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Triple Delight (Awakening Sophy: Part Three)

by Bianca James

An Amazon Number 1 Hot New Release in EroticaAn Amazon Number 2 Best Seller in EroticaFrom Amazon Best Selling Erotica Author – Bianca James
*** The entire Awakening Sophy series is now available Awakening Sophy: The Boxed Set Books 1-6 (Includes a Special Bonus Story) for the low price of $4.99 ***
It began as a friendly dinner invitation from her neighbors. Craig, the hot, investment banker and his old college buddy, Luke, the bodybuilding, muscle car driving, inked parolee.Sharing some home cooked French cuisine, a few glasses of wine and a naughty dessert with a couple of guys who come from opposite sides of the track, was the plan for the night.Even the erotic stories that have been melting Sophy’s Kindle recently look tame in comparison to the events that unfold during the evening, as Sophy pushes aside her shy, self-conscious demeanor to explore another smoldering, hot fantasy that has been stoked by her recent escapades.
Another smoking hot, erotic and sex charged story from Amazon best-selling erotica author, Bianca James.
Here’s what a few of readers had to say about Stranger Addiction …
“Overall, a strong recommend here for sex-with-a-stranger and blindfold fans, and a good general recommend for erotica readers. A sweet ending too, with a dash of mystery. Very nicely done here, and a little gem of a book to pick up and read this week.” E-Read Erotica Reviews
“I am beyond ecstatic to be hopeful again for erotic reading that focuses on the art of the suspense, anticipation, & nuances to make for optimum heightened feminine arousal with a man lovingly & competently sensually pleasuring his woman or 2 women or what have you.. Bravo!” 5 Stars – Amazon Review
“I loved it. The whole ‘stranger’ aspect is quite delicious. I love the boldness of the author when it comes to the sexual appetite of the male character. This is the first book I’ve read that explored that. Impressed!” 4 Stars – Amazon Review
“Scorching hot!!!!” 5 Stars – Goodreads
** Warning: This highly erotic, 10,500 word story, is suitable for adults only (18+) as it contains many explicit sex scenes between consenting adults, sex fantasies, graphic language, elements of BDSM, oral sex, spanking, rough sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism and anal play **

My Father Seduced My Girlfriend (Girls My Father Fucks)

by Jack Himoff

What’s a young man supposed to do? He trusts his dad to do the right thing, fatherly things. But when his father is screwing every girl his son brings home, the family dynamic is thrown off a bit. His father is more sexually active than him and it really destroys his moral character and his own perspective on females!

Please Fuck My Dad and His Friends

by Monica Bryant

Michelle and Ashley have a sleep over together. Things get a bit out of hand. They start to explore each other sexually. Ashley’s dad catches them. There is only way to make this up to him, and Michelle knows exactly what to do.

For mature audiences only. This novella contains explicit sexual themes and activity and is not intended for audiences under the age of 18.

The Betrayal – Sex Stories for Women (Adult Short Stories for Women)

by E.M. Flemming

Erotika Short Stories for Women

Adult Short Stories for Women… a Contemporary Romance

From the Author of Heat Wave comes… The Betrayal

Finishing their senior year in law school, Hallie and Sydney are swept up into a love triangle led by one man – Blake Edwards. Mysterious, wealthy, and drop-dead gorgeous, Blake coaxes them into a sordid love affair that’s bound to leave one of them broken.

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Milk Maid at the Renaissance Festival

by Paula Perkins

Young single mother takes part time job as serving girl at Renaissance Festival. She ends up serving more than beer. This short story includes scenes of nipple play, breast feeding, breast play and graphic sex (oral, anal and vaginal). It was written for adult audiences and is not intended to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Bath Time Escort

by Brian Parkinson

WARNING – Adults 18+ only: This book contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters. All participants are fictional and over 18 years old. Intended for reading by adults 18+ only.

Short Story: 5,300+ word count

When a shy girl is forewarned that her friends have booked an escort for her on the eve of her birthday as an early present, she finds herself getting excited at the thought of seeing some muscular male flesh. When he turns up earlier than expected she is still in the bath with a face mask on and finds herself embarrassed when she opens the door to let him in. Asking him to wait, she finds him following her into the unlocked bathroom with a couple of bottles of beer. It leads to her enjoying some bath time fun where the beer is used for so much more than just drinking.

Black & White

by Chris Johns

WARNING!!! This story contains Gay Sex. If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!
Privileged Tom has just found the one thing his money can’t buy: Daniel, the most beautiful boy he has ever seen in his life.
For two years, Tom quietly longs for this black boy, a fellow equestrian who looks after Tom’s horse Eagle, and whose shy, unassuming ways have also won over the love of Tom’s family.
When they turn 18, the good things, and the bad, start. They make love for the first time, andrealize just how deeply they care for each other.
But things almost immediately start threatening their relationship. First, Tom’s wonderful parentsdie. Barely out of mourning, Tom is badly traumatized after watching Daniel have a fall that leaves him paraplegic.
With all the things that have gone wrong, will there still be a good life for him and Daniel?
This story is also known as “Black and White Lovers” 
Once they were comfortable with Daniel on his back and Tom lying alongside him propped up on one elbow, Tom started.
“I think we still need to put some more weight on you, Lover,” he caressed gently as he spoke. “You haven’t got enough meat on your bones to cushion the shock if you ever have a fall.”
That said, Tom took what he had and licked and kissed all of it while speaking words of love to his new bed mate.
The groin and anus, in particular, took an inordinate amount of action before Tom eased over Dan’s sphincter and took both of them to Paradise three times before he went soft. 
“Your turn if you want it,” Tom said with a grin, as they lay alongside each other, panting.

Mean Girls

by Alexia Stark

Content warning: 18+

This title is PI.

Kate is a bi*ch to Connor because if anyone guessed the truth about what they really do when they’re aloneâ?¦ their parents would flip, their classmates would crucify them and they’d have to admit they don’t hate each other as much as they think.

Will a searing encounter ease the tension between them or make things harder to hide?

Word Count: 2300+

Private School Seduction Part One

by Loren Davis

This eBook is for mature readers only. It contains adult language and strong sexual content.

The students of Fayetteville Prep can’t keep their hands to themselves, and now the teachers and parents are getting involved, literally. All’s fair in love and war, but a new, darker influence is working its way through the bedrooms of Fayetteville. Join Lisa and Derrick and their friends as they navigate the tricky world of adult fantasies in Part One of Private School Seduction.

Approx. 7,000 Words.

It’s Raining Men

by Sybilla Sale

Prepare to get drenched.

Follow the adventures of Katie as she discovers her sexuality and relishes a torrential downpour of men.

In her quest to learn all she can about the pleasures of the flesh, she travels the world from Sydney to Thailand, London, Paris, Cairo to the velveteen underground of New York City.

She meets a varied cast of characters and yet one keeps coming back to haunt her. In a romantic and moving finale, Katie finds her letter Z and her life becomes complete.

This is the most hard-core, relentless, exciting and intelligent erotic fiction written for a female audience. Lovers old and young, groups and girls, this book goes everywhere!

Embrace your inner-slut, she’ll love you for it.

Ragnar’s Legacy (Rough and Reluctant Breeding Erotica)

by Leslie Meyer

When Ragnar’s reavers bring the northmen’s wrath to an undefended village, his lust for glory drives him to seek out the great prize of killing the Witch of Ravens.

But when Ragnar discovers the Witch is the opposite of everything he’s imagined, he finds himself drawn to her otherworldly beauty.

But consorting with witches has its consequences and Ragnar will find that the legacy he leaves behind will be ruled forever by his one moment of weakness.

My True Hotwife Diary – Part 1: Debut of a Cuckoldress

by Amanda Clover

I’ll be honest, my sex life has not been the best lately. My husband of over ten years barely even gets it up for me anymore. When he suggested I bring another woman into the bed I thought I would turn the tables on him and suggest another man. He called my bluff.

My name is Vanessa and I am a hotwife to my cuckold husband. I didn’t even know what that word meant a week ago and now it describes my identity. It started with my husband’s friend from work, Jason. Drinks and an unexpected night of intense passion gave way to a new lifestyle and a new sense of who I am in the relationship. This is about my pleasure, not my husband’s fetish, and he is going to learn that the hard way.

Join Vanessa as she embarks on her journey to explore a wild new fetish lifestyle. One night of taboo passion and she just might find that her sex life will never be the same. This 8,000+ word story features scorching blowjobs, a cheating wife, steamy cuckolding, gooey creampies, teasing, and ruined orgasms.

Easy Money

by Stephanie Stephens

This book contains strong language and sexual themes. OVER 18’s only please

Easy Money – An Erotic Short Story of approx 6800 words

Debbie has returned from her vacation in mexico and is now facing a boring day at work in the company of her lecherous and chauvinistic boss Roger. Alone in his office, it is not long before Roger is making sexual advances towards Debbie. Offended and ready to quit, Roger offers Debbie more money than she has ever seen if she would just be willing to compromise her principles. Eventually Debbie is persuaded to succumb to Rogers ever increasing sexual demands in exchange for some Easy Money. She later finds out that she has been manipulated and the money would have come her way anyway without the need to have prostituted herself.

Sexual Sin in Kristianville: Erotic Encounters in a Small Town

by Anonymous Y

Explore the intimate and private sex lives of this fictional town’s very realistic inhabitants. These are hot erotic stories you can enjoy alone or share with loved ones. Horny men satisfy horny women, men enjoy watching their wives with other men, bisexual men share women, virginity is lost, women discover the joy of woman on woman love, and people experience sex for the first time, there’s sadism and masochism, interracial sex, homosexuality, and wild group sex too. Just sex in a typical American town; so pull back the curtains and peek in.

Trysts: Rainbow Bukkake (Outrageous Oral Fixation) (PARAnormal Press Trysts)

by D. Walters

Trysts: Rainbow Bukkake
Erotic Short Story, 3800 words

Michelle and her friends Jeannie and Andrea are secretaries in a prestigious law firm. Each works for one of the lowly associates, and each has been providing services beyond the secretarial. Brett, Chucky, and Gavin like to play hard, but Brett is a freak who has been thinking big. Brett has organized a very special lunch break for the three girls, who are game for whatever.


But not just bukkake, Brett’s taken it up a notch by supplying the girls with a selection of lipsticks to make it a “rainbow bukkake”!

He’s lined up a couple dozen horny guys in masks and given them three hungry mouths to feed. What a way to get your protein at lunch!

When it comes to oral sex, Michelle and Jeannie and Andrea know their way around an erection. But can they handle two dozen? Before the end of the lunch hour?

Check it out!

Trysts: Rainbow Bukkake is a story of young lawyers making lots of oral arguments and their willing secretaries, who support them with their very best features and experience. There’s plenty of sexy, seductive, sometimes rough oral play nicely colored with bright shades of lipstick and gloss.

For Adults Only! Warning: Rated X for graphic descriptions of oral sex, some of it rough, with lots of load swallowing.

Story is 3800 words, but the ebook also includes explicit excerpts from three other PARAnormal Press publications (3200 words) for 7000 words total.

Welcome to the third PARAnormal Erotica Tryst, another new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. Befitting its title, PARAnormal presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Trysts is a series of unrelated, mostly NOT supernatural, sexy short stories. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to PARAnormal Erotica’s Trysts: “Rainbow Bukkake.”

FOR ADULTS ONLY. Please do not purchase if graphic descriptions of gratuitous sexual acts offend you.

Common Ground

by Dick Parker

  Just when you think you have all your weekend plans set and laid out, a little discovery alters the course of everything…

Two very different boys meet and build a fast, blooming friendship on common ground: Hunting.

After planning a hunting escapade, they find themselves together in a room, about to discover that they share more than one common interest…

This is a story of exploration and finding pleasure in friendship and sexual fulfillment.

This story is also known as “Deer Hunting Sleepover”


When I pushed, I saw him grimace so I stopped.

“It’s ok,” he assured me. “Just go slow, your dick is huge.”

I pushed a little more and the head popped in.  I felt his anal muscles tighten around my dick head like a rubber band.

“Put more in,” he said, grinning at me.

I began to push in slowly, and soon I was all the way in. He was gritting his teeth by then, but soon he was groaning and panting.

“Fuck me,” he grunted, “Oh man, fuck me.”

It didn’t take long and I felt my dick begin to tickle…


“I thought you’d never ask.”

Terry liked to do it doggy style, so I got to my hands and knees as he positioned himself behind me.  I could feel his warm breath on my butt as he put his face between my butt cheeks. He began licking my crack.

It felt nice, having his tongue run up and down my crack, licking at my hole.

Then I heard him spit, and I knew it was time…

The Handyman Seduction

by Jack Ryder

Jack the handyman is a seducer!
In charge of a 26-apartment complex, he was able to install hidden cameras in each one, allowing him to spy on his neighbors. 
He knows everything that goes on in the complex - what’s going on with the families, or with the hot couple having sex, or the new tenants, Marcy and her 18-year-old daughter, Gina.
Being the seducer that he is, Jack is able to get into the pants of Marcy, and soon after he discovers that Gina has seen them fucking on the floor, he gets some action with Marcy’s daughter too!
And then Jack thinks of more exciting ideas…a threesome with Gina and his fuck buddy Nancy won’t hurt, will it?

This story is also known as “Seducing the Neighbors”

I sat down in the large swivel chair by the computer desk and turned on the TV screen.  I selected apartment 9, where Marcy was just stepping out of her shower.
“Wow, I can’t wait to fuck you,” I said to myself. “Look at those fucking tits…wow.” 
I could feel my cock beginning to swell as I watched her go into her bedroom. I switched to Camera 2, and I was in the bedroom with her. 
She picked up a bottle of lotion and began to spread some lotion all over herself. I was now stroking my fully rigid prick as I watched her hands move all over her body. As she started to spread the oil all over her tits, I ejaculated twice and it squirted all over my lower belly and thighs. 
“Oh Yes…it will be great to fuck those tits,” I moaned.
I wiped the mess off myself with some tissues and tossed them in the very full basket next to the desk. Many lumps of cum-splattered tissue are piling up to almost an overflow. 
I switched to Camera 3, just in time to see Gina taking her panties off to get ready for her shower.  
“Wow!” I gasped softly. Her small patch of pubic hair, sculpted to resemble a heart, looked soft. Her petite little body is golden brown, except for the white triangles of her bikini tan line. 
“Wow,” I sighed again.
Gina has her mother’s platinum blond hair, and they also shared the same sapphire blue eyes. But her nubile 18 year old body is tantalizingly silky smooth. I swelled again as I watched her step into the shower. And again, I stroked myself as I watched her. She lathered herself with liquid soap. 
“You will be so tasty,” I whispered at her on the TV screen. 
I was ecstatic when she reached between her legs and began to masturbate herself. 

“Thinking about my big hard prick, aren’t you?”  I gasped.

Blackmailed Student ((Student Teacher Sex Stories))

by Spicy And Juicy

You just can’t know what to expect these days. Teachers blackmail their students for sexual favors, students dreaming about having sexual relationships…

Blackmailed Student is a story focused on Matt and Kara, a chemistry teacher that needs to teach Matt a lesson if he wants to graduate. Matt on the other hand is a 20 year old student who enjoys girls, booze and do what other things that students do nowadays… But what exactly does he? You will find out …

Warnings! Explicit Content: Adults Only.
This is an erotic short story containing explicit erotic scenes! (2500 words of Kindle Nastyness)

=== Excerpt from inside the book: ===
…..â?¦. he opens the door and he saw the teacher:

A blonde, tall MILF wearing a black tight dress with glasses covering her eyes and high heels shoes in her feet.

He paused for a sec before closing the door because he couldn’t believe what he has been missing this year.

“Fuck me what a hottie I missed for an entire year!” he said in his mind.

“What are you waiting for?” said the hot teacher to her young student.

He didn’t say anythingâ?¦He closed the door and went to sit in the last bench of the classroom.

The class continued smoothly until….

teacher-student,ass licking, oral, orgasm, squirting, cum swallowing

Role Play

by Chris Johns

Nick is a tough guys and a ladies’ man, the kind who can make girls drop their panties, the kind of guy who can make them wet!
He’s always had more than his fair share of girls, but things started to change when he met Cass. After Cass is victimized by bullies, Nick takes him to the hospital and from then on, they become friends… and maybe more than that.
Nick doesn’t think he’s gay, but he can’t explain the heightened pleasure he gets when Cass jacks him off either. Then out of the blue, Nick suggests that he be the Master and Cass be the Slave. Cass agrees to it.
It’s an interesting agreement. Cass is ready to follow Nick’s every command, even in the presence of his friends. But until when? And is Cass ready to accept another boy who’s more than willing to be Nick’s Slave?

This story is also known as “Unexpected Master” 

“Tell me what you want to do with it boy,” commanded Nick, and “Keep looking at me.”
Cass’ eyes were starting to lower and I wanted to see them. I also wanted him to be confident enough to look at people when he talked to them.
“I would like to taste it Sir,” Cass said, doing just as he was instructed. “I want to take it in my mouth and make you cum.”
“My cum isn’t given to just anyone boy, what makes you think you deserve it?”
“I don’t deserve it Sir,” said the slave. “I know I am unworthy and I have a lot to learn about serving you. But I would truly like to service your penis and give you pleasure.”
“That’s a very worthy sentiment Cass. Come over here and strip me.”


“I will fuck you and let you cum,” Cass offered. “If you beg me to fist fuck you first.”
Jamie looked aghast and said, “Never!”
“In that case, I am going to continue to pleasure you but not let you cum until the film runs out.”
Cass sucked nipples, cock and balls for ages, easing off every so often. He even sucked on Jamie’s rosebud, and Jamie went ballistic. In the end, Cass won.

“Please Cass,” Jamie implored, “Fist fuck me and then fuck me with your cock and let me cum.”

Carol’s Chance Encounter

by Scout Allen

  After losing his apprenticeship at a construction firm, Carol reluctantly takes a job at his old high school as a janitor. His life’s becoming worse, but one night changes it all…

While doing his usual janitorial work in the girls’ locker room after school hours, he sees Mary, the captain of the cheerleading squad, sneaking in. Just as he is about to tell her off, he sees something very interesting.

In hiding while watching Mary, Carol gets caught! But to his surprise, Mary’s response is not what he expected it to be.

Days pass, and Carol still finds himself thinking about that chance encounter with Mary. Apparently, she does the same.

Can this be the start of a positive turn of life events for Carol?


She nodded as if understanding, then looked to the puddle she’d left before turning to me with a curious expression on her face.

“You were really turned on by that?” she asked, a little nervously.

Rubbing my neck, I replied, “Well kinda, yeah. Yeah, I guess I was.”

I never was a good liar. Besides, I’m trying to kick the habit.

She blushed, this time for real, and looked me in the eyes. “Thanks for not ratting me out.”

“No problem,” I offered. “Just next time, skip class and get home before your parents.”

“Maybe,” she said, smiling devilishly. When she got to the door, she added seductively, “Maybe not.”

And she left it at that.

I gulped. Damn…


We each washed ourselves, but seeing her wash her own body made me want her even more.

I thought of other things: hockey, baseball, my team’s last season… it made me soften down a bit. I wasn’t sure how she was faring, for she kept sneaking glances at my flaccid member while trying to clean herself.

“You can look; it’s not like we’re strangers,” I assured her, only realizing my mistake after I’d said it.

Smiling nervously, she turned to face me and looked at me, studying me.

Dan Ford’s scoring ratio, uh…Michael’s slip-up in the second half of the playoff game – his hair’s blond same as hers – No! Focus, wash up your legs, no stay away from him, feet, toes, bottom of foot. Back…

“I can wash your back for you.”

The thought of her skin touching mine sent an electric shock straight to my crotch. I stiffened.

“Uh, that’s probably not a good idea.”

Submissive Invasion

by Chris Johns

WARNING! This story contains graphic sex scenes between men. If Gay Sex, Blowjob and Sodomy offend you, then this is NOT for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

I am eighteen years old. Three weeks ago, I had never had sex of any kind except with my right hand. Now I can suck and fuck with the best of them…

At the tail end of a brutal war, the spoils go to the victors; and well-endowed Evan is a magnificent prize indeed.

Unlike his other school friends who are fucked by three or more soldiers on the night of the Invasion, Evan is taken to Captain Ramon’s quarters and is treated well.

While held captive, Evan learns that their side has surrendered and that they have become an occupied territory. He also learns that their invaders have sinister plans for him and his friends

Evan is turned into sex toy, used to entertain the bored troops. And as if his life wasn’t complicated enough, he has to deal with pleasing the mercurial Captain Ramon, falling in love with his fellow sex-toy Jesus, and juggling his feelings for his best friend Tom!

Can friendship, pleasure and love survive this Invasion?

This story is also known as “Invasion”


I didn’t sleep, so I felt him relax and settle into slumber.

I used that time to stroke his body. It felt wonderful. His skin was as soft as any woman‘s, but with the amazing musculature, it was very exciting. I ran my hand over his whole body including his groin area.

His cock and balls were so exciting to touch, and he started to get an erection. I was curious as to his size (I know it looked very small in repose compared to mine), so I couldn’t resist the temptation to slide the sheet down so that I could see it. About five inches long I guessed, quite slender and circumcised. His ball sac was small as well, but in proportion. He had very little hair, even on his legs, which I stroked.

“That feels exquisite little one. Please continue to play.”


“I love you so much Evan, thank you.”

When we had recovered completely, I asked Jesus if he would like to do that to Tom. He almost bounced off the bed.

“Oh yes please, can I do that toTom?”

“Oh dear, what have I let myself in for?” was the resigned reply.

What he let himself in for, was Jesus entering him in the missionary position with my cock embedded in his mouth. What a sight. My lover’s monster cock sliding in and out of my best friend. 

When it was all over, Tom told me it had been painful at first but then the feeling of a foot of man meat sliding in and out of him was fantastic.

I thought it was a pretty awesome session and Tom must have thought so as well, because he suggested another one with me in the middle and he and Jesus taking turns to fuck me

Most beautiful vintage erotic nudes art photos retro burlesque nude girls pictures forbidden risque images sexy naked women of the 1910’s photo book

by Libero Photo Books

49 hot and naked Women.
Most beautiful vintage erotic nudes.
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Sexy naked women pictures of the 1910’s

Erotic vintage nudes from 1910 – 1920 Photo Book.

Sandwich Shop Seduction

by Miranda Mars

  WARNING: This story contains Interracial Sex. If Lesbian Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

The very first thing Laura notices as she enters the sandwich shop behind her office building is the owner of a perfect, pretty butt: Bonnie.

Bonnie is a lovely, bright-eyed black waitress who has a powerful effect on people that she doesn’t seem to know anything about. Her obliviousness is exactly what turns Laura on.

She scrutinizes this new waitress and sees a set of tight, round butt cheeks! The very sight of it heightens Laura’s libido, making her want Bonnie BAD

The problem is, Laura knows Bonnie is straight. So, how will she be able to get her into bed?

This story is also known as “Seducing the Sandwich Shop Girl”

Enjoy this titillating first book in the sexy series “The Bonnie Chronicles”


Laura put one hand on Bonnie’s shoulder. “Here,” she murmured softly, “let me help you out with the apron.”

Bonnie turned to look back at Laura over her shoulder. Her dark eyes were shiny with expectation, and their gazes locked together as Laura loosened the knot holding the apron on, then undid it completely.

“Thank you,” Bonnie said, her voice barely audible.

She pulled the neck string over her head and tossed the apron onto a kitchen chair, a kind of symbolic disrobing. Again Laura touched her arm before she could return to the drinks on the tile sink board. She raised her fingertips to Bonnie’s lovely face and brushed her cheek with them.

“Thank you for inviting me,” she whispered.

“I guess you‘d better kiss me if you’re going to do it,” Bonnie said with a smile. “I’m getting real nervous waiting.”

“That makes two of us,Laura grinned back at her.

She dropped her fingertips to Bonnie’s full lips, thick and pillowy and inviting, umber-colored with no lipstick.

I guess I will . . . and put an end to the suspense.”

My Street Urchin

by Chris Johns

WARNING!!! This story contains Anal Sex, Blowjobs, and Threesome. If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chris was just looking for a good fuck when he arrived in Manila. He never thought he would find love in this corner of the world, of all places, and least of all, with local street urchin David.

But find it he does, and Chris feels the need to spend more time with him. He buys the boy things he never had, even simple things such as clothes. He takes David to a nice restaurant. And they both find that fucking is way hotter, when done with affection.

Chris promises to come back for him. But when he returns, David is nowhere to be found… until Chris visits a raunchy sex club with a shocking attraction: David himself, being fucked and whipped to the enjoyment of the patrons!

Chris is determined to save this boy, to love him, and keep him all to himself. Now he just has to deal with rescuing David from sexual slavery, finding a way to take David back with him to Abu Dhabi, and healing David from his sexual traumas.

Loving a gorgeous street urchin sure can be a handful! But Chris will find that David’s got some love to show of his own… 

 This story is also known as “Filipino Adventure”                 
“We’re all ready for you, Lover, but Ritchie is master of ceremonies tonight.” 
   We all laughed at that comment. But Ritchie stopped when he looked at David’s flaccid cock.        “I think the first thing to do is make that pretty piece of man meat erect. Why don’t you get comfortable on the bed, David, and let Chris and me pamper you for a little while.”       Perfect. David was relaxed because I immediately leant over him and started kissing him as Ritchie started playing with his cock and balls. He was erect very quickly, so I moved aside to let him watch. But I stayed within reach of his torso, which I started to stroke as I played with his nipples.    Ritchie and I quickly had him spacing out with all the caressing and touching, licking and sucking. He loved it and patently, so did Ritchie.        It was delightful to watch my lover begin to lose it, and the little squeals of pleasure as he orgasmed had me smiling broadly…


by Alexia Stark

Zoe’s had nightmares for as long as she can remember. For just as long, she’s gone to her mother’s ex-husband for comfort.

He’s always soothed her. One night, after her eighteenth birthday, he shows her a new way to cope with terrifying dreams. Will she sleep soundly for him?

Content Warning: This story contains adult material, explicit sexual situations, and language as well as a fetish some readers might not enjoy.

Word count: 3,200+

***Scroll up and enjoy this very naughty story today***

Escape to Kingdom Cum

by R.W. Pell

  WARNING! This story contains explicit Sex Scenes, Oral Sex and Anal Sex. If Threesomes offend you, then this book is NOT for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Mary never had much of anything. She grew up in a poor family with a drunkard for a father. She married Tom, who was a drunk, just like her father. He would even beat her for the smallest things. The only good thing that came out of the marriage is their daughter, Eileen.

But things change when a man named Michael comes along….

An accidental meeting at the supermarket where Mary works turns into a wonderful relationship. Everything they do together – from the very first date, to their first kiss, to their first lovemaking leads to Mary’s transformation from a painfully shy woman to a confident and assertive one.

It also leads her to a greater awareness of her own sexuality, and into worlds of pleasure and adventure she never would have dared step into before…

This story is also known as “Bless Me Father”


His next move raised her heart rate again until it was almost painful.

His fingers found the first button of her blouse and he pried it through the buttonhole, before doing the same to the next one down and revealing the tops of her heaving breasts.

He kissed her throat and neck, all while massaging her lower back and manipulating the rest of the buttons of her blouse until it fell open. Her new white bra was all that was between his hand and her untouched flesh. Somehow, the massage to her lower back was keeping her upright. Her knees had long since given up the unequal struggle of supporting her.

She heard, rather than felt, the zipper of her new skirt as it was undone, just before it fell in a halo around her ankles. Her semi-nakedness felt right, but she couldn’t help the self-conscious trepidation. Would he like what he saw, she wondered. But she needn’t have worried, because Michael’s jaw almost dropped open before he gathered his wits enough to exclaim:

“Mary, you are beautiful. My god, but you are beautiful.”


Tim stroked her hair at first and then reached down to fondle her breast, managing to trap her nipple between his rough fingers. He pulled at it gently and squeezed her tit, giving her a double sensation. With a mouthful, all she could manage was ‘Mmm

Michael had shucked off his clothes and came toward Mary naked, fascinated to see her sucking Tim’s hardening dick into her mouth. The sight registered in his cock, which hardened immediately.

“Tim, I’m just going to lay Mary down so we can both get a bit of the action, okay?” he asked, to which Tim nodded.

Michael pushed her down so that she was lying along the edge of the bed, one leg hanging down and resting on the carpeted floor, the other stretched out straight. Effectively, her legs were now open and the kimono rose, offering no barrier to whatever Michael had in mind.

If she wondered where he was going with this, she didn’t have long to wait…

Trysts: Oral Exams (Extra Credit Tongue Work) (PARAnormal Erotica: Trysts)

by D. Walters

Trysts: Oral Exams
Erotic Short Story, 4200 words

Jen is reduced to begging for a passing grade. Handsome Professor Davis is legendary for refusing to hear arguments. But Jen claims she had a good reason for missing all those classes.

Will the professor listen?

If not, Jen has a Plan “B.” But Professor Davis has a Plan “A.” If his Plan A corresponds with Jen’s Plan “B,” and it just might, then just maybe he’ll allow her to earn some extra credit that will help her final grade a great deal!

And it will be a great deal, too, for both the hunky professor and the sexy student. Who’s taking advantage of whom?

For Adults Only! Warning: Rated X for graphic descriptions of oral sex and sodomy, some of it rough.

Story is 4200 words, but the ebook also includes explicit excerpts from several other PARAnormal Press publications (3500 words) for 7700 words total.

Welcome to the fourth PARAnormal Erotica Tryst, another new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. Befitting its title, PARAnormal presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Trysts is a series of unrelated, mostly NOT supernatural, sexy short stories. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to PARAnormal Erotica’s Trysts: “Oral Exams.”

FOR ADULTS ONLY. Please do not purchase if graphic descriptions of gratuitous sexual acts offend you.

Little Sex Bunny

by Miranda Mars

  WARNING:   This story contains Oral Sex and Fist-fucking. If Lesbian Sex offends you, then this is NOT for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Laura just can’t get enough of Bonnie!

To Laura, Bonnie is like a drug that she is addicted to.  She always seems to want a fix! so every time her wife leaves for a gig, she sneaks in to Bonnie’s apartment to have hot, vigorous sex!

In one of their dates, Laura offers to find a bigger job for Bonnie in the city. Bonnie accepts it… until she finds out exactly who gets her the job...

When the two women meet again, Bonnie confronts Laura about the one who found her the job: Bonnie knows Laura is fucking this girl too!

Laura is notoriously promiscuous, but not one of the women she sleeps with knows the extent of just how much of a maniac she truly  is. But Bonnie’s very special, and Laura wants to keep seeing her and fist-fucking her to orgasm… so what’s a girl to do?

This story is also known as “Laura’s Little Sex Bunny” and is the second, sensual installment of “The Bonnie Chronicles.”


She formed a little wedge with her fingers and within seconds, her whole hand was sunk in Bonnie’s tight, wet pussy.  

She had always figured that Bonnie loved this so much because she had such a tight one, a very tight one, and that feeling it so thoroughly crammed with Laura’s fist, was a sensation that could never be matched in any other way.  It certainly was tight.

But it was also slippery wet and warm and squinchy, and Laura twisted her hand inside to give Bonnie the feelings she craved…

Raging Desire

by Miranda Mars

  WARNING! This story contains Lesbian Sex. If Lesbian Sex offends you, then this is NOT for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Laura is being a bit naughty… and unfaithful.

It’s really nothing new, Laura fucking women other than Makeeda. Besides, their love for each other doesn’t change; they still fuck each other’s brains out, most of the time. It’s just that Laura can’t seem to keep herself from entertaining other pussies, especially ones that are being offered to her!

After a quickie with another woman, Shamika, in her car, Laura comes home and asks Makeeda to fuck her – hard, and ROUGH. But will that ease her guilt in being unfaithful?

This story is the LAST book in the series called “Laura and Makeeda Chronicles”     

The books in Laura and Makeeda Chronicles are listed below in order:

  1. Skylark… Have You Anything To Say To Me?
  2. There, I’ve Said It Again…
  3. I Remember You
  4. It Hurts So Good
  5. A Rising Star
  6. Sex Frenzy
  7. There Is No Greater Love
  8. Raging Desire


“Suck me again,” she panted.  “It makes me want to come.”

But Laura needed no encouragement.

“Mmmm, me too!” she said, slurping and sucking Shamika’s damp, bulging nipples as before, but now also pumping her soupy, greasy, warm, snug pussy with two fingers.

“Unh!  Unh!  Unh!” Shamika grunted softly, churning her pelvis up into Laura’s rapid thrusts, quickly going off the rails.  “Mnnnneee!  Oh shit . . . I’m going to come!”

“Do it, honey!  Do it!  Do it now!”

I Remember You

by Miranda Mars


That is how Laura thinks of every available moment she has with Makeeda.

But as Makeeda’s career flourishes, sending her to gigs outside the city for days and sometimes even weeks at a stretch, she and Laura do not get to spend as much time together as they would want.  

The distance is quickly making Laura realize how much she wants to spend the rest of her life with this talented and beautiful woman.

But after having wild affairs almost all her life, is Laura really ready to settle down and pop the question?

This story is the THIRD book in the series called “Laura and Makeeda Chronicles”    

The books in Laura and Makeeda Chronicles are listed below in order:


  1. Skylark… Have You Anything To Say To Me?
  2. There, I’ve Said It Again…
  3. I Remember You
  4. It Hurts So Good
  5. A Rising Star
  6. Sex Frenzy
  7. There Is No Greater Love
  8. Raging Desire


Somehow, there emerged a silent pact between them that they would not speak during this hot whirlwind of hungry fucking. By the time Makeeda again slid down Laura’s body to finally make her come, Laura was nearly unable to speak anyway.  

She was whimpering and whinnying softly, caressing Makeeda’s hair and wanting to cry out how much she loved her, but was unable to focus on anything other than the raging sexual need in her body.

“Mmmmmm…” Makeeda again hummed as she again began kissing and tongue-toying with Laura’s oozing, throbbing pussy.

“Ummnngghh!” Laura groaned.  “Oh! Unh… unh!”

She was so close. She strained and arched her back, her churning hips rising off the bed. She clenched. Makeeda’s mouth was glued to her pussy. Her clit was inside Makeeda’s mouth.

” Makeeda hummed, the smile in her voice coming through her hum, her joy at having brought Laura to this point obvious

Deep Space (An erotic sci-fi adventure)

by Scarlet Wood

In DEEP SPACE, Captain Estrada is preparing to land on a strange, unexplored planet. His chief medical officer, Felicity, is going too, as soon as she’s finished inspecting every member of the crew.

DEEP SPACE is a story of adventure, science and threesomes.

An 8500 word short story.

The President’s Son: Political Fiction (Scandalous)

by D.W. Simon

WARNING! This story contains gay romance and explicit details of sex and violence.

The President’s closeted gay son and the junior Senator from California share a kiss seen around the world…

The public doesn’t know that Captain James McNeely is gay. As if the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy isn’t enough to keep him quiet, being the son of the President of the United States also requires him to be discreet.

But his secret isn’t kept safe for long. At a state dinner, James meets a man who makes his heart flutter: Senator Malcolm Richardson. Their instant chemistry leads to a private New Year’s Eve dinner. The dinner ends with a kiss.

The kiss ends up on the front page of the news.

The scandal almost ruins James’ career. He is sent away on a mission to shield him away from the press. But there are more menacing forces at work than a full-scale media assault… and unknowingly, James falls into the trap of a sinister villain intent on kidnapping and torture.


Malcolm was melting as James kneaded his ass. His body was strumming with pleasure, and all they had done was some kissing and light stroking.

He moved his hands down and undid the two or three buttons of James’s shirt, feeling his erection smooth into the silky hair on James’s belly. The top of Malcolm’s thigh pressed into the bulge under James’s underwear. He kept a slight, lazy, random pattern of pressure going as he kissed James. Malcolm loved tweaking James’s nipples, hearing him moan against his lips. He was leaking against the furry belly beneath him; he could feel the slight pull from the hair.

He kept going, wondering when James would stop him. But that moment never came, despite James’s ragged, pained breathing and heavy moans into his mouth. Then Malcolm felt his belly quiver beneath his cock and his legs tense under his. James threw his head back and moaned, crying out as the spasms of completion racked his body. Malcolm’s thigh became sticky from his release and it was by the barest margins that he kept from following James over the edge.


Malcolm grabbed James’s face and kissed him, his legs opening slightly and James simply slipped right between them. As he moved restlessly, his cock slipped and nestled in Malcolm’s crack, brushing against his opening.

Without even breaking for breath, James was pushing slightly, pushing inside, just breaching the entrance. No lube, no preliminaries, just pushing gently. It burned a bit, but he didn’t say no. James broke away, panting.

“Why’d you stop?” Malcolm asked, breathing hard.

“No pain. No hurt.”

James reached to the bedside table and the lube there before coating his fingers, tracing the path his cockhead had travelled. Slicking, preparing, moving slowly, tenderly. James cupped another handful and slicked himself more than generously before pressing into Malcolm, not stopping, going deep, driving harder and harder…


by Pippa Darcy

“For fans of Downton Abbey who just wish the good-looking characters would get their kit off…”

“A fast, filthy read that is perfect for the airport lounge or a quiet evening in with a bottle of wine…”

It is 1917 and twenty-one year old Mary White’s world is about to change dramatically. Hired as a maid at the stunningly beautiful country home known as Aldon Hall, Mary quickly finds out that, above the sweat and hard work of the service staff, there is a world of luxury and extravagance that she never knew existed.

The young and ambitious Mary becomes besotted with the head of the household, Lord Witton. A man who has had the responsibility of Aldon Hall thrust upon him when his father died.

Shocked but thrilled by what she witnesses and experiences at Aldon Hall, Mary decides everything that Aldon Hall has to offer… should be hers.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Gamer Hipster Gangbang

by Hannah Wilde

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY. This is a short story featuring explicit sexual acts. All characters within are consenting adults, 18 years and older.

Lauren’s been a gamer girl her entire life, but when college starts to get in the way she gives it up for a life of studying diligently while her boyfriend and his buddies hog the TV.

When her jealous boyfriend makes a bet against her skills behind the controller, Lauren puts her body on the line and wins big. Suddenly, Lauren finds herself in the middle of the hottest multi-player action she could’ve ever imagined.

This is a funny and filthy short story. It is 6,100+ highly explicit words, containing rough sex, gangbangs, double penetrations, cuckolding, and of course, hipsters.

Love Me If You Can

by Hank Brooks

The rules are pretty clear for good friends and occasional fuck buddies Joe and Yuri: no getting involved, and lovers are not allowed to spend the night.
But things change on the night before Joe’s 40th birthday. Yuri comes over and they make passionate love. After their second session, Yuri falls asleep, and instead of waking him up to send him on his way, Joe cuddles up to him.

Joe thought he didn’t want to get involved, but his feelings for Yuri confuse him. He even admits to himself that he loves Yuri, but he just can’t bring himself to say it.

On Christmas eve, Joe leaves his office early to buy a Christmas present for Yuri. Then he drops by a cocktail lounge, where he encounters two men who will push his relationship with Yuri to the next level – or destroy it altogether. First he meets a sobbing man who looks just like an older version of himself. The stranger laments about being old and being alone because he has pushed the people around him away.

After the man leaves, another older man comes into the lounge and tells Joe he is alone. Joe is shocked to see that the man resembles an older Yuri!

Joe decides he doesn’t want to grow old alone. He runs back to Yuri’s apartment to confess his feelings… no matter what the consequences.


Joey got up to leave.  He had enough.  “You’re crazy, old man, and I don’t have to listen to this garbage.”

“Don’t bother to leave,” the stranger said.  “I was just going.  Thanks for the drink.”  He got up and walked away so quickly that it left Joey stunned.  He took a sip of his cocktail and tried to make sense of what had just happened.  As he was musing, another older man shuffled in and sat down in the spot vacated by the stranger Joey had just been talking to.

“A martini,” the man ordered.  Joey looked at the man and did a double take.

‘My God,’ he thought. ‘That’s what Yuri might look like in about thirty years.’

Seduced By My College Professor (Student Teacher Seduction)

by Lydia J. Farnham

Brenda is feeling lost and unhappy in her college biology course – a course she really needs to pass! David is her brilliant, hot, and passionate professor. She has been attracted to him since the first day she walked into class. Now she’s all alone with him in his office, and her tutoring session is going to turn into a lesson in uncontrollable lust.

WARNING: This 4,700+ word erotic story contains a young woman’s sexually explicit encounter with her college professor in his office. All characters are over the age of eighteen.


“Never say that again, okay?” he said. “I don’t think that about you, and I don’t want you thinking it either.”

He looked down at her so intensely that she didn’t know what to think. Her hands wanted to reach out and slip across his chest so very badly. She couldn’t do that though, could she?

His eyes were soft and warm, and his hand never left her. He was just cupping her chin now, and staring back down at her.

When their lips met, it happened so suddenly and fiercely that she wasn’t sure who started it.

She realized she was finally free to touch him. Free to explore that hard, warm torso she had been looking at all day. He drew in a sharp breath when her hand met his chest, and pressed itself against him through the fabric of his shirt.

Their lips touched, parted, tongues probed and flicked against one another. She didn’t want to open her eyes because she was afraid of breaking the spell.

Then his hand found her breast. She gasped when he cupped it, and squeezed it very gently.

She was suddenly growing very warm and wet. It almost never happened that fast. Usually she needed a man to coax and caress her gently and patiently before she started to grow squishy for him. Not here though. There was already a warm ball growing deep in her belly, a heat that wanted him inside of her, soon.

She pulled back and looked up at him now. He looked back at her with open lust, his hand still on her breast.

If she pulled away now, what would he do? Probably stop. Maybe even be embarrassed that he’d gone over the line in the teacher-student relationship.

Did she want that?

No. Not at all.

Passion Play

by John Phythyon

How far would you go to protect your beliefs?

Juliette’s way of life is in danger. Make that her very existence.

She’s a witch. She heals the sick. She makes crops grow. She helps people fall in love.

But not if Charles III can help it. The prince is about to ascend the throne of Cotreur, and he’s pledged his first act will be to outlaw magic. After all, it’s only practicable by women, and it sets one before the gods. It must come from The Dark One. Some witches are even said to be able to steal a man’s will during sex.

Juliette isn’t about to let a mad zealot of a king hurt her. She’s not going to give up her art to satisfy the twisted ideas of a religious extremist.

She’ll need an ally, though. Bishop Gerard has a much more reasonable view of things. He may be a church official, but he has a much more progressive view of women and magic than Charles. And Gerard doesn’t mind throwing off his vow of celibacy when the mood strikes him. Especially with Juliette. Perhaps she can use him to alter the prince’s plans.

Charming the bishop is no trouble. But if his pleas fall on deaf ears, if Charles won’t listen to reason, then Juliette will just have to try something a little more desperate, something a little more extreme.

Juliette will use every magic available to her – including sex – to preserve her position. If Charles insists on enacting his misogynistic laws, then he is going to fall victim to her passion play.

Originally released as “The Coronation of King Charles III,” “Passion Play” is a short story that examines the collision of religion and politics, of fundamentalism and feminism. Exciting, sexy, and tense, it follows one woman’s desperate pursuit of freedom from persecution. Author John R. Phythyon, Jr. (“Sleeping Beauty: A Modern Fairy Tale”, State of Grace, Red Dragon Five) offers another taut thriller packed with page-turning adventure and thoughtful commentary on modern society. How far would you go to protect your beliefs?

Click “Look Inside” above to read a sample!

Divine Guilt

by Hank Brooks

Jason is a 19-year-old virgin who believes he’s going to hell for acting on his masturbation fantasies. Raised as a devout Catholic, his religion is keeping him from becoming a healthy, happy gay man.

He always feels guilty every time he acts on his lustful thoughts, and runs to the church to offer prayers for forgiveness. One night, he decides to ask for help from outside the church. He decides to call the hotline of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

A gay man named Mark answers the call and helps the distraught Jason as much as he could… including inviting Jason to attend a more inclusive, gay friendly church one Sunday.

The two young men meet for the first time, and the sermon makes Jason feel a little bit better. But when they are both in Mark’s apartment and they kiss, Jason‘s reluctance and guilt once again threaten to overwhelm him. Can he successfully fight his demons to lead a healthy and happy life with Mark? Will he be able to reconcile his religious beliefs with his identity?

This story is also known as “My Demons”


He kept on entering me until I could feel his pubic hair on my hairless butt.  Then he stopped and lay perfectly still.  He let his upper body fall slowly on top of me until we were lying parallel to each other.  

I could feel the occasional twitch of his cock inside of me, but still he did not move.  The pain was gone, and the knowledge that the man I loved was inside of me added to the pleasure I felt.  I thought that life could not get any better than this.

“Are you all right?” he asked with genuine concern.  I prayed inwardly that his concern meant that he loved me too, and that he feared hurting me.  All the while, his tongue was tickling me inside my ear.

“I’m great and I love it,” I answered.   “When are you going to stop talking and fuck me?”

21 Voyeur Stories

by Rosy Best

Adults Only Erotica 18+

Take a peek or two from behind the curtain of erotica with 21 stories of the voyeuristic nature.

Featuring the stories

1.Out By The Pool

2.A Webcam Affair

3.The Secret Room

4.The Voyeur Club

5.Hello Vicar

6.You’ve Got To Be Joking

7.A Conversation About Lesbianism

8.The Web Show


10.Bathing Beauty

11.Fantasy Lover

12.A Conversation About Voyeurism


14.The Stripper

15.I Don’t Know If It’s Art

16.Dirty Pictures

17.Naughty Neighbour

18.Army Wife

19.Perking Up The Old Sex Life

20.Caught Out

21.Snap Away

Child of Chaos – Son of Vengeance (Prologue)

by Jennifer Stevens

Description:Jax Weller was on his way out. He had made the ultimate choice for the benefit of his family. The
night that he and his beloved wife Kara and their two sons were set to escape the world of
violence and danger that they had lived in someone else had other plans.

Now he is one his own, travelling through this world, all alone. He seeks revenge, he seeks peace, he
seeks forgiveness. He has no idea that what he seeks is about to be his, but can he accept what it is
that he is looking for when he gets it.

approx. 11,600 words.

Excerpt:I want you to cum inside me; I’m on the pill, it’s OK!” she said. He smiled. He was a biker
and to deny him that would have been an insult to him and his way of life. I’m glad she’s the
kinda girl who’s willing
, he thought as he rammed into her, giving her what he had. It was
more than she expected to be sure, and when they were done he lay beside her on the bed
catching his breath.

You’re incredible” he said.


Read on to find out and make sure you don’t miss out on the following three stories in the series.

Erotic Stories (+18)


Erotic Stories by ESNYA ES (+18)

Eighteen erotic stories of all kinds, straight, gay, lesbian, and let yourself get seduced.

Sin Sin (The Secret Degradation Series Book #3)

by Erik Eville

Jenny is okay now with dropping out of college. She discovered sex with two hot guys from the result. But, now the hot brothers have plans for her. Travis needs money for drugs and Blake wants to watch her have sex with other men to satisfy his voyeurism. The only hope is the very attractive Dr. Mirin to save her, Travis’ supposed rehab doctor.

The Spanish Villa

by gareth matthews

A adult only story

The Transformation Of Anthony Lovelace (Forced fem Trilogy)

by Ashlee Rivers

Anthony Lovelace loves to dress up as a woman and parade around the house. He buys his clothes secretly by mail and has them shipped to the local postal box. He loves dressing and teasing men but has no desire to be a woman or to be loved by a man.

His wife Linda does not appreciate the time that he spends dolling up and resents that he is not with her. She meets a man at work that treats her like the woman she deserves to be. She falls in love with Carlos and wants to marry him. The only thing that stands in Linda’s way is her mutant husband and his aberrant fetish.

She and Carlos devise a clever and permanent way to transform Anthony permanently into the woman he really does not desire to be. First phase is his feminization; the second phase is boob reconstruction surgery; and the final phase is gender reassignment surgery. Each phase a story of its own in the Forced Fem Series

He Was a Stranger: An Explicit Erotica Story

by Brooke Weldon

I couldn’t believe it when my computer crashed! The guy I usually had fix things was out of town but he promised to send someone over. I got more and more frustrated as I waited but the guy who showed up was worth the wait! He fixed more than my computer, too. Rough sex got my central processing unit running smoothly again!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sex with a stranger so only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

He was tall, built, dressed like a construction worker and had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen! My cunt twitched and I felt the thin cotton crotch of my panties get moist. I just stared at him, and shook my head and let him in. I asked him if he had the right place, and he told me that Matt (my computer guy) sent him over. He also apologized (not that he needed to) for the way he was dressed, he explained that he was a carpenter by trade, but fixed computers for some extra cash on the side. Oh be still my fucking heart, or should I say pussy!

Kinky Kuma: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story

by Brooke Weldon

From the moment I saw her, I knew I needed to have her. It was strange because I’d never been with a woman before. For Kuma, though, I was willing to make an exception. Hell, I was willing to make an exception and stick with it forever. When I had my first lesbian sex experience, I wanted it to be with her.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex and lesbian seduction. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

Her name was Kuma, and she was just as exotic as her name. She had that skin color that reminded of a cup of coffee with the perfect amount of cream in it, her hair hung down her back and stopped just above her heart shaped ass, her legs were toned, her lips were full with a slight pout, and her eyes were the brightest blue I had ever seen. When she spoke, her accent drove me insane. This woman was a goddess, and I knew that I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with her. So, I just admired her from a distance and fucked myself thinking of how she would taste when I was home alone. Now, I feel the need to explain this, I am not a lesbian, I mean I don’t date women, have never had sex with one, but for Kuma, I would be willing to switch teams. I knew she was into girls because I overheard some of my coworkers talking about it. I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe them, but that though sent quivers right to my sex and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from moaning out loud.

Lust by Lisa: Ten Hardcore Explicit Erotica Stories

by Lisa Vickers

Lisa Vickers is an erotica author that likes to cover all the bases. You’ll hit a homerun with this collection no matter your particular fancy. Looking for first anal sex? Maybe you want to see rough group sex and double penetration. Perhaps a sweet first lesbian experience is what you want. Maybe you’d like to read a good old fashioned erotic romance. Whatever you’d like, this is the collection for you!

1. Auctioned for Ass: A First Anal Sex Short

Daphne is happy to be auctioned for a dance at the Daugherty Foundation fundraiser, but when Aaron Daugherty himself bids an impossible sum for the dance, she’s amazed. Before the night is through Daphne will have her first reluctant anal sex experience!

2. Two Cocks and Me: A Rough Double Team Double Penetration Short

Katie knew Tad had a roommate, but she didn’t know that Arthur was invited to join them. Before long, Katie is in the midst of an explosive double team sex encounter, complete with rough sex, deepthroat, and her first anal sex in the form of double penetration!

3. Tina Takes on Two: A Playful Double Team Short

When her husband’s best friend Perry comes by to watch the football game, Tina is mortified to discover she’s worn clothing too revealing and he’s caught a glimpse of her breast! Before long, she’ll have both of the men inside her in a wife share double team sex encounter that includes a scorching hot double penetration!

4. Waking Up Completely Full! Surprised by My Gardener: A First Anal Sex Short

She only wanted to catch some rays in the privacy of her own backyard, and since the fences were high and it was private, why not shed the suit and avoid the tan lines. It seemed like a good idea, but when she woke up with her pussy full of cock and her gardener moving on top of her, she had to rethink the situation!

5. My Boss, Her Tongue, Her Fingers, and Me: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short

She didn’t realize her boss was interested in more than her opinion! Soon, the lovely eighteen year old girl has her very first lesbian sex experience complete with oral sex and fisting!

6. Wife Share in the Backroom: A Group Sex Erotica Story by Lisa Vickers

Who would have thought that a search for a costume would lead me to a group sex experience in a clothing shop’s backroom complete with my first lesbian experience and rough sex!

7. Dominated by Winnie: A First Lesbian Experience Erotica Story

Winnie turns on the seduction, and she’s only interested in how Alicia will eventually feel, not how she feels about it at the start! Of course, bondage makes everything a little easier when Alicia has to learn the joys of submission.

8. Sharing My Husband: An FFM First Lesbian Threesome Erotica Story

On my thirty-fifth birthday, I got a present from Arielle. She and my husband and I were celebrating when suddenly it turned into an incredible first lesbian experience for me, and when my husband joined in, it was the icing on my birthday cake!

9. When the Waves Crash Over the Pots: An Erotica Romance Short Story

Peace is coming for a lonely and devastated widow but it comes unexpectedly, in the form of a handsome and wonderful crabber named Crosby.

10. The Bride’s Rough Double Team: An MFM Rough Sex Erotica Story

It’s the day before Marilyn’s wedding, and she’s having a tough time with pre-wedding jitters. A couple of men know exactly how to take care of her stressâ??a red-hot threesome complete with bondage, rough sex and double penetration.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sexual encounters. It includes BDSM, first lesbian sex, wife swap, first anal sex, rough sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Pamela at The Re-union

by Trish Maine

Trish Maine is back with some reunion memories, if you are easily offended by dirty sex stories then stay away from this copy for it is intentionally written to sexually annoy you. like she always say on most of her adult work “YOUR SEXUAL FANTASIES ARE NOW RIDDEN BY A CRAZY WOMAN. PLEASE!!! TO THE SEXUALLY DOCILE, INNOCENT AND WEAK, TAKE THE BACK SEAT – THIS STUFF IS HOT….. NO OFFENSE”

Try the kids Conner

Spanked and Bent Over: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story (Red Cheeks)

by Connie Hastings

When I met Jesse at the bar, I was immediately attracted to him. He was perfectly smooth but I was like a clumsy oaf. In fact, I spilled my drink on him and I felt dreadfully embarrassed. He was gentlemanly, though. Like an idiot, I made an offhand flirtatious comment. I never realized he’d take me seriously but when we got to his hotel he not only spanked me but also gave me my first anal sex experience!

Warning: This ebook contains explicit sexual content. In includes erotic spanking, domination, rough sex, first anal sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

Just the thought that he was naked under that thing made me tremble. I downed my drink and let the liquor burn its way down my throat. Braced, I stepped up to him and he pulled me close for a kiss. It was another one of those claiming kisses, and in the back of my mind I rebelled against it. The front of my mind and my entire body, though, melted into his embrace and eagerly returned the kiss. He held me like that for a minute or so, just exploring every bit of my lips, tongue and mouth with his. Finally, he pulled me away and led me to the couch, where he sat down and pulled me on top of him.

At first, I thought he’d just clumsily pulled me into an awkward position. I wasn’t straddling him. I was bent over his knee. I started to lift myself up, but he put his hand between my shoulder blades to keep me in place. With his other hand he lifted up my skirt and yanked my panties down to my knees. Nobody had ever been so forceful with me, and my immediate inclination was to revolt against it, but for some strange reason I didn’t. Instead, I just stayed in place bent over like that trying to wrap my head around what was happening. He left my panties at my knees and ran his hand up my left thigh, down my right thigh, and then back up my left. When he finished stroking me his hand rested over my ass.

“I’m thinking thirty is appropriate,” he said.

I had no idea what the hell he meant. I knew that I loved the feel of his hand on me and I felt a delicious thrill that his other hand was still on my back and holding me in place. “Thirty?”

“Thirty spanks,” he said.

Spanked by a Group: A Rough Sex Erotica Story (Red Cheeks)

by Connie Hastings

When I found out my roommate was a high class call girl I was shocked. When she asked me to cover an appointment with a special client I was even more shocked. When she told me it would involve sleeping with a group of people and being spanked, it shocked me even more. The most shocking thing of all, though, was that I did it! It was my first lesbian sex, my first gangbang, and my first sexy spanking all rolled into one.

Warning: This ebook contains explicit sexual content. In includes erotic spanking, rough sex, first lesbian sex, group sex, and more.Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

Okay. I know that sounds crazy but there was a simple reason. Ten thousand dollars plus tips. Evidently, the forty or fifty people who showed up each paid several hundred dollars to be there. Depending on the total number of members who showed up, they drew lots to see who’d get to play with Regina and who’d have to watch andâ?¦well, and play with themselves. Regina told me she typically made about thirteen thousand dollars. In one night, she made more than five times as much as I made in a month. She did these parties every three weeks or so, and she had other clients. She had to be pulling in something in the neighborhood of thirty or forty thousand dollars every month.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t fully honest about the reason. The money was only part. I think the real reason I agreed came from a comment she made. When I understood just how much money she made I asked why the hell she’d advertised for a roommate. She told me she’d wanted a friend. She’d rented to me because when she interviewed me about moving in she’d decided she wanted to be my friend.

So I said yes.

I said yes and I was naked. I said yes and I was bent over an overstuffed ottoman in the center of a large room with overstuffed couches and high-backed chairs. I said yes and my arms were behind my back, tied at the wrists. I said yes and I was looking at seven people who would use me any way they wanted. I said yes and it really wasn’t until that very moment that I understood the actual reality of what I’d said yes to.

That last sentence wasn’t accurate. One of the men stepped forward and grabbed my hair. He lifted my head up, and when he pulled my hair it made me yelp. The yelp opened my mouth, and he pushed inside. I suppose it was when my mouth was filled with a stranger’s cock that I really understood the reality of my situation.

Spanked by Steve and Sarah: An FFM Threesome Story with Erotic Spanking (Red Cheeks)

by Connie Hastings

Karen is caught stealing by her husband and wife bosses. She has a choice. She can let them punish her or she can deal with the police. Who would have thought that she’d love the hard spanking and the rough sex during her very first FFM threesome?

Warning: This ebook contains explicit sexual content. In includes erotic spanking, rough sex, domination, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

“That’s not what I mean, Deb.” She turned my head to look at her again. “I want to know why you didn’t come to us. You know we would have helped.”

For five years I’d cleaned their house, watched their kids, and grown to love them. I started to cry again.

“She was ashamed, Sarah,” Steve said. “She was ashamed of her brother.” The words hit home and I felt worse about what he said than I did about being caught. In fact, it was a horrible enough statement that my tears stopped, replaced with a kind of numb despair.

“Is that true, Deborah?” Sarah asked. I could only nod mutely. Softly she said, “Well, I have some experience in that department.” I looked up at her with hope for the first time since the whole situation started but she continued. “Nonetheless, what you did hurt us very deeply and it was a terrible betrayal.”

“Sarah?” She turned and looked at her husband. Steve said, “Perhaps there’s a way we could handle punishing Karen without having to go to the police.” I was, of course, grateful but I was also confused because it almost looked like Sarah smiled at the suggestion.

“Let’s see what the little crook has to say?” She turned to me and there was no doubt about it at all. She was definitely smiling. “What if you agreed to let Steve and I punish you. For the rest of the day you have to agree to anything we say. After that, we all pretend nothing happened at all. You still have your job and that’s that.”

I was shocked, and I was also a little scared. “Umâ?¦what would I have to do?”

She smiled again and this time there was plenty of maliciousness in her smile. “We will make you do anything we want, Karen. We’ll spank you until you think you’ll never sit down again and both of us will fuck you until you cry.”

Fear washed over me but also a strange and sudden surge of desire.

Taken By The Outlaw Biker And His Gang 2

by Tiffany Madison

“I don’t think we can trust her without some sort of initiation.”

The fearless leader of the Siblings Of Freedom motorcycle gang, a man named Mercy, offers me a job. He wants me to help organize the gang’s finances and since I’m good at math, it’s the perfect job for me.

There’s one big problem, though. Women aren’t allowed in the gang. Mercy decides to take me me to meet two other leaders, Blake and Johnny. He says if they can learn to trust me, then they will mostly likely let me on board.

But Blake and Johnny are not easily convinced that I’m trustworthy, especially when they realize that I’m the daughter of Donny, the man who almost got the gang into some serious trouble with the law.

How far will I go to convince them that I’m worthy of the job? Will I let these three men have their way with me hard and without protection so that they will let me be part of the most notorious outlaw motorcycle club in the state?

This 7000 word story features not one, but three, tattooed and muscular outlaw gang leaders taking control of a beautiful and innocent 18 year old girl.

Ten Displays: Ten Sex In Public Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Here are ten red hot stories of public sex. Out in the open and on display. Maybe there’s nothing sexier than the thought of sex in front of an audience. You can read them in private, but where’s the fun in that?

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of public sex including rough sex, group sex, and more. Only adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this collection.

1. Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short by Geena Flix

Hollie has a big crush on Grady, the senior frat boy, but she’s only a freshman and doesn’t think he likes her. So, she’s very surprised when he invites her to a party at his country club. She gets even more surprised when he abandons the girls surrounding him and takes the young college girl to a bench, where he bends her over and fucks her right in public, and she even has her first anal sex!

2. Gangbanged by the Sailors: A Rough and Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk

It was always fun, and I loved the way the sailors showed me attention. I got a little more attention than I’d expected this time, though! Before I knew it, I had one in my mouth, one in my pussy, and one in my tight little, untouched ass!

3. Keeping the Fans Happy: Porn Star Sex on Webcam by Maggie Fremont

For a young and popular adult entertainer, it can be a challenge to keep fans interested instead of switching allegiance to the next pretty face that comes along. For Sandra Swallows, the plan is simpleâ?¦she’s going to screw a fan. Not only that, and boy is this fan in for a treat with deep throat, and red-hot sex that will leave him reeling. The best part of all? It’s all on webcam!

4. Not Where You All Can See Me! A Public Sex Erotica Story by Andi Allyn

Her date heads for the manager, but Charlene is headed for the stage, unwittingly made a part of the evening’s entertainment, and everyone will be entertained because Charlene will be stripped naked, taking on a masked stranger with a massive cock!

5. Nothing but the Puka Shell Necklace: A Public Sex Erotica Story by Angela Ward

I was out of town and wanted to unwind, so it was natural that I gravitated to the beach party, but boy was it a different kind of party! Before I really knew what was happening, I was naked and right in the midst of a college student orgy!

6. Sally’s Backyard: A Group Sex in Public Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

I was only at College for two weeks when I realized just how much the four of us would share. In this case, it was Cynthia’s boyfriend, and we all shared him right in the backyard!

7. The Bookworm Gets Banged: A Public Sex MFF Threesome Erotica Short by Kaddy DeLora

She’s just a demure and conservative librarian, but when the security guards mess up and a Goth couple end up in the library after hours, she can’t help but be attracted. It’s a hardcore and explicit sex in public short!

8. The Stranger in the Alley: A Very Rough Public Sex Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz

Samuel’s complete domination over Elizabeth is becoming more and more apparent, and she finds herself in a pub picking up a stranger for sex just so she can relate the experience to Samuel later. Lloyd has darkness within him, though, and this won’t be sweet and gentle.

9. Threesome in the Park: An FFM Erotica Story of Sex in Public by Amy Dupont

I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled upon a couple having sex in a secluded area of the park, and I couldn’t help but stare. Before I could wrap my head around what was happening, I was joining in!

10. Waking Up Completely Full! Surprised by My Gardener: A First Anal Sex Short by Lisa Vickers

She only wanted to catch some rays in her own backyard, so why not shed the suit and avoid the tan lines. It seemed like a good idea, but when she woke up with her pussy full of cock and her gardener moving on top of her, she had to rethink the situation!

A Knight in the Forest

by Gideon Elliot

“There is no way to grace but through despair…”
A knight, disenchanted by the faraway battles he has fought, returns home to his late father’s castle. He quickly realizes it is in hopeless disrepair, and he leaves again to build a life for himself elsewhere.
As he journeys through the forest, he encounters a dark-haired woman who enchants him into becoming her slave for 5 long years. But as it becomes clear that nothing will come of their union, the woman releases the knight but curses him: he will seek love but will never find it.
The knight rides his horse again and continues on his way, coming across a settlement. It is a monastery for a Roman brotherhood, where men live off their land and share in its work and its joys together. They also share each other.
The knight lives with them for months with gladness in his heart, until he meets another companion who becomes very special to him.  But the exclusivity of their bond does not go over well with the others, who say it’s a contradiction to the rules of the order and the spirit of their brotherhood.
The knight has just found a home, and someone he can give his heart to. How can he choose one over the other? What path will the knight take now? And what other curses – and gifts – will he find in the forest? 
With strength drawn from the barks of trees and herbs buried deep in the forest, she led him to her bed. He saw her as a blazing, blurry figure shrouded in a fog, sending off the icy colors of diamonds struck by the rays of a winter moon.
When he was drained of poisonous infections, she mounted him and gazed upon him till he rose and straight inserted him inside her and pulled from him what little life was left to fertilize her barren womb with laughing hope.
He wandered through her cavernous depths, afraid and aggrieved with a loneliness that picked at the bones of his soul.

The Man Who Recreated Himself – Third Edition

by Lazlo Ferran

This edition is totally revised with amendments and new typesetting.

The screaming of jet-engines, ripping open the night, probably woke the residents of the Devon farmhouse seconds before the plane slammed into the slate-tiled roof and thick white walls. It was just another attack by a government determined to wipe out the cult of James Brennan. This one would leave masonry, twisted metal and broken bodies strewn across the moor for nearly a mile.

James Brennan is the Man Who Recreated Himself. A philosopher and writer with dangerous religious ideas, he paints himself into a corner with a terrified Liberal government. His friends, which include an archbishop, a high ranking general, and the stunning, sexually liberated Melody — darling of the paparazzi, close ranks around him while the Secret Service spooks try to eliminate him without alienating the Government’s precious public. On the brink of Revolution, Britain is split into those who want his blood, and those that believe that this man, at the centre of an ever-expanding cult, could be the Messiah.

Also read the first chapter of Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate for Free -solve the Secret Codes in Ordo Lupus, and read the first chapter of the Iron I: Too Bright the Sun for FREE.

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Her Demon Lover (Book 3, Erotic Romance Stories)

by C.S. Clark

***Content warning: For adults only!***

Sandy Collins had enough. She wanted everything back to how things were. She swears she’ll do anything just to reverse that silly spell she should not have made in the first place. But can Sandy undo things?

Will Jeff still loves her just as she was and not because of what the spell did to her?

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