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Aurora: Darwin

by Amanda Bridgeman

A distress signal on the edge of inhabited space. A mission that is far outside normal parameters. Two very different people with one common goal – survival.

When a distress signal is received from a black-ops space station on the edge of inhabited space, Captain Saul Harris of the UNF Aurora is called in from leave to respond. But the mission is not what it seems. Female members of the United National Forces have not been allowed to travel into the outer zones before, but Harris is ordered to take three new female recruits.

For Corporal Carrie Welles, one of the Aurora‘s new recruits, her first mission in space seems like a dream come true. Determined to achieve the success of her father before her, and suddenly thrust into a terrifying mission, she must work with her new captain and the strained Aurora crew to make it home alive.

When the Aurora arrives at the station Harris and Welles soon find themselves caught up in a desperate fight for survival. Station Darwin is not what they expected. The lights are off. But somebody is home.

Program 13 (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 1)

by Nicole Sobon

Two identities. One body.
17-year-old Emile Reed, may have died, but she isn’t dead. Her body now belongs to Program Thirteen, where her every thought, every movement, is controlled. Until Emile begins to find her way back inside of Thirteen’s core, where she manages to fend off Thirteen’s programming to reclaim the life that she lost. But Charles McVeigh, the owner of Vesta Corp, isn’t willing to let Thirteen go. And he will stop at nothing to reclaim control of Thirteen’s programming. Because without her, McVeigh has nothing.
What makes you human?

Series Order:
Program 12: a Program 13 Short Story — Free on
Program 13 — Available Now
Allegiance (Digital Short) — Available Now
Deprogrammed — Available Now
Standby (Digital Short) — Coming Soon
Rebooted — December 2013
New Beginnings (Digital Short) — December 2013

The Program Manual — Release Date TBD
The Emile Reed Chronicles: The Untold Stories — Release Date TBD
Untitled McVeigh Novel — April 2014

14 Days ‘Til Dawn

by Scott Gamboe

On a moon in the Alpha Centauri System, humans are randomly Chosen to provide blood for the ruling vampire class. Beren, a former soldier, wants only to live in peace. That dream is shattered when he and his wife, Lana, are Chosen and forced to flee. Beren joins with Calibra, a doctor who secretly aids a resistance movement by sneaking the Chosen out of the cities before Gatherers can take them to the vampire stronghold. These two must evade the infamous Eliminator Olamor and survive the treachery around them long enough to unite the bickering lunar factions and defeat the vampire army.

The sun has set. It is now 14 days until dawn…

The Endlands (vol 1)

by Vincent Hobbes

Do you believe in a place outside human knowledge-a place where myth and legend collide-where the unthinkable is the mundane?

There is a thin veil between reality and make believe. When you take a moment, and push the veil aside, perhaps you will see this place, a place not of the imagination. Everything you see here is real.

Nothing is what it seems-noises are not what you think. Nothing is off limits-no place is safe.

You might find yourself lost in the past, or trapped in the future-amidst vampires and werewolves-or in a most peculiar lost and found department.

This is where unimaginable creatures roam wild-where humanity is absent, and dreams turn into nightmares. If you are looking for refuge, this is not the place to stop.

Welcome to the Endlands.

12 authors. 17 short stories.

Created by: Vincent Hobbes


by Sylvester McNutt

This enthralling short story throws you immediately into instant anxiety, drama and fear. The main character RUBY, who is not defined as either male or female, is faced with conflict, danger and the unknown from the very onset. The story will grip you instantly as you are drawn to Ruby’s harrowing predicament and strife. Your immediate response is for her/him to emerge from this situation un-scathed and un-hurt. 

RUBY’s sexual orientation is never defined, leaving the reader to ruminate. Your imagination is left to run wild as to Ruby’s sexual orientation is left to the readers imagination and it seems as though the only “true” description paints a picture of vivid red hair.

The antagonist is referred to as Dr. Zon, a crooked Technology Scientist who releases only a tidbit of information and provokes Ruby about the murder of a loved one. 

In the works right now is a follow up to this story and the reviews have come pouring in demanding, “I want more”. Join us in this riveting revelation of RUBY.

Higglebottom & Co.

by Ryan Saunders

When the end of the universe is nigh, is it really time to have a fancy dinner? Join Sebastian Q. Higglebottom and his group of odd friends as they travel through time and space, discover secrets best left unknown and have a grand dinner in the most unusual pf places. Along the way, they just might find the means to save the universe from an untimely end, unless of course they were the ones who started the troubles in the first place.

The Island

by James Stone

Harold’s acceptance letter came in the mail six weeks after he had gone online to apply for the position. Two weeks later, he was on a helicopter flying into a deserted village on some island in the Pacific. What island, as Harold had asked, the company would not divulge. “The name of the island isn’t important,” the recruiter had said, “what matters is that you’re joining a highly skilled team of engineers and scientists who will be developing solutions that will take us into colonizing Mars and beyond.”

But is everything really as it seems? That is the question that tugs at the back Harold’s mind, a question that could very well put his life in danger.

Short story – 12,000 words- 55 pages


by Xavier McDougle

Fleana Mammatus, Katrina Tropical, Marion Solar, and Prince BorealisAustralis were content with their seemingly ordinary lives, albeit in a strange world, but lately they’ve felt different. With on coming exams and raging hormones that is normal but not superpowers! Now their lives takes a hard turn. Upon their troubles, Fleana discovers a tablet from her mother’s purse with their personal information and birthplace. Could that lead them to the answers they are looking for?

Zombies VS Bikers

by Bart Gnarly

Zombies VS Bikers

This book contains two great stories about Zombies battling with Bikers and other groups in a Post Apocalyptic world.

The Dead Jesters are an aptly named motorcycle club with only ten or so members left at the time of our story which is about seven months after the green light bathing the Earth brought the dead crawling back to life as zombies. The group has been travelling across America on their Harleys taking what they need but keeping a good pace because of the rumored salvation in a small seaside town in southern Florida. The Jesters must kill zombies and fight off other humans along the way. The rumor is that a mass exodus will be taking place featuring hundreds of ships. We’re talking boats of any kind, loaded with supplies, hoping to find a way to survive on the sea while the zombies continue to decompose and die off since a large chunk of the living population will be off the country and unavailable as zombie food.

The Eight Horsemen

This is a very tough and well armed biker gang that battles hundreds of zombies along side with another town of survivors. They fight hard and party even harder while trying to find refuge in a zombie infested America.

In The Air

by Talmadge Walker

A recluse with an ear for classical music tries to hide from an invading army of aliens.

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