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The 5 Step Essay Writing Process: English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students (Academic Writing Skills)

by Stephen E. Dew

The Practical 5 Step Essay Writing Process
English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students

Academic essay writing is an essential skill for universities, colleges, and other tertiary educational institutions. Moreover, English writing skills form a part of the assessment requirements of many courses at university, college, or even high school.

Academic essay writing is not a simple task, however, as a student, it is important for you to have the necessary practical essay writing skills, so you can get the best possible results for your essays. ESL Students must be determined because essay writing is one of the most important aspects of your university education. Basically, it alone determines the grade and final result of your degree.

Although, I wrote The 5 Step Essay Writing Process for my ESL Students, anyone such as an International student, high school student, undergraduate or graduate student, and even a mature age student can benefit from understanding and applying this practical 5 step essay writing process.

In conclusion, before you get into the “5 Step Essay Writing Process”, it must be said that this essay writing guide is for people who are prepared to APPLY the process. That means do, not just say! As an International student, you must follow the 5 step essay writing process if you want become a more professional writer and receive better grades.

Apply your learning. Just don’t be an academic, take action and you will write your way to a BA. It’s all up to you, simply apply the learning and get the results you want by reading and follow “The 5 Step Essay Writing Process – English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students”.

Do You Want to:

  • improve your grades?
  • look like a more professional writer?
  • become a faster, stronger, and more proficient academic essay writer?
  • show your classmates how easy English writing skills really are?
  • impress your professor at university or your lecturer in your regular English classes?

>Ë?Ë? A proven practical 5 step essay writing process.
The book outlines the basic 5 steps for English essay writing using a proven practical essay writing process which includes:

1. Pre write
2. Organize
3. First Draft
4. Revise and Edit
5. Final Polish Version

As the book details a practical essay writing process, you will need to draw on the main points that are of interest to you and which you need to improve. This International students essay writing guide will help solve some of your practical English essay writing problems.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Improve your basic English academic writing skills and knowledge.
In my experience, as a TESOL Instructor, It seems that many International students do not really practice the English writing process. In this book, you will discover how to create a successful academic essay for your professor.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Featuring Downloadable check lists. Oh, and incidentally, as a bonus, there are some checklists and some graphics I have made downloadable, so you can use them to supplement your essay writing skills.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Best of luck,
Stephen E. Dew
Author and TESOL Instructor

Cracking the Credit Repair Code!

by Brian Lane

This is the genie in the bottle for restoring your credit score. Included in this eBook is a simple, easy to follow, concise formula for taking control of your credit score and financial future. All the myths you have heard about credit repair just aren’t true and this eBook will dispel all the misconceptions. Consequently, I will give you all the evidence to support and prove this is not only possible but you can do it for yourself and faster than you ever imagined.

I increased one of my credit scores 300 points on my credit report. I did not do anything illegal or dishonest to achieve these results. I used the existing laws and little known legal loopholes to remove all the negatives items from my credit reports. The only ingredients you will need are patience, persistence, and the process included in this eBook.

The Different Book: The best-seller secret that sells more nonfiction books (Best-selling author’s discovery of how to sell more books)

by Ian Stables

The Different Book

The Best-Seller Secret That Sells More Nonfiction Books

(Best-Selling Author’s Discovery Of How To Sell More Books)

It’s The Secret Of How To Sell Books

How would you like to know the “selling phrases” that really ramp up book sales? These phrases, when added, have always resulted in a leap in sales. It’s only in this book, that the author teaches this very effective method.

The author reveals, only in this book, the secret to having a best seller. He’s discovered what the ingredients are through study, testing, and trial and error. This short book reveals information that I’ve not seen in any other book.

There are certain ingredients that must be present for a book to be a best seller. You must include them all. Just as you would to make a cake. You must have a different book, a specially optimized book title and selling description, and also promote it the right way using Amazon.

You’ll discover the secrets of how to make your book or ebook a best-seller.

You’ll find out how to make your book different so it becomes a best seller.

You’ll also learn how to optimize the book title and description in a certain way that results in the most sales of your book.

Finally, you learn the three ways the author has discovered that gets your book in front of the most people. All done on Amazon.

This isn’t a tutorial on how to write a book, or how to write an ebook. It’s not about book writing. It’s not even just about how to sell books on Amazon. It’s the secret of how to turn books or ebooks into best sellers.

Methods Not Taught Anywhere Else That Are Proven To Work

The author has several best-sellers. What you’ll learn here, is what he knows. Only revealed in this book.

You’ll be able to…

Turn a non-fiction book into a best seller

It’s a different sort of book that becomes a best seller. You’ll be able to make your book this way.

You’ll know what to do and include to make your book different. Best sellers are different.

Create a book title that makes readers buy on the spot

Your title is one of the most important things. Book titles are responsible for the sale 70% of the time. This is a proven fact.

Best selling books have a certain kind of title. You’ll find out what things you must include and also how to word it.

Write a book description that makes them say, “I’ve got to have this”

The purpose of your book description is to sell your book. That’s it. Nothing else.

The author has found that there are certain things you need to include that will practically guarantee a sale every time. You’re about to find out how to sell books or ebooks using the most effective methods taught in this book.

The most important discovery, that has been found to really ramp up the sales, is what he calls ‘selling phrases’. (These really work.)

Get your book in front of the most customers every time

If nobody sees your book, then nobody can buy it. The author has found that there are only three things you need to do. (It doesn’t involve using Facebook, blogs, or any other advertising. It’s all done on Amazon.

Millionaire Selling Secrets: How to Become a Millionaire Now Using These Ten Fast, Easy, Proven Secrets of Persuasion! 2013 Updated Bestseller Edition

by Brett Bacon

2013 Updated Bestseller Edition.

Millionaire Selling Secrets: How to Become a Millionaire Now Using These Ten Fast, Easy, Proven Secrets of Persuasion! By bestselling author Brett Bacon, Esq.

Imagine what it would be like to become a self-made millionaire by using these simple, fast, and easy millionaire selling secrets. Would you like to dramatically improve your selling skills? If you are not getting the sales that you want right now and you want to achieve the freedom, respect and security of becoming a self-made millionaire by mastering these millionaire secrets of persuasion, then this book is for you!

In this book you will discover how to:

– Harness the power of assumption to achieve your goals.
– Discover passion in your work.
– Ask smart questions to achieve incredible success.
– Embrace objections and turn them into sales.
– Build instant rapport, trust, and credibility with your customers.
– Eliminate the stress of rejection in sales.
– Help your customers to enjoy a better life.
– Make more money faster with Millionaire Selling Secretsâ?¢.

All self-made millionaires have one thing in common, they use the secrets of persuasion found in this book. Now you can discover their secrets for the first time.

Would you like to sell your way to becoming a millionaire? Then get started today!

Internet Marketing Plan – How to Marketing for Under $100 (Internet Marketing, Marketing Plan, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing)

by Scott Bridges

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to market on the Internet successfully for under $100.

Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device.

Internet Marketing can be a monumental task if you don’t know where to start. Many people just give up before they even start because they’re so overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Internet Marketing can work for you just as it has for many others. You just have to have a plan.For some people it is the excessive expense that derails them from Internet Marketing, but if you know where to look and put your efforts you can be marketing online for under $100.

My goal is for you to accomplish just that, to be marketing online successfully for under $100 and for you to feel confident enough to do it in the next few days.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Use A Blog To Market Your Business
  • Using Facebook And Twitter Effectively
  • How Uploading Videos On YouTube Can Rapidly Promote Your Business
  • How You Can List Your Business On Google Places For Better Customer Access
  • Creating A LinkedIn Account For Great Promotion
  • Email Marketing And How It Is Still Wildly Effective If Done Properly

Download your copy today!

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The Online Job Resource

by Leslie Truex

Discover where to find and how to get hired to a work-at-home job with over 400 online resources for home-based jobs. Plus get tips on creating a winning resume and avoiding scams. This short, fluff-free guide provides the information and resources you need to start applying to home-based jobs today.

Leslie Truex is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and has been providing free work-at-home information about jobs and home business since 1998 at her website She’s shared her work-at-home knowledge and experience with, The Daily Buzz, Redbook, Today’s Parent and a host of other media outlets. In The Online Job Resource, she cuts out everything but the nitty-gritty tips and resources to give you:
– The Basics of Finding a Work-At-Home Job
– Three Steps to Getting a Work-At-Home Job
– Avoid a Work-At-Home Job Scam
– Cyber-Resumes for Work-At-Home Jobs
– Sources for Work-At-Home Jobs
– Companies that Accept Applications for Contract Workers

Most people fail to find legitimate work-at-home jobs because they look for the wrong types of work in the wrong places. The Online Job Resource gives you the information you need to know about telecommuting jobs and over 400 resources for finding legitimate home-based employment.

The Online Job Resource includes hyperlinks to the resources so you can access job sources right from the book.

People-Centered Innovation: Becoming a Practitioner in Innovation Research

by Pedro Oliveira

Written with a general audience in mind, People-Centered Innovation focuses on innovation research in corporate settings. Starting with a biographical standpoint, it describes the author’s transition from the fields of psychology and anthropology into the fields of business anthropology and innovation. Through a rich description of case-studies of corporate work, the author takes us into a fascinating journey across different ways of observing relations between consumers and corporations and generating new ideas based on that observation.

Need A Job And Housing?

by AJ Archer

Are you looking for a job and housing? Perhaps you want to save as much of your salary as possible and want to cut living expenses to a minimum? Wondering what it would be like to live in a different city but you’re hesitant to invest a lot of money in moving expenses? Maybe you just want to shake things up a little and are in the mood for an adventure?

Here you will find a straightforward resource guide that explores several different types of jobs that offer staff housing as part of the compensation package. Additionally, you’ll find links to potential employers that are consistently recruiting for positions that offer housing to employees.

What about you? Do you watch life happen or do you make things happen?

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What Makes a Good Practice Manager

by Sherry Krueger

Collaborative thoughts from Practice Managers across the country on those intangible traits that determine a great practice manager.

I’ve had it with Get Rich Quick Books ! – Here’s how I make money online, generate passive income, use internet marketing to work from home and built my internet business online, from scratch.

by Brian GV Internet Marketer

The sun is starting to set while I write this first paragraph of the book. I have an ocean view and am currently in the South of France, overlooking Saint Tropez, the Mediterranean Sea and some beautiful hills filled with olive trees. It was sunny today and not too warm. I feel so blessed for being able to be here. It’s the beginning of the summer; most of my friends are stuck in a day job and had a rainy day today in my home country in Europe. I was here in the South of France and although I worked for a couple of hours while sitting by the pool, I feel free and without obligations.

It wasn’t always like this. 10 years ago, while I was still a student, I imagined this setting, this view, this type of freedom and was unsure how I could ever get there. Nonetheless, I knew I was determined; I knew I wouldn’t give up until I actually did it, until I would reach that goal.

Today, as I sat here, I decided to start this book and decided to write down every factor, every nut and bolt that I needed to build the success I have today. I am not done yet, I want to grow even more and need to decide where to put my focus. I need to figure out what the secret of my success is so I can do more of it. So I not only write this book for you, I’m also trying to create a blueprint for myself. I need to know how I got here.

Was it “luck”? Or did I use some concepts and techniques both you and

I can duplicate to create more wealth, freedom and fun every day we live.

As I start writing about my journey, I invite you to join me on this trip.

Outsource This Now: How to Triple Your Profits Through Smart Outsourcing

by Ric Thompson

Just to say
“Thank You” for Checking out this Book I want to give you a FREE copy
of our special report Outsource Time!  Go
to to grab your copy now…

For Any Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Business Coach Looking to Get More
Done in Less Time…Do you have more Work than Week to fit it in?

Are you giving up your evenings and weekends in the hopes of
“getting things done”?

Do you wish you could get back to your original vision of
having a business AND a life too?

If any of this sounds all too familiar, then there’s a very
simple answer… you need a team and outsourcing may be the best way for you to
get it.

Ask yourself: Do you know of ANY successful businessperson,
entrepreneur or other expert who has succeeded because they’ve done everything

Of course not.

No one succeeds without a team behind them.

And I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t the exception
to the rule…. (Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto and Silver on his team…)
Here’s the fastest, easiest way to outsource a team to support you and your
business – and you do NOT have to hire a ton of freelancers, elancers, or
fiverrs to do it… 
In Outsource This Now: How
to Triple Your Profits Through Smart Outsourcing
you’ll discover the #1
thing ALL successful small business people have learned…

You Are NOT Your Business!!

While YOU may only have 24 hours in a day – your BUSINESS can
have as MUCH time as it needs in that same day!

There are people all over the world who are more than happy
to provide your business with their time. Time that YOU won’t have to spend
yourself getting things done!

Outsource This Now will quickly walk you step-by-step through how
to take full advantage of that concept – so your business stops taking advantage
of you.
In this short, concise,
book you’ll discover:

  • What Outsourcing REALLY is and why you can’t
    afford NOT to do it
  • What your
    time is REALLY worth
  • How much
    you can afford to spend
    on outsourcing / staffing based on your business    revenues
  • Where the best
    to Outsource are
  • The 5
    biggest mistakes you’re probably making
    that are keeping your business from
    growing bigger and faster while giving you more time to do what you love.
  • How to Decrease
    the Risks associated with outsourcing
    while Increasing Speed and Velocity

And Much, Much More

Having a team is THE secret to a successful business.  And you’ll realize that it’s far simpler and
easier to outsource it than you think once you’ve gone through Outsource
This Now
Are you ready to quickly and easily get your team in place so you too can start
outsourcing and get your life back? 
Download Outsource This Now: How
to Triple Your Profits Through Smart Outsourcing
now and you can start
getting the results you and your business deserve in as little as 24 hours.

Simply tap the “buy it now” button…

Stunted Growth

by Ray Noble

“Small business owners need to reconnect to what inspired them to start their business. Stunted Growth will help you to step back and refocus on the important issues. Without technical jargon, this is a clearly written guide that any business owner can relate to and determine how to get to where they want to be. More than creating a more profitable business, it’s about what you can learn to become a successful business owner and to improve virtually everything you do.”

Marshall Goldsmith, 2 million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Stunted Growth reconnects you to the dream you had of owning and running your own business but also takes you forward, into the future, where your business is achieving its full potential.

Ray and Clara have clearly walked this path and provide practical tips to help you accomplish more than you imagined.”

Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

“A truly invaluable gold mine of crucial information and highly effective strategies to aid in the growth of small business, Stunted Growth offers the key to unlocking your business’ unlimited potential. With their remarkable level of combined experience in virtually every facet of the business world, Ray and Clara Noble have written what I consider to be one of the most important business books of the year; if every business owner read and applied the strategies in these pages, the economy would be rocketing upward.”

Ivan Misner, Ph.D., NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI®

“What a brilliant idea! A list of the top 100 reasons a business may not be growing and what to do about it. In my experience businesses that are not growing suffer from a number of problems and don’t know where to start. Read this book is where you start! Every issue has top tips and approaches for bringing about change in that area. It’s tempting to read the ones you think apply to you, but my advice read the whole book cover to cover. You’ll find additional areas you need to work on and what you need to avoid or develop for the future.”

Mark Rhodes, Speaker, Mentor and Author of Think Your Way to Success and How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone

“Ray and Clara have done their homework, and present solid information that business owners can use to improve their dream business. There are very important yet basic fundamentals here that are often overlooked because the entrepreneur is buried in his perceived busy-ness.”

Bob Nicoll, Chief Paradigm Shifter and author of Remember the Ice

Stunted Growth is about overcoming obstacles that stop a business achieving its potential and is for you if:

– you built your company with a dream and sometimes it feels more like a nightmare

– you feel overwhelmed or lost because of the rate of change around you

– you want to run your business instead of constantly reacting to events

– you believe in your product/service and in its ability to positively impact the world

You will avoid the mistakes that most business owners make so that you can:

– Reconnect with your vision and goals for the business

– Improve the systems so that you save time and money

– Use your strengths in leading an effective team

– Enjoy your work and have time for family and fun

Stunted Growth has been written to help stimulate thought about various aspects of doing business and consequently pinpoint areas for improvement so that in depth study can then be made.

If used productively, it will provide many topics for brainstorming with your team if you have one.

It will also bring you an increased awareness of the way your business is operating at this point in time and will help you to find solutions that you can start implementing right now to improve your results.

We challenge you to read the book, apply the ideas and guarantee you will see results! The extent of the results will be proportionate to your actions and your commitment to see them through.

The Super Star In YOU!

by Richard Soderblom

In today’s world, there is a greater abundance of opportunity for both organizations and individuals to accomplish extraordinary goals. However, all too often, the demands of our jobs, coupled with the barrage of information coming at us from so many sources (e.g. texts, emails, reports, tweets, blogs, web-sites, etc.) is overwhelming, exhausting and distracting. The sheer volume of distractions threatens our ability to think clearly and make good decisions. If we react to these stimuli without careful discernment, we will sink into a sea of irrelevancy and fail to accomplish the things that matter most in our professional and personal lives.

When we deliberately pay attention to the most important things amidst the distractions, we can harness the opportunities and technologies available today and soar to creative and innovative heights.

How to Get 100,000 Instagram Followers in a Month

by Lee Rankinen

Are you struggling to get likes and followers on Instagram for your personal, business, or entertainment accounts? Have you ever wanted to harness the power of Instagram? Have you seen accounts with 100,000+ followers and wondered how they grew so quickly? Do you want your Instagram picture to be featured on the Popular Page?

“How to Get 100,000 Instagram Followers in a Month” will show you how this is all possible and more. The book contains expert tips on how to achieve big-time results in very little time at all. From profile information to specific tips and tricks to grow an account (or two or more), you will have a grasp on Instagram success in no time.

Within minutes, you will be on the right track to grow your Instagram account(s). Take it from the authors–with over 1 million followers combined and thousands of dollars in revenue from Instagram accounts, Lee Rankinen and Justin Malik have figured out the formula to building an Instagram empire.

Don’t miss out on the newest trend in social networking–get started early and reap the benefits of a rapidly growing network with millions of followers at your fingertips!

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