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Christmas Dog, The

by Melody Carlson

Betty Kowalski isn’t looking forward to the holidays. She just can’t seem to find Christmas in her heart. There’s church, of course. But who can she bake for these days? And who would care whether or not she pulled out the Christmas decorations?

Her new neighbor just adds to the problem. He’s doing home improvements that don’t appear to be improving much of anything. These days when Betty looks out the window, she sees a beat-up truck, a pile of junk, lots of blue tarps, and–horror of horrors–an old pink toilet.

But when a mangy dog appears at her doorstep, the stage is set for Betty to learn a very important lesson about what Christmas is all about. This contemporary Christmas story is a timely yet gentle reminder that God can work miracles through something as seemingly insignificant as a little brown dog.

How to relieve stress : Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and manage anxiety (stress reliever and stress free book)

by Mike C. Adams

Are you feeling the stresses of life? Sometimes situations can bring on an overwhelming amount of stress, making us feel on edge, wound tight. This feeling is not good. Stress has bad effects on our health and our mental attitude. Stress causes our immune system to be down so that we are more susceptible to illnesses. Stress may make us feel weak and lethargic. Stress may make us want to sleep a lot. Stress can also make you feel depressed and down in your emotions.

Sometimes all it takes to deal with stress is to change the situation or circumstance into a better one. But other times, the situation cannot be changed that easily. You may not have a way to escape it or to get away from it. It is during these times it is vital for you to find ways to deal with the stress. You do not have to give into the stress; you do things with your mind and with your body to help reduce the stress.

The 26 Tips to Reduce Stress book gives you 26 different ways of helping to alleviate the symptoms brought on by stress. Some of the tips include ways of mentally releasing the stress. Some of the tips suggest physical things to do to help alleviating the stress by doing something physically with the body.

Try a combination of the tips and settle in on the ones that help you to eliminate the stress, or eliminate the symptoms the stress causes. If the tips do not work the first time, try them for a couple of days. It may take a couple of days in developing the habits outlined within this book. Persistence will help so keep at it keep trying it. Develop a routine with the tips. Many are ways to help bring on a positive lifestyle change too.

The Receiver (Intense Christian Fiction)

by Lemar Knight

Derrick Carter, a high school phenom and number one draft pick of the Atlanta Storm (NFL) is on top of the world. Because of his position in life, he feels no need to acknowledge the presence of God, seeing that he’s created all of his success on his own.

Not until his life starts to crumble due to an unforeseen incident is he forced to come to terms with himself and the realization that God has always been there, waiting for him to open his heart.

The Receiver is an intense Christian Fiction that’s destined to give hope and inspire those going through a storm, seeking God’s presence.

The Top 7 New SuperVisionaries: Pivotal Insights to Transform Your Life

by Scott Helton

This book is intended to help save you loads of time, effort, and frustration, by sharing with you the epiphanies – the awesome insights – from some of the world’s greatest visionaries, so that you can immediately start to live life to your fullest potential.

What if it was by changing ourselves, or more precisely, the perception of ourselves, that we changed the conditions of the world?

These amazing luminaries are not just envisioning a new world, they’re leading the charge to wake up to it. The emerging new world is not something we need to work hard to create; it already exists. All that is really required is for us to raise our awareness so that we can first notice it, and then bring it fully into our experience.

What makes these individuals stand out amongst the many brilliant minds of today is that they are multi-faceted, holistic thinkers. They see the big picture and how the pieces relate and work together. They operate from the foundational understanding that when we recognize and wake up to our own true potential nature, we affect the entire planet. When our perspective changes, our reality and how we experience it changes.

I present these visionaries not in their order of importance, but hopefully in a flow of information that makes it easier to metabolize and integrate. All of these visionaries are making important contributions to our understanding of holistic health and wellbeing, which will then inevitably lead to a healthier and more fully conscious population. As fully conscious, healthy individuals we co-create a society that is also that. You can then see the cycle of positive influence and expansion of consciousness that this will create. Our future will then be one of exponential potential!

Be Still:21-Days Praying the Names of Jesus (similar to Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling

by Beth Gayden M.Ed.

Do you know Jesus or have you only heard of Him?

Do want to get to know Jesus personally and experience increased peace?

Do you know who Jesus says that He is? (I’ll give you a hint: read John 14:6)

Do you want to experience more peace and joy?

Are ready to spend some quiet time listening to the Saviour of your soul?

Now you can get to know Jesus and who He is to you. You are invited to spend 21-days getting to know or rediscovering Jesus through learning His names. In Be Still: 21-Days Praying the Names of Jesus you will learn how to spend quite time with God in a new way. This short devotional helps you to practice the art of being still and listening to God as He speaks to your heart. Each chapter includes a song that will assist in ushering you into His presence. A journal for your personal time with Jesus is also available to purchase in paperback. 
Inside you will find…

The F.A.S.T. Method:

F: Focus on a name of Jesus

A: Ask God in prayer

S: Stillness. Be still and listen to Jesus

T: Think and Speak. Say it out loud


Focus on an individual name of Jesus.


This is a time of thankful prayer asking God to direct your quiet time together. (It is not a time of intercession or petitions regarding items on your prayer lists).


Be still and quiet before the Lord. Breathe deeply and allow Him to speak to you; Spirit to spirit. Write down what He is telling you.


Think of a 1-2 sentence summary of what you heard during STILLNESS. Speak it out loud and reflect on it throughout the day.

Table of Contents:

* Day 1: Jesus is the Son of God

* Day 2: Jesus is God with Us

* Day 3: Jesus is the Word of God

* Day 4: Jesus is Alpha and Omega

* Day 5: Jesus is King

* Day 6: Jesus is the Light of the World

* Day 7: Jesus is My Deliverer

* Day 8: Jesus is the Lamb of God

* Day 9: Jesus is the Holy One

* Day 10: Jesus the Messiah

* Day 11: Jesus is My Advocate

* Day 12: Jesus is the Cornerstone

* Day 13: Jesus is The Last Adam

* Day 14: Jesus is a Man of Sorrows

* Day 15: Jesus is the Redeemer

* Day 16: Jesus is the Savior of the World

* Day 17: Jesus is Master

* Day 18: Jesus is The Great High Priest

* Day 19: Jesus is the Lion of Judah

* Day 20: Jesus is the Beloved One

* Day 21: Jesus is the Amen

Book Excerpt:

Day 1: Jesus is the Son of God

Focus: BEN HA-ELOHIM: “The Son of God”

Matthew 14:33

Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Son of God:

Ask: Abba God, thank you for sending Jesus as Your only begotten Son! Open my eyes to the true meaning of this miracle and its impact in my life. His name is like no other name on heaven or on earth. Give me a glimpse of the significance of being your child. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.
Stillness: I AM the only true holy pure Son of God. There is none other like Me. There never was or will ever be Another like Me. As the Son of God I fulfill every need of holiness in order to be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world. My character, My nature, My being is God. All power and glory are mine as I finish the work My Father sent me to do. I AM the only begotten Son, I was sent to be fully, completely human and fully and completely Divine. Everything I did, said, and suffered was so that you could have everlasting life. There is no lack or insufficiency in Me. My ability to bridge the gap between you and God is an invitation to a life you can only begin to imagine. Accept who I AM and get ready to live life like you have never lived it before.

Think & Speak: Jesus is the Son of God, the only way by which all can be saved. I choose to believe that He is the perfect, holy, and divine Son of the most high God.
Matthew 14:33

Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”
John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever b

The Apostle Paul: How Did the Great Apostle endure Persecutions, Abuse and Other Great Trials?

by Michael Caputo

The great Apostle Paul suffered great abuse, tribulations and persecutions. How was he able to endure and faithfully preach the Gospel for decades, in spite of all his great suffering? This book offers one powerful factor which can do the same for all Christians, no matter how many trials and tribulations they may go through.

To Walk Amongst Angels A journey into Lucid Dreams

by S.G. Kitzmann

S.G. Kitzmann has been an avid Lucid Dreamer all of her life. She began documenting her intensely vivid dreams in 1995 and has thousands of handwritten pages of her nocturnal wanderings.

To Walk Amongst Angels ~ A journey into Lucid Dreams is a collection of highly detailed dreams regarding Angels, God and Demons. While some of the dreams are fun and uplifting, in the later years the dreams seem to take on a Spiritual Warfare tone of battling demons who speak in a satanic language and facing Lucifer himself.

An interesting read for anyone fascinated by dreams.

The Truth Never Dies – Life Never Ceases

by Valter Dos Santos


‘This book reminded me really important things about spirituality. It has inspired me and renewed my beliefs. This book has given me back what we thought was lost and has given me peace in a bad time of my life’

Sandra Avila, London UK

‘I’ve read this book when I felt really down from my loss of a closed one and it really helped me to go trough things. It shows you that life doesn’t end with death. It is an unconventional and inspiring way of looking forward to the life we can expect after we die and it makes you feel positive and hopeful’ Daniela Stoyanova, London UK

‘ I was blown away by both the story and the “after world” the author has created. Don’t want to give anything away, but the writer has created a very clear but complex universe in which everyone is connected. Enjoyed this book immensely’ Ed Underhill, Chicago USA

‘If you’re at a place where you need a little spiritual guidance, this book is for you’ S.M. Blooding –

The Story

The Truth Never Dies is a story of true love and spirituality, the after life and past lives and how they affect our present lives.

The book tells the story of Michael, a young journalist, who passes away leaving his wife, Gina, and his three kids. At the moment of his human body death, Michael is greeted by his mother, Harriet, who had passed away few years before and he then discovers that we never die and that we are infinite. Michael is taken to a spiritual colony named The Towers and is then mentored by his mother Harriet and her long term spiritual partner, Mateo, on the mysteries of the spiritual world.

Everything goes well until when on a visit to his family on earth he discovers that life has carried on for his family and perhaps his wife has got strong feelings for another man. Heartbroken, Michael faces the dilemma of continuing on his spiritual journey or going against everything he has learnt so far and fight for the love of his life.

Michael’s spiritual journey takes us to a discovery about the secrets of the afterlife and the meaning of real love.

Steeple Envy – Losing My Religion and Rediscovering Jesus

by Victor Cuccia

Could it be that the church has become something other than what Jesus intended? Did he have in mind the construction of multimillion dollar buildings and pastors who achieve rock star status, when he sacrificed everything and allowed himself to be beaten and crucified? Is there any place in the Bible where Jesus encourages his followers to pursue their best life now? Should programs come before the basic needs of people? And is there any Biblical justification for the competition that we see among churches today? The evidence is all around us. Steeple envy is everywhere. Consumerism, competition and corporate America have infiltrated the church and have left us with something radically different from what we read in the pages of the Bible. Pastor and author Victor Cuccia takes us on a journey of rediscovering that which is beautiful about our faith, while at the same time challenging us to rethink much of what we have come to know as “church”.
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Upon A Winter’s Night: A Christmas Story About Dogs and Heaven

by Patricia Costa Viglucci

For believers and those who want to believe. When Cubbie, a shelter dog Alex was given on his seventh birthday, dies before Christmas, the teenager grieves, but his little sister Sarah is inconsolable. Her continuing tears and long face make Alex lash out at her,. and he tells her to forget the beloved Black Lab so the rest of the family can get on with their lives. Sarah responds that she won’t ever forget Cubbie, “Not until I die and go to heaven and be with her.” Alex, still hurting, retorts that dogs don’t have souls and can’t go to heaven. Seeing Sarah’s total devastation at this shocking news, Alex attempts to make it up to her. What happens next involves a last minute Christmas Eve search for a redeeming gift, a dusty china figure on a clearance table, and a miracle that changes Alex’s thinking and gives Sarah new hope.

Imagine 2nd Edition

by Andre Rabe

“Imagine” takes you on an illumining journey from God’s original thought and intent before time began, right into man’s conflicting experience within himself and with his God, and breaks through with the beautiful understanding of the Treasure that is in each one of us, redeemed and revealed in the Light that lights up every man – Christ.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Isaiah: Feeling Secure in the Arms of God

by Warren W. Wiersbe

The book of Isaiah has been called “the Bible in miniature.” Both are comprised of sixty-six sectionsâ??chapters in Isaiah, books in the Bible. Isaiah first chronicles a holy God’s need to judge sin, reflecting the Old Testament, as latter chapters preface the New Testament, revealing the mercy to come through God’s Son. This study examines a sweeping narrative of Israel, and explores the very arch of God’s redemptive story, as sin and judgment are defeated through the grace of our Savior.

The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular “BE” series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this eight-week study features selected commentaries from BE Comforted, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.

STRANGE THINGS IN THE WOODS (A collection of true, weird encounters)

by Steve Stockton

Have you ever encountered anything strange, weird or odd in the woods? If so, you’re not alone! Welcome to STRANGE THINGS IN THE WOODS, a collection of true, weird encounters by veteran outdoorsman Steve Stockton. In this volume, read about:

-An invisible organist in the sky, a floating coffin and a giant mysterious ball

-The spooky sounds of ghostly kittens, a screaming woman and a crying baby

-Giant snakes, Bigfoot-like creatures and a lake monster

-Haunted cabins, mysterious dwellings and sites of strange cult activity

-Tarot cards nailed to trees, an Ouija board that wouldn’t burn and a voodoo doll

– And many MORE true stories!

Finding Your Path & Engaging your Purpose – Respect Yourself & Shift to Strength

by Blythe Ayne PhD

Part 8 of Finding Your Path and Engaging Your Purpose – Respect Yourself & Shift to Strength:

You are unique and exquisitely manifested. There’s not a wart or cowlick that is accidental. Don’t be judgmental. See the beauty in that which we may have called imperfect. Stop attempting to outguess or critique the knowing energy that put all creation into motion, then get busy with your own creating and manifesting.

The gifts the universe has to offer are endless. By respecting yourself and moving forward on your path, your view will expand and you’ll see how much more there is to do, be, know, learn, explore, enjoy, and love.
Award-winning author, Dr. Blythe Ayne, has been a counselor for over 20 years, helping people do just what the title says; find your path and engage your purpose.

Be sure to read the other sections of Finding Your Path, Engaging Your Purpose:

Part 1: Expanding Your Reality &Transforming Your Circumstances

Part 2: Imagination, Creativity and Genius – Your Golden Eggs

Part 3: Clarifying Your Intention & Banishing Your Doubts

Part 4: The Future is NOW! – Learn to Think from the End & Be Receptive Like a Child

Part 5: Believing & Behaving “As If” & Feeling Abundant”

Part 6: Being a Part of Everything & Attracting What You Desire

Part 7: Release what Others Expect of You & Do Not Be Offended by the Opinion of Others

Don’t miss Part 9 of Finding Your Path, Engaging Your Purpose:
Adjust Your Perception & Pay Attention to Your Self-Talk

Eminent Danger (Hearts of the Broken Series)

by Megan Fatheree

Emily Baker has spent her life being the best forensic scientist she can be. But now her past may be too much for her to handle. Sam Kent is a great FBI field agent, but his heart isn’t in his work. His heart belongs to the beautiful forensics girl. It’s too bad she doesn’t seem to love him back.

When Emily is threatened by an unknown stalker, Sam steps in to help. But when things start to escalate and one of Emily’s cases hits too close to home, things spiral out of control.

Will Emily be able to handle all she has bitten off on her own? Or is it more than she can chew? And will be able to solve the crime before more innocent victims die?

50 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Motivated

by Hilary Chapel

This book gives you the 50 best inspirational quotes ever heard. Instead of finding these moving quotes one at a time, this book gives you them all together! After reading these quotes you will instantly be ready to accomplish your goals. They will pick you up if you are feeling down as well. The speaker of each quote is given.

101 Sound Bites for the Sleeping Christian (Sound Bites for Christians)

The 21st century Christian is a radically different species from the Christian of past eras. Living on the brink of what he claims to believe is the end of the world; he goes about his daily life just as everybody else.These sound bites are for that strange creature and anyone who is wondering at his behavior.

An Indigenous Stupid Short Story

by Alta Pridi

PRICE $0.99

I was a resistance-leader of my people against Neo Nazi led by Hitler. Unfortunately I was arrested and then exiled into a vile prison moreover, violent. I was beaten, kicked, tortured and forced to join the Neo Nazi. They thought that by forcing me, I would be easy to give up. And they were wrong.

I was offered the nice seat, comely women, nice clothes, but I said go to hell. There was no point I accepted all of it if there are my people who suffered from hunger or suppressed. But I had to accept a fact that not all my people have the same view as I did.

Some of my people decided to join with Hitler. One of them was Bimo. He was more interested in the curves of a comely woman rather than fight for liberation. He had been tempted by money and positions and dancing on the people death’s bodies.

I was lock on a wooden beam in the middle of the prison yard by rope and burned under the sun. My skin felt burning and there will be no one who would help me than Hitler. He kept forcing me to join him with more tempting offers. But once again, I said that nothing is more precious to die but die with true faith.

That’s it. Hitler had lost his patience then pointed the gun to my left chest. And the shot was heard. What happened to me next? Was I death, or was there someone else who shot Hitler?

When You Feel Like Giving Up

by Rev. Robert R. Richardson

This little booklet will give you the encouragement you need to keep going when you are on the verge of giving up. THis is a message of hope and encouragement.

A Guide To Spiritual Warfare

by Steven Crocker

“How many Sunday mornings have we sat in church and hear the preacher/teaches repeat these verses, and long for an outline to follow in this battle”.

In “A Guide to Spiritual Warfare”. I have created a riveting handbook on how to get into shape for these battles, and the ones that are surely to follow. I’ll take you on the journey from basic training all the way to advanced training.

Every chapter is detailed with scripture reference for every word said. This book will be a comfortable read for every Christian, whether just saved, or old and crusty like myself. Originally written in 2005 and used by many Bible study teachers/leaders as a outluine, and has been completly updated for today enviroment.

Mindful Living: Five Simple Tips for Health and Happiness

by Richard Hart

Designed for the busy person who seeks a happier, more fulfilling life, Mindful Living presents a simple and accessible framework for incorporating mindful living practices into everyday life. By learning to live in the present, fully appreciating each and every moment, you may awaken your true potential.

The Carpenter’s Princess

by Tanya Marie Lewis

Daddy’s not coming home again. Before I heard those words, we were the fabulous four from Ft. Knoxville, Mississippi. That’s what daddy use to call us. Now, we’re just three, not the fabulous three, just three: Momma, my older brother Mitch, and me. Or is it Mitch and I? Daddy would correct me, but he’s not coming home again. I’m Malena. I just turned eight yesterday so I don’t know a whole bunch of stuff yet. Except them telling me today, Daddy’s not coming home again.”

This begins the heart wrenching story of Malena Dawson a daddy’s girl, who internalizes the loss of her daddy but thrives on the love of God her parents instilled in her through out her youth. However, when Malena goes off to college she becomes someone she no longer recognizes, filling her mind with shallow misconceptions of life, love and success.

When Grant Carpenter, a young man from her childhood resurfaces in her life, Malena, battles with their age difference and still in denial concerning her daddy’s death, she vacillates between wanting and denying the love Grant has too offer until she finally pushes him away.

It is only when she finds her life spinning helplessly out of control that she realizes the only person who may be able to help her is the secret lover she met as a little girl in the backfield of her father’s house.

Boundless Joy: 101 Timeless Reminders of our True Nature

by Mark Phillips

Our true nature is Boundless Joy. This is the message of all great spiritual masters. Lasting joy cannot be derived through material objects, people or experiences. Joy can only be cultivated from within. We invite suffering into our lives when we look outside ourselves for the source of our joy. Believing that joy is found “out there” in the material world creates all the fear, anxiety, doubt and worry we experience in our lives.

In order to cultivate joy from within, the following practices can be helpful:

-See yourself as a spiritual being, not a body, mind or intellect. Remind yourself daily of this truth, as the mind’s tendency is to identify with the material world. The body, mind and intellect are things we have and use, not who we are.
-Know and believe that joy enters the world through us. Our joy is not dependent on external circumstances.
-Find time each day for meditation. Quiet and still the mind and turn your attention inward.
-Read and contemplate spiritual literature.

Knowledge is useful only if it is applied. The successful application of knowledge is the ultimate aim of all learning. The thoughts presented in Boundless Joy point the way to our true nature. When we know our true nature, we remain joyful even during difficult times. As we cultivate joy from within, all aspects of our lives will be positively transformed.

Boundless Joy is filled with timeless thoughts that remind us we are beyond suffering. We are not our bodies, minds or intellects, but infinite spiritual beings.

Rages of the Night

by Marijoyce Porcelli

I had that dream again last night, the one with the little girl. Only this time her dress was red; bright red, crimson red, blood red.

As usual, she was standing on a barren strip of ground. Above her, suspended impossibly in mid-air, was that same round, large clock with its white face and its two startlingly black hands. In the dream I tried as hard as I could to see the time on the clock, but as always I was not able to do so. Then, just as the little girl’s dark eyes bored directly into mine, I woke up in a cold sweat.

Thus begins the tale of Rages of the Night, a metaphysical/visionary novella. The story is that of a lone solider who, when critically wounded in the chest during a fierce battle, finds himself in a sort of purgatory between life and death, only he doesn’t know it.

In his sudden and suspended state that begins in that fleeing instant of imposed twilight when he feels himself dying, he remains the same inside,. So that his external reality and challenges are all just as before. He is in the same war torn country, still fighting and fleeing the same enemy.

The only difference is the supernatural little girl who befriends him; a ragged and starving enemy child who leads him through the many dangers and rages of this odd and difficult journey, who leads him through his personal rages of the night, who leads him safely at last through this harsh purgatory. Until, finally, with her help, he escapes a hell of his own making and comes away with a deeper understanding of sacrifice, of love, of the need and the glory of peace.

From Chapter 1:

“Did â??cha ever think about dying?”

I shifted my lean buttocks until I was comfortable again on the small boulder. My back felt stiff and my legs hurt from having run so far that day. There was a faint almost inaudible buzzing in my right ear, another indefinable jungle pest that I knew would take yet another bite from my neck’s filthy flesh before I would have time to kill it. I slapped at it anyway, but I could feel the slight sting before I was able to destroy the small insect.

I stared down at the seven-year old girl sitting at my feet. Her own small arms and legs were dotted with bug bites. Her face was also dirty and her long, fine, black hair was still wet and matted.

Her hair was naturally matted after being in the open for so long. A comb and other toiletries were not available to us on the run. The muslin dress that had been nearly falling off from rot and wear when I found her was not much more now than ragged strips held together by loose threads here and there.

She stared back at me, widening her large brown eyes while twisting a shred of cloth on the skirt of her torn and sooty dress

“Did â??cha ever?” she persisted, while I paused to gather my thoughts. “Did â??cha ever think about dying?”

Some type of bird landed nearby and I reached automatically for my rifle before realizing it was just a bird. My joints ached from sleeping out in the weather. Still sitting, head down, I pondered her words. For even though it had seemed more times than I cared to remember that our short lives would surely end, her soft-spoken question had still surprised me.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians

by David Dailey

The powerful habits of a highly effective Christians are revealed in this new book by David Dailey.

Many Christians run back and forth finding that they are often frustrated about what it is that the Lord wants them to do or feel desperate because they feel that they are not growing in faith. Meanwhile, the highly effective Christian relies on seven principles that guides all that they do. These principles featured in this book, ” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christian” when turn into habits will help a Christian grow in his relationship with the Lord, find his purpose, strengthen his faith and help him become a more effective witness to those he encounter on a daily basis. These habits will help a Christian be a productive and fruitful member of the Christian community.

Have a copy of this eBook and learn the habits that enrich a Christian life.

Christian Bachelor Party Ideas-The Best Man’s Planning Guide for a Fun, Clean Bachelor Party

by Ernest Christo

Bachelor Party Ideas for Christians

Are you the best man and want to plan a fun, clean bachelor party for the groom that doesn’t involve strippers or going out to a bar? I’ve put together a list of excellent ideas for throwing clean bachelor parties for Christian men.

Are you having difficulty coming up with a few creative ideas on your own?

I know exactly what you are going through. Not long ago, one of my friends, who is a Christian, asked me to be the best man at his wedding. When I started trying to think of things to do for his bachelor party, I was struggling to come up with something that was economically priced and sounded like it would be fun for all involved. So, as you have done, I turned to the Internet and found very little information on the subject.

That’s when I conceived the concept of writing the book, “Christian Bachelor Party Ideas.”

After a lot of searching on the web, I eventually planned a very memorable and successful get together that the groom will never forget. In the book I actually reveal in great detail the things we did that night, which everyone talked about for days afterwards.

You will find within the pages of this book thirty seven straightforward party ideas that cover a variety of things to do. You’ll be able to find ideas for someone who is twenty years old or for someone who is sixty years old, and every age in between. There are ideas for things to do in cold climates and warm climates.

Here are a few clean bachelor party ideas from the book:

1. Plan on getting a banquet room in a restaurant. Think of creative things to do during that time that Christian or non-Christian men will appreciate. Have some live music, a time for married men to share wisdom about being married, or arrange to have a special speaker. While you are meeting, pass around a special book for the men to write something in about the groom. Give the book to the groom at the end of the night.

2. Plan a weekend campout for the guys. Plan the event close to home so that men who are interested in camping can come out and visit. You should designate a certain time for the ones who won’t be camping to come out and join in with some camaraderie around the campfire one evening. Make sure you get photos emailed to you from all of the participants so you can assemble a nice booklet full of the weekend’s memories to give to the groom.

3. Most men enjoy shooting guns. What do you think about shooting skeet? In our city we have a shooting range that rents shotguns and sells ammunition. They also have staff to facilitate the skeet shoot to make sure everything goes smoothly. After shooting skeet, have a restaurant reserved for lunch or dinner.

4. Have an outdoor barbecue planned. Go to a local park or perhaps your church would allow you to have the party on their property. Tell the guys you will be receiving donations from them for the meat, side dishes, plates and plastic wear. You can delegate to some of those attending a few things to bring in order to make your job as the best man go smoother. In our areas we have recreational parks where people can fish, play softball, play volleyball or swim.

As you can see, you won’t have to read through a bunch of useless information to find some helpful tips for having your party. No! The information is straightforward and to the point.

When you are finished with the book you will have:

  • Stripper-free, good, clean and fun bachelor party ideas for Christian men
  • Inspiration to leave the groom with something very memorable
  • Reasonably priced bachelor party ideas
  • Six enriching things that should be included in every Christian bachelor party

This book makes the best man’s job easier. So, buy the book now. For a small investment you will find a wealth of information, geared toward helping the best man plan an unforgettable bachelor party for his Christian fr

An Exceptional Woman

by Dr. Yousef Othman Al Huzaim

This book is not just a biography; it is also a complete authentic work that speaks of a life that began with good, did good and ended with good, by Allah’s leave. And the goodness is continuing with the efforts of her sons and grandsons, their Royal Highnesses the Princes Muhammad, Saud, Sultan and Khaled and Princess Latifah.

This book begins with a biography of this noble character, may Allah forgive her and cause her and her father, His Highness Prince Abd Al-‘Aziz bin Musaed, and her paternal aunt, Her Highness Princess al-Jawharah bint Musaed, and her mother, Her Highness Princess Tarfat Al-Battaal to dwell in the vastness of His Paradise.

The story could not have been told in full without the family of Ã?l Jalawi and what they embody of courage, pride, unyielding strength, high calibre, modesty and love of country. This book also quotes her will which was written by one of the most prominent modern scholars, His Excellency Shaykh Abd Al-‘Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (may Allah have mercy on him), on 12/8/1387 AH, in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah.

Then we discuss the contents of the will, followed by a discussion of the foundation that carries her name and its achievements over the last eight years. The book ends with a word for the future and is a guide which any young man or woman may follow; simply put, it is a guide that shows the safe road and safe consequences, by Allah’s Leave.

For A Season

by Thomas Poteet

Tom Poteet spent many mornings, before heading to work, in his favorite chair, meditating and writing poetry as the thoughts and images came to him. This process has continued during his semi-retirement. Mornings are the best time for Poteet to write. Most of his early morning poems are religious; but some are simply observations of the joys and struggles of getting through the seasons of his journey.

For A Season is a compilation of early morning poems without religious themes. For those who do not wish to know, or do not need to know Poteet’s thoughts on religion, For A Season takes us on a journey through time of a poet tackling the sine wave moments that confront him. Those moments include happiness and sorrow, joy and frustration, contentment and dissatisfaction, acceptance and rejection.

For A Season is broken into sections beginning with “Family and Friends” (My Back Yard) and ending with the song of the birds (With Song). Others sections include the “Writing” experience, “Observation” (analogies, metaphors and the observation of life), “Hopes and Dreams” (we all have them), “Love and Passion”, Poteet’s “Monterey Days”, “Country”, “Nature”, “The Elements”, “The Seasons”, “The Moon and Stars”, “The Flowers and Trees”, and “The Blues”. “The Blues”, the longest section, is Poteet’s immersion into disappointment and frustration in those perceived bleak seasons of his life. Poems, such as With My Heart Laid Bare, The Noises of My Mind, No Light In Sight, An Island and The Bridges Crossed address moments of feeling helpless; moments which are eventually replaced with hope.

It’s Your Life…You Decide

by Max Robberts

If you’ve ever thought that life was unfair or that the rewards you were given didn’t match the effort that you put in then this small book will show you how to change that forever.

This book will not change your life, you will.

Written in just one day – it distills and focuses twenty years of research into one concise, down-to-earth, practical guide to making the changes that you’ve always wanted to make.

It answers many questions, most notably:

– Why do people struggle to find happiness?

– How do you find fulfillment?

– What is the real secret to success?

– What do you really want out of life?

– How are you going to get it?

It’s your life, you decide.


by Michael DeMarais

This is a story of ghetto survival and enlightenment.

Never Noelle

by Pam Andrews Hanson

When small-town pastor’s prodigal son Joey Allen returns to his Nebraska hometown for Christmas, he reunites with church secretary Noelle Warner, the love he left behind. Will they get the Christmas gift they need to have a future together?

O Little Town of Bethlehem, An Advent Devotional For Special Needs Families

by Kim Kufus

O Little Town of Bethlehem, An Advent Devotional For Special Needs Families is a devotional centered on the theme of the Jewish Jesus. The very fact that Jesus was born a Jew, into a Jewish lineage, and to fulfill Old Testament prophecy, sheds great light on the Lord’s plan for our salvation.

Quick Chances Taken Quickly – Volume 1

by Sandtorock

Quick Chances taken Quickly contains four short adventure stories that have Christian messages, often where the characters find faith.

Volume 1 contains the first chapter of each of the four stories. Also included is a bonus article discussing one pivotal verse about loving God.

Sandtorock aims to help readers live a more successful Chriatian life.

What are Crystals-The Source of Our Life

by Muhammad Umar

What are crystals is a book about the unknown powers of healing crystals that have been available to man for centuries, but the the knowledge and science of using crystals for healing purposes has been generally kept exclusive to a minority segment of the population. What are crystals exposes the occult science and teaches everyone seeking enlightenment and practical uses of crystal. Crystal rock also known as gemstones or precious stones, can be used as healing stones while worn as jewelry. What are crystals contains vital information that will benefit humanity and assist man transcend the trials of living in lower existence. Visit us at

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