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Jet-Setting Escort (Book 1): Erotic Romance (A Curvy Girl Erotic Romance)

by Monique DuBois

**MATURE CONTENT WARNING: This sexy short story is recommended for 18+** THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES AND CURRENTLY FREE! For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a boring, predictable life. I work at a low-paying job and have ho-hum missionary sex with my long-term boyfriend, who calls me “pear shaped” (and not in a good way). I’ve never been with more than one man or explored myself sexually. That’s for sexy, skinny girls. Girls with exciting lives. Girls I’m not.

When a series of events send my life into a tailspin, I find myself at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, locking eyes with a gorgeous, sexy stranger who sends my heart racing. Our first night together is one I’ll never forget. Or the next. Shockingly, he wants to pay me lots of money just to have me as his personal sex goddess. Best of all, he’s not the only one.

Soon, I’m discovering my sexuality for the first time, caught up in the exciting, glamorous world of high-class escorting. I’m also discovering myself: the independent, sexy, confident woman I was meant to be. Trouble is, I can’t give my body without giving my heart. I’m falling in love with more than one man, and they with me. I can’t choose just one . . . Or can I?

IN BOOK 1, ARIELLA MEETS BRANT, A SEXY MILLIONAIRE OLYMPIC SKI RACER WHO ROCKS HER WORLD. BUT DOES HE HAVE A SECRET SIDE? This FREE book is part of a 7-part installment series. Books in this series do not stand alone and need to be read in order. They include: Jet-Setting Escort: Book 1 (FREE), Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7. Also available in discounted boxed sets!

Dead Man’s Canyon (Jake Moran 3)

by Robert Broomall

Jake Moran battles an outlaw gang, Apaches, and the desert to find buried treasure in a place called Dead Man’s Canyon.

In 1866, Beautiful archeologist Alison Shaw and her brother, Hammond, arrive in Tucson seeking a guide into Apacheria, where they plan to search for Hohokam artifacts. They try to hire the famous scout Jake Moran as a guide. Jake’s not the hero everybody thinks he is, though, and he wants no parts of a trip into Apache country; so Alison enlists the services of suave French rancher Edouard de Lacey, instead. De Lacey is the secret leader of a gang of outlaws, and he suspects that Alison is really looking for treasure. He intends to steal the treasure and return to France to live in luxury. For Alison, he has other plans. De Lacey is also Jake Moran’s deadliest enemy. He’s been trying to kill Jake for ten years, since Jake led the Vigilance Committee than ran de Lacey out of San Francisco. When Jake learns that Alison and her brother have gone with de Lacey, he has to try and save them. He rescues Alison and her brother, and with the outlaws and Cochise’s Apaches hot on their trail, the three of them set out to discover the secret of Dead Man’s Canyon.

Little Joe’s Christmas Tree, 2nd edition

by Eddie C Dollgener Jr

Family Drama – Little Joe has been living in the homeless shelter with his family for several months. When he learns that there is no tree available for the residents to enjoy for the holidays, he decides to find one and bring it back for everyone. He has not yet learned the hidden dangers of the city or the power of a sudden winter storm about to overtake the city…

Angels We Have Heard on High

by Jennifer Garlen

In this short story, an elderly woman is surprised by Christmas carolers who visit her lonely home.

Break a Leg (Sequel to Hidden Agenda)

by Laurie Larsen

Enjoy this heartwarming short novella for the holidays!

The holidays can be stressful, especially for New York advertising exec Tony White, who just got dumped. Will his Christmas be as dismal as he expects, or will wannabe Rockette Joss McGee dance her way into his heart?

Shakedown: The Church Street District

by Shawn Lytle

**Book 1 of the SHAKEDOWN Trilogy**                                                                                                  After surviving the floods of Hurricane Katrina, Tony’s move to Orlando, Florida appeared to be heaven sent. He was able to open up one of the hottest night clubs in the downtown’s Church Street District. Club Metropolis became the talk of the town and the success it garnered put Tony in the spotlight. Tony reveled in his new found success but his happiness was short lived when he was approached by Patrick, a notorious gangster in the area, who gave him an ultimatum. Patrick told Tony he could either pay him so his club could continue to conduct business in The Church Street District or he could refuse and come up missing. Tony refused Patrick’s offer without giving it a second thought. The next night, one of his club’s bouncers was brutally murdered in an abandoned warehouse. The murder was a clear attempt to intimidate and force an agreement but Tony did not bulge. Instead of backing down, he recruited his cousin Stephanie and prepared for war.

Lost Tales of Mercia (Sons of Mercia)

by Jayden Woods

In the years near 1000 A.D., the Vikings and their king, Sweyn Forkbeard, constantly attack Engla-lond. A weak king, Ethelred II, rules the Anglo-Saxons. He tries to pay off each Viking attack with a steep tax called the “Danegald,” but again and again the pagans return. A masked vigilante called the Golden Cross tries to aid the people of Engla-lond and rally them to warfare, but this rebel is constantly way-laid by the king’s most trusted advisor, Eadric Streona. Eadric Streona, Ealdorman of Mercia, is a charming master of the king’s court who always manages to get what he wants; but what he wants remains a mystery to all.

Ten short stories explore this setting through the eyes of ten different characters, from a blushing maid and bold mother to a daring soldier, an unready king, and many others. Some characters are fictional, but most are real figures of history. Altogether, the Lost Tales introduce the people who will fight, love, and betray each other until the rightful king claims the throne of Engla-lond in the complementary novel, “Eadric the Grasper.”

While interconnected by the novel and each other, each story stands independently as a snapshot into this ancient world. This is a collection of all ten tales, previously released as individual ebooks.

Space Games

by Dean Lombardo

A sleekly modern rendition of pulp sci-fi, Space Games is fast-paced, straightforward read that leaves you wanting to know what happens next.
Mary Fan, ‘Artificial Absolutes’, Red Adept Publishing

Like any good reality show, Space Games leaves us wondering what the contestants would do next and how they could possibly top the last bone-breaking outburst of brutality. The ending goes to a pretty dark placeâ??the worst nightmare for any TV producer, except Zimmer.
Brian Bandell, New York Journal of Books

The cameras are on and the gloves are off in this battle of the sexes in space.

Say hello to Robin and Joeâ??contestants in 2034’s “Space Games,” a high-stakes reality TV show from Hollywood producer Sheldon J. Zimmer that is set aboard next-generation space station, ISS 2. The winner takes home a multimillion-dollar jackpot and a chance at stardom, while the loser faces the ultimate in public humiliation. Only former NASA astronaut Vince, acting as the station’s commander and the games’ sole referee, can separate sexy spitfire and martial artist, Robin Miller, from her brutal opponent, “Big Joe” O’Donnell, as the pair compete inside the cramped zero-g environs. Watched by millions of people back on Earth, the reality show rapidly degenerates into a deadly spectacle.

Space Games is a compelling story and a biting satire about reality television: those who make and participate in it – and those who watch it.

Into the Woods

by Andrew Broe

A modern Adam and Eve. A story of love, hope and second chances.

Into the Woods is the story of 2 co-workers who accidentally become immersed in an adventure that changes their lives and the lives of all humanity. Edie and David set out to go on a simple drive to attend a work-related training session. Their mission changes, however, as they find themselves in a position to either save, or damn, humanity for eternity. They must fight their feelings for one another to both save themselves, and make the right decision to save us all.

Amberwine (The Lich War Series)

by Kevin Nielson

“A medieval adventure story which combines the many elements of intrigue, love, adventure and the magical, “Amberwine” is a must-read for the reader who desires a fresh approach to storytelling…….” – Reviews

A cavern filled with treasures, the bones of a dragon and a sword made by nonhuman hands.

During Bolinor’s life threatening escape he finds himself in such a place and with it a chance to become all he has ever wanted to be. Under the banner of a golden dragon, Bolinor’s mercenary company is formed. They discover an emptied land they name Amberwine; a haven for the homeless, the broken, and those seeking a purpose.

As a newly formed kingdom Amberwine’s inhabitants are drawn into court intrigue, treachery and impending war. Enemy and friend alike find themselves uniting as the lines of battle are drawn and alliances are forged. It becomes a frantic race to possess the coveted three swords of power and keep them from the grasp of the evil Lich, Devron, who seeks to undo the very fabric of the world of Menel Fenn.

Star Cross: Training Days Book One Ultimate Edition

by Brandon Clutton

The Ultimate Edition of Star Cross: Training Days Book One. Includes Novella Star Cross: Harsh Lessons and a preview of Star Cross: Training Days Book Two! Having crossed the DMZ decades ago and claiming the south, Korea has become a world power; and a possible nuclear threat to the US and the world. And when America shoots down the first Korean space vessel, the cold war between Korea and the United States begins. Young Kyle Walker dreams of exploring the stars. They call to him. He visions himself as an adventurer, not a conqueror. The threats facing the US are threats of the past. The promise of a new tomorrow amongst the stars should unite all mankind, Kyle believes. But for some reason, old habits seem to die hard. When Kyle’s would-be girlfriend Raquel Zantana is assigned the first deep space mission, Kyle is given secret intel and discovers the true nature of the mission. Raquel “Zee” Zantana is heading for a planet that is believed to contain more than enough energy and materials for America to create a whole new breed of weaponry. The problem is that every unmanned probe and satellite sent to the planet, dating back to the old NASA days, have never returned. Kyle believes Zee to be assigned to a doomed mission, and does everything he can to stop her. To save her.

Just Well Loved

by Rebecca Brae

A chance meeting brings new hope to a beloved character trapped in a literary classic. (4140 words)

Petals of Canna

by John L. Evans

Petals of Canna is an aviation adventure and a story of intrigue and romance in the Amazon rainforest.

Neil Burton is a graying expatriate, operating an air charter out of Porto Velho on the frontier of the Amazon rainforest. He is offered a plum contract with Earthlife, a bio-research group working to find the cause and cure for a blight that is destroying miles wide swaths of the rainforest. The stipulations in the contract appear paranoid to Neil but he eventually accepts the offer and buries his suspicions. Earthlife pays him handsomely to transport supplies and personnel to a remote research camp deep in the forest. After a year of working in near secrecy, Earthlife allows a carefully screened AP reporter to visit the remote camp. When Neil flies the young woman chosen for the job to the remote site, they find they are attracted to each other. When Neil makes the next supply flight to the remote camp, the journalist confides in him that she too suspects that Earthlife is not doing what has been made public. Both are surprised at the force of the chemistry between them and make plans to explore it when the journalist’s assignment is completed. Before that can happen, the journalist is reported dead in a fiery helicopter crash, body unrecoverable. The circumstances add to suspicions that Neil can no longer ignore. His faith in the journalist leads him to uncover deception, betrayal and murder.

Kelin’s Journey

by John L Evans

Kelin’s Journey is a post-apocalypse adventure of two twelve year old boys who survive a pandemic that decimates the world’s population. Kelin is stranded 2000 miles from his family that he believes is still alive. In a narrative poignant and uplifting, the author takes Kelin and Josh through their struggles to survive and Kelin to reunite with his family. Allies join them and foes impede them on their journey across a decimated America. They find that only tiny pockets of civilization have survived and some of those are not so civil. Kelin’s Journey is a must read for any age reader who enjoys a classic quest in a modern, realistic setting where the heroes must display ingenuity, leadership and courage to overcome obstacles presented by man and nature.

Maybe It Was a Thursday

by Melodie Starkey

This eclectic collection of short stories spans 30 years of writing. Covering a range of topics from a child’s perspective of receiving a new unwanted sibling to the death of an elderly parent, these slice-of-life portraits have something to say to everyone.

Alive and Fighting: New in Town

by Cole Connelly

An introduction to the world of Alive and Fighting; New in Town follows one of the first days of Amy, A young woman in Blood Oak, one of the few stable communities in a world torn apart by zombies and war. Amy learns that the undead are not all there is to fear in the ruins of the city of Baton Rouge. Follow this series of short stories as the lives of these survivors unfold and their factions vie for dominance.

available in the Alive and Fighting Series
Alive and Fighting: New in Town

Alive and Fighting: Every Sin a Saint

Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found

Alive and Fighting: Revelations

Alive and Fighting: Heroes in Blood Oak

Alive and Fighting: Addictions
Alive and Fighting: Carrion
Alive and Fighting: Broken, Part 1

Alive and Fighting: Roads Walked

Alive and Fighting: Parting Gifts (Coming
November 2013)

The Counting House

by Christina Croft

When seven-year-old Georgie, desperate to win the attention of her hero, James, steals a candlestick from a cemetery lodge, she believes that the devil has seen her and will follow her home. Her conviction is heightened that evening when tragedy strikes the family. Guilt-ridden, Georgie sets out on a quest to become a saint, in the hope that God will grant her a miracle. Her sincere but often bizarre efforts lead her through various escapades from a remote Yorkshire farmhouse to being lost in London, when she is accosted by a sinister stranger. The arrival of a distant relative throws her world into greater confusion as she comes to understand the nature of good, evil and accident. The story is populated by a variety of eccentric characters; feisty ex-suffragette, Great Aunt Lucy; the pious but increasingly senile Great Aunt Philomena; beautiful French Aunt Marie and her huge explorer husband; the cruel teacher, Miss Keppel; and the contrasting personalities of Georgie and her friends and siblings.

A Subtle Stranger

by K. R. Albers

Perhaps it was the loss of his mother, an absent father battling his own demons, or even just the angst of being a high schooler that didn’t quite fit in. But with the town-wide upheaval of the appearance of a wayward drifter that would spark the adventure that would shine some light on his darkest of winters yet.

Staring into the Abyss

by Timmy Chatbot

What do you get when over a hundred people and an insane computer program write a book? The worst book ever written! And you thought Atlanta Nights was bad!

“Staring into the Abyss” is a completely nonsensical book, created as a group effort in the ChatNano IRC Chatrooms, with the assistance of a chatbot. Profits will be evenly distributed between donations to the OLL (Office of Letters and Light), and the hosting costs for the ChatNano service itself. Anyone is welcome to purchase it, and indeed, we hope you do. But it will mean the most to people who were involved in its creation.

Much like Atlanta Nights, this book is intentionally bad. Please keep that in mind before purchasing or reviewing.

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