Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 06 Dec 13

SEO ReExplored – The New Mantras after PANDA and PENGUIN

by Amit Biswas

Following the algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, the dynamics of SEO have undergone radical metamorphosis.The book “SEO ReExplored – The New Mantras after PANDA and PENGUIN” embarks on an investigative journey through the major Google updates since 2009, and focuses on the effective SEO best practices recommended by Google. It not only discusses the SEO gold nuggets and present day best practices, but walks you through numerous authentic and educative video sessions provided by Google.

Forget Big Brother We Tell DAD Everything

by D T Pollard

For decades there has been this fear of an imposed surveillance state imposed by the government. Ironically we find ourselves voluntarily self reporting our activities, not to a character like Big Brother in Orson Wells’ book Nineteen Eighty Four, but to massive social networking websites that the author refers to as DAD. How did individuals that once fiercely guarded their privacy agree to self report their activities for the world to see? As it turns out, we tell DAD everything.

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