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Rome’s top sites you must see

by Manuella bong

“Rome’s top sites you must see” takes you through some of Rome’s most celebrated tourist sites. The eternal city is blessed with lots of historical sites that you may get confused on which one to see first. This is when “Rome’s top sites you must see” comes in handy.

The tourist areas described in the book were carefully selected by me and a couple of friends. I present them in a clear and concise way so that you do not get over whelmed with information. I have also included some photos for you to see some of the places.

It is very disappointing to discover after your tour that there is an interesting site you missed. I did not want that to happen to you, this is why i wrote this book.

Road Trip Weekend, Oregon Central Coast (Road Trip Photo Adventure Series)

by Cat McMahon

Discover the Coast!

Fly a kite, build a sandcastle and go rock fishing. Watch whales, photograph geologic wonders and surf crashing waves. Visit historic lighthouses, encounter wildlife, and explore tidepools. Go beachcombing, birding and hiking. Be awestruck by breathtaking vistas.

Capture a memory!

Delightful photos, art and commentary highlight spectacular sights, tantalizing tastes and cozy getaways from Lincoln City to Yachats, Oregon U.S.A. Vicarious travelers will enjoy an armchair tour of one of the most scenic coast lines in the world through the eyes of Cat and her family. As a travel guide, explorers can use Cat’s book as a jumping off point to create their own weekend adventure to the incredible Oregon Central Coast.

A quick guide to Paris

by Wilfred Okello

Paris is one of the world’s most respected fashion and design city. But it has more than trendy clothes to offer. A quick guide to Paris takes you through some of the tourists sites you must not leave Paris without visiting. It also provides some insider tips on how to get the most out of your stay in Paris. All this is done in a few pages so that you do not get bored.

Postcards From Verona

Where do the locals eat in Verona? Where are the best places to stay? And what are the hidden gems that other tourists have never heard of?

The â??Postcards From’ series is a collection of five short essays on different elements of a destination. Our travel writers look for interesting and unusual elements to a city, composing a collection of portraits that will introduce the reader to some of the least known aspects of the destination. These collections are essential reading for the would-be traveller. Each book is around 7,500 words in length.

UNDER SPANISH STARS An Andalucian Love Story (European Romance Series Book 3)

by Anna Pagram

UNDER SPANISH STARS An Andalucian Love Story

European Romance Series Book 3

The novels in this series are linked by the strongly romantic nature of their themes and their European locations. Each story is separate and stands alone in other respects.

Another heartwarming contemporary romance from Anna Pagram, UNDER SPANISH STARS charts the love life of Catalina (Cat) Meredith, a free-lance journalist and astrologer for the women’s magazine La Confianza. It is a story of powerful sensuality and passion with the romantic action moving between the heat of Andalucia in Southern Spain and London in the UK.

As if ordained by fate, Cat is writing an article for the Romantic Weekends slot and first meets Dominic Ravensdale in one of Cordoba’s hotel patios. Their second meeting is in London’s West End, in the offices of La Confianza.

However, Shakespeare’s observation that “the course of true love never did run smooth” certainly applies to the passionate relationship that develops between Cat and Dominic, and their story is characterized by a series of misunderstandings and misinterpretation.

Take this story with you on holiday or if it’s raining, snowing or generally grey outside, treat yourself to some sunshine at home and immerse yourself in this unashamedly romantic tale.

This is what reviewers had to say about other bestselling books by Anna Pagram:

RHODES TO ROMANCE Book 1 in the European Romance Series:

“Thoroughly enjoyable read. Easy to get lost in the beautiful descriptions of the Island of Rhodes and in the various strong emotions of the characters.”

“Anna Pagram writes beautifully.”

“Made me want to visit Rhodes and have a romance myself.”

“Easy read, chosen because of Greek island setting and turned out to be better than expected. A great book for holidays.”

“A wonderful book written by a talented writer. This author has a true gift for using language to create atmosphere and draw you into the story. It’s a very satisfying read as the story flows. Wishing this author much success! And again, I’d recommend this book to anyone!”

TEMPTATION IN TUSCANY Book 2 in the European Romance Series:

“Great, easy to read romance. The book was really well written.”

“I especially loved the romantic setting in Florence and the Umbrian hills. This was a great mix of romance and mystery â?¦â?¦ an extremely enjoyable and highly recommended read.”

“Light hearted romance for a holiday read. Good sense of place.”

“I read this book in one sitting. The few characters in this book were interesting, complicated and fun to read. The love story between Saskia and Nico was realistic and exciting. Well done.”

“I really enjoyed this book. Italian romantic atmosphere and a very well written story with strong and believable characters.”

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