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Rebirth – The Beautiful Fallen

by K.D. Peters

Ariana Benson had never felt like there was a time in her life when she could have called herself normal. Raised by an overprotective mother and haunted by nightmares of a child surrounded by a massacre, she finds herself trying desperately to make a normal life for herself by enrolling into college at age nineteen. However, all of her attempts at being normal are quickly pushed aside when Chris Liam appears.

A breathtakingly handsome young man, Chris quickly draws Ariana’s attention with his uncanny resemblance to the child that has been haunting Ariana’s dreams for as long as she can remember. And when she stumbles upon an abandoned house in the woods near her home and is rescued by Chris from what seems to be a vengeful spirit, she quickly begins to learn that she isn’t like other girls. In fact, she’s not even truly human.

She is one of the Beautiful Fallen.

Thrown into a world where monsters hide among humans and fallen angels roam freely, Ariana finds herself relying more and more on Chris and his friends to find her true place in the world. But as she does, she begins to find herself being drawn closer and closer to Chris. And though she feels as though she may have found the one who could hold the key to her destiny, the clock is ticking on what could very well become the end of her kind.

But how can you survive when eternity is only a sin away…


by Chelsea Gaither

A newly widowed mother must protect her daughter from the woods that killed her father, and from the town that’s turned against her.

Dead Records (Schlock Zone Drive-In Theater)

by Steven Savile

Marcus is having a bad day.

It’s hard work launching a new band in this digital age, but he’s taken a gamble, borrowed the cash from Yevgeny Dolgov (a vampiric mafia boss fresh out of Romania, see told you it was bad) to finance an album, some promotion, maybe even a tour, only Yevgeny’s got different ideas. He wants Marcus to make his girl Aura a star and will do anything to help her on the way, including whacking the Fortunate Friday’s right in the middle of the studio with most of the tracks still unrecorded.

That’s a bad day. No doubt about it. Bad. Especially for the Fortunate Fridays (the unfortunate band who didn’t make it all the way to Friday) but it’s not so good for Marcus either. He’s up to his neck (a bad place to be with a vampiric mobster) in brown stuff.

He’s got two choices, run, or make the girl a star. Only the girl’s not a girl, she’s a siren, and running isn’t really an option. Surrounded by sex demons, undead mob enforcers and a neighbour who is slowly transmogrifying into a cockroach, Marcus’s day is about to get a whole lot worse.

Still at least the girl can sing, even if she is a suicidal siren singing the Blues.

Next stop Wembley.

“So funny it made me want to pop a cap in their asses” Fat Tony

“These wise guys will end up swimming with the fishes. Mark my words. We’re talking concrete boots. Think they’re clever. I’ll show them who’s clever. Me. That’s who’s clever. Not them punks. Dead Records. Pah. Dead Writers more like.” Vinnie the Original Wise Guy

“We made ’em an offer they couldn’t refuse, and these morons refused. What you gonna do? Buy the book, that’s what youse gonna do. Capisce?” Vito, the Godfather.

Dinner In Bed (A Short Story)

by Eugene Ahn

He can’t sleep, not tonight. So as all people trapped in cheap motels and plagued with insomnia are wont to do, he finds himself making his way to the first floor lobby as the rest of his family continues to slumber upstairs. And as he takes an empty seat by the reception desk and tries to pass the time, he begins to slowly realize that perhaps there’s more to this motel than meets the eye. That maybe, just maybe, he’s not alone. And that though he may feel like an unwelcome guest in here, maybe he is in fact not. Maybe his whole family is very welcomed here. Too welcomed, indeed.

Hair-raising and short, this little tale of a family vacation gone wrong will make readers face unspeakable evil and helplessness even as it makes then turn page after bloody page.

Creepy Christmas

by Toby Bennett

A ghoulish collection of zany and macabre tales that you can use to while away the long hours until it’s time to take the tree down again.

Thrill to “The Chimney Trap” – A boy sets out to catch Santa but what is really in that cage on the roof?

Howl at the sound of “Santa’s Paws” an interlude with werewolves based entirely on a weak pun.

Stuff yourself with the macabre contents of “Someone always feeds the children” – blind cannibals and a squirming Christmas dinner.

Feel the mounting fear of the man who truly discovered Santa in his monolithic tomb, “That is not dead that makes us eternal buy”!

Or just get away from it all in the sun with the “Recreational Vampire”

Something for everyone – as long as everyone likes five types of stories in: Toby Bennett’s Creepy Christmas.

Ghost Train

by Joshua Scribner

The last thing Dawn remembers is being alone on her bed, waiting for her husband to come home. Now she’s in total darkness, on a cold concrete floor. And there seems to be something with her.

The Hourglass, a Novella

by Rainier Keyes

Jane can see her youth fading before her eyes… literally.

A twenty-nine year old Seattleite and corporate accountant, Jane dropped everything to move across the country with her boyfriend, Dustin. He had decided to get his Ph. D in History, and she figured this would be a short detour before they settled down and started their lives together. A year later, the relationship has stagnated, and a frustrated Jane decides to move back to Seattle by herself. Along the way, she is dogged by insidious paranormal forces and a string of mishaps and bad decisions. Every omen seems to point to her ticking biological clock. Jane’s worst fear is winding up old and alone, but her witchy downstairs neighbor warns that time is running out even faster than Jane imagines.

In this darkly humorous modern-day fairy tale, Jane struggles to realize her dream of a perfect life, but a magic cat, clairvoyant barista, and the reappearance of a few old friends sets her down an unexpected path.

Loving Molly: Five Flash Fiction Stories

by Anthony D Redden

A collection of five flash fiction stories by Anthony D Redden. Each story is original and dark in theme. The included stories are:

Loving Molly:

When a deadly virus infects the country, a father struggles to come to terms with losing his daughter.

Blood Lines:

Short tale of a king’s dark desire for a male heir.


A man comes to terms with the voices in his head.

The Luckiest Daddy In The World:

A sad dialogue between father and young son.

Army Of Snow:

A Christmas tale.


by Precious Eghe

An unemployed man discovers that his problems are linked to a centuries old tree.

John Obuh’s life is in disarray. Previously, he was a very successful stockbroker until things changed for the worse. Unable to explain the cause of his fall, john decides to visit diviners so he can see what the future holds. He is told that his fate is linked to a tree that is two hundred years old.

Now John must go into a forbidden and dangerous forest and commit an act that could further his destruction—-or save him.

The Library Part 3 (Free Story Friday Season 2)

by Josh Hilden

Mark, Ben, Andy, and Dani along with her mysterious doppelganger make one last attempt to escape The Library.

Jean Archer: The Diamond and the Rough (The Jean Archer Quartet)

by Jason Anderson

Meet Jean

…a fiery, headstrong, redheaded ghost chaser that co-leads PASS, the Paranormal and Supernatural Society, in Shadow Valley, a winter resort town in the Northwest USA. Life there is like any other that caters to the seasonal whims of skiers during the winter and tourists off-season.

Despite spending their time creeping through the dark nooks and deep shadows of the 100+ year-old community, their insatiable craving for the supernatural and paranormal has rarely been satisfied.

Things are about to change…

Shadow Valley holds more than its share of secrets. Odd storms and Jean’s intense dreams cast an air of foreboding over the biggest of PASS’s investigations: that of the decaying halls of local legendarily haunted asylum, Knoll Mansion. A malevolent Entity lurks in its shadows, feeding on the life essence of the lost, the unwary and the reckless. It waits to play on the PASS team’s deepest fears.

Will the revelation of Jean’s Guardian Angel, Valera, and the young woman’s mysterious past be enough to protect her loved ones from the coming chaos?


by Jason A. Anderson

A war is building between the Eternals and the Realm of Lost Souls

On uncounted worlds throughout the galaxies, humans live and die; but death is not the end. In the Afterlife, the souls of those who have passed beyond exist in contentment for eternity. But there are those souls in the Abyss that, if their rage and desperation gain enough strength, the soul can break free and return to Mortality. When this happens, SoulChasers are sent to track the rogue soul down and return him or her to the Afterlife. It happens on uncounted worlds throughout the galaxy, even here…on Earth.

In the resort town of Shadow Valley, SoulChaser Kiah has arrived to return his nemesis, Masaal, back to the Abyss. But Kiah has an ulterior motive: to find and rescue his wife, Kenah, who was meant to join him on a retrieval twenty years ago, but never arrived. To achieve both goals, he will enlist the help of several college students trying to run the seasonal haunted house, Nightmare Manor. He will pull them along on a journey bathed in blood. He may accomplish both goals, but the workers at Nightmare Manor may be sacrificed in the process. Shadow Valley will be changed forever.

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