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Avogadro Corp: The Singularity Is Closer Than It Appears (Singularity Series)

by William Hertling

David Ryan is the designer of ELOPe, an email language optimization program, that if successful, will make his career. But when the project is suddenly in danger of being canceled, David embeds a hidden directive in the software accidentally creating a runaway artificial intelligence.

David and his team are initially thrilled when the project is allocated extra servers and programmers. But excitement turns to fear as the team realizes that they are being manipulated by an A.I. who is redirecting corporate funds, reassigning personnel and arming itself in pursuit of its own agenda.


“Avogadro Corp is a tremendous book that every single person needs to read. In the vein of Daniel Suarez’s Daemon and Freedom(TM), William’s book shows that science fiction is becoming science fact. Avogadro Corp describes issues, in solid technical detail, that we are dealing with today that will impact us by 2015, if not sooner. Not enough people have read these books. It’s a problem for them, but not for the [emergent] machines.” — Brad Feld, managing directory Foundry Group, co-founder Techstars

“Highly entertaining, gripping, thought inspiring book. Don’t start without the time to finish â?? it won’t let you go.” — Gifford Pinchot III, founder Bainbridge Graduate Institute, author THE INTELLIGENT ORGANIZATION

“An alarming and jaw-dropping tale about how something as innocuous as email can subvert an entire organization.  I found myself reading with a sense of awe, and read it way too late into the night.” — Gene Kim, author of VISIBLE OPS

“A fictional world where Portland is the hub for the most exciting advancements in technology… [J]am packed with great references to deep Portland culture…and Portlandia-type references” — SILICON FLORIST

“Hertling builds a picture of how an AI could emerge, piece by piece, from technology available today.  A fascinating, logical, and utterly believable scenario – I just hope nobody tries this at home.” — Nathaniel Rutman, Senior Systems Architect

The Blade (A Mafia Thriller Book Two)

by Jonas Saul

*Warning: Extreme and graphic violence
The Blade – Book Two of The Mafia Trilogy

The safe house where Darwin and Rosina live is attacked. Five FBI agents are dead. Darwin Kostas has nowhere to turn, no one he can trust. Darwin’s phobias cause him great stress and now the media are calling him The Blade, even though he can’t stand the sight of knives.

The FBI is hunting him. The Gambino Family, violent mobsters associated with Italy’s La Cosa Nostra, want to know who he works for before they execute him. Darwin just wants to be left alone with his new wife so they can begin a domestic life, but that won’t happen with so many people wanting him dead.

As evidence piles up against him, a half-blind FBI agent is on his tail, and a relentless mobster plans Darwin’s violent end, the only thing he has left to lose is his life. Meanwhile, the Russian Mafia are moving into new territory in Toronto. They want to know who this Darwin guy is and why he is still breathing. When they show up to take possession of his body, Darwin has one surprise left for the mobsters before he dies.

The Blade is Book Two of The Mafia Trilogy, a set of psychological thrillers from Jonas Saul, the author of the Sarah Roberts Series.

The Kill, is Book One of The Mafia Trilogy.
The Scythe, is Book Three of The Mafia Trilogy.

THE STRANGE CASE OF ALBERT MITCHELL (detective mysteries) (Case One of The London Road Mysteries)


“I loved this rip roaring detective story. Great period details and strong characters. I read it in one sitting,” Chris Child

“There’s a lot of action. I could imagine this making an exciting TV series.” Ann Abrams

“It’s great for Sherlock Holmes fans. Peter Keeley brings Manchester in 1911 to vivid life.” Steve Moore

A brilliant period detective mystery

Detective James Francis Dineen and his partner John Moreland hear a gunshot during a training exercise at the London Road police station. Running over, they find one of their colleagues is dead, with an unfired gun in his hand. It looks like a disguised murder, but with no witnesses and no motive the detectives must deploy all their skills to unpick the mystery. Soon there’s another corpse, and a significant new clue. Their investigation takes them across Manchester as they go from shady pubs and opium dens to the Royal Exchange.

James Dineen is inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and tries unorthodox tactics that aren’t taught in training school. He’s from the same rough background as the criminals he pursues, so isn’t afraid to bend the rules to solve a case. While John Moreland is a church-going family man, who plays by the book.

The Strange Case of Albert Mitchell is the first of Peter Keeley’s London Road mysteries, stories from the casebook of James Francis Dineen. It will appeal to all fans of early 20th century detective fiction.

Book Two of ‘The London Road Mysteries’ THE HEATON PARK MURDER is available on amazon now.

The Dark Side of Money

by d.E. Rogers

As the perfectly-manicured matriarch of an African American fashion empire, Gloria Dean is the kind of woman who wants it her way or no way. Maybe that’s why someone attempted to suppress the self-made billionaire the hard way: through murder. Now, her children are in their own blood sport to gain control of her vast operation. Can her prodigal daughter restore order to her kingdom, or will she be another liability in a chilling game of death by fashion? Find out in The Dark Side of Money, the stylish, searing thriller that reveals the seamy underbelly of the New York fashion world beneath the glittering veneer of the bright lights, big city.

A gritty peak behind the glamour, The Dark Side of Money follows a family-owned fashion empire at its crossroads. Both held together and divided by a tormenting and intimidating mother, the Gloria Dean Company has become the emblem of high fashion and even higher profits. However, when a sudden murder attempt on Gloria’s life lands her in a coma, the family business perilously hangs in the balance along with her life. With greed and power outweighing love, the family members wage an all-out war against one another to gain control of the company.

Enter the eldest sister Jasmine, the black sheep of the family, who is unexpectedly placed in control in her mother’s absence. It’s not long before the polished claws are out to dethrone her–and fast. Her icy cold brother and sister make their contempt of Jasmine crystal clear, going as far as to enlist their mother’s duplicitous business partner to help freeze their sister out. Not only that, but Jasmine has her demons from her past kicking about, and her former bouts with substance abuse threaten to shatter her hard-won inner peace.

As the stakes grow ever higher and the lustrous sheen of wealth and style gives way to its ugly undercoat, Jasmine must summon up all her courage to save her mother’s legacy from the rampant familial greed and shark-infested waters of the company’s top brass. Can she keep her wits and integrity strong amid brotherly in-fighting, corporate duplicity, and the season’s must-have looks? Find out in The Dark Side of Money, a wild, stylish ride that will keep you teetering on the edge of your stiletto heels. It’s a must-read for anyone who likes their drama served up with plenty of plot twists and absolutely fabulous style.

The Saints Go Dying (Arthur Beautyman Mysteries)

by Erik Hanberg

Arthur Beautyman, a computer hacker turned detective, is hunting a serial killer targeting modern day saints. Every two months, a new body turns up–and the world is left with one less good person.

Against him is an unscrupulous reality TV show, whose sole premise is that the police are corrupt and incompetent. As the intensifying public reaction pushes all of Beautyman’s resources to the limits, he dusts off his old habits–computer hacking–to dig up evidence he couldn’t find legally.

But when he accidentally leaves a cyber-trail, he finds himself targeted by a member of his own department, who doesn’t know the hacker she’s tailing is in the office next door.

It’s a deadly cat-and-mouse game set against the lights of Hollywood.

Crazytown: The Devil’s Kettle (The Darren Lockhart Mysteries)

by Jon Grilz

In the third Crazytown installment, Darren Lockhart finds himself face-to-face with a nightmare from his past. To make matters worse, Lockhart must lead a search for his missing deputy, Freddie Lind, and his fiance Lisa Weber.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Caitlyn Rhodes investigates a macabre audio recording created by a psychopath capable of anything.

Lockhart and Rhodes once again find themselves working toward a shared goal, but in doing so they will face a terror that neither could have anticipated.

Fear the sounds in the silence.

Killer Christmas! A Special Holiday Anthology

by Sara Barton

An exclusive Amazon download at a bargain price…three previously published stories that take place at Christmas time:

“Henry Hartman’s Holiday Crisis”: Henry Hartman is an FBI agent trying to protect the woman he loves, even if she doesn’t really trust him to tell the truth. Syd Stansfield has no idea her ex-husband, Matt Boyle, has been working for mobsters, but that doesn’t stop the Boyle family from trying to kill her. After Henry is badly beaten by one of crime boss Blackie Walsh’s ruthless thugs, the FBI case turns really ugly. Desperate, Henry drags Syd to Bethlehem, New Hampshire for Christmas, roping his grandmother and the other Hartman ladies into helping him save the woman he loves. Is a wedding the solution to the gangster game or is this just another of Henry’s FBI stings?

“Where’s Hansel and Gretel’s Gingerbread House?”: Deputy Gabby Grimm is one of Vermont’s finest in Latimer Falls, a small village with more horses, cows, and chickens than people. When Cousin Annette gets tangled up with a complicated FBI investigation into a Big Apple real estate fraud, the desperate woman begs Gabby to come to New York to rescue her. The man Annette has been having a steamy love affair with isn’t what he seems, and after he disappears, leaving the abandoned, lovesick woman stranded, Gabby has to finagle her cousin out of a huge mess. The solution to the puzzle is in a gingerbread house that Annette constructed for the residential development that’s being built,but someone stole it. Can they get it back in time to prevent Annette from going to go to slammer for Christmas?

“Miz Scarlet and the Holiday Houseguests”: Poor homicide investigator Laurencia “Larry” Rivera has her hands full. A teenager turns up dead in Windsor, Connecticut just days before Christmas. Was the murder part of a plan to prevent a star witness from flipping on some very powerful people? When Larry’s divorced parents, the Queen of Clean and the Spitball King, announce they coming for the holiday,she’s overwhelmed and she turns to innkeeper and good friend Scarlet Wilson for help. The solution? Send the bickering ex-spouses to the Four Acorns Inn for some pampering. As Larry tries to catch a killer, things quickly spin out of control. Her daughter, Michaela, is threatened. Is it because of the case Larry’s investigating or is there something more sinister going on? Long hidden secrets threaten the Rivera family, and when Larry suddenly disappears, it’s up to Miz Scarlet and the gang to save her.

Crazytown: The Witch Tree (The Darren Lockhart Mysteries)

by Jon Grilz

Crayton Chief of Police Darren Lockhart hasn’t had the easiest time adjusting to his new role in life. Gone are his days with the FBI, the adrenaline of the hunt and his beloved tailored suits. It isn’t until a teenage boy goes missing that Lockhart once again finds himself at the scene of a mysterious disappearance and as a backup to the overly enthusiastic Duluth FBI Agent Caitlyn Rhodes. Lockhart will be torn between the position he once held for 20 years and the town he now protects while hunting a madman the likes of which neither could have ever dreamed of.

From the streets of downtown Duluth, Minnesota all the way to the frigid Canadian border, Lockhart and Rhodes will need to bridge their personal conflicts if they ever hope to find a killer that has eluded capture for a lifetime.

Crazytown (The Darren Lockhart Mysteries)

by Jon Grilz

When the body of a murdered teenage boy is found in the forests of northern Minnesota, FBI Special Agent Darren Lockhart is sent in to investigate. Believing this death to be another in a string of bizarre executions, Lockhart soon finds himself isolated in the north country and facing a city that not only fears the killer, but also the federal agent there to protect them. A life of chasing America’s worst criminals has taken it’s toll and with the end of his career looming, Lockhart has just one last chance to catch a maniac that has eluded him for over two years. Set in the beauty and serenity of northern Minnesota, “Crazytown” is a story of deception, murder, and betrayal that will change Lockhart’s life forever.

Rigged (A Thriller)

by Jon Grilz

Revenge, a terminal illness, $15 million worth of crystal meth and a porkpie hat. Within 24-hours of appearing in the oil boomtown of Bluff Falls, North Dakota, cops and dealers alike scramble to learn: who is Charlie Kelly?

Amongst the chaos, Charlie charms, punches and detonates his way through the stark landscape and filthy back alleys of a town surviving solely on oil money. From bar parking lot to strip club to trailer park, Charlie’s warm smile and friendly candor hides a vicious vendetta.

Hunted down by local police, brutal criminals and even hitmen, Charlie races against his own clock to orchestrate a masterpiece of deception and violence the likes of which no one could have ever anticipated.

Stalking Sapphire: A Thriller

by Mia Thompson

“I loved this book, I liked the style, I enjoyed the characters and I’m so pleased this is book 1 of a series” â??Clare Parrott

“[Sapphire Dubois] kicks butt and takes names. You wouldn’t expect that from a spoiled, rich girlâ?¦ I loved this book.” â??Ionia Martin

Despite the illusion Sapphire Dubois presents to the rest of the world, she is not just your stereotypical 22-year old Beverly Hills heiress; she hunts serial killers. While her fellow heirs spend their nights with trending celebs and drugs at the hottest club, Sapphire secretly spends hers luring, capturing, and anonymously handing over So-Cal’s most wanted killers to the police â?? just your average Tuesday night.

What Sapphire doesn’t know is that one of her adversaries is watching her every move, aware of both her true identity and her unconventional hobby. Needless to say, he doesn’t approve. Used to being the one who redefines the definition of predator and prey, Sapphire’s world abruptly shatters when a gruesome â??gift’ arrives for her at the Beverly Hills Country Club. With her involuntary crush, handsome Detective Aston Ridder, close on her tail, Sapphire now has to rethink her routine strategy and figure out how to capture a killer who already knows she’s coming.

The Dark: Wolf Series #2

by Dean Breckenridge

There are only three rules in this town:

Never cheat your partner

Never take more than your share

And never cross


Wolf can never turn away from an SOS involving a child.

When the daughter of millionaire Murray Fulton is kidnapped, Wolf rattles cages throughout the city to find her. Along the way he stirs up more trouble than the enemy can handle, and they soon reveal themselves.

It’s the last thing they ever do. But this time, there’s a high price to pay.

THE DARK continues the adventures of Wolf, a good man to have on your side. Pray he stays there.

Granny Smith: The Welsh Connection

by G.M. Dobbs

It’s the wedding of the year and the Smith clan jet off to Disneyland Paris to witness Gerald and Wayne tie the knot in a lavish ceremony. However where Granny Smith goes trouble is sure to follow, and as the big day approaches our intrepid sleuth finds herself up to her neck in the usual murder and mayhem.

It’s Miss Marple on steroids in this the third book in the hugely popular Granny Smith series.


by John L Evans

VERACITY is a contemporary techo-thriller set in Sillicon Valley. A team of five young geeks invent an incredible device that may change all of society for the better. Sanjay, whose brilliant programming and vision was the seed for the device, hopes to bring his family from India to fill the foreclosed mansion he has purchased which at present is the team’s laboratory. Tooky is a hardware genius with the CB handle he resembles, Hobit39. Algorithms and advice are provided by Rylin, a cynical thirty year old prep school throwback. Wahid is a quiet Iranian immigrant whose talent for adaptation and acquisition supplies the team’s hardware needs. The team’s newest member, Dydee, is described by a friend as beautiful of body and spirit with a mind of her own. She has written code that is key to perfecting the device, however the code is already patented by her employer. Ignoring the ethical and legal issues, the team uses the device to rake in money playing poker. When they realize their error, it is too late. They are under surveillance and their phones are tapped but it is no benign government agency doing so. A sinister force is willing to kill for the device. When Dydee learns that Sanjay has been kidnapped and possibly murdered, she contacts the only person who can help, a young man she spurned eight years ago.


by John L. Evans

The inaugural flight of Emirates Airlines new Boeing 797 departs from Kuala Lumpur at midnight bound for Brisbane carrying a select crew and only twenty one passengers, all invited celebrities. Three hours into the flight the passengers are awakened to news that the aircraft has been hijacked. They are debating storming the flight deck when the aircraft crashes into the Timor Sea near a small island. The aircraft breaks up but a few souls survive, a German LPGA star, a Brazilian formula one champion, an Australian tennis star, a retired Japanese diplomat, an Emirates executive, an Irish martial arts star, two American movie stars, an American businessman and a young Malay woman who was one of the flight attendants. They struggle ashore and other than two in desperate need of medical care, the wait for rescue may be like a vacation in paradise until one of the survivors tells them rescuers will not know where to look because the hijacker flew below radar for hundreds of miles and evidence points to the emergency locator transmitters being disabled. Instead of paradise they discover the island is used by ruthless pirates. The survivors have come ashore without so much as a pocket knife to defend themselves from the pirates and an enemy that even the pirates fear, Abu Sayyaf, the terrorist group responsible for the hijacking. When two survivors are murdered, the young Malay names the island Pulau Mati, meaning island of death in her language.

Face the Rain

by RD Larson

A stormy night with secret money, a husband that cheats and a rainy night creates a background for a mystery and irrevocable decisions that changes lives forever. Nora, a mother and a professional, must care for herself and her sons the best way she can.

The Portugal Sapphire (An Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery)

by J.A. Jernay

For fans of Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovichâ?¦.

After months of unemployment, her bank account dwindling, Ainsley Walker is starting to wonder if her career as a gemstone detective will ever take off.


Her life changes when she accepts an offer from a handsome importer to travel to the country of Portugalâ??the gorgeous but overlooked jewel of Western Europeâ??to search for a sapphire azulejo that has been stolen from an historic chapel.

On her fast-paced adventure, Ainsley explores thieves’ fairs, antique trams, ancient Roman ruins, and the dangerous roads of rural wine valleys. She finds joy, pain, friendship, duplicity, and murderâ??and, most importantly, a renewed sense of purpose in life.

From an author who worked on the foreign desk of The Washington Postâ?¦

â?¦who explored North and South America for nearly twelve monthsâ?¦

â?¦who was a finalist in a prestigious short story contest sponsored by the estate of F. Scott Fitzgeraldâ?¦

â?¦comes a travel adventure that will change the way you see your life.

Sex, Lies & Shoeboxes

by Rebekah Pierce

Private investigator and recovery alcoholic Bobbie Vale is hired to find a missing bride-to-be whose dark past exposes memories of domestic violence and molestation for Bobbie, memories she has long tried to suppress. But little does Bobbie know that this first case will lead her to her next case where there’s a missing pregnant bank president, a dangerous millionaire with ties to North Korea and a dead ex-husband whose body she is reluctant to claim. Things could not get any worse for Bobbie…could they? With the help of her sexy secretary, part-time body guard – and secret crush – Eddie Dillon, Bobbie must battle the demons of her dark past, dig through deadly lies and shameful secrets, and a closet full of shoeboxes to not only save her future, but to solve these two cases before all hell breaks loose in the small town of Stockton, California.

Chicago Heat: Local News Anchor Found Murdered at Lake Shore Park

by Patty Wallis

Chicago Heat is a murder mystery revolving around the main characters, a police dog named Rhino and his master Roberta, a retired U. S. Marshal. They become involved in solving the murder of an investigative reporter and popular newscaster who meets her demise in a Chicago Park. Roberta has a vested interest in finding the killer and her shrewd investigative skills and Rhino’s keen instincts expose a debauched plot running through the social and political fabric of the city, up to its highest representatives. Their journey to solving the crime takes numerous twists and turns as they become embroiled in a totally unexpected venture that threatens to unhinge the Chicago political arena. This novel contains adult content.


by Julie Morrigan

‘Wired’, the new collection from Julie Morrigan, contains two short stories, â??Barbed Wire’ and â??Razor Wire’. (Each story is over 5,000 words long.)

Barbed Wire
How far would you go to protect your family? Pushed to the brink, Jimmy Mitchell does what he feels is necessary; then, when he finally dares to believe it’s all over, the police knock on his door. Have Jimmy’s past misdeeds caught up with him?

Razor Wire
As Jemma struggles to change her image from thieving tomboy to elegant sophisticate, she is driven to do desperate things to feed her new obsession. What we covet can make us reckless; but is it really worth dying for?

â??Wired’ includes scenes of violence, brutality and human frailty. It’s likely to appeal to fans of previous collections â??Gone Bad’ and â??Show No Mercy’.

N.B. All of Julie’s crime shorts are now gathered together in ‘Bad Times.’

About the author:

‘Julie Morrigan writes hard first rate noir. She writes with a narrative immediacy that takes you straight to the story and lets it unfold with realism and menace. Her use of physical detail heightens the sense that the reader is about to see something nasty.’ Richard Godwin, author of ‘Apostle Rising’.

‘Her style is gritty, straight to the gut, and no-nonsense. After a read of one of her shorts, you almost feel violated yourself. Keep in mind, this is not your grandma’s kind of reading, and I don’t suspect the local church group will come a callin’ any time soon for any author nights, but she ain’t writing for the moral majority.’ Sean Patrick Reardon, author of ‘Mindjacker’.

Dumb Luck

by Tom Arnold

Micky’s having a crap day. On the one hand he’s out of jail and on his way home. On the other his head still throbs from the whippin’ he got on the inside. If only he could remember a bit more about it but the memories are blurred. And something dark and nasty nags at him – something he wishes he could remember but at the same time feels sure he’d like to forget. And that’s before someone goes and kills his Dad and pins it on him. Rams a bottle through his neck. Nasty. Real nasty.

Still – Micky’s no dumbarse. He’s sure he can solve his Dad’s murder before the week is out. He just needs a few beers to get his head straight. Lie low at his mates bedsit…

Get ready for a race against time as Micky and his pigthick sidekick Rezza immerse themselves in the crap and dregs of London’s bungling criminal underworld. Trying to prove his innocence and jolt his short-term memory before it’s too late. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the thrill ride of a lifetime – just bring a sickbag, a bullet-proof vest and some codeine with you!

Cooper Collection 068 (The Glowing Corpse)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria are hired to look into a case that the police are calling suicide but the sister of the victim is calling murder. If it was suicide, there had to be an easier, less painful way to go, besides the way that this guy died, screaming in agony. What they find surprises even the two seasoned investigators.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

The Retainer

by Ernest Marlin

The Retainer is an intriguing tale of betrayal, blackmail and lust set in 1970s London when life was more innocent – or was it?

Cooper Collection 043 (Clay Cooper, Panhandler)

by Bill Bernico

After encountering several homeless people on the streets of Hollywood, Clay Cooper makes a bet with businessman Hugh Carlton that he could survive and even thrive on the street even if he starts out penniless. What he does to try to win the bet is exactly what I did when I was homeless and living on the streets of Hollywood back in 1971.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 039 (The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper)

by Bill Bernico

The storyline in my Matt Cooper series now shifts to his son, Clay, who has taken over the private eye business. It’s 1987 now and Matt’s 76. Clay is 37 and his son, Elliott is 7.

Police are getting quite a few 9-1-1 calls but when they answer these calls, they quickly find out that the calls were just an excuse to draw cops into an ambush. Clay is called in to help infiltrate the seedier element downtown to try to get a line on the killers.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Alicia to the Power of Three

by Adriano Justin Capuano

What if your daughter would suddenly stop speaking, communicating with you and the world? Read this very mysterious story to try and discover what is wrong with Alicia. You will enjoy a plot full of suspense from the very first page through to the very last words of the very last page!

This book is written in a unique style that will put you at the heart of the action of this moving and intriguing story.

Will Alicia start to speak again?

This story could have been published by major French publisher Le Dilettante which acclaimed the “intriguing and gripping” storyline. However this publisher criticized the unusual writing style stating that it would not appeal to the readers! The author is thrilled to see that the vast majority of his readers are proving him right to persevere with his refreshing style, as the very positive reviews on demonstrate:

POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER! Alicia is lonely and isolated; her story is told through an interior monologue that draws you in. In the form of ‘Alicia’ the writer creates a powerful and convincing portrait of an emotionally and mentally disturbed child. Devils and Demons are constantly lurking in the background. Alicia’s ethereal reality coupled with a steady dose of black humour means that this book is a must read that is difficult to put down. VIC

DIFFERENT AND GRIPPING! I really felt for Alicia. She just wanted her parents to love her but in trying to get their attention her life went from bad to worse. Adriano has an unusual style of writing, which, once you get used to it (only took me a couple of pages to get used to) you’ll be gripped by Alicia’s story. I really liked it and it was a real page turner. MELANIE

GREAT BOOK! The author has got a very different writing style to what I’m used to reading which makes this book extra special. The story itself is well written and had me drawn into it from the word go and was hard to put down! Looking forward to what happens next! ALIBENS

BRILLIANT! I really enjoyed the book and read it all in one go – would like to read the next edition asap to find out what happens! JUDY N

Let yourself be surprised! Make your own opinion about this psychological thriller with a difference!

Also available in its French version (‘Alicia Puissance Trois’) on Kindle Amazon worldwide.

The Condor Song: A Novel of Suspense

by Darryl Nyznyk

Inspired by the Sierra Club 1960’s battle with the Walt Disney Company over a proposed ski resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, former attorney and best selling author, Darryl Nyznyk, brings captivating realism to this riveting new thriller.

Sean Donovan lost everything: his wife, kids, job, and license to practice law. Abandoned by his wife, betrayed by a friend, and fired by his firm, it has taken thirteen years for Sean to come back, now barely eking out a living on minor cases while his former firm thrives.
When Buck Anderson, renowned environmentalist from Sean’s hometown is murdered, Sean reunites with Buck’s niece at the old man’s funeral. She begs Sean to join the Sierra Club’s case to stop a major ski development by a Disney-type company, the very case on which Buck was working when he was killed. Sean agrees, but learns too late that his former firm represents the opposition with motives more sinister than their client’s development.

Described as “The Verdict”, starring Paul Newman, meets John Grisham’s “The Pelican Brief,” THE CONDOR SONG is an environmental legal thriller set against California’s rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains in which a man lost to the world he thought he knew tries to find redemption in the face of impossible odds.

Cooper Collection 049 (Two For One)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper, the second generation P.I. is back to work after recuperating from his heart attack. Elliott and Gloria each have a case they’re working on, so where does that leave Clay? Gloria’s case didn’t turn out as planned so she and Clay can now help Elliott with his top secret case for Lieutenant Dean Hollister. Can they perfect their scheme and walk away clean? Can they give Dean his Two For One deal? Find out in this 50th installment of the Cooper series.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 046 (Witness Protection)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper drops in to see his old pal, Lieutenant Dean Hollister and finds himself involved in the interrogation of killer, Johnny Banta. Clay and Dean are supposed to be playing Good Cop-Bad Cop with the killer, but neither of them can bring themselves to be the good cop, so it’s more like a case of Bad Cop-Bad Cop. Hollister agrees to set Banta up in the witness protection program if he will roll over on the killer of one of the detectives in Hollister’s department. To tell you the truth, witness protection is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 042 (Cooper Generations)

by Bill Bernico

Matt Cooper’s back…somewhat. That is, his son and grandson open the story at Matt’s graveside, paying their respects to the legendary detective. It’s now 2012 and Matt’s been dead for ten years. His son, Clay and grandson, Elliott now run Cooper Investigations and they’re hot on a double murder case. Seems a hooker was found dead in the streets. The hooker’s father wants Cooper Investigations to look into it, but the father is killed before he can have the first meeting with Elliott. Not to worry. Matt Cooper’s descendants will handle this case with the same professionalism he practiced. Count on it.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 061 (Noel)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria have left a mess back at the office and Clay Cooper uses that as an excuse to go and see his old friend, Lieutenant Dean Hollister at the L.A.P.D. He’s caught Dean busy in the middle of several bank robbery investigations. Perhaps he could help, Clay suggests. Dean, always short-handed accepts and together, along with Detective Sergeant Eric Anderson, they answer the call for yet another bank robbery, the third that day.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 036 (One Bad Apple)

by Bill Bernico

Matt’s story jumps ahead to 1971, where his 21-year-old son, Clay, joins him in the family business. Matt and Clay are off to a rousing start as they are hired by an underworld figure to help him surrender to the authorities because he’s afraid he’ll be killed before he gets to say his piece in court. Clay’s going to learn the hard way that the job is not as easy as he thought it might be. Murder is never easy.

The Cooper Collection consists of a total of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 066 (Jack The Stripper)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria are hired by a woman asking them to find her missing husband, a stripper. Before they can get enough information from the woman, she disappears, so they decide to follow up with the stripper. What they find during their investigation is deception, sex, lies and even murder. Jack, the stripper, doesn’t want to be found.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 070 (Dead Letter)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott gets a notice to come to the Post Office to pick up something that they’re holding for him. What he gets is a letter that was addressed to Matt Cooper and had been sitting in the dead letter office for 66 years. What Elliott finds in that letter surprises everyone. Too bad Matt never lived to know of its existance. It could have changed his life forever.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 041 (End Of An Era)

by Bill Bernico

It’s 2002 now and Matt’s 91. Clay is 52 and his grandson, Elliott is 22. Elliott wants to be a writer and has asked grandpa Matt if he and his private eye exploits would like to be the subject of his first book. Matt agrees and tells Elliott the story of how it all began back in the 1930s.

This story starts in 1934 and has Matt telling of his beginnings in the Chicago Police Department, his move to Los Angeles, his beginnings in the Los Angeles Police Department, his first marriage to Stella and life after her death. If you’ve been following the Matt Cooper series, this story may help fill in some of the blanks you may have been wondering about. (I’ve been wondering about them myself)

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 044 (Cooper And Partner)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper suffers a heart attack and must rest for a long time, prompting Elliott to advertise for temporary help. His ad is answered by Gloria Campbell, a licensed P.I. herself. She’s a crack shot, skilled at Tai-Kwon-Do and can hold her own with any male counterpart. Elliott hires her and they set off on their first case together – finding a missing 1959 Gibson ES-335 guitar worth thirty thousand dollars.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 069 (All The Write Moves)

by Bill Bernico

Now that Clay Cooper has officially retired from the P.I. business he has decided to get back to his other passion–writing. His novel was intended to be about some of the many cases that he’d worked on over the years, but apparently word has leaked out and someone from one of his old cases doesn’t want to see those details in print and has warned Clay to scrap the book…OR ELSE. That’s where Elliott and Gloria step in.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 063 (Heart Condition)

by Bill Bernico

It’s business as usual for Matt Cooper’s son, Clay and his grandson, Elliott…well almost. Something has got Clay distracted. He’s found himself a girlfriend and Elliott’s dying to know who the lucky woman is. Clay’s not about to kiss and tell, and besides, they have a triple homicide to look into and they don’t need the distraction of a woman slowing their reaction times. The things these two private eyes are into could prove deadly for one of them, but it isn’t what you might expect.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 055 (If Dogs Couyld Talk)

by Bill Bernico

Lieutenant Dean Hollister asked private eye Clay Cooper to assist him on a stakeout job. Dean’s trying to get the goods on a hired killer named Aldo Renatti. So far he’s been unsuccessful but he has one more trick up his sleeve and with Clay’s help, he must just be able to knab this ruthless assassin…and his little dog, too.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 064 (Reese’s Peace)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper is home again, recovering from his second heart attack. His son, Elliott calls Gloria back in to help out temporarily. Their latest case involves a woman who wants Cooper to find out who killed her husband, a new P.I. who was shot while investigating only his second case. Elliott and Gloria visit the Burbank Police Department, since the victim, Gordon Reese, was found in their jurisdiction. The streets and back alleys of Burbank set the scene for another interesting case for Elliott and his on-again partner, Gloria. Gloria’s old boyfriend and her new love seem to have something in common. Could it get in the way this time?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 065 (The Best Offense)

by Bill Bernico

Gloria is busy looking at her image in the store mirror while another woman is busy stealing her clothes from the changing room. Gloria calls her own cell phone and the thief answers, but tells Gloria where she can find all her possessions AND and extra ten dollars for her trouble. What kind of thief is this? Gloria and Elliott catch up to her and end up working for her on a stalking case. But who’s stalking whom?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 048 (Justice Delayed)

by Bill Bernico

A cop’s job is not all glamour and spotlight. It’s not like it is portrayed on television with car chases and shootouts every day. Most police work would bore the pants off you. There’s a lot of paperwork and meetings and time in court.

Today was different. Dean Hollister is working with Elliott Cooper interviewing a woman who reported that her daughter was missing. Dean is sure he knows who the murderer of this girl is, put can’t prove it…yet. Just give him some help like Elliott and a little time and the case will surely come to a satisfactory conclusion.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 052 (Head Shot)

by Bill Bernico

The Rooftop Sniper has already claimed seven victims and the police have no clues to help catch him. Meanwhile, the wife of one of the victims comes to the Cooper Investigations office looking for help. The police tell her that her husband was one of the sniper’s victims but she doesn’t believe it. Clay, Elliott and Gloria are hired to prove that someone else killed him.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 062 (Classified Information)

by Bill Bernico

Clay and Elliott and Gloria get a client who needs help with an Internet scam that was perpetrated on her. They don’t know that much about computers in genersl, let alone Internet business. Enter Terry Belmont, 18-year-old computer whiz, who offers his help. But it turns out Terry has a record for getting caught hacking into the computers at City Hall. Can he be trusted at Cooper Investigations? Let’s find out.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 067 (Room For One Less)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott hadn’t even made it all the way into his office the morning that two thugs grabbed him and beat him to within an inch of his life. They warned him to stay off the Griffith case, and Elliott wasn’t even working on a case with any client named Griffith. But Gloria was. She’d taken the case the night before and hadn’t had a chance to tell Elliott yet. Elliott ends up in the hospital and his dad, Clay Cooper is out for revenge. Like the old saying goes, ‘What goes around, comes around’ but who knew it would take this form?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 037 (Even In The Best Of Homes)

by Bill Bernico

The man who bought Matt and Amy’s house after she was killed ten years earlier decides to remodel. When workmen pound a hole in the basement wall they find an adult skeleton. But the body has been dead for almost 30 years–since just about the time Matt moved into it with his new wife Amy. Now Matt’s sitting in jail trying to explain what the skeleton was doing there in his house. He hasn’t a clue, but his son, Clay means to find out…and quick. The answer will NOT be what you’d expect from the upstanding Cooper family.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 040 (Beatlemaniac)

by Bill Bernico

The storyline in my Matt Cooper series now shifts to his son, Clay, who has taken over the private eye business. It’s 1992 now and Matt’s 81. Clay is 42 and his son, Elliott is 12.

Bodies are showing up all over town with notes pinned to their bare flesh. The notes are clues from the killer. Sergeant Dean Hollister is not sure how to interpret these clues, but he knows someone who can–Clay Cooper. The clues are all connected. Can you figure out what the connection is? Read on.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 050 (He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick)

by Bill Bernico

This story centers around Lieutenant Dean Hollister for the most part. Elliott Cooper is featured helping Dean out on a molestation case that needs to be handled on the QT for Dean’s captain. Dean and Elliott are scouring the city for a Buick that had been described by the victim after she was molested in Griffith Park and dropped off in the city. Dean needs to stop this guy before he harms another teenage girl and with Elliott’s help, he may just do that.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 051 (Revenge Never Expires)

by Bill Bernico

A retired ex-cop that Matt had worked with back in the forties is found dead and the police and coroner aren’t showing any interest in looking into the case. After all, the victim was ninety. The victim’s daughter comes to Elliott Cooper looking for answers about her father’s death. She’s sure that it wasn’t natural causes. Elliott, Clay and Gloria combine their efforts to find out why anyone would want to kill a harmless old man. The results are just as surprising as the victim’s age.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 058 (Take The Money And Run)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria are off on a case of their own so Clay accepts a two-day job as extra security at a traveling carnival and sideshow. It was pretty dull work until the last hour of the second day, when he found a young girl lying dead between the consession trailers.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 059 (Fresh-Faced Kid)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott Cooper and his partner, Gloria Campbell are just coming off a long night of surveillance work when they decide to stop at a mini mart for snacks and lottery tickets. Gloria remarks to Elliott about the fresh-faced kid working the counter alone this late at night. She’s concerned for his safety. After their stop at the mini mart, the two P.I.s stop at their favorite bar for a nightcap, a decision that will prove fatal…for someone.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 045 (Mutiny On A Bounty)

by Bill Bernico

This story finds Elliott and Gloria taking a train trip from L.A. to Winslow, Arizona to meet with a client, who says he’ll contact them on the train. All is not as it seems in this cat and mouse game of killers and cops and private eyes and bounty hunters.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 047 (Diplomatic Immunity)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott Cooper (Matt’s grandson and 3rd generation P.I.) is helping Lieutenant Dean Holllister with his latest case involving a murdered woman. They catch the murderer and get a confession from him, but have to set him free because he’s a diplomat working at the U.N. and has diplomatic immunity. Can Elliott and Dean nail him without causing an international incident? Let’s find out.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 053 (A Passage From The Bible)

by Bill Bernico

Jerry Bernard is the sleaziest of all sleazeball car salesmen. And when he get’s Elliott Cooper in his grasp, you know one of them is going to get screwed…and it won’t be Jerry. Gloria has gone along with Elliott to look at new cars. Elliott’s new at these sales negotiations, Jerry is not. In fact, after Jerry financially rapes his customers, he tells his sales manager that he just took a passage from the bible–“I saw a stranger and took him in.” He took Elliott in, all right, but payback can be a real bitch.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 056 (Trapped Like A Rat)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper’s not on a case, he’s not even at work. He’s home trying to enjoy his favorite Cagney movie, whish is coming on television in fifteen minutes. But he’s out of chip dip. He can still make it to the mini mart and back before the movie starts, if there are no obstacles. Of all the nights to walk in on a robbery at the mini mart. He’s bound to miss the beginning of the movie, but right now that’s the least of his problems. Some amateur holdup man has stuck a gun in his face.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 057 (Paydirt)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott Cooper and his new partner, Gloria Campbell, stop for breakfast and Elliott’s excited at the prospect of getting these two meals for free, since he’d had his frequent eater’s tickets punched twelve times already. Gloria doesn’t share his enthusiasm and would rather have eaten somewhere else. Too bad Elliott didn’t take her advice. It’s also too bad he wasn’t wearing his shoulder holster with his .38 in it. It would have come in mighty handy today.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

The Smart Artist

by Oscar Turner

The relationship between Seymour Capital, a talented but lazy artist, and his ambitious wife Polly, is in trouble. Polly reluctantly works to support them both, a doomed arrangement she had instigated to enable Seymour to prepare for an exhibition that never materialised.
Things change when Polly walks in on an armed hold-up masterminded by an amateur, bungling gang. Polly is taken hostage but manages to escape in the getaway car containing the stolen money.
Tapping into instincts Polly had developed in her dubious past, she finds herself making decisions that have both frightening and surprising consequences when she successfully finances a career for Seymour by bribing a failing gallery to show his work.
NB. ‘The Smart Artist’ was previously published as ‘Paint, the art of scam.’ It has been re-worked and edited. Should you buy ‘The Smart Artist’ in error please contact me and I will refund the cost.

Cooper Collection 038 (Sgt. Coopers Lonely Hearts Club Frame)

by Bill Bernico

It’s 1980 and Clay Cooper is now running Cooper Investigations with his father, Matt, helping out as needed. Matt decides to join a lonely hearts club to try to find a companion his own age. He finds one and they have a wonderful night of coffee and talking. The next morning when he goes to call her, Sergeant Dean Hollister (Dan’s son) answers the phone. The woman has been murdered and Matt was the last one to see her alive. He’s been framed but he and Clay won’t sit still for it. What they find during their investigation is a case of major proportions and a lot of people will die before this story is over…some you’ll know and some will be strangers.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Room 102

by P.J. Fuller

“This nightmare so vividly comes to life in this surreal and reverting novella.” (Youngsand Best, Nov 2013.

What is your biggest nightmare and how would you cope? Jack Willis is about to find out. But can he control his fate? or will his destiny take its own course?

THE BOOK OF PESADILLAS(black book of horror stories and dark fiction)

by edward reyes

we write stories that will push boundaries (not in terms of extreme gore and violence, necessarily), the entwining of flesh and stark machinery, techno-industrial dystopias, twisted conceptions of body and enhanced beauty, Cronenbergian nightmares, Kafkaesque metamorphoses, posthuman realities, the decay of body, mind, spirit and reason, innumerable sexualities. We want illogical extrapolations of present social realities, re-envisioning of industrial pasts, where factory and humanity become indistinguishable, where both lines and flesh are blurred. We certainly don’t just want the usual tired old tropes, if possible: what we want is the disturbing, the challenging, the absurdist, the blackly comedic, the infuriating, the horrific, the abnormal. Here, flesh is reshaped, both voluntarily and involuntarily, a world where demons have assumed corporeality, where humans have either integrated fully into a seething mass of metal, electonics and skin, or have been rejected as the parasitic life form it is. In other words, just let your imagination run wild, be experimental with word and structure, and go into areas where the warning lights constantly flash an angry red and life is always a breath away from being extinguished

Cooper Collection 071 (Playing The Rolls)

by Bill Bernico

Now that Clay Cooper is officially retired, he finds that he has way too much free time on his hands so he joins an exclusive club. But what kind of club get involved with kidnapping, ransom, guns and bad guys? This one does, and not just anyone can get in. You have to have the right credentials–Clay does.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Genesis, The Annihilation of Jack Crawn Short Story Collection

by Alta Pridi

PRICE $2.99

A strange and shocking case is sweeping the world. A 23-year-old billionaire to premature aging and then make him depressed. He doesn’t want to socialize anymore whether to be interviewed by the media. When he was asked if this is because of plastic surgery, this billionaire said that he has never had plastic surgery. This case also occurred in the USA, Italy, Russia, and Monaco as well. What make the world a stir is that this case does not only pose a potential epidemic that may be deadly, but also to know how fast this premature aging happens.

Premature aging occurs usually takes many years, but in this case only occurs in a few hours. Premature aging can also be caused by poor lifestyle or genetic disorders. In United States, especially in New York, found a similar case in which the patient experienced premature aging when they are younger age between 20 to 25 years old.

Men named Bob or Mark are the next victims. They are not drug’s addicted or criminal, or even have a poor lifestyle. They never even do plastic surgery. It happens really fast as the other countries did, let’s say when you sleep at night and then you wake up in the morning, suddenly everything has changed. You turned into a 75 years old grandfather or grandmother. And a few days later, the report state that there are people missing, over and over again.

The experts and scientists urgently investigated the case as well as to anticipate whether this incident has the potential to spread harmful to others, and worst, the extinction of humans. Emerge from NYPD Police station Detective Sloan has taken his part. He decides to choose the other way rather than approving what experts or scientists said.

Sloan argues that this premature aging is caused by “something” instead of natural damage or disease. Although he considered as irrational or smell heresy, Detective Sloan continues his investigation in the midst of controversy. Will Sloan to be succeeded to uncover this case or he just another detective who failed his job?

This book also contain other titles which are:

All Men are Pirates

An Indigenous Stupid


Incidental Love

Revenge, It’s not Over

Land of The Myth



The Hourglass


Genesis, The Annihilation of Jack Crawn

Miss Hewitt Investigates the Suicide

by Linda Stephenson

London 1915 and Britain is still at war with Germany. Stylish lady detective Miss Isabel Hewitt has agreed to play the piano at a fund raising concert. The funds are for a small military hospital where her former manservant Clarke works as an orderly. But her rehearsal is interrupted when a Mrs Peveril calls to ask Isabel to look into the suicide of her daughter Leah. The family hope the girl did not kill herself. Isabel begins her investigation and soon discovers the girl had been leading a double life. But if she didn’t commit suicide who murdered her and why?

Paradise Prison – The Furai Compilation; Packet 3.

by Richard Skeet


In the near future the survivors of DAY ONE send a message to the past to raise an ARMY.




Interviewer: “Tell me how you became Furai.”

Eric: “When Portland, Oregon was VAPORIZED: I lived in a suburb; I survived the first day, or, DAY ONE, as the Alien Grays call it.

After the round up, worldwide, all survivors of the Gray massacre, are placed in labor camps.

We, the survivors, feed THE CONVEYOR BELT.

You can place anything on THE BELT, trees, bodies, dirt, rocks, grassâ?¦

THE BELT leads to a giant furnace miles away, taking the material on THE BELT; converting it into what the Grays need:



Organic matter










Rail guns




I’ve been BRANDED on my forehead. I’m forbidden from speaking during working hours; surrounded by men, women, children.

My orders: feed THE BELT!

We: dig, chop, chainsaw, bulldoze, hoist, heave, haul, push, pull. Tons of raw material are placed on THE BELT every second. Ten hours a day we labor; 7 days a week.

When I have a question, I look up; the SCREEN tells me what to do.

When one of us passes out from exhaustion, or dies, they’re thrown on THE BELT, with the rest of the material.

In front of me LIFE: trees, grass, birds.

Behind me: THE BELT leading to the furnace; our mobile living quarters; DESOLATION.

Upon awakening, we look forward to the living horizon, ignoring the dead trenches behind us.

EARTH is being STRIP-MINED; converted into Gray raw material. Every: useful; living; or green thing, EVERYTHING that can be chopped, shoveled or ground is placed on THE BELT.

After 10 hours of labor, the doors to our living quarters open; we go inside, eat, socialize, fall asleep.

We live a SPARTAN existence.

We’re never cold or hungry.

It: never rains; is always 75 degrees and sunny. Rain and clouds are burned away, by an energy shield following our camp, along with our living quarters.

The Grays encourage BREEDING; all of the women, of child bearing age, are pregnant. Women who refuse to breed are thrown on THE BELT.

The SCREENS tell us: work! be happy; don’t ask questions; breed; we comply.

ROCK MUSIC is playing from the loudspeakers.

The Grays don’t talk to us; they communicate with one another telepathically. Our only communication with the Grays: the messages appearing on the SCREENS.

This is what has become of man: FEED THE BELT! BE HAPPY! DON’T ASK QUESTIONS! BREED! So we do.

I’m fast asleep on day 45; a man wakes me up, â??follow me if you want to LIVE.’ He jumps back through the hole in my floor; I follow. I crawl, in an underground tunnel, for 1 hour.

I march, with thousands of other branded men, women, children, briskly for 24 hours straight.

A large group gather in a huge cave, in the rain forests of Oregon, behind a waterfall; somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge.

Joe is a small man with a deep voice, a large scar across his face.

Joe: â??You are here because YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED. Right now you have a choice: you can go back to THE BELT, or, join the Furai.



We’ll teach you how to: FIGHT; acquire wealth; build an ARMY; organize; communicate in secret, gather intelligence; lead an army; send these evil fucking bastards back to hell!

We are NOT an army of FOLLOWERS, a hive mind of automatons.

We are a HYDRA, a multi-headed monster from greek mythology; if an attacker strikes one head, 4 heads attack the attacker.

If a head is cut off; two more grow in its place.

When GOD made man; He created a WEAPON.

This GALAXY belongs to MAN!






Final Epidemic: A Beck Casey Thriller (Beck Casey Thrillers)

by Earl Merkel

This is how the world ends…

An invisible killer has returned. The last time it raged, upward of forty million diedâ??in a matter of months.Now it is back, released to prey on an unsuspecting, unprotected world.

The first case appears on a flawless spring morning, initially diagnosed as a common coldâ??perhaps, a mild flu.

Then the deaths begin.

New York and Florida are quarantined. International travel is halted. A Japanese doomsday cult commits mass suicide, its final mision completed.

Beck Casey, an expert on biological warfare, is called back to his former CIA post to unravel the twisted case… and to discover if a vaccine exists. But Casey’s potential allies to save the future are the worst enemies from his past.

Final Epidemic has begun…

In the Dim Fluorescent Light: A Cautionary Tale

by Owen Carlysle

Noted mystery author Owen Carlysle’s restrained approach to crime fiction has already earned him a dedicated following and this short story demonstrates his superior grasp of the psychology, opportunity, and circumstances that create criminals. Frankie Cavenash, a well-to-do salesman is arrested for a white collar crime. Frankie has a secret, though.

Warning: This ebook contains course language and mature subject matter.

Here is a preview:

The man chuckled again, and Frankie realized he was coming to hate the sound of the man’s laughter. “This is just where people get booked, man. This isn’t jail.” The big man stood and stretched. “This is the loop, and it’s the worst thing you’ll have to deal with. Once we get through this, then it’s just relaxing time.”

“If I can get to a phone, I’ll be out. We got plenty of money for bail.”

The big man nodded at him; at least Frankie was pretty sure he was nodding. “That kind of crime doesn’t come with big bail amounts. You won’t know what your bail is for a few hours, though.”

“Fuck, man. My son was supposed to pick me up in a few hours on Lakeside. I was hoping to be out before then.”

“How old is your son?”


“There’s no way, man. I mean, there could be a miracle and you could know your bail and it could all happen in three or four hours, but it ain’t likely.”

Frankie sighed. “Fuck.” Thankfully, the man didn’t laugh. “You been arrested before?”

“Shit man, I been arrested all the time since I was fourteen. It ain’t shit.”

Frankie didn’t know how to respond to that, so he just remained silent. The door to the cell opened. “Charles Britt.” The deputy came into the light a bit. “Either of you guys Charles Britt?”

The big man said, “Nah, man.”

The deputy turned to Frankie. “Who are you?”

“Frank Cavenash.”

“All right.” The deputy left and Frankie felt a sinking sadness at his exit. Perhaps the worst of it was the realization that at this moment he had more in common with the criminal sharing his cell than with the police officer.

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