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by Felton Williamson

“A Toby’s Fable” is a fictional account of the Aristocracy, using the Bureaucracy to increase the profits of their cronies. The action drives small farmers out of business and limits consumer’s choices. While the specifics of this story, a fictional, similar oppression is all too common in our society. Are you at risk? .

“A Toby’s fable” is more like a long, fully illustrated (16 cartoons) magazine article than a book. But you won’t find a better description of the creeping tyranny that is destroying America.


The Power of Perception

by Laren Grey Umphlett

Hunters Prey

by Jack Anders

Year after year millions of single males from all walks of life visit Thailand. Some are holidaying, some reside in Thailand, and some are in transition from holiday to residential status. The general perception by both Western Societies and most Thais are that they are sex tourists, and arrive with the attitude of being the hunter; ready to prey on significantly younger Thai women for sexual services for minimal cost. Is this the real story? Are they taking advantage of others less fortunate, or are they about to be manipulated by those far more skilled and cunning.

Who is the hunter and who is the prey?

This is a question that is continually pondered and examined by those who partake in the blissfully ignored activities in Thailand, where sexual services are provided in exchange for financial payment. For many foreign tourists, and even long term expatriates, the full understanding of this question simply eludes them. They make mistake after mistake in their adopted home away from home of Thailand, commonly referred too as the Land of Smiles.

Without exception, every foreign male visitor to Thailand is surprised in one way or another regarding the cultural differences and social mindset of the Thai people. Foreigners raised in a western society lead a sheltered and judgmental existence, riddled with strong prejudices regarding many aspects of life. In many cases these same foreigners feel compelled to push their social expectation and ideals onto others without accepting the facts that other cultures exist and have existed for significantly longer than most western societies.

For the spectator, who chooses to sit and observe the antics of both the foreign visitors and the local workers within the sex trade who interact with them, it is a fascinating lesson in human behavior. In many cases, it is a far superior spectacle to observe than any television soap opera that has been made since the invention of that electronic box that occupies most residential dwellings throughout the world. In fact, one could propose that all students studying anthropology should spend some time in an environment such as this to expedite the completion of one’s university studies.

‘Hunters Prey’ describes the real life activities which occur on a daily basis in the red light capital of Asia, Pattaya City. Although this behavior is not limited to the City of Pattaya and occurs throughout Thailand, it is most concentrated in this small city that originated as a local fishing village.

The fact is Pattaya only thrives for one reason; the sex industry. Without the sex industry, Pattaya would quickly revert to small village status, and the foreign tourists would travel elsewhere. Regardless of the publicity campaigns about Pattaya as a family friendly destination, it is nothing short of the sex capital of Asia. Without the sex industry Pattaya would not survive in its current state. There are those that would prefer to hide behind this publicity campaign attempting to defend their own reputation of honor and integrity, and turn a convenient blind eye to the sex trade which is in plain view for all to see.

Regardless of the amount of time a foreigner spends in Thailand, they are considered visitors and their presence is merely tolerated. Whether they spend 2 weeks on a holiday or 20 years as a long term resident, they will only ever be accepted as a temporary guest. If foreigners truly are second class citizens, then why do they continue to visit Thailand?

Why do foreigners seem to make the same mistakes that they have made in their own countries previously with past relationships. Why do so many foreign males end up in relationships with Thai prostitutes and attempt to convince themselves and those around them that there situation is different from all others.

Why is it that the foreign hunters, end up becoming the prey for those who are much younger, but significantly more experienced in their specialized trade.

Novel Reads by Novel Ideas December 2013

by Nick Wale

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