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Aurora Borealis – Curtains to Heaven (Minute Stories)

by Blythe Ayne

Read this gentle story about a little girl watching the Northern Lights with her father on a Nebraska summer evening by award-winning author, Blythe Ayne.


Minute opened her eyes. It was dark. Daddy was shaking her. “Whatâ??s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Come on, put on your jacket.”

The house was perfectly still. They stole down the back stairs. Only the kitchen light was on. As they stepped outside, the night air hung still as a picture.

Daddy took Minuteâ??s hand and they stole through the tall grass, around to the back of the barn. Then he stopped, and she could just barely see him pointing to the sky in the delicate light of the moon. “Watch there.”

Shivering, Minute watched. A wave of undulating green light, high in the sky, came down to the earthâ??s surface.

“Oh!” Minute exclaimed, terrified.

“Isnâ??t it beautiful?”

“Oh, Daddy, what is it?” She clutched his hand.

“Aurora borealis. Curtains to heaven.”

While they watched the colors moved and changed – white, lavender, pink.

Curtains to heaven, Minute thought. What if they shove aside and thereâ??s heaven? I wonâ??t be able to stand it.

The light across the sky was so beautiful but so awesome, so vast, that she felt as if there was nowhere to hide. And yet, while she watched the colors became more and more faint. Finally, nothing remained of them at all. The sky returned to its cavernous darkness, the stars resumed their prominence.

“The northern lights,” Daddy said as they walked back toward the house. “It’s unusual to see them this far south. Theyâ??re caused by an electrical charge at the north pole. Wasn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes.” Minute’s heart filled with happiness. Daddy woke her in the middle of the night when even Mother was asleep, to share this with just her. “I never saw colors like that,” she said. “Not even lightning.”

“I thought you seemed a bit frightened.”

“Not really. I just didn’t know what it was. Those northern lights.”

The screen door hinges whined a plaintive tune when Daddy opened it. Minute looked at the skinny moon hung like a rag in a leafless branch, then stepped into the house….

Dragonfly’s Question – A Novella on a Positive & Sustainable Future

by Darcy Hitchcock

TO CREATE A POSITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, WE MUST FIRST ENVISION IT. This book is great way to teach sustainability concepts to employees and citizens. This novella and discussion guide covers a wide range of topics including distributed energy, smart growth, toxic exposure, urban agriculture, local currencies, sustainable investing, homelessness, etc. This is wrapped in a sweet father-daughter story set 8 years in the future. Read it to understand how to shape our future or just read it for fun. Give it to your friends and family to help them understand where the world is headed.

“With Dragonfly’s Question, Darcy Hitchcock has created a lovely thing: a learning tool, based on a piece of near-future fiction, that is also a pleasure to read.”- Alan AtKisson, author of Believing Cassandra and The ISIS Agreement

“You are an amazing writer! That book was packed with what could be our reality someday soon! Well done!”-Rosemary Di-Candilo, Zero Waste Alliance

Swallows And Ice Cream

by Robert Fowler

A short story kindle literary fiction book that is a cross between romantic suspense and mystery. Within this book you will be getting a Florence guide book too as the story is set in Tuscany Italy. So if you’re looking for books that also included Tuscany & Italian fiction then Swallows and Ice Cream will be a great book for you to read. Swallows And Ice Cream a Literary Fiction short story is a raunchy book and will cover, mystery, romance, suspense, torment and desire.

Steve, a nineteen-year-old English boy, lives and works in one of the small Tuscan villages that surround Florence. He is a lost soul, haunted by the memory of his beloved Katherine, whom he has left behind in England. He lives in a cluttered single room high up in Fausto Pacelli’s three-storey house; the exorbitant rent as always in arrears.

Steve works for Tino Fabiano, owner of an ice cream shop. His handsome good looks are good for business, women of all ages seem attracted to the boy. Steve is befriended by Luca, who runs his uncle’s café, and is responsible for most of the food Steve eats, and Maria; a stunning beauty who has attached herself to the English boy.

Steve is a boy lost in confusion, riddled with guilt that he cannot undo. Katherine comes to him more and more in nightmares; unable to escape her, she now haunts his days as well as his nights. Everything is catching up with Steve; sooner or later, he will have to confront his bitter past.

Alice Jane West: Western Pioneer Romance Book

by Amanda Hodges

The Baby Kicked Hard In Her Tummy

Alice Jane West lay on the lumpy mattress and tried to find a comfortable position. Her back ached from the weight of the baby inside of her. She tossed and turned and the baby kicked hard in her tummy. Despite the discomfort, she smiled and laid her hand on the mound that was the new life growing fast. As if the baby knew, she was thinking about him the kicks became stronger and right underneath her hand. It was a wonderful feeling.

Charlie Worked Hard

Alice thought that she was lucky. She had Charlie and soon they would be a family of three.  Charlie had the job in the mine and it was badly paid but at least they could be together and work for a better future. Charlie worked hard but it was heavy work and dangerous. The pay was meagre for the workers but the mine owner lived in luxury. It was the way of the world and nobody thought to question it.

The One Room

In the rise of the mining industry, rows of houses quickly built and rooms rented out to the mining families. Alice and Charlie lived in the one room. It had an open fire with a mantelpiece where Alice displayed a few precious trinkets. The bed where she lay was in one corner. One window looked out on a cobbled yard. Charlie came in from outside and came over to the bed.  “I’m off to work. Will you be alright or will I go and ask Mary Ann to come and sit with you for a bit?” he said, bent, and kissed her forehead.
“I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry?”

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The Opinionists

by Richard French

Vincent Adair, a pioneering film director, arrives in Stilton Fields, an imaginary town in an imaginary American state that resembles Massachusetts. Stilton Fields is celebrating the 300th anniversary of its founding in the 1650’s. Mr. Adair wants to make a film that will revive his floundering career. He becomes convinced that he can turn the story of an early settler in Stilton Fields into the great and enduring film he dreams of.

Lydia Bowstreet and some of her grown children move to the town in colonial days after the death of her husband and in the aftermath of a theological controversy that took a nasty turn. The even-numbered chapters of the novel tell the story of Lydia’s role in the debate. They also show something about the lives of her neighbours, including her adversaries, and the community she lived in. This part of the novel is based on the Antinomian Controversy that took place in Massachusetts from 1636-1638. The central figure was Anne Hutchinson. I have changed all the names, added several characters, and taken many liberties with the historical record.

The other parts of the novel, the odd-numbered chapters, relate the experiences of people on the team of movie-makers Mr. Adair brings together and also the stories of a few folks who live in Stilton Fields and come in contact with strangers from Hollywood. These chapters also tell about sordid goings on that have nothing to do with the movie in what has been a peaceful, prosperous, exurban community.

“The Opinionists” examines American freedom and American creativity. In addition, it explores a theme that often recurs in my stories — that people who follow up on a determination to do good, to make the world better, to reform it usually pay a heavy price and walk a solitary, rocky path. If they persist, despite obstacles and their own shortcomings, and if they are willing to accept the burdens their missions impose on them, they often succeed in making their point..

Ghosts of Krabi (Bangkok/Thailand noir, a psychological murder mystery and crime thriller)

by Alasdair Gilchrist

Rock star Storm, along with his wives and children live on a private island, nestling in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. The retreat is idyllic or would be except that his minor wife Yaya is tormented by mysterious children playing in the gardens. These ‘phantom’ children, appear to her, and only to her, yet go inexplicably undetected by the mansion’s sophisticated security systems.Investigator Deng is called in to solve the mystery but finds despite the idyllic setting – the island’s white sand beaches, bordered by coconut trees and towering limestone cliffs that harbour secret caverns and tranquil lagoons – that he is a long way from Paradise.Indeed Hell might be much closer for his discovery shakes the very foundations of his beliefs, forcing him to confront a terrifying resonance from the past.

Sucking on Figs

by Kristina L. Phillips

A short story that examines the deep connection one immigrant family has with their unique culture, each other and food.  Sucking on Figs is a colorful story about a Yugoslavian family living in 1930’s California. This story was first published in The Crab Orchard Review 2003 Spring/Summer issue.

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