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Caught, and Spanked (Stories of J.G. Knox)

by J. G. Knox

Tne story: Carley is young, inexperienced and in love. She breaks the rules, is about to make love. Interrupted by Officer O’Holleran and a visit to the sheriff’s office, she goes home with her mother. Instead of new exciting feelings on her backside in the back of a pickup truck, she experiences old exciting feelings on her backside at home. A Christian mother, a Christian daughter, one learns the value of virtue; her life is changed by appropriate Christian discipline.

Afterward: The discussion: Corporal punishment is not the sole property of Christianity. Islam is even more specific and both the laws of Islamic states and culture encourage discipline. Is it different in any major world religion?

Secular societies tend to be different. In Russia, in 1917, after the victory of Communist forces over the Czar, corporal punishment was abolished in the schools, and a great experiment was set in motion in which the lives of the people of Russia were greatly changed. No religion, no corporal punishment, did violence decrease in the Communist world? If memory serves me correctly they executed more than 26,000 million people following their revolution. Has it decreased with the extreme decrease in the presence of religion and discipline in America’s public schools, as we moved to a more secular, non-religion based society?

Interestingly, Russia is now using corporal punishment for crimes, and their rate of dope addiction is dropping in those locations where possession of narcotics is punished by paddling, not imprisonment. The rate of violent crime in the Muslim world, where corporal punishment is required by law, ranges from 1 to 10% of what we have in America. Are there any studies based on sound scientific principles which support the elimination of corporal punishment? If there are, I haven’t found one.

Paddling, spanking, corporal punishment is becoming a crime, wrong, evil. Is it? God prescribes it in all the major religions. Is God wrong? Are the statics linking violent crime and lack of corporal punishment all wrong?

What is wrong, is doing it incorrectly. The purpose of this story, and the other books I have written is to show the right way, the non-abusive way to correct—by example. Hurting a child, spanking in anger, using a tool that can cause injury, these are wrong. Spanking with love is not. Causing tears of repentance and correction without harm in order to avert tears of a life irreparably damaged is right, not wrong.

And this is a discussion. No human who feels or has felt pain is completely objective on this subject. However, we need to discuss rationally.

Time For Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet in 3 Simple Steps

by Dr. Shannon South

Time for Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet has been described by psychologists as “effective as 12 therapy sessions”. Dr. Shannon South, Western NC’s Best Therapist and Best-selling Author, shares with you, through her videos, an eye-opening quiz and these 3 simple yet powerful steps, the tools and support you need to cultivate more permanent joy in your life with great ease immediately. This book has been “recommended with enthusiasm” by NY Times Best Selling Author, Marci Shimoff (the Happiness and Love Expert) as a resource to “reduce stress”, “reduce depression” and “get to the root of what blocks peoples ability to experience more joy!”

Joy is Contagious. As moms, if we are joyful, our kids and families are more joyful! As a woman, however, you probably have had trauma or stress that has disconnected or split you off from your JOY: the essence of who you are. If so, it is time for this to stop! This book will teach you how to be more fully alive in your present moment instead of your joy being hijacked by past or current stressors.

Time for Me is more than just a book, it is an interactive journey to create more joy….through short and transformational videos guided by Dr. Shannon herself, a joy quiz (to see how much joy you are currently cultivating), and uplifting stories, Dr. Shannon brings her 18 years of expertise to you so you will get Beyond Your Story and Into More Joy!

As a busy mom herself and a transpersonal therapist, she shares the secrets that she knows work to create joy in your life for good! As someone who has recovered from an anxiety disorder herself, Dr. Shannon has walked this walk with extreme success, health and JOY…. and now she wants you, moms, to have this healing too.

Why wait until your kids are grown or your job slows down or your life circumstances change?….. Time For Me will show you how to change your life and create more JOY and a higher quality existence from the inside out, right now. You will save money and time on therapy bills as well. Regardless of your external circumstances… you are the center point of it all. When you change and create this inner garden for Joy to bloom, everything changes.

*Time for Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet is a preview to her book, The Joy Magnet, being published in 2014.

KEEPING YOUR TWEEN SAFE ON THE INTERNET: Discover The Exact Steps You Need To Take To Keep Your Tween Safe From the Potential Dangers Of The Internet (The Parenting Tweens Series)

by Dylan Knight


The Parenting Tweens Series: 1

DIVORCE, DATING AND YOUR KIDS: Learn When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Kids You’re Going To Date Again And What To Say To Them When You Decide (The Life After Divorce Series)

by Michelle Brown


The Life After Divorce Series: 1

A Soldier Never Forgets

by Robert Rodgers

What really happens when soldiers returned home after serving in World War II? Secrets are revealed in this short story about a young man who reads a diary from 1945 that had been tucked away and hidden in his Grandpa treasure chest and discovered on the first anniversary of his death.

KEEPING YOUR TWEEN SAFE FROM DEPRESSION: Discover How You Can Protect Your Tween From Falling Into A Dangerous Depression (The Parenting Tweens Series)

by Dylan Knight


The Parenting Tweens Series: 3

KEEPING YOUR TWEEN SAFE FROM ALCOHOL ABUSE: Discover How You Can Keep Your Tween Safe From The Dangers Of Alchohol Abuse (The Parenting Tweens Series)

by Dylan Knight


The Parenting Tweens Series: 2

Fire in the Desert – the complete trip

by James Hendrock

I wrote this book in order to share the experience that we had moving across the country from Ohio to Phoenix. This is a true story of our adventure. Each and every one of us will have a different experience in life, and I wanted to share ours with you. It has been an exciting adventure, filled with drama, beauty, unexpected surprises, and most importantly, it has been educational. I hope you enjoy the book, and I hope you have the courage to take your own journey. A career opportunity took us there, and back again

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