Free sports Kindle books for 05 Dec 13

How to Shoot a Basketball Like a Pro

by Stephen Stuckey

I am a basketball player who specializes in the art of shooting. I have received numerous awards throughout my basketball career, and I believe I have perfected my shot. I would like to share the information I have acquired over the years with you! This E-book will teach you step by step, how to shoot a basketball like a pro. A breakdown of what each body part should be doing during the shot is given, along with a section tying everything you learned together. Some secret do’s and don’ts are given as well.

The Seventh Game

by Roger Kahn

The seventh game of the World Series is about to be played, and more than the world championship is at stake. A man’s destiny is on the line. Johnny Longboat, one of baseball’s greatest pitchers, is taking the mound for the New York Mohawks in what may be his final game. With millions of eyes upon him, only he is aware of the conflicts tormenting him. At forty-one, Johnny is a man trying to make sense of his past while fearing what the future could bring when his playing career ends. 

As the deciding seventh game of a bitterly fought World Series suspensefully moves, inning by inning, toward its dramatic climax, and before the seventh game is over, Johnny Longboat is ready to make some hard choices. He’s ready to find out just how much strength is left in his arm – and in his soul. 

Praise for Roger Kahn:
“As a kid, I loved sports first and writing second, and loved everything Roger Kahn wrote. As an adult, I love writing first and sports second, and love Roger Kahn even more.” â??Pulitzer Prize winner, David Maraniss 

“He can epitomize a player with a single swing of the pen.” â??Time magazine

“Roger Kahn is the best baseball writer in the business.” â??Stephen Jay Gould, New York Review of Books

“A work of high moral purpose and great poetic accomplishment. The finest American book on sports.” â??James Michener on The Boys of Summer

“Kahn has the almost unfair gift of easy, graceful writing.” â??Boston Herald

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