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Mastering Digital Photography

by Jason Youn

Photography is something to be loved, explored, learned, and practiced.

Award winning photographer Jason Youn teaches photography in a way that anyone can understand. This book is filled with information presented in a concise manner, the illustrations are simple & direct, the instructions and personal stories are invaluable, & his years of photographic expertise are evident in the advice he gives.
Youn perfectly merges the science, art, history, and joy of photography.

Learn all about:
-f/Stops and Aperture.
-Shutter Speed and ISO.
-White Balance and Color Temperature.
-The rules of art.
-Color & Brightness.
-And much more.

Included in this book is a great section on situational tips and tricks so you and your camera can be ready to capture that once in a lifetime moment before it’s gone forever.

Jason Youn’s book is written for everyone so that anyone can master photography!

Jewelry Photography, You Can Do It! A Guide to Photographing Small Works

by Elaine Luther

Want to take better pictures of your handcrafted jewelry? With this helpful booklet, you can do it! Jeweler and DIY photographer Elaine Luther tells you how to create a lighting set up inexpensively, what backgrounds to use and where to buy them and much, much more. The book shows you how you can use a point and shoot camera to get good results. Interviews with professional photographers cover topics including how to work with professional models, when to hire a professional photographer, and headshots. The resources section includes where to buy backgrounds, lights as well as links to more information, all carefully selected by the author. 8,550 words.


by Angela Conner

To begin to gather and share the thoughts of some of the foremost kinetic artists, curators, academicians and art historians around the world about Kinetic Art – this was our goal for this Volume 1 – Edition 2013 of INTERNATIONAL KAO ESSAYS ABOUT KINETIC ART.

This is Volume 1 of a new book series that explore the past, present and future of Kinetic and OP art and share multiple views and examples from international professionals in this unique visual arts field with you.

You will find the KAO selection of the best new articles written by 18 international Contributors from all over the world, including the USA, China, Mexico, India, France and Switzerland.

This first volume includes many never published photos and videos of Kinetic Sculptures around the world.

For more information contact:

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

by David B. Smith

Every Christmas, millions gather in cathedrals and concert halls for a spectacular tradition: the sing-along “Messiah.” It’s a celebration of one of music’s finest miracles, where a composer drafted the world’s perennially favorite oratorio in just 24 days. Choruses and solos range from stirring to dizzyingly complex – and together the songs express the full significance of what Christ came to this scarred world to achieve on our behalf.

Author David B. Smith explores the musical nuances and spiritual blessings of 21 favorite numbers. Originally presented as global radio broadcasts during four successive Christmas seasons, For Unto Us a Child Is Born sparkles with Christmas cheer, wit, and abiding reverence.

David is the author of the Bucky Stone Christian sports series, “Finding Waldo,” the upcoming “Rachel Marie” Thailand trilogy of love stories, and “The Forgiveness Time Portal.”

The Gift

by Pamela Warren

#1 Bestseller in Country and #1 Kindle Bestseller in Music

Beautiful Maggie Mae Williams, a singer in a country-rock band from Boston, is an aspiring bluegrass mandolinist. While on a trip to New Orleans to visit her former college roommate, Maggie meets Zak Robichaud and Justin Boudreau, two musicians in the Cajun blues/rock band the Bayou Blasters. Maggie quickly falls in love with Zak, the dazzling lead guitarist. Despite her parents’ reservations and a warning from Zak’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline, Maggie moves in with Zak and Justin into their bungalow near Lafayette, Louisiana. They begin music careers that lead to success beyond their wildest dreams, Maggie with her bluegrass band Little Maggie, and Zak and Justin with the Bayou Blasters. But Maggie and Zak find it difficult to balance the demands of their careers with those of their personal lives. As the pressures of touring start taking their toll, Maggie finds herself increasingly attracted to Justin, the steady and reliable bass player who is able to offer her emotional support when she needs it the most.

Learn How to Draw Human Figures – For the Absolute Beginner (Learn to Draw)

by John Davidson

Learn How to Draw Human Figures – For the Absolute Beginner

Table of Contents


Drawing Tools

Body Proportions

-Body Shape

-Polygonal Form

-Ball Joints



Muscle Structure



Proportioning the body structure properly is important when drawing a person. A disproportionate body will mislead the portrayed perspective of your subject. Or worse, the subject might look distorted and deformed.

Knowing the proper length for your subject (the person or character you are drawing) can be easily achieved by drawing the head first. In this way, the traditional method in laying out the proper proportion of the body can be initiated.

The traditional method of approximating the body proportion of a subject is by using its head’s size.

The height of an average man is approximately eight to ten head’s size tall, while a women’s height is about seven to nine head’s size.

If your subject/character is eight heads tall then the proportions should be as follows:

– The distance of the head/face to crotch is about four heads long.

– The arms including the hands from the shoulders are closely four heads long.

– An average opened hand is usually equal to or almost one head size. While the length of a small hand can be compared to the length of the eyebrows to chin.

– The wrists are aligned or right above the level of crotch.

– The lower extremities/legs are about four heads long.

Adjustments are most effective by decreasing or increasing the length of each part by half head-size depending on your preferred height.

The wideness of the chest is usually two horizontal head’s size or more (two and half) depending on the body built you prefer for your subject. A subject having less than two head’s size will make its actual head look too big or a body proportion too skinny.

Take note that these proportions are just an approximation of an average person’s body structure. The measurements can change depending on the body type you prefer to portray, such as a long-legged subject would obviously have legs longer than four heads, or perhaps a shorter upper body to give his or her lower extremities more length. Adjustments are done according to the certain body characteristic of your subject based on his/ her function or purpose.

The body proportion should also match the age of your subject.

A person that is eight-heads tall effectively portrays an average adult, but it is most unlikely the case when portraying a pre-teen. Considering that the subject will have a smaller head which will be used to approximate his/her height, the number of heads used to convey how tall he/she is must be decreased as well.

Considering that an average man is eight heads tallâ?¦

– A young adult can be seven to seven and half heads tall

– A teenager can be six to seven heads tall.

– A young child can be five to six and half head tall.

– A toddler can be four to five heads tall.

Notice how the head measurements adjust according to their age. An individual’s growth gradually decreases as he/she reaches adulthood. But certain measurements and alignments are still implied no matter how old the subject is, such as the comparative length (per head’s size) of arms and legs and the same level of wrists to the crotch

The Sins of the Father

by Bruce Jones

A celebrity television doctor becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of his wife when he’s discovered at the scene of the crime, clutching the bottle of bleach which killed her. If only he could speak in his own defence, but unfortunately he’s suffered a traumatic shock robbing him of his memory and his voice. Can anything be done to clear his name?

The Sins of the Father is the second in a series of short stories based on the case files of a retired barrister.

Fun And Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

by Adam Snyder

How much do you know about Justin Bieber?

Do you know how much he weighed when he was born?

Do you know what Justin’s favorite cereal is or what candy bar he just can’t resist?

How about how much Justin’s hair sold for on eBay?

All of this information you can find in the Fun And Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber Ebook. If you, your daughter or even your son wants to know more about Justin Bieber, then this is the Ebook that you need to get.

Not only will you learn over 125 fun and interesting facts, you will also be given a quiz to see just how much information you held onto once you read through the entire Ebook.

Naked with Hanna

by Teen Berry

Hanna is a slender brunette who is barefoot and carefree. She loves to pose and show off her naked body. (Contains nudity)

Beginners Piano to Rock and Impress

by Z.S. Adams

Beginners piano, until now, has consistently been boring. Scales, time signatures, then sheet reading classical music–it’s difficult to become and remain excited about the piano, especially when it seems like the fun stuff is years of practice away.

Except it’s not anymore. In “Beginners Piano to Rock and Impress,” Z.S. Adams teaches you how to go from a complete beginner to playing popular radio hits in no time.

This book is for those who want to learn piano, or want a loved one to learn piano, but are having trouble with inspiration. Fundamentals are important, but fun is even more so.

Dancing in My Underwear: The Soundtrack of my Life

by Mike Morsch

Everyone has a soundtrack to their life. But how many people get to talk to the artists who make up their soundtrack? “Dancing in My Underwear: The Soundtrack of My Life” is just such a story.

Mike Morsch grew up in the rural Midwest, where his parents introduced him to the music of the 1960s and 70s, including such bands as the Beach Boys, The Association, America, Three Dog Night, The Doobie Brothers as well as iconic singers Elton John, Barry Manilow and Olivia Newton-John.

Then the career newspaperman moved to the East Coast at midlife and some 30 to 40 years later, had the opportunity to interview the artists that he had listened to as a young child up through his teenage years.

The result is a joyous, reflective and sometimes flat-out funny memoir by this longtime journalist. At the heart of it all, Mike shares some of the insights he’s gleaned from interviews with these paragons of modern music. And you’ll hear it in their own voices.

So sit back, fire up the turntable or click on your iPod and let Mike take you on an unforgettable journey through the soundtrack of his life.

Dogs On The Beach

by Rachael N. Poole

Dogs On The Beach is a stunningly beautiful collection of dog photographs that touches the heart. Each dog photo captures a dog playing on the beach and reveals the beauty of dogs and why they captivate our hearts. If you and your dog love the beach you will enjoy watching the delight on the faces of each dog as they run, play and relax on the beach.

Note: This dog photography book contains 37 full-color dog photos in full-page view which are best viewed on the Kindle Fire, Kindle For iPad, or Kindle Cloud Reader.


Frankenstein Rocks!

by Col. L. Henry Dowell

It’s goofy Frankenstein fun for the whole family in this parody of the Mary Shelley classic!!!

Dr. Victor “Vickie” Frankenstein has just inherited his grandfather’s castle in foggy Transylvania but what secrets lie in the ultra-secret sub-terrainian laboratory located beneath the castle???


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