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CLOAK – Lost Son of the Crested Folk (The Wish trilogy)

by Russell Thomson

Cloak; the irony of his own name weighed heavily on his young shoulders. He is nearing his sixteenth year but unlike his peers, he has yet to grow a crest, a crown of spines whose form and degree will determine his role and standing in society. He cloaks his head and hides away, fretting constantly on what the future holds for him and unaware that others conspire to write his future for him. He is not what he appears. He is a well guarded secret, a potent force nurtured from birth by dark majic, a weapon of war, a renderer and a conduit to majic from the earth’s core.
His true name and birthright are known only to only one man, the king. Concealed by the sovereign, his crestless years in Delta Crossing were hidden from the eyes of the seers and the touch of the tellers. It is not destined to last. The king’s plans to recover the boy go awry and as his cresting day approaches, the swirling mists of time grow momentarily still. Prying eyes now spy him out, men who both lust after his power and fear it in equal measure. It is now that fate and majic intervene.
In the kingdom of the Crested Folk, threads of coloured majic flow freely through the earth. It is as vital to their lives as the air they breathe and is freely given by Mother Earth. Majic flows through all who bear a crest, but for those fortunate few blessed with a high crest, majic can be summoned, shaped and wielded. The grander the crest, the deeper and more powerful the colour of majic that can be drawn. This rainbow of colours is put to many uses but powerful as they are, they are naught compared to the power of the black and white.
Throughout history, the summoning of white has been the preserve of the Troll, the pure core majic fuelling their powerful charms. Black is never summoned; such majic seeks out its own vessel and bonds to it for life. Amongst the crested folk, such a talent is rarer than rare, indeed, with the passing of the centuries such a vessel has become little but a character of myth. Yet it is true.
In the hands of the chosen, black majic is timeless, it is yesterday and tomorrow, it is life and death. Cloak’s world is about to be turned upside down but who will ultimately succeed in shaping the boy’s fate?

The Cracked Slipper (The Cracked Slipper Series)

by Stephanie Alexander

When Eleanor Brice unexpectedly wins the heart of Gregory Desmarais, Crown Prince of Cartheigh, she’s sure she’s found her happily-ever-after. Unfortunately, Prince Charming has a loose grip on his temper, a looser grip on his marriage vows, and a tight grip on the bottle.

Eight years of mistreatment, isolation and clandestine book learning hardly prepare Eleanor for life at Eclatant Palace, where women are seen, not heard. According to Eleanor’s eavesdropping parrot, no one at court appreciates her unladylike tendency to voice her opinion. To make matter worse, her royal fiancé spends his last night of bachelorhood on a drunken whoring spree. Before the ink dries on her marriage proclamation Eleanor realizes that she loves her husband’s best friend, former soldier Dorian Finley.

Eleanor can’t resist Dorian’s honesty, or his unusual admiration for her intelligence, and soon both are caught in a dangerous obsession. She drowns her confusion in charitable endeavors, but the people’s love can’t protect her from her feelings. When a magical crime endangers the bond between unicorns, dragons, and the royal family, a falsely accused Eleanor must clear her own name to save her life. The road toward vindication will force a choice between hard-won security and an impossible love.

The Cracked Slipper is a book club friendly fairytale retelling in the vein of Gregory Maguire, with a dash of romance. Set in a pseudo-renaissance, corset-and-petticoats enchanted kingdom, The Cracked Slipper brings a magical twist to women’s fiction.

“Stephanie Alexander gives happily ever after a mature dose of reality by combining magic with medieval conventions and male-dominant politics, adding a sophisticated and fantastical twist to the beloved Cinderella fairy tale. Readers who enjoy witches, wizards, unicorns, and dragons will be especially intrigued by the mythology behind the beautiful kingdom of Cartheigh.” — Anita Grace Howard, author of Splintered (Amulet Books)

Alexander weaves her fairytale world and modern day realities into a gripping
intricately braided story that kept me coming back to the page. Hauntingly
beautiful.” -Ann Hite, author of Ghost On Black Mountain (Gallery
Books/Simon and Schuster)

A Reckless Affair (The Dark Love Vampire Series)

by Ella Price

Volume 5 begins were volume 4 left off. Isabella’s reality has changed. She has changed. Her new abilities are exciting, but they come with consequences. Holding onto her humanity has become a constant challenge. Her friends are in danger and this time the enemy may be herself.

Darkest Before Dawn (The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight)

by Robert Jackson-Lawrence

They were too late.

Despite everything that they’d sacrificed, everyone that they’d lost, they were still too late to stop the army from the north.

Now, outnumbered and out gunned, the survivors from the Road Trains fight back against the force that has occupied their homeland, but Alexander seems to be one step ahead of them at every turn.

If it’s always darkest just before the dawn, what happens if the sun never rises?

Zephyr Phase Four

by Warren Hately

It’s 2013 on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The place is Atlantic City: a sweeping longitudinal metropolis rebuilt following widespread devastation in 1984. Superhumans are not only real, they’re human. All too human, as Nietzsche would say.

Zephyr is a “novel” alt.superhero adventure influenced by postliterary writing and Sturgeon’s law. The style is cynical, cinematic and systematically against standard expectations of the genre. Imagine if Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho was about costumed vigilantes rather than stockbrokers and you have half an idea.

Zephyr tells the story of a major, if somewhat jaded superhero in an alternate universe where New York City has been abandoned and the Beatles were a superhero team. Zephyr is a regular guy, but with powers, and it’s easy to wonder if his life might have been better without them as supervillains and other problems that only superhumans can deal with derail his efforts handling life.

In Phase Four, Zephyr’s past sins come back to haunt him as the threat of invasion by an army of superhumans from another parallel looms large over Atlantic City. Amid the chaos, and as he is forced off-world and beyond in a quest to save all those nearest and dearest to him, Zephyr finally closes in on Arsenal and the Demoness, his mother’s killers, just in time to discover everything he thought he knew about his secret past is not as it first seemed.

Sword of Spirit (Legendary Armor of God Series)

by David J. VanBergen Jr.

For 300 years, peace has reigned in the Southern Kingdom.  After forging that peace, the Armor of God disappeared from the world and became legend.  Over the centuries, even the legend faded into obscurity.

As the time approaches when the armor will again be needed, a young Druid begins a quest for a hero who will deliver hope to the Southern Kingdom.  That hero is a 16 year old boy who is years away from having the skills needed, but the Kingdom doesn’t have years to wait.

The fate of the Southern Kingdom rests on the shoulders of an untrained and untested hero who must find the armor and become the righteous warrior the Kingdom needs.  Can he find the armor and figure out how to save his friends, family, kingdom, and, ultimately, himself?

Crimson Midnight (The Crimson Series)

by Amos Cassidy

Rose wants excitement, bright lights and late nights, but she gets more than she bargained for when she swaps her wholesome country life for the hustle and bustle of London.

The city night is home to hungry shadows, eager to consume her.
Rose discovers there is more to this world than what the mundane eye sees, and that she herself is a part of it. Unexpected friendships are forged and unwanted, sometimes dangerous, attractions flare.

London becomes a playground for magic, danger and supernatural threat. While her life, and those of who she loves, hangs in the balance, she must endeavour to embrace her new nature and assist in identifying the hidden threat before it succeeds in its dark purpose.

An Urban Fantasy filled with moon-praising, flat-dwelling vampires, chic corporate werewolves, bar-tending warlocks, ravenous demons and much, much more.
Step insideâ?¦
**** 18+ AUDIENCES ONLY ****

In the Shadow of the Moonlight – The Awakening

by J. J. Bidell

Naomi Roberts lives in Germany and has been waiting for a chance to study abroad. Now she has finally received a scholarship for a semester in Maine. When her overprotective grandmother suddenly claims that Naomi will soon be transformed into a panther, like her great-grandmother Romina, Naomi dismisses it as a final and desperate attempt to keep her from leaving.
Having arrived in Maine, Naomi enjoys her student life with new friends and her first love, Roman. Even though she begins to sleepwalk, cannot shake the feeling of being watched, and feels magically drawn to a mysterious clearing in the woods, she never thinks about her grandma’s prophecy. Until her first transformation. And Naomi is not the only shape-shifter around, which not only exposes her to mortal danger, but Roman as well.

Due to reader feedback, the text was edited by Claudia Rapp – 01 October 2013 – I hope you will enjoy reading the revised edition of the novel.

Part 1 of the series – approx. 255 print pages – 57.133 words

Her heartbeat became louder, and was pounding now against her temples. She could hear her blood rush through her veins. Yet she continued walking, for Roman’s sake. Until she finally stood before the hotel entrance, which, contrary to her fearful expectations, offered enough space to step inside. She heard the voices of the other guests. Music came swirling from the inside, and blended with the noise inside her head. Step by painful step, she forced herself to enter the brightly lit hotel foyer; the room was threatening to crushed her.
Roman greeted a group of guests at the bar with a nod. Naomi hesitated. She just couldn’t go any further. Her feet seemed as heavy as lead. She looked for an exit. An arrow designated the way to the rest rooms. They were next to the entrance. The voices and noise in her head prevented her from thinking clearly. She only wanted to get out. Away from all the people, away from everything, even away from Roman. She stood still.
Roman turned to her. “Is everything really alright?”
Her insides screamed that it wasn’t. Absolutely nothing was right. She heard herself say Roman should lead the way to the bar, and order a glass of wine for her. She’d be with him in a couple of minutes. Apologetically, Naomi pointed to the sign leading to the restrooms, handed Roman her trench coat and hurried to the door. She stopped and turned back to Roman. He smiled at her before he turned away and headed for the bar. A new group of guests entered the hotel, flocked to the bar and obstructed her view of Roman. Naomi followed the sign down a narrow hallway to the rest rooms. The hallway looked suffocating and far too narrow for her to pass through. In desperation, she turned around again looking for Roman, who was standing at the bar with his back to her, before she stormed out of the hotel into the open.

Return To Salem: Divided (The Return Collection)

by Sonja Myburgh

In Book Two of the Return To Salem series, Adam and Cassidy, trapped in a strange and unfamiliar place, have to figure out how to get back home, while Gemma, Tyler and Ariel uncover another

deadly secret, threatening not only their lives but the lives of everyone they love.

Old bonds are broken and new bonds are formed, but things are not always as they seem, and

people are often not what they appear to be.

As the Four are separated, their loyalties are tested as a string of intricate lies unfold before their very eyes, shocking their cores in every way possible.

Hell’s Reward (The Age of Heroes)

by James Hudnall

Seven misfits and outcasts were brought together by fate. They are presented with a problem the gods themselves can’t solve. For the gods are no longer in the world.

They are Drake, the blind bard. Conor, a one-armed sell sword. Glinda the weaver. Mael, knight of the burning crystal. Wex, a Dalen monk. Luko and Aerwyn, clever thieves.

The actions of these seven will usher in a new age.

The Age of Heroes.

“James Hudnall is a writer that has been years ahead of his time for the entire time he’s been writing. There are a handful of people today taking credit for things that James Hudnall did decades ago. By buying this book you are supporting a true futurist.”

Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, Scarlett, Ultimate Spiderman, Marvel Comics)

The Key of Amatahns (Argetallam)

by Elisabeth Wheatley

Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns…

Zelda Pryce: The Clockwork Girl (Book 2)

by Joss Llewelyn

Zelda Pryce transforms her clients into
world-class athletes, rock stars, and crime fighters with her gorgeous arcane
prosthetic arms and legs. But strange events are threatening to destroy her
business. Her inventions come to life in the night, her clients are attacked in
broad daylight, and her best friend is framed for a series of terrible crimes
As the foremost expert on arcane devices in Washington DC, Zelda sets out to unravel these mysteries and protect her friends, but her investigation leads not only to a powerful corporation that wants to ruin her business but also to a young girl with a bizarre secret.
Return to Zelda’s world of arcane science where geometers build fantastical devices, alchemists transform the elements on a whim, and dowsers can find anything that’s ever been lost… including a certain runaway girl.
The Zelda Pryce trilogy of arcane adventures:
Book 1: The Razor’s Edge
Book 2: The Clockwork Girl
Book 3: The Demon Hunt

Europa: Freya the Huntress (Book 2)

by Joseph Robert Lewis

In the snowy highlands of Ysland, Freya’s sister is attacked by a diseased creature. Now, Freya has only a few hours to find a cure before her sister becomes a monstrous fox demon.
With her husband Erik and the young witch Wren, Freya explores deserted cities full of ghosts, meets lonely survivors on the edge of madness, and finally seeks answers in Rekavik where she meets the witch queen Skadi and her cruel warrior Leif Blackmane. Freya learns that the only person who can cure the demon plague is a certain traveler from a distant land, but he was murdered five years ago…
Viking warriors and ravening demons threaten her on all sides, but not even death itself will stop Freya from saving the people she loves.
The Europa trilogy of dark fantasy adventures:
Book 1: Omar the Immortal
Book 2: Freya the Huntress
Book 3: Wren the Fox Witch

Archon’s Gate (The Pelacia Chronicles)

by Scott Gamboe

Six years have passed since the end of the Third Necromancer War. But the lands have not known peace in the interim. With the king of Palimdom in failing health, and no clear heir, a brutal struggle for the throne has ripped the nation apart. And in recent months, a series of raids by Kobold soldiers is threatening to bring open warfare back to the entire continent.

The Unity Counsel has sent Elac and his friends to stop the raids and bring order back to the lands. Their task is made more difficult by encounters with strange, deadly creatures straight out of ancient mythology, which adds to the growing chaos on the Pelacian Continent.

Elac, Jayrne, Rilen, and the others race to solve the enigma of these incidents, a quest that will lead to a confrontation with a vile, evil power from a distant land. If they cannot shut down Archon’s Gate, the sinister forces that struggle against them will destroy their world.

In Your Dreams (The Afterlife Series)

by Gina Ardito

What sacrifice is too dear when the reward is eternal love?

Disillusioned Afterlife bounty hunter, Sean Martino, is transferred to the Probation Department, where he counsels recent suicide attempters by sending them subliminal messages while they’re asleep. But he’s unprepared to match wits with former child star, Isabelle Fichetti.

It’s not every day a woman gets to date a dead man. Although Sean’s appearance in her life isn’t exactly a dream-come-true for Isabelle, she likes having him around for scintillating conversation and trips to faraway places–all while never leaving her bed. Still, after years of abuse and abandonment, and with no rosy future to look forward to, she’s not about to give up on her plan to kill herself just because he asks.

After breaking the rules one too many times, Sean is cut off from all contact with Isabelle, but not before providing her with a reason to live. Now, she’ll choose the path her future takes and confront her greatest fear. Alone.

Unless Sean can find a way to fight for her from the other side…

The Piaras Legacy (The Pelacian Chronicles.)

by Scott Gamboe

Long ago, so the legends say, the Necromancer Volnor invaded the continent of Pelacia. His legions of undead soldiers ravaged the land unchecked, until the three nations united and pushed their evil foes back into the Desert of Malator. But that was centuries ago, and few people still believe the tale. Other, more worldly matters occupy their time, such as recent attacks by renegade Kobolds. But Elac, an elf who makes his way as a merchant, is too concerned with his business affairs to become involved in international politicsâ??until a marauding band of Kobolds attack Elac’s caravan and he finds himself running for his life. Befriended by an elfin warrior named Rilen, he travels to Unity, the seat of power on the Pelacian continent. There he is joined by a diverse group of companions, and he sets out on an epic quest to solve the riddle of his heritage and save the land from the growing evil that threatens to engulf it.

A Matter Of Faith

by Scott Gamboe

Sentinel Jocane has always been a faithful servant of the Church of Divine Silana. His skill with a sword was matched only by his piety. So when he was ordered to investigate an invasion by undead creatures, he obeyed without question. He would find the source of the stories and quell them. After all, the Church had long ago decreed that the undead could not possibly return.

What he finds will test his faith to its limits. Stripped of rank and declared a heretic, he nevertheless pledges his life to solving the mystery of the undead creatures. With the grudging help of people who had been his enemies only days before, Jocane strives to restore the integrity of the Church and defeat the growing evil that threatens the entire continent.

Underground Electric (Warnings to the Curious #2)

by S. Anderson Laatsch

SHORT FICTION —Warnings to the Curious #2

Three years past Michael Faraday’s tragic experiment, the Law of Electrical Restriction allows for the arrest and execution of criminal scientists. But teenager Casper Jackson knows a few people who do not adhere to this lawâ?¦and he knows where they hide.

Underground Electric – the second episode in the historical fantasy series Warnings to the Curious.


Excerpt from The First Niklaus Werner (Warnings to the Curious #3) available now.

The Ghost Dancer (Solutions)

by Brett Hainley

Freelance journalist, Jonathon Dalton, travels to west Texas for an exclusive interview with Michael O’Riordan, a man his friend claims can’t die. As the meeting progresses, O’Riordan relates the tale of his meeting with another immortal in a mining town where nothing is as it seems.

When Death Came on Holiday (When Death…)

by Kaylea Alderman

When Maxine and her boyfriend Benton take a summer holiday together in a villa on a private section of beach, she finds that he is not the sort of person she wants to be with and ends up stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Then after receiving a brutal beating from him, Maxine runs for her life right into the arms of a tall stranger who just happens to be on the beach.
Will this stranger help her or will it be a case of jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan?

Bearded Death

by Violet LaFave

A very short story with folk and fairy tale echoes.

The adventures of Oloorin and Co

by Mikael Lind

Leaving the city of Halbrock to continue journeying, the party stumble upon a rider fleeing from a group of orcs. He was fleeing from an attack on a caravan of refugee’s. Some of the refugees have been taken captive, the survivors plead to the party to get them back . The party then sets out on a quest to save the captives. As they press on, they find themselves taking part in something larger than just saving a few captives.

Using their ship The Flying Goblin, the party sails over a massive ocean to explore new lands. Reaching land, they hear that the king of their realm Yenendithas had passed away. Queen Hollyerris was looking for adventurers to help her, one of the castle’s artifacts had gone missing. Anyone that could retrieve it would be richly rewarded.

The Death of Hope — Part 4 Dead Men Walking (The Undead War)

by Dane Grannon

The plague worsens. Another storm threatens. The dead walk the decks. Captain Shorter prepares for the final showdown.

The Queen’s Cat (First Year at The Palace)

by David Rossmaur

When Queen Beatrice visits the royal family of Norway, she receives a lovely surprise gift, a cute fluffy kitten. She names the kitten Albert and brings him home to live in the palace. As Albert grows up he gets into all kinds of trouble.

Albert has many friends at the palace, including Isabelle the Chambermaid, Gerard the Butler, Angus the Chauffeur, Norman the Grenadier Guard, Princess Sophie, Prince Nicholas and his best friend Sergeant Major, the Magpie.

Albert travels to lots of lovely places with the Queen, meets lots of nice people and some not so nice. If Albert does not like you, then watch out. His favourite trick is rubbing his paws on the carpet and giving you a nasty electric shock, which can be painful.

Albert loves to roll in smelly horse poo and it’s usually left to Isabelle to bath him before the Queen finds out.

Life is good at the palace and Albert makes the most of his position as The Queen’s Cat.

Excalibur – The Last Quest (Adventure series)

by Roger Grubbs

Having found the Legendary Round Table of King Arthur, it is immediately discovered that only one thing is missing – Excalibur! Once in place, along with the twelve other swords, the magical powers of Camelot will be rekindled. Realizing the invincible power embodied in Excalibur will be transferred to its bearer, leads to a hunt with far reaching effects. With the power to rule the world at stake, everyone rushes into a frantic search to lay hold on this mystical, powerful sword. After weighing the consequences, the President of the United States took the lead role in the search. He had only one choice – solicit the help of the famous Dr. Andrew Rogers – an archeological expert – and his newly acquired assistant, Dr. Kathleen McGregor. Interrupting a dinner engagement used to celebrate their return from the last mission, In Search of Paradise, the duo must now find Excalibur at all costs. During their quest the two uncover more than they bargained for. Will they find Excalibur? What is the mystery that unites the Glastonbury Abbey, the Tintagel Castle, Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake? Can this mystery be solved in time to avert an event of catastrophic proportions?

The adventures of Oloorin and Co

by Mikael Lind

Following a group of rookie adventures led by the male barbarian Oloorin, they set out to find quests to undertake, monsters to slay and treasure to loot. In the hunt for quests to complete and for fame and riches, the party stumbles upon several quests that they undertake. This volume contains five of their first adventures which are…

The Werewolves of Dalruan, The Burning plague, An Icy Grave, Bloodbath and The Keep

The Wary Traveler

by M. C. Dulac

It’s midsummer in the European Alps. Four young Americans are traveling the well-worn trail, immersed in the noise and bars of the tourist towns. But Jim’s desire to get off the beaten track soon leads him deep into the mountains, where a summertime festival, ancient legends and charismatic strangers will guide him to a strange and unexpected destiny.

Coventry Tales

by Margaret Egrot

Coventry Tales is the new book inspired by the city and the people of Coventry. Fifteen local authors make up this colourful colection of nineteen short stories and poems, providing insights from Coventry’s past and present, narratives that explore the fabric of the city life and what makes it unique, stories that celebrate the life of Coventry and the people who inhabit her.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time and live in the Coventry of yesteryear? Or yearned to discover the mystic powers of the Coventry Ring? Want to know what Lady Godiva was like to live with, or see the wild zebras of Binley?

Here you will find all these stories and more. Written by some of Coventry’s finest writers, Coventry Tales provides a rich and colourful tapestry of stories and insights into our city.

If you love Coventry and appreciate storytelling and poetry at their very best, you will love this book. So sit back, relax and enjoy a good read.


by R. LeBeaux

A passionate story about psychological obsession, emotional breakdown, and love lost to an untouchable rival. By the author of the erotic novels, â??Barbara: A Novel of First-Time Intimate Sexual Adventure’; â??Lessons – The Sexual Education of Phillip’; and â??Cute: The Sexual Perils of Growing Up Cute.’

The Blue Chip Deal

by Sascha Benjamin Cohen

It’s hard to be a man with a toothache. And stalked by nightmares. But there are worse things, right?

Children Fairy Tales (Short Stories) Volume 1 (Children Stories)

by Tafara Makopa

This is a followup on the previous book Children Short stories, Children fairy tales has stories which will keep kids, young adults fully engaged, interacting with each detail of the story. these stories help one to broaden their imagination. this book is suitable for all age groups as long as one really enjoys reading with a lot of imagination ……which most of the readers like you are


by tega collins

The head of a family, Father Abraham has promised that who ever gives the right to his Christmas Riddle will be given a million dollar. And the day for the riddle to be answer is on Christmas day. All and Sundry prepared but did his family- Mother Mary, Gentle Joseph, and his twain grand Children, including Mr. Wisest give the rights answer? Find out who wins the one million dollar and how. Merry Christmas

Hole in the Stone (Through the Veil)

by Tori Douglas

When Vix moves back to her childhood home to escape her failed engagement, she stirs up memories of her “imaginary” friends. The longer she stays, the less imaginary they seem. When she crosses the Veil into the land of Faery tales, she learns they are her history, and her future.


by D. Throop

LizardQuest is epic fantasy, told with tongue planted firmly in cheek. It’s the story of the Great Lizard War, fought between the superheroes of the land of Forthright, and the mighty Lizard King, Saud Brambila. This first installment follows Captain Thunderstorm, champion of King Chuck of Forthright, as he seeks to capture King Brambila for crimes committed in Forthright. Magic and mayhem are sure to follow, as the war begins, and events both unpredictable and exciting unfold. The author hopes his readers enjoy reading the tales as much as he enjoys telling them.

Ngoko’s Folly

by Janvier Chando

A feared and venerated legend with supernatural powers buckles under the threat of a mad cow.

The Twelve Isles Sample Only

by Jerry Li

Long ago on an opal sea, there was a country called Ahntoneo. Ahntoneo was an outcrop of land jutting out of a country called Fertila. Then came a time when a great tragedy struck Fertila, an evil sorcerer whose name those would later fear: Akmamen. He struck like a bolt of lightning bringing disaster to the land; he enslaved the people, hideously changed the beasts of burden then finally he fought those few survivors who had not succumb to despair. They however were no match against Akmamen, not even their great protector; the great birds were no match against him or his gokawks: huge hawks whose talons were made of metal and feathers lined with blood and made of steel. That night everyone could feel and hear the evil presence of the gokawks and even more: the scarlet cloud who was Akmamen.

When Death Came to Christmas (When Death…)

by Kaylea Alderman

When Rochelle loses everyone close to her the night before christmas, her world becomes turned upside down. The one person she trusts could be her worst and best decision she ever makes.

Taking a chance, she trusts the one man that can help and lets him lead her down the dark path which is his life.

Will he be her salvation?

The adventures of Oloorin and Co

by Mikael Lind

Desiring to travel to the city of Kragspire, the party is hired on the way to protect a caravan with enchanted goods. One thing leads to another, leading to the party seen as suspects for the killing of the city mayor. Another adventure opens up, the hunt for the real killer and to clear their names. Later they escape from being marooned on a pirate island, save a stranded angel and help clear out a tree house from harpies.

Have somewhat settled down in a town called Halbrock, they laid adventuring aside for a short while. One day they hear of a lich and his hidden tomb, filled with deadly traps and massive riches. They head out on their longest quest so far, to defeat the lich and claim his riches for themselves.

The adventures of Oloorin and Co

by Mikael Lind

Using their ship The Flying Goblin, the party began making a name for themselves escorting merchants along the coast lands. Then one night, they are faced with the allure of adventure once more and sets off.

Leaving the Goblin in the capable hand of their crew, the party journey’s across the continent. That quest started by a simple letter, written by one that had heard of the party’s many exploits & adventures.

The Lingerie Shop (Book 6) – Vampire Hunter

by Trisha Miller

The Lingerie Shop

A dark, romantic fantasy

copyright © 2013 Trisha Miller.

Vampire Hunter

Katya Mueller was still in love. She woke in the hotel room, in Peter’s arms and just lay there, thinking about the whole affair. Was she sure? It felt good with him, like it had the first time with Jurek, she was confident of that. The sex had been good. Then a shudder passed though through her and she avoided thinking about it: she was still quite capable of draining him dry, if the blood-lust overcame her again. He said he was madly in love, even said that her past didn’t matter, but he seemed to avoid asking, as if something in him knew that her dark secret would ruin everything. Now the guardians were hunting them down and it was only a matter of time before they found them. It was going to be difficult, but she would have to tell him.

They showered and dressed and went down for breakfast together. He seemed to be in a buoyant mood. That irritated her: it would make it difficult to tell him. He chattered cheerfully on as if nothing had happened.

“Peter,” she said, touching his arm. His eyes met hers and he fell silent.

“We need to talk. I’ve got to tell you something.”

“What, about the guardians?”

“Yes, I suppose and about me, about my past.”

“I told you. I don’t care about what happened before.”

“But eventually they will find us and you need to be prepared then.”

“OK, what must I do?”

“Kill them, kill them both.”

He stared at the floor, “Is there no other way? Can’t we just call the police?”

“And tell them what?”

“OK. How do I kill people who just get up after I run them over?”

“It will be very difficult: they are much too strong for you. Do you have a bow?”

“A bow?” he laughed. “Why would Iâ?¦ Sorry, you’re not serious are you?”

“Yes I am.”

“I have a crazy survivalist friend, who spends most of his time hiding up trees in full camouflage, preparing for the end of civilization as we know it.”

“You won’t need camouflage, Peter, just a bow.”

“Well he has rather a lot of bows and if you like we could listen to him rambling on for hours about the virtues of the re-curve or the compound bow, or how the English archers beat the French knights.”

“Can you trust him? Would he get you have one and teach you how to use it?

“He has offered before. He’d be only too pleased I think. Actually he’s quite a decent bloke: sort of new-age gypsy. Just went a bit weird when his wife left him and yes I can trust him: we’ve been friends ever since school. He’s just the sort I’d go toâ?¦ Well if ever earth was invaded by aliens, or our government had been replaced by the illuminati, he’d be just the man to go and see.”

“Good, does he live far?”

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