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Anya’s Story

by Julia Gousseva

Anya’s Story is set in Russia in the early 1990’s. Anya’s life takes her from Moscow to a small town where her husband serves as a submarine officer in the Russian Northern Fleet. She thinks that her life as a military wife will bring her stability and security, but that doesn’t work out the way she expected.

Something Gray

by Phillip T. Hopersberger

SOMETHING GRAY is based on the true-life story of Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the legendary Gray Ghost of the Confederacy.

A frail boy, and a magnet for bullies, Mosby is a loser. That is until Aaron Burton, family slave and friend, teaches him to ride, hunt, and most importantly, how to fight back.

His philosophy changes Mosby’s life, and his view on slavery. Although his Virginia family had always owned slaves, John’s friendship with Absalom, Aaron’s only son, puts Mosby at odds with his fatherâ?¦and the antebellum South.

A true rebel among rebels, Mosby never wanted Virginia to leave the Union, but when secession arrived, along with his friend William’s body, riddled by Yankee bullets, his decision came easy.

No stranger to tyrants, the Confederacy’s poor chances suited Mosby, but this war meant Aaron could lose much more. Mosby enlists, and takes Aaron and his philosophy to war. Ever faithful, Aaron serves Mosby in a fight that seems black and white, but by 1865 it is SOMETHING GRAY.

Despite his victories, Mosby knows the South cannot win unless the odds change. His gutsy exploits behind enemy lines inspires a bold plan to end the war in one swift move, but can he pull it off before Lee’s army is beaten?

Originally written as a screenplay by Phillip T. Hopersberger, but now converted here into an e-book for those who asked to read the rest of this riveting Civil War saga (a sample was briefly available at, SOMETHING GRAY takes us back to our bitter national divorce and like our country, reveals a man both convinced and conflicted.

“When you read the exploits of someone as audacious as Mosby, you can see it unfolding as a film…well, that’s when you know that truth is really stranger than fiction and this should be made into a movie. Until then, we can watch it here on the written page.”

“In his much-anticipated new novel, XPOSURE, Phillip T. Hopersberger writes with the same vivid descriptions displayed in SOMETHING GRAY, but in a completely new direction. A supernatural thriller, XPOSURE will make you re-think what you knew you believedâ?¦and wish he hadn’t written something so close to our tomorrows.”

Five Short Stories: Journey of a Hero, True Love, Impossible Love, A Woman at War & Peace

by Thomas Jerome Baker Top 500 Reviewer Dennis Waller: “An Interesting Perspective to a Historical Tale” a review of: Boudicca: Warrior Queen

“This Love Story Has It All” a review of: Looking for Catarina

“Mystical, Magical, Enchanting Journey” a review of: StoryTellers

“What you are depends on the stories you read.” Five must-read stories are told: Journey of a Hero, True Love, Impossible Love, A Woman at War & lastly, Peace.

Who is a hero/heroine? Answer: Anyone who does something requiring courage, bravery, disregarding one’s own personal safety. Could someone be a hero/heroine without even being aware of their actions? Yet the journey, a quest if you will, for riches, wealth, and power, will be undertaken.

True Love is a love that conquers all obstacles to be together, and in this second story, there will be a seemingly unconquerable obstacle. Our hero will risk everything for the woman he loves…

Impossible Love, we know this story well, for have we all not loved? Under circumstances when it would have been the wiser course of action not to have loved? Impossible Love is not bound by the dictates of reason and logic…

In the fourth story, when love does not live anymore, then it must be WAR, and there is no war more terrifying, than when it is a wronged Woman At War.

In the final story, we seek PEACE, and a seemingly innocent hero, unaware of anything except the present moment, must make a choice. Will it be the right choice?

Read this book to find out the surprising answer…

Attitudes to the Short Story

“A short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.” ~ Stephen King

“[The short story creates] a vivid realization for the reader of that which moved the author to write, be it incident, be it emotion, be it situation…. thus the art of the short story becomes as much an art of tone as of incident.”

~ H. S. Canby

“The first necessity for the short story…is necessariness. The story, that is to say, must spring from an impression or perception pressing enough, acute enough to have made the writer write.” ~ Elizabeth Bowen

“The short-story writer knows that he can’t proceed cumulatively, that time is not his ally. His only solution is to work vertically, heading up or down in literary space.” ~ Julio Cortazar

“The real challenge is to pull as much of life as a story can bear into the fewest possible pages: to produce, if possible, that hallucinatory point in which time past and time future seems to co-exist with time present, that hallucinatory point which to me defines the good or great short story…”

~ Maurice Shadbolt

“The essence of the short story is to isolate, to portray the individual person, or moment, or scene in isolation…detached from the great continuum…at once social and historical…. the short story is a natural form for the presentation of a moment whose intensity makes it seem outside the ordinary stream of time, or the significance is outside the ordinary range of experience.” ~ Wendell Harris

“I see today a new art of narration, a novel literature and category of belles-lettres, dawning upon the world. And this new art and literature–for the sake of the individual characters in the story, and in order to keep close to them and not be afraid–will be ready to sacrifice story itself…. The literature of individuals is a noble art, a great earnest and ambitious human product. But it is a human product. The divine art is the story. In the beginning was the story…. Within our whole universe the story only has authority to answer the cry of heart of its characters, that one cry of heart of each of them: ‘Who am I?'”

~ Isak Dinesen

“I like to read short stories and I like to write short stories. The connection is obvious.”

~ Thomas Jerome Baker

“What you are today and what you will become in five years depends on two things: the people you meet and the books you read.” ~ Twyla Tharp

The Thorne Family Saga

by Angela Darling

Fallen, Dreams of Elysium, and Aeterno complete this dark family saga, organized in the order in which the author intended. Journey to 18th century Virginia as you meet the Thornes, a mysterious family with a sordid and murderous past.

A fools chance and other stories (Sidoscope Fingerprints)

by Siddhesh Kabe

A army is waiting at the gates of the kingdom preparing for battle, only the kingdom is not coming out. A barbaric tribe wants compensation from a civilization but the king is clever. A woman is about to raise a war against nature and a chance of survival for kingdom is just a fool’s chance.

These short stories revolve around the human notion of battle. The human need of war. Of civilizations, of kingdoms and of war.

If I Could Only Sparkle (Painted Tree: Two Novellas)

by Judith Victoria Douglas

The story of a teen victim in recovery.  Rendered unconscious for a long period Tessa awoke without awareness of her circumstances. While at her mother’s country home her sense of self returns with a booming lightning strike to a nearby tree. It sparks a wish. After four years shrouded in the darkness of her own world following her brutal attack she slowly recovers her memory of the events. She copes with her own changes, the lost years and her family’s loses while discovering her own inner strengths and a new talent.
Quote from book:
“Sadie! You secretive old woman! You never told me about this before!”
“It never came up before. We’ve had lots of things to talk about, but I never thought to share it until now. I guess it’s because I just want you to feel safe…”

Night of the Turncoat

by Mark Porto

Dr. Ogden Mannheim is a medical doctor in Salz, Austria during World War II. His father, Rudolph is a major steel magnate who demands his presence when there is a meeting with a fellow magnate.

Franz von Stroheim gives the young doctor a tale about his hometown of Freystadt needing a doctor. Ogden is hesitant, but says he’ll think about. He exhibits bizarre dreams and ailments, but

is advised to accept the assignment. During his stay there, he comes across a symbol that doesn’t recognize. He inquires about it, but the people in the area refuse to give him any information.

One day, he comes across a pretty collegiate named Sonya. He conflicted between his affections for his nurse, Johanna and her. Sonya invites the doctor to attend a meeting of a club held at her

University. It turns out to be anti-Nazi literature. During his tenure, the doctor isconstantly followed by SS officer Otto von Braummer. Ogden is torn by his duty as a doctor and as a citizen of a Greater Germany. Eventually, the group is captured and their fate is brutal.


However, a family involved with the anti-Nazi literature manage to escape their fate. In an unrelated

result, another family member gets killed. The descendent’s older brother vows revenge against the doctor for turning them in. This twenty year odyssey is based very loosely on fact ventures through Switzerland and the U.S., by way of

Texas and Florida.



Tomas stared at his cousin. Diego’s face was gaunt and almost as white as the flapping sails. His uniform, creased and stained with vomit, hung on him. He looked like a scarecrow.
“Tomas,” gasped Diego. “How?” He forced a smile.
Tomas saw that his teeth were yellow. He also saw the lice crawling through his long greasy hair.
“I’m a sand clocker!” shouted Tomas, trying to make himself heard above the sound of the crashing waves.

Violent storms, seasickness, raging battles, cannon-fire,scurvy and lice- life on board the Trinidad Valencera is terrifying and dangerous.
Will the two cousins reach the English coast alive?
Who will win the final great sea battle?
And can the Valencera ever hope to make it home again?
When Diego says those words: ‘I’m going to join the Armada’ both his and Tomas’s lives are changed – for ever.
Another exciting historical adventure from the author of the best selling book- The Workhouse Boy.


by Brian Heller

Set in the eighth century, Wychavon is the story of a small, ambitious nation. Osbert the Fierce had established the kingdom of Wychavon through a series of military triumphs. Osred the Peaceful made it wealthy. Now his young successor plans to conquer Britain, and create a new Rome. He builds roads, fosters education, and creates an elite army. Though bishops, farmers, and slaves all play their part, Wychavon’s destiny is inextricably linked with its visionary monarch.

Front-cover photograph taken between the villages of Bredon (Worcestershire) and Twyning (Gloucestershire).

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