Free historical fiction Kindle books for 05 Dec 13

Velyaminovy – The Age of Discovery (Part One)

by Nelly Shulman

The story of the family continues during the age of change – through European revolutions, the rise of communist ideas, American Civil War, in the time of scientific discoveries and exploration of the world.

Return to Greystone (Greystone Series)

by Meredith Kennon

Nearly six years into the war, Mrs. Eleanor Wood, the widowed mistress of Greystone Manor, anxiously awaits the return of her son William from a Japanese POW camp. A recent letter from him to his steadfast fiancée has given rise to new hope that he has indeed survived the war. As the conflict in the Pacific draws to its frighful close, Eleanor finds that instead of the quiet reprieve she was anticipating, her home is needed more than ever to alleviate the widespread housing shortage. Concerned by the difficulties still facing the war-torn people of her country, she observes those around her bravely embracing the future, and wishes she was young enough to pursue the desires of her own heart. Drawing strength from her family, and most especially from Gilda Gardner, her young protégé, Eleanor watches, wishes, and waits.


by Ethan Jones

1074: The King of Munster musters his army, determined to end Viking rule in Dublin. As Kings prepare for war young warriors see opportunity, and Gruffudd son of Cynan is no different.

Born in exile, the son of a Briton Prince and last of an ancient royal line, he is the true heir to Gwynedd’s throne. Now at last the time has come for Gruffudd to make a name for himself and claim what should be his.

Raised by his Viking uncle, Gruffudd is no stranger to the shield wall. But these are different times. Released from his uncle’s warband to raise his own, Gruffudd is now a leader of men and must prove his worth to King Muirchertach Ui Briain of Munster. Gruffudd will stop at nothing to win the King’s support and return to his ancestral lands. From the misty and bloody battlefield of Sord Cholmcille to the heart of Snowdonia, Gruffudd must stay true to his beliefs and trust in God – but at what cost?

Only heartache, mayhem, violence and betrayal await as Gruffudd embarks upon the cruel and testing road with one aim – to claim his birthright, or die trying.

A Russian Requiem

by Roland Merullo

Two weeks before the failed right-wing coup of August 1991, Anton Czesich, an American in his late forties who has spent a mostly disillusioning career working overseas for the U.S. government, arrives in Moscow to take charge of a volatile American food distribution programâ??a program administered by Julie Stirvin, the love of his youth. She and Czesich have their own history, their own protracted cold war. Many miles away, in the mining center of Vostok, Soviet bureaucrat Serghei Propenko, a former champion boxer, is in the midst of his own midlife crisisâ??partly personal, partly political. Modest and decent, surrounded by a household of strong-willed and politically astute women, Propenko is pinched between his traditional ambitions and concern for his very untraditional daughter, Lydia. As Czesich’s and Propenko’s fates intersect, it becomes clear that both men are partially paralyzed by the same suspicions and fears that crippled Soviet-American relations for so long.

A Russian Requiem is a page-turner with depth, a finely crafted novel about the small piece of history each of us bears and the way our intimate lives reflect and echo in the politics of nations. Speckled with humor and irony, rich in both psychological and political drama, it carries the reader on a post-cold war voyage through the Russianâ??and Americanâ??soul.

The Ring of Minos

by Frederick Dixon

What is it about a bloody ring that sends Tassos and the young men of Thera on a clandestine mission to Minoan Crete?

Why at a time of severe seismic activity and civil unrest are those in power there so desperate to acquire a seemingly harmless bauble and why does its extraordinary history threaten to curtail his mission before it begins?

Who is responsible for the horrendous act of treachery that lures them to the fabled city of Knossos?

Where are the men of substance when a terrifying increase in seismic activity leads the people to demand that those in power account for their inability to contain the escalating phenomenon?

The answers lie deep within the labyrinthine corridors of Minos’ awesome Palace, where Tassos and the three women in his life encounter an alien culture. But dare they challenge an ethos where narcotic induced rituals invoke the dark chthonic images of Priestly power.

Only when the violent forces of nature consolidate in the cataclysmic eruption of Thera’s volcano do they finally come to appreciate the ring’s sublime message.Then it is too late. They are caught up in an event that is poised to carry them on a journey their worst nightmares could never have imagined.

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