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The Calling of Creek Road (Sutter’s Home)

by Laurie Kast-Klein

Twelve years later, the past comes back to haunt the now-grown kids introduced in Book 1, “Sutter’s Country Home for Children.” The former foster children of Dan and Clara Sutter have moved on, grown up and done the best they can to forget the nightmare of Sutter’s Home. But when a horrible incident takes one of their lives, they feel they must return, reunite and face their past together.


by Marissa Kennerson

Three gorgeous modern gothic stories about women and love.

The Circle: The Beginning (INTRODUCTION)

by Ashley JaQuavis

Meet the Porters. A family of criminals at the highest level. On the eve of their exile from the life of crime…It all goes bad. These brothers and sisters ho on the run from the law and are on a wild run to the border before they authorities capture them. This page turning, face paced, and sexy short gives you the introduction to a legendary series.

First Class to New York (First Class Novels – A New Contemporary Romance Series)

by AJ Harmon

(For Mature Audiences Only – Adult Content)

A year after losing her husband, her high school sweetheart and the love of her life to cancer, Janie Anderson embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City. Trying to escape the oppressive loss and hopelessness of a life without him, Janie sets off on the adventure she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. Exploring the Big Apple, New York City, she secretly hopes that this landmark event will free her from her grief and unlock a future as wonderful as the life she had lost with Robert’s passing.

After a series of embarrassing encounters with a man in a dark grey suit during the flight, Janie wonders if this trip might be more than she bargained for. At 42, she is much too young to spend the rest of her days as a lonely widow, but is resolved to the fact that, like lightning, a love like that of her first marriage rarely strikes twice.

When she accepts his invitation to dinner that evening, Janie is terrified at the realization that she’s actually attracted to him. The handsome and wealthy Matt Lathem is sexy as hell, but, as Janie comes to realize, has baggage of his own. Can they help to heal each other in time to realize that a second chance at love is within their grasp?

Join Janie as she risks her heart for a chance to love again. Download your copy now!

â??First Class to New York’ is a contemporary, adult romance novel, written by AJ Harmon. It is the debut book in the â??First Class’ series, with Matt and Janie’s story concluding in â??First Class to Portland,’ available now.

Other Books on Kindle from Top Rated Romance Author AJ Harmon

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High Praise for this Bestselling Amazon Books Series:

“Really enjoyed this book… nice to read a modern day romance… Five stars without a doubt!” By Rubystar on Amazon UK

“Definitely going to recommend this book!” By kellygirl3 Amazon/Kindle

“I started reading First Class to New York and I thought that Janie was a weak woman who needed to really find herself…. I can so relate to Janie as she is an insecure womanâ?¦ about her body and doesn’t see herself as others see her…..” By psychstudent13 “AGC” (Wilkinson, IN USA)

“The book is very well written…destined to be a bestseller… AJ Harmon will be a bestselling author…. I can feel it in this awesome love story.” By Tammy – First Class Novels on Facebook

“Absolutely loved this story! So nice to read a great love story that wasn’t about a 20 year old college kid, but a middle-aged contemporary women and mother. I felt like she was a real woman.” By Jane on GoodReads

“…the love scenes are hot, bordering on erotica…. one of the best romance novels on kindle.” By Book Junkie

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Bad Moon

by Jackie Sexton

Life can be a little complicated when… your boyfriend sucks, your best friend since elementary school is basically the man of your dreams, and a totally gorgeous rock star is pursuing you cross country and you have no idea why. Oh, and you’re kind of addicted to pizza and a full moon is around the corner.

This is my life right now. Maybe I shouldn’t have decided to go on tour with Bad Moon as their manager. Maybe I should have stayed in my hometown and looked for a marketing job with good benefits and a 401k. All I can say is that my bachelor’s degree and color-coded planner can’t protect me from the fiery throes of rock n’ roll, lust, and werewolves…and I kind of like it that way.

This 16,000+ word novella contains steamy sex between amazing adult characters (18+). Not for the faint of heart! Book One of the Bad Moon Series.Excerpt:The way he swayed his hips in slow, grinding thrusts and
cupped the microphone in his hands like he was making love to it…

I couldn’t help myself. I was completely and totally turned

And I had to admit, there was something completely surreal
about it all. I didn’t even notice the time pass us by until the music was
interrupted by his speaking voice, sultry and delicious just like before.

“Thanks for being such a kickass audience,” he said into the
mic, letting out an endearing chuckle as the crowd went wild. “This next song
I’d like to dedicate to a beautiful woman I met tonight. This is for you.”

Then I swear to God, his eyes met mine before he turned to
his lead guitarist.

“Did he just look at you?” Brandon asked, his mouth nearly
pressed against my ear so that I could hear him.

 “I don’t know,” I
said, almost overcome with shock. But it seemed in possible in such a crowded,
dark place.

The song was filled with power and passion, and seized my
core, rocking me with urges I knew were completely inappropriate in a crowd of
people that big. But I couldn’t help it; the electric music was swimming through
my veins, quickening my desire with every down stroke of the rhythm guitar. It
was like trying to navigate a love charm and losing desperately.

“I want you to know

I want you, in every way,

and I wanna touch your

sweet body tonight.”

And then he raised his eyes to meet my gaze again. There was
no mistaking it this time. He was totally one-hundred percent looking at me. My
knees went weak at the thought.

The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke

by Barbara Riddle

The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke is a coming-of-age novel set in a biology lab in the summer of 1963 in Boston. Both the heroine, 19-year-old Bronwen, and America are suffering growing pains and soon all the standards of the past will be shattered as the Pill and the war in Vietnam change people’s expectations forever. A shocking telegram forces Bronwen to choose between family and the temptations of a dazzling future in science.

“Barbara Riddle has given us a sharp, funny glimpse into a little-explored moment in women’s recent history. The year is 1963, the same year Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique. Brave young women were heading out from college and looking for lives very different from those their mothers had lived. My excitement about The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke stems in part from the fact that I was there- heading for graduate school in science in 1963. I recognize Riddle’s heroine Bronwen for her spirit of adventure as well as her sometimes crippling self-doubts (carefully nourished by the all-too-realistic boyfriend-from-hell). Today’s 20-somethings will recognize her as a woman struggling, like themselves, for personal coherence in a world that still has difficulty seeing us as complete and entire human beings.”

-Barbara Ehrenreich (author, Nickel and Dimed)

Lost and Found

by Donna B. McNicol

[short story] Sarah is barely making it as a divorced, single mom in Chicago when her parents offer her a chance to move back to her rural hometown of Baxter Springs, Kansas. She looks forward getting back to a simpler lifestyle but her eight year old son, Brian, thinks differently.

Sarah wonders if she made the right decision when Brian goes missing. Should they have stayed in the city where she knew the dangers?


In response to my readers, this short story has become the prequel to a new book, Home Again, just published.

Synopsis: Now that Sarah and Brian have decided to stay in Baxter Springs, they have to forget some of their big city ways that might set them apart from new hometown. No city buses, no big movie cinemas, no street lights and no 911 service. Sarah worries that Brian will grow bored and get into trouble but she has her own worries, like finding a job to support them. There isn’t much call for more waitresses in a town with one diner and a coffee shop. How will she support them so they can stay here in her home town?

Then there is the hunky sheriff who’s also new to town, Carl Pierce, who seems to be quite interested in learning more about Sarah and her son.

A contemporary romance for everyone to enjoy. 

Tales of the Gray Ghost

by Bill Craig

Under cover of darkness, Evil grows, festering like an infected wound on the underbelly of the city. From the shadows comes an instrument of Justice, a weapon forged in the crucible of his own execution at the hands of the mob, he returns to stalk the night as an avenger of Justiceâ?¦

The Gray Ghost

The Unlikely Savior (The Unlikely Savior Trilogy)

by T.S. Seley Elliott

Air Force Sergeant Johnnie Carter awakes bloody and disoriented in the middle of the Nevada desert. The last thing she remembers is being in route to a remote training location when her sedan crashes into a farmer’s truck. But now a total stranger swears Johnnie miraculously appeared and saved her ailing baby’s life. All Johnnie wants is to escape this personal version of the Twilight Zone, but instead, she is propelled into an unstoppable chain of events teeming with apparent miracles, all of which seem to center around her, although she is not a willing or even conscious participant.

Byron Hoffstedder believes in miracles and he also believes in Johnnie’s gift. He remembers her as a child who drifted through his hometown years before, he also knows what she did. Retired from teaching, he becomes the “Angel Tracker” for a national tabloid and he has an ulterior motive. Finally, he gets the call: a “soldier angel” named Johnnie reportedly saved a baby’s life. The story delivers far more than the teacher-turned-reporter dares to imagine. Byron’s findings validate his hopes; he resigns from the tabloid and narrows his search, stunned by the magnitude of what he finds.

Thousands of miles away and worlds apart from Johnnie or Byron, U.S. President Wing Liang is in the midst of a global political implosion. Hesitant to further the conflict with military action or sanctions, he seeks a way to save the world from itself. In short, he needs a miracle.

As she encounters an eclectic cast of characters ranging from circus workers and unspeakable criminals to space shuttle astronauts, the unlikely savior is catapulted toward her destiny. Bizarre events unveil a force of unbelievable capacity and Johnnie Carter appears to be on a rapid course to save the country, if not mankind. And in the process…she just might save herself.

STILL WATERS: Legend of the White Wolf (A Lone Pine Western)

by Mark Stephen Taylor

Welcome to another Lone Pine Western by award-winning author, Mark Stephen Taylor. STILL WATERS is a journey amidst the heartbeat of the High Sierra; Lone Pine California and Mount Whitneyâ??the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S.A. This is a story of the great, white wolf, who in legend takes on the spirit of a Native American man and seeks to protect both the animals and the people of 1874 Lone Pine. Within this writing a memorable cast of characters come to life, whose individual lives are changed for the better through their confrontation and association with the legendary white wolf. Journey with them now to the Still Waters of Serrano Ridgeâ??your own life may turn out to be much richer for it.

‘Til I Kissed You (Pam Howes Rock’n’Roll Romance Series)

by Pam Howes

‘TIL I KISSED YOU is the sequel in the best selling Rock’n’Roll Romance series by PAM HOWES

In this 80’s sequel to THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN, Jess Mellor and Nick Cantello are in love. Jess’s half-brother Jon is also in love with her. Following a tragic accident, Jess turns to Jon and an incestuous relationship begins, but is it…? Another tangled web of love, betrayal and music.

PAM HOWES is the author of a series of rock’n’roll romances

THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN; set in the sixties

ALWAYS ON MY MIND; set in the eighties

NOT FADE AWAY set in the norties

THAT’LL BE THE DAY. set in the fifties; the prequel to Three Steps to Heaven

FAST MOVIN’ TRAIN – a stand-alone true-life love story.

IT’S ONLY WORDS; A short story collection

Now available at a special price: THE ROCK’N’ROLL ROMANCE BOX-SET; The first three novels for the price of two.

The Madison Files: The Complete Collection

by Emma Brown

The complete collection of The Madison Files!

This boxed set includes all four installments of The Madison Files. You’ll get to enjoy the following:

Volume One:

Madison Rose, rookie detective, wakes up to find a Post-It note from her boyfriend, telling her it’s over! She believes that will be the biggest problem she faces today. She is wrong.

When Madison gets to work, her boss informs her that her partner, and closest friend on the force, has been murdered…and that’s just the beginning of the mystery!

Working alongside her boss on her first real case, Madison strives to find the culprit in her partner’s death, all the while dealing with her sudden break-up…not to mention her gorgeous boss’s flirtatious advances!

Volume Two:

After a second murder, Madison and Trent beginning piecing together the clues leading to the murderer, only to find that Madison’s ex-boyfriend might have been keeping more than a few secrets…

Sent into a world of mixed emotions, she struggles to cope with the shocking findings, all while keeping a professional face and trying not to fall too hard for her new boss. Will she be able to hold it all inside…??

Volume Three:

Madison and Trent manage to outsmart the elusive Jasper and they may be able to stop him, once and for all. For Madison, this could be the relief she’s been waiting for…until he tells her a story that confirms one of Madison’s worst fears.

Now she must come to terms with her emotions and figure out how to stop the man she used to love!

Volume Four:

Knowing now that her ex could be involved with the murders, Madison struggles to keep her personal emotions out of the case. She strives for a happy ending, one where she can be free of past lies and focus on heading forward with the future…but will it be that easy?

Sent into a world of mixed emotions, she struggles to cope with the shocking findings, all while keeping a professional face and trying not to fall too hard for her new boss. Will she be able to hold it all inside…??

Fans of Edie Claire, Elizabeth Hunter, and Camila Chafer will love this mystery romance series featuring strong, independent women and bold, alpha males!

Read the entire collection of The Madison Files today!

Dance For Julia

by Ginae Lee Scott

Prima Ballerina, Natalie Russo is contacted by her birth mother’s friends. When Natalie learns of her birth mother – she loses her in the same instant. Torn by the unknown, Natalie worries about her tomorrows. Will her life ever be the same? Once she finds out about where she actually came from, will it be for the good? Will this new information be an obstacle or a gift? Short Story, Dance For Julia is both a beautiful and heartwarming story of what one woman would do to give her daughter the life she wanted for her.

Wilfred, Fanny & Floyd: Autobiographical Sketches of a Culinary Genius

by Gayle Eileen Curtis

My name is Mr. Wilfred Ginge and I am a very famous, handsome ginger cat from the Mcginge clan in Northern Ireland, I’m sure you’ve heard of me. I will be sharing my extensive culinary knowledge and experiences for one cat year by attempting and sampling various recipes from cooks such as Mrs. Fanny Crackhaddock and the like and reporting on the results. I will also be giving useful household tips for those of you, who like me have baked beans on your paws instead of fingers.

Wilfred’s famous culinary blog is now available as a book, for you to enjoy in one deliciously yummy sitting.

Under the Sycamore

by Dave Malone

Inspired by poetry from women of the ninth century court in Imperial Japan, Under the Sycamore, is a collection of short poems that speaks to passion, desire, and longing in the setting of modern day.

Alive and Fighting: Every Sin a Saint

by Cole Connelly

Return to the world of Blood Oak and see through the eyes of Sidney Arsène. Focusing on the Great Apes, the free running information brokers of Blood Oak, Every Sin a Saint reveals the seedy underbelly of the city and the back room politics of this Post Apocalyptic, Zombie Infested city.

available in the Alive and Fighting Series
Alive and Fighting: New in Town

Alive and Fighting: Every Sin a Saint

Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found

Alive and Fighting: Revelations

Alive and Fighting: Heroes in Blood Oak

Alive and Fighting: Addictions
Alive and Fighting: Carrion
Alive and Fighting: Broken, Part 1

Alive and Fighting: Roads Walked

Alive and Fighting: Parting Gifts (Coming
November 2013)

The Life and Times of Wilberforce Jones

by D. Throop

This is the story of Wilberforce Jones, the man too stupid to fail. If you’ve ever felt inadequate, picked on, or not up to the par of those around you, well, so have I. This is a story of overcoming handicaps, silencing nay-sayers, and ultimately triumphing. It is a story of hope. If Wilberforce can do it, anyone can!

The Broken World

by Brent Hightower

The Broken World is the story of twelve-year-old Byrd Keane, growing up in rural New Mexico in the 1960s. Society is everywhere in crisis as his own family is torn apart by mental illness and the Vietnam War. From the last of the old outlaws to hippies in psychedelic school buses, from Hispanic rebellion to apocalyptic physicists who embrace the bomb, everyone is in conflict; and the world around him is literally on the verge of burning down. Through it all, Byrd must not only survive but also find his way toward a lasting freedom.

Nickel Plated Gold

by Brian Bieber

An inept improvisor downplays his fake drug addiction to impress a pretty grad student. A jaded trauma surgeon laments the dearth of comedy in his workplace. A forlorn circus clown tries to convince himself he has not been made a fool by his cheating spouse.

NICKEL PLATED GOLD is populated by characters stumbling–sometimes flailing–through lives fraught with self-doubt, delusion, and absurdity. From the ludicrous pontification of “How I Would Fight Certain Animals” to the tender rumination of “Love Life,” Brian Bieber’s first collection of stories is filled with characters who are desperate to do things right, but tend to fail hilariously.

“Without a lot of fanfare or exposition, [Brian] can connect what you don’t know with what you do. He recognizes there are moments in art that should be beautiful. There are moments that should not. His swift pacing allows him to do humor successfully; his facility with tone allows him to do absurdism; but it’s his rendering of human nature that defines my favorite of his stories.”
– Dessa
author of SPIRAL BOUND
from the foreword

“Funny, smart, and plenty weird. Also the perfect size to read on a single trip from the U.S. to wherever you travel abroad for illegal plastic surgery.”
– Jason Roeder
former senior writer, The Onion

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