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At His Mercy

by Alison Kent

12,000 words.

When car trouble sends Lise Kimball into the sweaty, sultry Mississippi south, she wants nothing more than a new tire and a place to spend the night before continuing her trip to New Orleans.

What she doesn’t want is to find herself stranded in the company of Donovan True, a man as controlling as the one who drove her from Atlanta.

Except Donovan takes charge in ways Lise has never known. Being at his mercy might be exactly what she’s been looking for.


“I give AT HIS MERCY my highest recommendation.” – Laurie’s Laudanum

“AT HIS MERCY is a steamy arousing read…” – Joyfully Reviewed

MMF Sex Stories: Who’s Cream Pie? 😉

by Spicy And Juicy

Another volume on MMF Sex Stories: Who’s cream pie? Will leave you with your jaw dropped! Nasty erotica story placed in Las Vegas starring a married couple and one lucky guy.

This isn’t the typical MMF story because all the 3 characters are bi-sexual and that spices thing up.

The MMF Sex Stories: Who’s Cream Pie is the 4th volume of the series.You might want to check the previous volumes too!

This is another book on Kindle Nastyness!
Warnings! Explicit Content: Adults Only.
This is an erotic short story containing explicit erotic scenes!

Excerpt from inside the book:
…..We made our way into the room and we all sat on the couch and since the atmosphere requested it Jim went and opened a bottle of wine. While he was pouring into the glases Randy started to kiss me and slowly massaging my tities with his big hands. Jim was getting hard just by seeing this scene so I got up and undressed my tight red dress and my double D bra. My nipples….

MMF sex, bisexual men, a lot of oral, anal, cream pie, multiple orgasms

After School Detention (Gabriella and Valeria)

by Natasha Stevens

Gabriella and Valeria are both 18 and the two hottest girls in school, but they’ve got a little problem — they’ve been given detention for using their telephones in class.

But they also have a plan to make detention a lot more enjoyable . . .

This is the beginning of the story of Gabriella and Valeria, two slutty schoolgirls who can’t stay out of trouble and can’t keep their panties on.


WARNING! This 4000-word story contains graphic descriptions of sex acts between a teacher and his students, including spanking, teasing, oral sex, dirty talk, and light bondage. It is intended only for adult readers.


They were both standing close to me, on either side of my desk chair, and I could practically feel the body heat coming off of them.

“Oh but sir!” said Valeria. “No, we didn’t come here for that!” She stepped backwards.

“No sir!” said Gabriella. “We know we need to be punished. But we were thinking, detention, it’s just so boring! And it takes so long. Can’t we do something that could be over more quickly?” She moved away also.

“For example?” I asked.

Valeria leaned over my desk and displayed the cleavage between her beautiful young firm breasts again and the smooth white satin bra that encased them.

“Spanking,” said Valeria, finally, batting her huge wet eyes at me, unsmiling.

“You girls know that corporal punishment is not allowed at this academy,” I said, weakly.

“Oh, yes sir!” said Valeria. “I know, a big strong man spanking little girls like us? That would be totally inappropriate!”

“Absolutely! Your big hands on our soft little bottoms? It’s unthinkable,” said Gabriella, mockingly.

The two of them were circling me and my desk like vultures, now.

Finally Valeria came closer to me, leaning down to speak in my ear. “We think we should spank each other.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Natasha Stevens is a bold and uncompromising new voice in erotica. She is the author of the “dark erotica” BDSM series JANA’S JOURNEY, also available on Amazon.

The Suburban Sex Book – Real Married Life Stories

by K.A. Jones

Is He Losing Interest In Sex?
When was the last time you had sex? You probably don’t remember. If you are like me, you probably have sex once a month.

I know what you are thinking.  “I don’t have time to indulge in the luxury of having sex. With kids’ school, soccer practice, homework, boy-scout, girl-scout etc. we barely have time to talk to each other let alone having sex. That’s a rarity.”

Is your married, suburban life boring due to lack of sex?
Welcome to the club. I was in the same boat as you are now until a few months back. My wife and I changed our sex lives. No sex for a month to hot sex every day!
Now we have plenty of sex, loaded with a massive amount of passion and pleasure, and a real connection.

The other day when we were in the van, our son Max asked, “Dad, what is that smell in our van?”

Kat and I looked at each other and smiled. Only we knew the cause of it – Kat’s deviant, mischievous act on our date night. I call her, “Silver-Tongue” Kat. She calls me Jack the Ripper.

Do you withhold sex from your Husband?
Bad idea! It can cost your marriage. Want to know why?

Do you think your husband cheats on you?
He may or may not. Hopefully not.  Did you know it probably depends on you. How?
I have revealed the hidden secret to understand men. This can save your marriage from divorce. This is from a man’s perspective. So you know, it is 100% proven and field-tested strategy.

You can control his thinking and his decision making. It puts you in-charge.

Does he have fantasies that don’t involve you?
I have revealed my secret with Samantha, my hot, beautiful, sexy 25 years old assistant. Even Kat doesn’t know about it.

I am a married man. Do you want to know what happened between the flirty, sexy, voluptuous 30-year-old bartender and me?

 This book can give you immense entertainment and pleasure. It can also save your marriage. You will find yourself having kinky, crazy sex like jack rabbits. Grab your copy before your marriage is over. People all over the world are emailing me their success stories. I hope to hear from you too.

The She-male Collar (Revised copy) (The Story of a Collared She-Male.)

by Harriet Harden

This is a revised edition. It is followed by its sequence “”The Marbella Project” the author’s intention to continue with a second volume. K. has been collared by her MASTER who having invested considerable amounts of cash in her training expects to enjoy his voyeuristic and sadistic fun his usage of her.

K. is more than willing to please him and offers herself to other members of his Society. She is exchanged and enjoys the variety that this arrangement affords.

Office Affairs

by Caramel Vixen

Allysia Donaldson is a woman who has always known what she want-ed professionally. She pursued her dream of owning her own clothing line and is now the CEO of Ample Delights, a company that caters to the thick madams of the world. At the young age of thirty, Allysia has accomplished a lot but yet she feels a void. As much as she has pursued professionally, she has run away from in her personal life. Davis is a single, hard working father. He lost his wife to cancer. Even though women are constantly throwing themselves at him, Davis doesn’t date. The one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day. If Allysia would only open her heart to him, Davis would fill that void in her life. She may see him as only a delivery guy but if she would only take the time to get to know him she would realize there’s so much more to Davis Jackson. Office Affairs is a funny, erotic novel about love and the discovery of self worth!


by McKenna Chase

No beast shall seduce a Fairy Tail maiden.The Big Bad Wolf has spent
years seducing the maidens of Fairy Tail Forest with his sexual prowess.
Wolf fears not that he’s breaking the king’s law-he seeks only to feed his
insatiable sexual hunger. Then Red comes into his life and Wolf is enamored
with the sexy maiden. He does something he has done for no other-he
shape-shifts into human form and introduces the virgin Red to pure,
uninhibited pleasure. After a taste of heaven under the skilled
shape-shifter’s fingers, Red will do anything to be with the lusty, handsome
Wolf again. But when Granny discovers that Wolf thinks Red is good enough
to eat-literally-she has Wolf captured by the king’s guards. Now the only
way for Red to have her happily-ever-after with Her Big Bad Wolf is to
rescue him from the dungeon. Is Red’s love for Wolf deep enough to risk

You Won’t Know If You Don’t Try (Romance)

by Linda Davis

Online encounters seem so cliche, but everyone is doing it. After losing her new job

before it started, she needed to find a way to make money, fast. Never in a million years

did she think she would respond to an ad online, and actually meet the person face-to-face.

What started off as a way to pay her bills, in a somewhat innocent way, is turning out to

be a little bit more complicated. She knows that he needs to be off-limits, but why does

he make her heart flutter and her pulse race? Do you know?

Witchy Woman (PARAnormal Erotica: A Quick One)

by D. Walters

Mandy’s friend Ben has a brand new crush, a beauty named Emily. Mandy’s roommate Danielle is a “practitioner” of the Craft who can help him win the heart of this luscious girl who has caught his eye. Unfortunately, Ben is quite a catch himself and Danielle has an itch she’d like Ben to scratch. Can Danielle help Ben while helping herself, and while keeping Mandy in the mix? You know she can! But what about Emily? First in a series about Danielle, the sexy witch…

Erotic novella: 13,750 words. Plus: two excerpts from PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2.

Adult readers only, contains explicit sexual descriptions of straight/bi twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, with oral and anal sex.

By the folks who brought you PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2. Edited by D. Walters.

The Christmas Charm (New Adult Holiday Love Story)

by Bryn Alexander

Special Limited Time Discount Price – Will Soon Be Increased

Allysa is spending her first Xmas without her grandmother and is surprised to find her next door neighbor a real help and possible love.

However, before she can act on those feelings, she’s attacked by otherworldly beings who are bent on destroying her and all she stands for. Will Allie survive the attack, and will Emilio be more than a messenger and rescue her from the peril in time for her to learn to use her powers to keep humanity safe?

*warning* contains mature content

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I Play, My Neighbour Films

by Zoe M Bates

I love the early weeks of summer, because that’s when I start putting on a show in my garden for the dirty old man next door, a good neighbour of our family for many years.

I lay on a real treat of exhibitionism for him almost every afternoon while I lay back and sunbathe, never acknowledging he’s up there, hiding behind his curtains watching me, sometimes filming me, the sort of teen sex kitten he no doubt lusts over on his computer screen at night, keeping himself amused and aroused.

I tease him mercilessly with flashes of my svelte, barely legal teenage body, then show him the whole lot, brazenly revealing and parading my tender, tasty flesh, giving him exactly what he wants, and doing what I love to do best.

As when I’m nice and warmed up I rub and stroke myself, hands expertly touching and caressing my breasts and my sensitive little nipples, before slipping further down and in between my open legs, where I openly and flagrantly demonstrate my sublime talent for masturbation and for teasing him remorselessly, all the while knowing his camcorder is whirring quietly away, recording it all.

What Readers Say About This Book

“This one is great, featuring a hot, exhibitionistic teen goddess teasing her voyeuristic neighbor–talk about having ideal neighbors–by squeezing her hard nipples and applying suntan oil to her most intimate parts and getting herself off. The little slut!”

ZOE M BATES writes extremely hardcore and spectacularly graphic sex stories, the contents of which some readers might find offensive. However if you enjoy deeply gratifying sexual scenes featuring women who know precisely what they want – and exactly how to get it – please do read on. STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY!

Seduced by the MILF (Book 2)

by Laura Vixen

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this erotic story is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

Description: After his first experience of being taken in hand by his friend’s mother, Logan is quick to return for more. He finds he gets more than he bargained for as the older woman gets her handcuffs out to tie him down to her bed so that he is at her mercy. She teases him almost all the way until he is begging for a release then finally lets him go to spank her and finger fuck her pussy. The action ends as she orders the boy to use her ass again, but this time she lets him push all the way until he unloads inside the tight hole.


Logan’s gaze took in the beautiful curves as the tits were lowered towards his face. Cameron’s mother swung her breasts gently from side to side so that the ends of the nipples were stroking on the teenage boy’s mouth. When she leaned further forward she gasped as Logan eagerly took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked on the erect bud hard and let his tongue play around it. The breath rasped from him as it was dragged away from him, but the older woman quickly fed him her other nipple so that he could lavish some attention on it. The heat of the touch rushed through her body and she was getting more and more turned on. A flush of wetness stained her panties and made her pulse race. She finally pulled up and moved position so that she was sitting on Logan’s thighs again.

Catching his gaze she pushed her tits tightly together and dropped some spit in the cleavage. He caught on to what she was going to straight away and started to squirm on the bed again. He could sense the racing of his pulse as the tits were lowered to his cock and let out a groan as the soft skin touched him. Cameron’s mother trapped the stiff shaft between her tits and squeezed them together. Logan’s groans got louder as the soft flesh enveloped his erection and stroked along it. The sensation was unbelievable and he clenched his buttocks and pushed his ass up from the bed. The sensation of the tit fuck was quickly driving him crazy and he continued to thrust up from the bed as the smooth skin of the breasts was worked along his cock.

Cameron’s mother grinned as she backed off a little and grabbed the erection to stoke the tip on her breasts. A thin trail of pre-cum smeared on the smooth skin and Logan bucked up as she started to slide the cock back and forth over a nipple.

The Cuckold Chair

by Zoe M Bates

My worthless worm of a husband helps me get ready for when my latest (and youngest ever) stud is due to come round to our home to fuck me, just like I need it, and just like Jerry (my useless spouse) is incapable of doing. He helps with my hair, my makeup, and even in picking out the lingerie that I will wear, during which something really interesting crops up, something I will later hugely humiliate him with.

Then after cruelly recalling when I first started cheating on him, and after remembering the reason why those baby-blue knickers were ‘so’ important to him (and why I’d need to soil them so badly later on), Scott arrives; young, virile, big-cocked, and full of new things for us to try. But he’s got a bit of a temper too, which excites me a little, but which Jerry desperately tries – yet ultimately fails – to avoid flaring.

And condoms wouldn’t be required either, as I like to feel all wet and sticky inside. Plus my cuckolded husband gets off a little on knowing a guy is properly unloading inside me – mostly because that’s the only way he gets any sexual contact, when at the end of the evening I, his beautiful young hotwife, squats down over his face and allows him to ‘clean me up’, consuming every single drop of Scott’s spunk, and licking me out until I’m creaming all over his face, and I’m glistening with only the saliva from his loving and desirous tongue.

What Readers Say About This Book

“Slowly snogging with the stranger right in front of the hubbies face was an especially horny addition, and the sex as always with her books was extremely graphic and enjoyable to read.”

“The most sadistic and sexiest cuckoldry books I’ve ever read.”

ZOE M BATES writes extremely hardcore and often emotionally cruel Femdom (Female Domination) Stories, the contents of which some readers might find offensive. However if you love graphic sex scenes featuring women in full control, who get their sexual and emotional kicks from their total domination of men, please do read on. STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY!

Shower Time

by Kyle Starr

I have this friend I go see sometimes. Her name is Wendy, and we are just friends; at least we were till the last time I went to see her, which was just last weekend. When I arrived, it was late. She offered me a shower and suggested we could go get a bite to eat afterward. In the mean time, she was going to get ready while I showered. I went into the bathroom and stripped down. I went to the shower to start the water when I noticed something pink on the floor next to the clothes hamper. I picked it up and realized it was a pair of her panties. They were a pink micro-fiber thong. Nice and sexy. I could feel the blood flow…

…I nearly lost my balance and fell. If she hadn’t had her legs so tightly wrapped around me I would have. She collapsed on the trunk; I did everything I could to stay on my feet, leaning against the car itself. As Wendy began to let up on her grip, I moved around and sat on the trunk next to her. We laid back and enjoyed the view of the stars and city lights. I don’t know how long we laid there, but by the time we had gotten ourselves composed and in the car to drive back to Wendy’s place, the sun had already began its rise. When we made it back to her place, we went straight to bed; we earned a good night, umâ?¦ day’s sleep. We decided to just sleep for a few hours, and then get up and take another â??shower’ to start our day. I sure love our showersâ?¦

A Night to Remember

by Dick Parker

  WARNING! This story contains man-to-man hardcore sex. If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

While in Northern Wisconsin for business, Richard is holed up at the Chip Inn Casino one evening because of a storm. What he would like though, is to be holed up with Adam, the sexy, young waiter!

After meeting Adam and returning to his room, Richard still couldn’t erase Adam’s face from memory.

And then there’s a knock on the door

When Richard looks through the peephole and sees Adam standing there, he knows it’s surely going to be a long, stormy night!

This Story is also known as “An Evening with Adam”


He pushed me back on the bed and then knelt on the floor between my legs.  

I watched as he took my cock in his hand and put his face up to it.  He kissed from the head and then down the shaft, and sucked on each of my balls.  Then he pulled my cock down and put it in his mouth.  

He got a little teeth action, so I asked him to be careful with them.  

“I’m really sorry,” he said. “It’s so fat, it’s hard to get it in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry beautiful, I’m ok,I assured him.   

Adam sucked me and I knew it wasn’t going to take long.  He massaged my balls and soon, I felt my cock getting ready to shoot.

“Adam I’m about to cum,” I warned.  “You don’t have to swallow it.”  

He kept sucking, and soon my cock exploded in a toe-curling orgasm.  I knew I shot six or seven squirts into his mouth and he didn’t miss a drop.  He sucked on my cock head until I had to take it away from him

Let’s Rock the Boat!

by Jennifer Mueler

“We own the boys. Tongues, penises and all. We can use them any way we want…”
Three sisters share a very special bond: they systematically use sex as a tool to control their husbands! 
The men are kept on “chastity” by lock and key, and the women dominate every move they make. The reward? Orgasm for good behavior and sexual satisfaction. 
The dominance of the women over their husbands is a private matter, only for the bedroom. The brothers-in-law are not aware that all of them are being kept in the same condition. That is, until today…
On a luxurious beach resort time-share, the sisters finally reveal to the men that they are all on the same boat: by having them strip in front of each other, for a naked afternoon of service, massages, and husband swapping.
If the sisters found private domination hot, sharing their techniques – and husbands – with each other is going to be SIZZLING! 
 I was eager to show off how well I had trained Frank. I told my sisters about his initial reluctance to perform oral sex on me. So after lunch I simply sat on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water and spread my legs. 
 I pointed to the water in front of me and told Frank, “Assume the position.” 
 Frank dove in, swam across the pool and came back underwater and surfaced between my knees. I put my legs over his shoulders and started to purr as his tongue met my clitoris. 
 My sisters wanted a piece of that action too, so soon the three of us were sitting side by side, sipping wine and being nibbled on by our respective husbands, standing in front of us in the water. We each enjoyed a sun-drenched orgasm. 
 As we came down from our highs, Peggy suggested that we switch. 
 Arlene was a bit hesitant. “Isn’t this like, adultery?” 
 Peggy laughed, “It’s just cunnilingus. It’s not really sex. It’s merely masturbation using a man’s tongue. Besides we own the boys; tongues, penises and all. We can use them any way we want…

Butch Trade

by Dick Clinton

You know I’m straight, right? I won’t have to do anything to you, do I…?”
When a young student moves to an all-male apartment near his college, he discovers several hot and straight men living in the area too. 
Even though Dick has been gay all his life, he enjoys the company of straight men. When he gets his way with them, he refers to them as his ‘Butch Trade’ — because he doesn’t expect any sexual participation in return. In his new community, the trade is on and business is booming.
There’s John, the masculine soccer player who helped him settle in. There’s also Ralph the mechanic, the mechanic’s brother-in-law, the parcel delivery man, the cop, the construction workman…
Dick is on a roll. He enjoys giving pleasure to these men and worships the hard-ons in between. But skilled as he is in cock sucking, he is open to being fucked too. For as Dick sees it? Real men fuck hard, and that’s just the way he likes it.  
“I haven’t showered since I left the garage. I must smell oily like a garage mechanic, working man. I figure you’d like to lick my balls and dick and give me a tongue bath. 
Ralph really had me pegged. I did like the natural scent of a man’s body. I was anxious to taste him. I took his big, thick cock in one hand and caressed his balls in the other. I gave his balls a quick lick and then buried my nose in his warm, musky crotch and took a deep whiff of this hot, sexy body. 
“Oh fuck yeah, cock sucker. I was hoping you were a cock slut. Lick my balls clean, pig. Lick ’em clean. I’ve been searching for a cock sucking fag for months. Man am I glad to have run across you. Suck it, man, and drain my nuts.” 
He watched the fuck DVD while I ravished his nuts and cock. His thick cock had a big round head with clear, sweet pre-cum oozing from his wide piss slot. I slurped down every sweet drop.
He stood and gave me the once over, looked around the empty basement and then started to unbutton his tight jeans and dig around for his cock. 
“Hey, man.  I’ve gotta take a piss in the worst way.  Ya don’t mind if I piss in this sink, do ya?” he asked as he whipped out his big, uncut cock.  I couldn’t help but stare.  He looked at me again. 
Would ya like to tap it before I piss?” 
Tap it?” I questioned. 
Yeah.  Ya know…tap my dick, drink my piss.  I saw you drooling when I pulled out my pecker.  Ya one of them cock suckers, aren’t ya?  I don’t mind.  I’ve had my share of golden piss drinkers in my life.  I must have that kind of look that makes guys want to drink my piss and suck the nectar out of my prick.  Ya sure you don’t want to ‘tap it’ before I cut loose? I’ve got a big load.” 
I was shocked but turned on by his suggestion.

Finding Love at Midnight – Part 3: Submission Between Her Thighs

by Jennifer Stevens


Ingisól finds the Man with the Golden Tongue, but will he submit to his training to be her pet?
Will he give in to the love of his life and fullfill their destiny of dreams?
A trilogy short story set in Iceland, the Land of Supermodels

Length: approx. 4,600 words.


At Midnight, when the sales girl, Cami, came over to Ingisól house, Saven stood naked waiting for her at the door. Ingisól drew the curtains so no one could see them.
“Hi Cami,” Ingisól said inviting her in. The girl wore plain jeans and a black lycra blouse that showed her hard tits. She brought her own riding crop.
“First the man must learn to walk comfortably on all fours, on his leash.”
Ingisól said, “Down.”
Saven went down on all fours. His huge dick grew hard when he noticed his face came level with Cami’s and more importantly Ingisól’s crotch.

Pampered Wife

by Jennifer Mueler

WARNING! This story contains explicit details of heterosexual relationships, female domination, male submission and male chastity devices.

Training a man is like training a dog – and Karen is an expert!

While bonding with female friends at a salon, Karen receives a bouquet of flowers from her devoted husband Frank. All the women want to know the secret to keeping husbands on their toes but Karen ain’t telling.

Claire, the owner of the salon, is persistent though, and offers to teach Frank how to do Karen’s nails if she gets a sample of how female domination works.

One evening, when the shop is closed and everyone else has left, Karen reveals her secret… and Claire gets up close and personal with Frank’s hot naked body and the male chastity device that keeps him under Karen’s control.

Claire discovers the secret, Frank learns how to pamper his wife, and Karen? She learns just how erotic her husband’s strong hands on her feet could be…

This story is part of the hot and heavy world of female domination ruled by the “Chastity Sisters” Karen, Peggy and Arlene!

Risky Sideline

by Rhys Lysander

Sharon is an employee at the Pentagon on weekdays but on weekends, she is anyone a paying customer wants her to be.

Her job as a high-end escort pays well and both she and her clients experience intense pleasure from the elaborate erotica of their dates: costumes, role playing, bondage, even orgasmic acupuncture.

One night, she meets a client whose kink is to fuck her while she’s out. He gives her a mysterious pill called Plum that lets the body enjoy sensation without any other concern: “No guilt, all fun.” It’s just one more kink on the job… until she meets another client who gives her the same pill. After experiencing side effects, she decides to get to the bottom of this new drug.

When she discovers Plum has a top-secret military connection, she realizes she shouldn’t just worry about her secrets being discovered – she should worry about losing her life!

*For adults only. Contains graphic sexual situations between a man and a woman including oral sex, acupuncture, bondage and role playing.

Mastering Her Desire (Hardcore Erotic Story, BDSM, Anal Play)

by Alex Dawson

I was bent over, trembling, waiting for the first blow. I knew that it was coming, but I was powerless to predict it or prepare for it.

I needed to be touched. I could feel myself growing wet with the anticipation. If only my Master would touch me where I needed to be touched.

The first blow came out of nowhere. It was so hard that I rocked forward onto my tiptoes, losing my balance with the spreader bar and nearly having my feet go out from under me. It landed on the soft globes of my ass, and the pain of it radiated outward from the thick stripe – a belt? – of sensation.

My Master let me keep waiting, then, so that I could feel every stage of the pain of that first strike. First the sharp shock of it, then the hot pain that had me whimper around the cock gag and shift around as much as I could with my feet in the spreader bar. After the hot pain came the fading sensation, the tingles that ran across my skin and melted into a dull ache.

If one blow could hurt that much, how could I stand more of this? And if one blow made the heat pool in my slit with this sudden intensity, how could I stand to end the game now?

This is a totally 2500+ word hot erotic story that includes hardcore bondage, anal play, icecube play, and nipple clamps, intended for adult readers (18+) ONLY! If you’re interested in steaming hot domination keep reading this – or any other – work by Alex Dawson.

Helen’s First

by R.W. Pell

  He met Helen, a shy middle-aged woman, online, and he’s about to become instrumental in her sexual education…

Both he and Helen are married. But unlike him, hers is not a happy union. Her husband fucks her like clockwork every Saturday, with no care to her own wants and needs. And so he is determined to let Helen enjoy all the pleasures her body can command.

Her sexual reawakening is also helping her to step out of her comfort zone and take control of her life. And while he knows this is good for her, he does wonder if it means that he might not be able to see and fuck her again…

This story is also known as “First Time With Helen”


I settled into a comfortable pace, one that would let me last for a reasonable while as I concentrated on her body, in the quest to find all of her erogenous zonesone by one.

I found that her tits were possibly the most responsive, but so was her stomach when a finger lightly grazed over the taught skin. It was a delight, discovering her elbows liked attention and that her neck, just below her ear would make her thrust up to meet me.

I decided to try a new position. Eventually, with some awkwardness and a bit of giggling, she got the idea and straddled my prone body.

I had to guide myself inside her until she got the hang of gyrating her hips and grinding her sex into mine. She knelt up, supporting herself with her hands on my chest.

Running my fingers lightly down her back made her shudder as she set the pace. Her eyes were closed as she revelled in the sensations our bodies were giving her. She took the time to experience each new delight while keeping up the steady tempo of our coupling.

Fleeting Moments

by C.C. Miller

Fleeting Moments is an erotic short story about a man teasing a young woman into experiencing an explosive orgasm over weeks by sending her home between what he calls ‘sessions’. Get hot and bothered while Austin torments Ivy into a frenzy for release.

Between Two Thieves

by Gideon Elliot

Ben, a renowned expert in his field and a famous professor, has a few things to ‘teach’ Julian:
First, by his magnetic and domineering personality, he helps Julian realize his identity as a submissive;
Second, armed with a leather harness, he teaches him discipline and control; and
Third, with spiteful words and a stick, he teaches Julian that pain is as necessary as pleasure…
It’s a lot to take in for naïve, academic, intellectual Julian. But what he discovers about himself and the things he can desire opens up a whole new world of pleasure and fulfillment. 
     “I knew when I saw you this afternoon, that I wanted to have you,” he said in my ear and then kissed me.
     His kiss broke something in me then, and I knew that I had been trying not to see what had been perfectly obvious from the start. He was my heart’s desire and I had been afraid to acknowledge that. But now that he held me in his arms and pressed his lips to mine, everything changed. The world was a new world. I was a new man. I gave myself to him because I wanted to, desperately, because he had already taken me. I gave myself to him because I knew I was, in fact, his. He was everything I wanted. He was everything I wanted to be and knew I wasn’t.
     He had already loosened his tie earlier and taken off his jacket.
     “Unbutton my shirt,” he said, and my fingers obeyed as he probed my soulwith his tongue.

Fountain of Dreams

by Hank Brooks

You know the wishing fountain in Roosevelt Square in the center of town? Everybody says that if you throw in a coin and make a wish, it’ll come true…

When Danny makes a wish at the local fountain and ends up winning the lottery, his skeptical friends Alex, Davie and Steve could not help but take notice, and take a chance. It prompts these gay men to look at their lives and wonder: what would they wish for, if they knew it could come true?

Embarrassed but hopeful, Alex, Davie and Steve each visit the fountain in secret, each man wishing for their most intimate longings. They have success, they have friendship, but what they do not have is love.

Will the fountain grant their wishes? Or is it up to them to make their own luck? Or maybe, love has just been waiting around the corner all this time…


“How am I doing as a boss so far?” Alex asked.

“Pretty damned good.  I’ve never made love to a boss before.”

The two men began to strip.  When they were fully naked they stared at each other, sizing themselves up, as is the habit of all men.  They were both tight skinned and muscular.  Alex was a 5’10”, blueeyed blond.  He had a straight nose and a square chin.  His cock was cut and about four and a half inches flaccid, but now it was hard and nearly seven inches, Jason was 5’9″, had brown hair, blue eyes, a pug nose, a few freckles, and was as cute as a button.  His cock was about the same size as Alex’s, but he was uncut.

Jason fell on the sofa and lay on his back.  Alex fell on top of him and they continued to kiss and fondle.  Alex began to crawl up Jason’s body until he was able to present his cock to Jason’s mouth.  Jason did not hesitate to take as much of Alex’s cock into his mouth as he could, but he didn’t neglect Alex’s balls and inner thighs.  His wandering tongue made Alex whimper and purr.

The Bali Balling

by Karen Coker

After finding out that her boyfriend of five years is not the man she thought he was, Kelly embarks on a journey of self-discovery in Bali. There she meets Mark, a gorgeous Australian guy is also mending a broken heart. The two bond instantly, becoming friends and lovers, and the passion is instant. While the sex is completely wild, each of them slowly opens up to letting their emotions take over too.

The Bali Balling is an erotica short stories intended for mature audiences.

A Curvy Girl Has A Good Day

by Jenny Keys

The day starts of nicely, waking my man up the best way I know how. Going to work is less fun, but when the cocky new boss is brought down to earth, twice, it turns out pretty well after all.

A tale of sex and sexuality of a confident curvy woman.

Eliza’s Party

by A. L. Haddix

When Eliza finds her marriage is lacking the spark and passion that once aroused her, she realizes that just one partner cannot make her happy. To feel the fire that once burned inside her she needs the touch of many. To her disbelief her husband agrees to a hot arrangement that leave them both wanting more.

Home Sweet Home (A Objectum Sexuality Story)

by Amelia London Bridge

One of the greatest choices in life, is whom you love and how you love them.

After a strenuous weekend, Megan needs to unwind. Lucky for her, she has a house full of lovers ready to satisfy all of her desires. Between Timmy, Lance and Bernard, she experiences a morning of “activities” she will not soon forget.

Lindsey’s First (Episode 1) (The Lindsey Series)

by Elle Nicolette

Lindsey is an innocent college freshman and is enjoying her sorority. She has her eyes on a cute frat boy, Jackson, yet there is just one thingâ??she’s a virgin and has never been to 3rd base. (That’s some nice loving going on down south!) Cassandra has just the solution for her aching needâ?¦

This 3,034 EROTICA short story is adult material. Contains oral and F/F action. All participants 18 and older.

Due to the adult themed material in this erotica series, the remaining books are blocked from the general search engine. Please use these links below and you will find the rest of the books in The Lindsey series! <3 ) Episode 2– Episode 3– Episode 1-3 Bundle (Save $$ with this bundle!)– THE LINDSEY SERIES is a fun, sexy, episodic series series that explores Lindseyâ??an innocent sorority girlâ??and her journey into sexual exploration. You don’t have to read these books in order since there is a short recap before each episode. However, for your complete enjoyment, you may chose to read in order! Again, please note, dear reader, these are short stories created to create excitement fast and in a short amount of time! Just like your favorite TV sitcom. 🙂

The Neighbor – Book 2 (An Erotic Romance Series)

by D.C. Chagnon

***Content warning: For adults only!***

Writer and teacher Katia Rodgers couldn’t believe what was happening!

She really had a bad day. Her ex fiancé was pestering her the whole day and her book was behind deadline. She drenched herself in the rain with her groceries and in her haste she locked herself out of her apartment.

It could have been the worst but because of her new, hot neighbor, private investigator Treyton Phillips helping her out, it wasn’t as awful as she thinks.

But her relief turned to nightmare once again when she discovered that her apartment has been robbed and thrashed as if someone was searching for something in her apartment.

Does David, her ex fiancé, have something to do with it? Can Treyton help her discover who ransacked her place and what are they looking for?

The Neighbor – Book 1

The Neighbor – Book 2

The Neighbor – Book 3

Stranger of Mine

by Emma Sydney

Jayne is ready to live life as a single woman after her marriage of 20 years fails. A freak mishap brings David into the picture. Is he the man of her dreams or is he something else? For mature readers over 18. Contains consensual acts of sex between two strangers.

Banging Tammy 5 Tammy & Amy

by Johnny Ramrod

Johnny finally has his three way with Tammy and her friend Amy.

Bent Over by Walt: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Brooke Weldon

It was time for me to get back into the world of dating but I was determined to take things slow. When I met Walt, I had no idea we’d hit it off so well and I certainly had no idea that a short time later I’d have my first anal sex experience!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sex and includes first anal sex and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I was going to do it the old fashioned way, go out and actually meet people. I know it is an ancient ritual, but it has worked in the past. Now, the question was where to start? The last thing I needed was some drunk, so the bars were not an option. I wasn’t going to ask Patty, and I am sure you understand why, so I was stuck before I even began. I know what you are saying, with an attitude like that, you are already doomed! So, I took a tint part of Patty’s advice, I drank a shot of rum straight from the bottle, jumped in the shower and got ready. I don’t care what anyone says, a shower, make up and rum will make you feel much better. Like Liz Taylor said, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” That woman knew what she was talking about, granted she had been married a few times, but hey, who am I to judge?

Blitz Is So Hot: Ten Explicit Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Sarah Blitz brings her amazing erotic sensibilities to this mega collection of ten hardcore explicit sex erotica stories. Whether you want rough sex, stranger sex, group sex, or more; this is your ebook!

1. Letting Mary Have My Man: An FFM Ménage a Trois Story

Since her breakup, Mary felt unattractive, unwanted, and unsexy. I concocted a plan to change all that. It was time for her to have a complete makeover, a sexy new outfit, and a date with Rick and me. By the time we were through, she’d know for certain how sexy she really was.

2. Sheryl and Donna: A Lesbian Seduction Office Sex Story

In this story, Donna, our hapless protagonist, gets to participate in her first seduction. Sheryl never had a chance!

3. Bent Over by Brad: A First Anal Sex Story of Erotic Punishment

I’d really screwed up this time, and when my husband found out I’d drained our savings account to send money to my deadbeat family, he was furious. He started packing a suitcase. I didn’t know what to do or what to say and I finally offered him the part of me I’d always kept from him, my tiny untouched ass!

4. Samuel, Sandy, and Me: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and saw my best friend having sex with her husband just one bed away from me in the hotel room! It got even crazier when she noticed me watching and insisted that I join in. I’d never been with a woman before and when both Samuel and Sandy got started, they didn’t stop until I’d had the most incredible experience of my life!

5. They Both Took Me: A Tale of Rough Double Penetration

I went to the party to get laid. That was the whole point. I was satisfied with the boy I chose and it was all going wonderfully. Then, his buddy showed up and before I knew it I was in a threesome, a threesome filled with rough sex, my first anal sex, and double penetration!

6. Whatever It Takes: An Erotic Romance

I knew Freddie was going to break up with me, and I knew it was my own damned fault. I hadn’t made time for the physical part of our relationship. When he called me to say he wanted to talk, I felt despair well up within me. What a surprise when the breakup conversation was really a proposal! I didn’t lose a boyfriend, I gained a husband. It was time for me to make sure he knew that I could make our lovemaking wonderful.

7. Katie the Hooker: An FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story

In this story, Fantasia, the lovely exotic dancer brings Katie with her to dance for a rich client. Katie realizes she’s expected to do more than dance. Even if it turns her on, is she ready to go so far as to sleep with a man who’s not her husband?

8. Take On Four Men? A Double Gangbang Erotica Story

Lily and I were at the company barbecue with our eight male coworkers. The conversation got a bit competitive, and before long we were both bragging about how much we loved casual sex. The men took note, and suddenly there were cocks directed at both of us! It was an entirely unexpected double gangbang with four men on each of us!

9. Five Girls in One Bed: A Lesbian Group Sex Story

I couldn’t believe I woke up to find four of my friends right in the middle of a lesbian orgy! It was the most incredible and surprising thing I’d ever seen, and before long I was right in the middle of it. It was first lesbian sex ever, and what an incredible experience!

10. My Turn to Be in Charge: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

Tommy and I enjoyed our sex rough and wild, and that meant I let my man take control. I decided I wanted a change in pace. I wanted to be in control for a change, and I knew just how to bribe him to let me take over for an eveningâ?¦I gave him my untouched ass. My first anal sex experience, and I was the one who took charge!

Excited Wives: Five Explicit Erotica Stories

by Connie Hastings

In this collection, hot wives start to explore their sexuality! You’ll find bondage, threesomes, group sex and more. They may be sweet and wonderful but watch what happens when the inner slut comes out!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, lesbian sex, group sex, bondage, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Cornered by the Coven: A Group Sex Erotica Story with the Girls in Charge by Molly Synthia

Bestselling erotica author Molly Synthia likes to think a little bit backwards. What would happen if a man was made to understand how it really feels for a girl in the middle of one of those rough gangbangs on the Internet? Garrett is about to find out. He’s a jealous husband and particularly curious about his wife’s group of friends. She invites him to spy, to set his mind at ease. Melanie has a plan of her own, though, a plan that involves Garrett pleasing her whole group of friends while he’s all tied up!

2. Isabella’s Training: A BDSM Erotic Fantasy by Fran Diaz

Isabella doesn’t really want to try adding BDSM to the relationship with her husband, but when she discovered he’d done it back before he met her, when he was with his old girlfriend, she’s not willing that he should have pleasant memories with his first love he doesn’t have with her. So, she agreesâ??terrified about the whips, chains, and beatings that are sure to follow. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that BDSM is about trust and pleasure, not viciousness and horror!

3. Just Lie Back and Enjoy It: An Explicit Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

Tori decides it’s time to turn the tables on her husband, so she ties him to the bed while he’s sleeping. He’s in for a maddening and incredible treat when he wakes up to her mouth on him and discovers he can’t do anything but lie back and enjoy the attention!

4. Maddie and Julie Switch Men: A Wife Swap Erotica Story by Maggie Fremont

Maddie and Julie are best friends, and they’ve been more than just a little open about the way they really want their husbands to unwind. So, when the annual joint vacation comes up, they decide they’re going to do something about it. They leave the campsite for the lake in bikinis, but by the time their men show up, they don’t have a stitch of clothing on. The boys don’t know what hit them when they see their wives making out naked in the water. That’s nothing compared to what comes next, though. When the men get out of the water, the wives decide to warm them up. The only thing isâ?¦they each head for the other one’s husband!

5. Wife Swap Surprise: A Wife Share Husband Share Erotic Short by Jeanna Yung

Sally and Mary have been best friends for years, and an afternoon giggling and laughing about a sexy song from their youth has them thrown for a loop. When their men get involved, it turns into a sweet and romantic time, but before long the romance turns wild as the evening degenerates into a wife swapping extravaganza with plenty of hot and steamy sex as the men turn to each other, perfectly happy to say, “Fuck my wife!”

Letting Mary Have My Man: An FFM Ménage a Trois Story

by Sarah Blitz

Since her breakup, Mary felt unattractive, unwanted, and unsexy. I concocted a plan to change all that. It was time for her to have a complete makeover, a sexy new outfit, and a date with Rick and me. By the time we were through, she’d know for certain how sexy she really was.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including ffm threesome sex, first lesbian sex, deepthroat, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

Ricky already had a table, and I was impressed because he played his part perfectly. In fact, he pulled a chair out for her before he did it for me. That was just the start. The meal was filled with constant shameless flirtation. At first, Mary was a little freaked out, constantly looking at me to see if I was going to get angry at the attention Rick gave her, but when I joined in and flirted with her just the same, she warmed to it. By the time we got in the car, she was glowing, just glowing. The moment we got on the road, Rick suggested we all go to our place for a nightcap, and of course she agreed.

We got to the house and I quickly poured some shots of flavored vodka. Rick said, “Bottom’s up!” and we all downed them. The moment we put our glasses down, he leaned forward and put his mouth on hers. She melted into his kiss and then realized what was happening and pushed him away, a mortified expression covering her face. I walked up to her and put my hand on her face.

“I want it, Mary,” I said softly. “It’s okay.” Then, I leaned forward and put my mouth on hers. I had never kissed a woman and it was such a strange experience. It was gentle and urgent, and my tongue flicked over her lips and then inside her mouth.

Samuel, Sandy, and Me: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story

by Sarah Blitz

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and saw my best friend having sex with her husband just one bed away from me in the hotel room! It got even crazier when she noticed me watching and insisted that I join in. I’d never been with a woman before and when both Samuel and Sandy got started, they didn’t stop until I’d had the most incredible experience of my life!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including first lesbian sex, rough sex, deep throat, semen swallowing, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I turned my head and saw Sandy on top of Samuel. They were crossways on the bed, and even in the dim light I could see her tiny little heart-shaped ass moving on top of him. I’d seen her naked before. We’d been best friends since we were toddlers and between the shopping trips and the locker rooms, I’d seen her naked plenty of times. This was the first time I saw her naked in any kind of a sexual way, though, and I was surprised to find my arousal ramp up at the sight of her just as much as the sight of her husband’s rather large cock pushing up into her.

I stared in shock as I watched them. Sure, I knew that with Samuel’s horrible work schedule and Sandy’s equally time-consuming obligations that they rarely got time with each other but it seemed pretty incredible to me that she’d have sex with him while I was in the room. They’d invited me along on the trip. I certainly hadn’t invited myself! I watched them in shock and it wasn’t until my fingers slipped into myself that I realized I’d put my hand inside my pajama bottoms. I wanted to stop, but it was impossible. It felt too amazing and the sight of them was too erotic.

When she leaned back a bit, it altered the angle and as she rolled her hips I imagined it was me on top of Samuel. The thought sent another thrill through me, and with my fingers in my pussy I couldn’t help myself. I moaned. It was only a little moan, but I froze in place. Sandy turned her head and looked at me and I wished I could melt into the blankets and disappear. She wasn’t angry though. Instead, as she kept moving on top of her husband she smiled at me and said, “Get over here, Karen.”

Sarah’s Sexy Thoughts: Five Erotic Romance Short Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Sarah Blitz knows just how we like it, and this collection has us all fanning ourselves. It’s hot erotic romance from sweet to scorching. A vacation turns into a hot threesomeâ?¦ A cougar on the prowl gets more than she bargained for when two men have her at the same timeâ?¦ A wife screws up and tries to save her marriage with anal sex. We don’t know where Sarah gets her ideas but we sure as hell hopes she keeps them coming!

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sex and includes group sex, lesbian sex, first anal sex, double penetration and more so only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Letting Mary Have My Man: An FFM Ménage a Trois Story

Since her breakup, Mary felt unattractive, unwanted, and unsexy. I concocted a plan to change all that. It was time for her to have a complete makeover, a sexy new outfit, and a date with Rick and me. By the time we were through, she’d know for certain how sexy she really was.

2. Sheryl and Donna: A Lesbian Seduction Office Sex Story

CORRUPTION AT THE OFFICE is the second series in new erotic saga SMOKING LESBIANS from Sarah Blitz. This hilarious and sexy series tells the story of a group of lesbians determined to infiltrate and corrupt the Anti-Smoking/Anti-Lesbian League. With plenty of laughs and plenty of scorching sex, this is one series you don’t want to miss! In this story, Donna, our hapless protagonist, gets to participate in her first seduction. Sheryl never had a chance!

3. Bent Over by Brad: A First Anal Sex Story of Erotic Punishment

I’d really screwed up this time, and when my husband found out I’d drained our savings account to send money to my deadbeat family, he was furious. He started packing a suitcase. I didn’t know what to do or what to say and I finally offered him the part of me I’d always kept from him, my tiny untouched ass!

4. Samuel, Sandy, and Me: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and saw my best friend having sex with her husband just one bed away from me in the hotel room! It got even crazier when she noticed me watching and insisted that I join in. I’d never been with a woman before and when both Samuel and Sandy got started, they didn’t stop until I’d had the most incredible experience of my life!

5. They Both Took Me: A Tale of Rough Double Penetration

I went to the party to get laid. That was the whole point. I was satisfied with the boy I chose and it was all going wonderfully. Then, his buddy showed up and before I knew it I was in a threesome, a threesome filled with rough sex, my first anal sex, and double penetration!

The Three of Us: Five Explicit Ménage a Trois Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

In this scorching collection, lovely women explore threesome fantasies. Whether it’s an incredible first lesbian experience in an FFM ménage a trois or an explosive double penetration with two men and one woman, the thing you can know for sure is that it’s going to be hot!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including ffm threesome sex, mfm threesome sex, rough sex, first anal sex, first lesbian sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this collection.

1. Anything You Want: A College Student Becomes a Call Girl by Sally Whitley

Sally Whitley begins her memoirs as a college call-girl. Now twenty-five and starting her career in business acquisitions, she spends her down time recalling and recording the sexual encounters that paid for tuition, housing, books, and food as she earned her BA and MBA. This story recollects her first sex-for-pay encounter as an anniversary present from a wife to her husband.

2. Ell’s Wild Ride: A Rough Double Penetration Erotica Story by Jeanna Yung

Ell’s family is dead set against her learning how to drive. She’s tired of her family’s peculiarities, though, and she determines to get a driving lesson. She gets a whole lot more than she bargains for when she shows up ready to figure out how to handle a roadster. In fact, she learns a whole hell of lot more about how to be handled! It’s a very rough double team encounter with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

3. The Bookworm Gets Banged: An MFF Threesome Erotica Short by Kaddy Delora

She’s just a demure and conservative librarian, but when the security guards mess up and a Goth couple end up in the library after hours, she can’t help but be attracted. When the elevator picks that moment to break, the attraction becomes a heck of a lot more, whether or not the innocent librarian is ready for it! It’s a hardcore and explicit threesome sex short!

4. They Both Took Me! A Tale of Rough Double Penetration by Sarah Blitz

I went to the party to get laid. That was the whole point. I was satisfied with the boy I chose and it was all going wonderfully. Then, his buddy showed up and before I knew it I was in a threesome, a threesome filled with rough sex, my first anal sex, and double penetration!

5. Threesome in the RV: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

What the hell had happened to me? I was suddenly desperately attracted to the younger woman who checked us into the RV Park. I couldn’t believe the way my fantasies were driving me crazy. When a horseback riding accident put me on a course to see that fantasy fulfilled, things got intense! It was my first lesbian sex ever and I got to see my husband with another woman!

The Hazard Game

by Gideon Elliot

Jonas needed danger and he needed adoration. And both were deadly…
Jonas, an investigative reporter, is on the trail of a hot story: he’s uncovered enough dirt on Helmut Larz, the German-born Cement King of Greece, to likely put the corrupt businessman behind bars.
He spends a summer in Greece to interview Larz expecting danger, knowing the powerful man would go to any length to protect his business. What Jonas did not expect, was to find danger hopelessly intertwined with romance and sexual intrigue:
He begins an affair with young, wealthy American tourist Terry Miller, whose exterior look of masculine beauty and privilege hides his shyness, sensitivity and a true eagerness for love;
He involves Stelios, a wily island boy seemingly unconscious of his own godly appearance, in their affair, confusing and complicating matters with Terry; and
He desires Rory, Helmut Larz’s ever-present twink, whose boyish features and cheery, submissive manner conceal a dangerous devotion.
Jonas and his affairs unwittingly start a chain of events that causes ripples from Paris to Athens to New York. His actions move things both great and small, from million-dollar high finance, to corruption and crime and finally, right down to the single broken heart of an ended affair… 
This story is also known as “Under the Sun”  
     “I want to get you completely off balance. I want you to forget who you are. I want the only thing that you know for certain to be that you belong to me.”
     Terry looked into his eyes and his own eyes went funny, and Jonas put the joint to his lips and said, “Breathe it in.”
     As Terry inhaled, Jonas pinched his nipples. Before he could exhale Jonas grabbed his mouth with his and drew the pot smoke that had mixed with the boy’s breath into his lungs, held it there, and then gave it back to him. The joint hanging in the fingers of his arm fallen slack behind him, warmed his fingers, and he dropped it suddenly when it began to burn them.
     Jonas could feel them both get dizzy. They swayed in each other’s arms. Jonas pushed Terry backward through the sliding door into the room, and with one more push made him tumble backwards onto the bed. 
     They laughed with nervous anticipation, laughed, lunged, and clawed at each other. They tore off their towels and pressed their bodies together.
     The hardness of Jonas’s cock met the hardness of Terry’s. With a fist wrapped around his tall, hard cock Jonas pulled Terry upward, arcing him like the bridge of a tightly strung bow, drawing his hips up from the bed, exposing him to penetration. With the spit on his fingers he greased the hole by which he would enter him.
     Terry’s entire body tightened. He gasped and cried “yes” repeatedly as Jonas pushed himself into him and pulled out and moistened him with the ooze of anticipation. Jonas gloried in Terry’s submission and felt like his lord as he brought him nearer to oblivion and obliteration. He broke to pieces in him and he felt him shatter as if he were part of his own insides.

Lost Emotion

by Hank Brooks

Harry wakes up one morning and can’t figure out where he is… or why there’s a man lying beside him in bed. He knows he is not gay, so who in the world is this man and why are they here together?!

The other guy, Stuart, wakes up and thinks he‘s joking when he says he can’t remember anything until that morning when he woke up. Stuart tries to embrace Harry, but he pulls away and says cruel things to the poor guy because he can’t believe he’s queer.

That afternoon they go to see the doctor, who is as baffled as Harry is. Dr. Sharpe recommends an MRI for Harry and going back to his usual routine until they find out more, including going to work. Harry does, and even invites Laurie, the hot secretary he never would have given the time of day to if he knew he was gay, to dinner.

Harry fucks Lauriebut screams Stuart’s name when he comes! Laurie is so furious that she does not even return to the office.

When Harry comes back home, Stuart is gone. He has visited a friend whom he hints of fucking, and Harry can’t explain the jealousy he feels.

Harry is confused, lonely, and very likely sick. When will he realize that he needs Stuart at the most critical time of his life?

This story is also known as “Who Am I?”


He clasped his hands together.  “Harry sweetie,” he said, “I’m begging you.  Please talk to me.”  I didn’t want him close to me.  I was afraid he would make a move on me so I pointed to the bed, and he sat down on the edge.  He stared intently into my eyes.  I actually felt sorry for the poor guy.  I began to think he was concerned for me, and if he was, how did this happen?  I was convinced I was not gay.  I purposely examined his naked body.  It did nothing to me.  Hey, maybe he was my brother.  I looked at him and there was not one bit of resemblance.  I am tall and dark.  He was medium height and very fair.  His eyes are blue and mine are dark brown.  We surely did not look like brothers.

“Harry, if you don’t talk to me, I’ll go crazy,” he pleaded.  I took a deep breath and wondered how I could explain all this to him, when I couldn’t even explain it to myself.   “Please,” he begged yet again.

I opened my mouth to speak and the guy looked at me expectantly.  I just didn’t know how to explain my dilemma so instead of an explanation, I asked, “Who are you?’


What a night we had.  I went down on her at least three times, and she had multiple orgasms each time.  She went down on me twice and I climaxed each time.  I entered her vaginally once, and we both came yet again.  After four or five hours, we fell into an exhausted sleep.  About four o’clock in the morning, Laurie woke me.  She was stroking my exhausted dick but it wasn’t rising to the occasion.  When she realized that I was awake, she whispered in my ear, “I’d like you to fuck me from the rear.” At first I thought she meant doggie style, but then I thought that maybe she meant the rear door.

“Do you mean anally?” I asked, quite surprised.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.  I’ve got some cold cream in my purse that you can use as a lubricant.”  Her purse was on the floor next to the bed.  She reached in and handed me the jar.  Then she retrieved another condom and gave it to me.  My cock was at full attention yet again.

Pleasure Thirst

by Hank Brooks

Jeremy’s life is a living hell!

Stuck in a miserable marriage with a gluttonous abusive shrew, his only solace is the internet, where he reads volumes of stories that give him temporary escape from the bad life he has… gay stories, that is.

Jeremy always had gay tendencies, but ended up marrying Connie by the sheer force of her will. Though their marriage started out well enough, the years have turned her into something he could not recognize or love. And as she becomes more and more demanding and hurtful, he finds comfort in the words of a gay story author, Haley Bronson.

One story in particular touches his soul: the autobiographical tale of a man who escaped his marriage in pursuit of happiness as a gay person. Jeremy could not help himself; he gets in touch with author, and they begin a correspondence that slowly turns from being a simple contact between fan and author, to two confidants sharing support, then to two lovers in a forbidden affair.

Each letter addressed to Jeremy holds support and promises love and a happy life. But will he have the courage to leave his wife and begin an entirely new life?

…And are promises enough?

This story is also known as “Cyberspace Romance”


After lunch they sat and chatted for awhile.  Jeremy kept ogling the tight bubble asses as they passed their table.  Finally he got bold and buried his nervousness.  “I think I’d like to go home and get better acquainted,” he said.

The two men almost ran home.  Once inside the apartment, they embraced and kissed for the first time.  Their tongues began a passionate duel, and they kept kissing as they began to undress.  They had to stop kissing to get totally naked.  They stood facing each other.  Their dicks were hard and hungry as they gave each other the eye.

Jeremy was about two inches taller than Haley.  Neither was circumcised, but their purple cockheads pushed out way beyond their foreskins.  Haley was now about six inches and Jeremy about seven.  They stood immobile, just staring at each other until Jeremy could stand it no longer.  He fell to his knees and enveloped Haley’s cock in his eager mouth…

As You Are

by Hank Brooks

Davey’s lover, Frankie has been dead for 5 years but he still hasn’t moved on.

Once in awhile, he even thinks about killing himself, but can’t do it for fear that he might be sent to hell and never see Frankie again. In mourning for his lost love, Davey forgets about the other things that matter. He does not perform well in his job, and he forgets to take care of himself, gaining weight in the process.

One day, he receives an unexpected wake-up call at The Gap. While buying clothes to fit his expanding frame, he spots a hottie with muscles in all the right places. But when Davey takes a chance and invites him to lunch, the hottie spurns him and calls him ‘Fatso.’

That does it for Davey. For the next few weeks, he finds himself working out regularly and dieting. He keeps wishing he would run into the hottie again, now looking better than ever. Maybe the guy would invite him out… and certainly Davey would turn him down, just as he had been rejected back then.

On his return to The Gap, Davey gets to talking with the clerk, Ted, who invites him out on a date. That one date is followed by another, then another. They’d been seeing each other for 7 months when one day, Davey sees Ted flirting with the hottie. He becomes jealous of Ted and ignores him.

Davey’s feelings of jealousy are worsened by his feelings of guilt. Is he betraying the memory of Frankie? Is it all right to love again? And can he give his heart and trust to Ted, who seems to be flirting with other men?

Davey is at a crossroads, and his decision can be the difference between a happy ending, and a lost chance at love.

This story is also known as Mourning Period”

I led him to my bed, which was wet with my tears.

Ted was fully dressed, but I was wearing only my boxer shorts. I took them off and lay down on the bed. I held out my arms, welcoming him into my bed and into my body.

Ted undressed quickly. Seconds later we were wrapped up together. Our bodies were pushed together and seemed to be desperately trying to meld
into one. I felt his cock rubbing against mine.

Everything was happening so fast I didn’t even remember seeing him after he undressed. I wondered if he was cut or not, and how big he was. I really didn’t care, but Frank had been uncut and I sort of hoped it would be true for Ted also.

But I wasn’t about to ask him. He had rolled me on my back and his tongue was descending down my body.

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