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by Robert Brumm

Howard Bell thought he hit rock bottom the day he returned to his former employer with a loaded gun. Instead of putting a scare into his ex-boss as he intended, things quickly get out of hand, and he kills five people. Howard is sentenced to life at an experimental prison camp off the coast of Antarctica, and he soon learns the true definition of “rock bottom.” Prison life at the remote island involves back-breaking work in the illegal mine run by the corrupt warden and his abusive guards. After a mysterious object is discovered deep in the mine, the inmates and staff start dying from an unknown infection. Howard is lucky to find himself one of the few survivors immune to the pathogen, but he and his fellow inmates learn something far more sinister and terrifying also has emerged from the mine. The truly lucky ones are already dead.

This book is intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains indecent language and descriptions of graphic violence.

Approximately 24,000 Words.


by John Lydon

In 2019 America has been brought to the brink of collapse, not by foreign nations or extraterrestrial invasion, but by free market capitalism. A small cabal of the most powerful titans of finance rule over the nation with an iron grip and its citizens are free in name only. They rule America like ancient god-kings.

But not for long.

A new and seemingly unstoppable group has emerged and they are hunting billionaires. Who are they? Where did they get their fantastic technology? Are they aliens? Time travelers? Or are they something far stranger?

Who are the Children of Sisyphus?

An Old Fashioned Christmas – A Time Travel Christmas Story

by Charles Steed

Ben Delany is troubled. It’s Christmas Eve and Ben is hanging out alone in a bar at the Sarasota mall nursing a flat beer while impatiently waiting to hear from his girlfriend Ashley. When she finally calls, Ben learns she’s got to stay several more hours in Atlanta on business and won’t be keeping their date to spend a quiet Christmas Eve together.

Disappointed, Ben wanders into the mall parking lot and meet’s Jimmy, a stranger in need. Jimmy has to pick up a last minute Christmas gift and has no way to get across town to Hairy Hairy’s, the only place in Sarasota that has it. With nothing better to do, Ben agrees to fight the last minute Christmas rush traffic and deliver Jimmy to his destination.

On the way the two men discuss how superficial the holidays have become and reminisce of glorious Christmases past. As they slowly make their way through heavy traffic each revels in his recollections of poignant holiday memories from their youth. They discuss vivid recollections of happier days opening gifts and being with loved ones.

Finally reaching their destination, Ben’s anxiety is relieved as he’s enjoyed chatting with his passenger. In a gesture of thanks for the ride, Jimmy makes Ben a gift of a common item playfully explaining how he can use it to actually return to his favorite Christmas of all times and once again enjoy the experience. Ben chuckles and comments what a wonderful life it would be if things were actually that simple. However, three hours later Ben finds himself, a mature man, in his 10-year old body experiencing intimate family memories in what he has always considered the â??best Christmas ever.’

A clever blend of fantasy and holiday nostalgia, An Old Fashioned Christmas will sweep you back in time to your own magnificent Christmases past. The descriptions of days gone by and banter among family members and friends will leave you longing for the days when you were young and carefree. Perhaps the most touching part of this story is that Ben not only gets to relive his favorite holiday of all times, but that he gets to have the experience through the eyes of both a 10-year old boy and a mature adult, giving the event a very tender perspective. This story is highly recommended for sentimental time travel lovers and Christmas lovers as well.

The Search for a New Home (The Sword of War)

by William G Davis Jr

It is the year 2452. The Tech Republic controls twenty-six former states of the U.S. from the Atlantic Ocean to Louisiana to Minnesota. Texas is in turmoil. The National Guard set up barricades around each city to keep the gangs of the once rich suburbs from taking over. Now, Texas businessmen are petitioning the Tech Republic for help in convincing the citizens of Texas to secede from the Union. Jared, a special agent of the Tech Republic, is assigned to work with the Texas businessmen and assist with the process.

Meanwhile, in Tech Republic Maryland, the State Comptroller has been arrested and Michael, one of the Tech Republic’s top scientists, is called in to examine the results of one of his inventions, the Neuro-Electric Impulse Interpreter. But, his investigation is cut short when the State Comptroller is assassinated. The Tech Republic sends another agent to track down the assassin and bring him back for questioning.

Four galaxies away, Akil, a frozen planet, is circling a dying sun. In order to survive, the Akilians have moved their five cities underground. Knowing that their sun is about to burn out, they frantically search for a new home. However, hidden in their society are a group of Skeans, who have been using their supernatural abilities to take control of the five cities. Their leader, Gechina, has foreseen a planet where she will become the supreme ruler.

Due to a mistake by one of her subordinates, that future is now changed. Their scientists have discovered earth instead. The leaders of the five cities send a scout to gather information. Their plan is to learn the aliens’ language in the hopes of negotiating a deal that would allow them to live on the planet. However, the scout makes a crucial mistake and is arrested. During his escape from earth, he inadvertently takes a human female back to his home world and thus sets off a chain of events that could lead to the total destruction of the known universe.

Trill Blood, The Origin

by Free Style

The saga travels back to outline the decent of Jack and Jillâ?¦

We begin with “Lark” a vampire whose taste for blood was superseded by a woman of human nature. Larks love turns deadly but not before the birth of Savanah, a mortal half-blood. Here is where the story of Jack and Jill begins. Where opposites attract. The love for blood is this vampire’s vice, and the hunt of the wolf behind it all continuesâ?¦

One Day in 2056 & Other Stories

by K. L. Dillon

“People just can’t die. There has to be consequences,” a grief-stricken Alex Pine says to Dr. Hailey Madison in “Come What May,” the first of six short stories. After his mother’s suicide, Alex’s life starts to spin out of control. Alone and desperate for answers, Alex pays his mother’s psychiatrist a visit, gun in hand.

The collection’s title story, “One Day in 2056”, revolves around 14 year old Harold George Wells. In 2050, five billion people were mysteriously abducted and it may have something to do with the “UFO-looking ships” occupying the earth’s skies. However, out of the five billion that were taken, Harold only cares about two: his parents.

In “Nineteen,” aspiring writer and Hemingway enthusiast Jacob Fisher drops out of college to pursue his dream of becoming a novelist. But, after he’s disowned by his parents and kidnapped by a group of scientists, whose sole intention is to send him back in time to make a different choice, he begins to question his fate and destiny and whether or not everything’s not already written in stone.

Love Did That?

by John L. Evans

Love Did That? is a collection of sometimes unconventional short stories illustrating what the power of love can do, or undo. Some may be called science fiction, some adventure thriller, some romance, some literary, some coming of age, some may not fall into any conceivable category. They all however, involve some form of love, be it between a man and woman, a young man for music, love for dogs, a first love, love for a childhood friend or the love of two children for their father despite a nightmarish metamorphosis.

By Blade and Thunder (The New World)

by Grant Bartholomew

Picture it if you will, Debbie, a girl of seventeen who faces every day with dread as she is a victim of bullying. Her life is simple; she works hard in a farming community by fixing and maintaining machinery. The world that she lives in believes that production is more important than people. Debbie journey’s starts from being the victim of bullying onto becoming an Officer, carrying all the emotional baggage through to the end, as she judges people’s lives, By Blade and Thunder and comes out, a well-adjusted woman who smiles at the sight of blood and death.

The story is set in the future, where the Inventor and the Programmer set free their creation of Micro Machines. This release reduces the world’s population to well under one billion. Their motivation was to improve the stability of the human genome and eliminate genetic flaws and disease by the Programs breeding criteria. This is the world where Debbie lives and works; she is part of production and is kept in line by Officers. They are highly trained, well respected and feared. Debbie admires only one, Samson, an Officer who saved her as a child. She has many questions for him, only to learn that he is dead. The Officer numbers are low and they call out for those eligible to be tested. The book follows Debbie’s journey from a girl who has been bullied to an Officer who finds her talent of killing. She is rage, madness and a little psychotic, but her belief in what is right is unwavering. Debbie is hiding two secrets of her own, one she can visualise at a touch what a machine needs to be fixed, and two, she is the first to have stable DNA. She is able to communicate with the program within herself and is able to alter herself to become a strong fighter both in strength and lack of empathy for the grey areas in life.

Debbie doesn’t journey alone; her friends and fellow Officers guide her through life’s decisions of love, sexuality and lust, madness, and death. Her enemies are complex and have desires of their own. The Horde are a collection of refugees who want their people to be trained and they will do anything to get them in. Their leader is a man of muscle, who leads a fractured group of people ranging from the good to the depraved. Debbie’s world is one that any life can be stopped in an instant.

Difficult Times – Season Two – Extermination – Episode 08 (Difficult Times – Extermination)

by Walter Shillington

After a short and bloody war the Krimach invaders face defeat. For Earth, however, victory is bitter-sweet. Prohibited weapons were employed and both sides have been convicted of war crimes. Severe reprisals are imminent.

This weekly serial chronicles the adventures of Billy Trapp as he struggles to convince his former foes to cooperate in Earths efforts to avoid annihilation. Each exciting, fun-filled installment contains approximately two thousand words.

In this episode a Krimacian fighter attacks Wolfville.

Season one of Difficult Times has been compiled into one ebook called Difficult Times – An Alien Invasion Serial – The Complete First Season.

The End: Postapocalyptic Visions of an Unstoppable Collapse

by BJ Knights

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In the near future, society has reached its breaking point. Even in the U.S. (the last best hope for the world), economic collapse seems unavoidable along with war and civil strife. In such troubling times there are those prepared for the worst and those who are not. Then there are also are too young to notice what is happening around them. Brian is an average teenager just starting high school in a Pittsburgh suburb he moved to only three years before. Struggling to fit in at school and dealing with his mother–who continues to make wild plans to flee the country–all Brian wants to do is get through another day. But on one seemingly normal Wednesday afternoon at school, the collapse begins, creating a new and dangerous world. Through these unexplained events, Brian will discover that the craziest day of his life is only the beginning…of the end.   


by Adam Wolf

A Pale Horse is an apocalyptic tale set in a modern day world. Follow a handful of survivors as they trek across a scarred and broken planet that now feels to them more a mass grave than a home.

Part: 1 of an ongoing series.

The Preserve Season 1: Episode 6 Emily

by Josh Hilden

There is a monkey wrench in the Preserve and wrench has a name … Emily.

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