material.

Clarity Of Daylight

Clarity of Daylight is a collection of contemporary and classic poems from the British poet D.M.Daye. Reflecting upon both the beauty and darkness of life with a sensitivity that brings a depth of experience to each verse, sometimes raw but always with a truth that is undeniable.

The poet takes you on a journey into a world that is both familiar but unspoken of, one that surrounds us but is seen by few, a world that is outside your front door but at the same time a million miles away.

These are poems that will stay with the reader long after the last page has been turned.

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What an amazing book of poetry. I found the words to be so captivating. This is a must read for not only poetry lovers, but for everyone! What a talented Author! Bravo!

For the Brides of Gopalpur

by Umme Raza

Published here for the first time ever is an epic historical tale, based on a true story of bravery, blood, land, and love. This is the tale of an Indian village’s beginning, and a tyrant’s end. This is the story of Gopalpur.

Gopalpur, located in the northeastern Indian state of Bihar, is a village that has a story so unique, it seems to have come out of a storybook. But no book in the English language has this special tale.

What is this tale that the inhabitants of Gopalpur still recount to each other six centuries later after its occurrence? For at village weddings, of both Hindus and Muslims, the story of Gopalpur is recited to this day in order to bless the bride and ward off evil.

It is the story of two women in the Moghul era, a Hindu and a Muslim, and how they helped each other in times of oppression and fear. It is the story of peaceful religious co-existence, but it is also the story of rape, two issues that are both relevant in Modern India today.

This book unveils the tale to the world through the medium of narrative poetry, written by a young Canadian woman at the age of eighteen after visiting her ancestral village of Gopalpur.

Poetic Perspectives Vol 1: Life

by J. R. Martin

A short poetry book that gives poems about the author along with those that are spiritual and give a glimpse into American society

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