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Children’s Books: Andy and the Angry Dragon (A Children’s Picture Book for Ages 2-8)

by Thomas Yu

When Andy gets sick, his mom makes him a yummy bowl of hot soup. This soup is so nice; Andy can’t help but feel sleepy. And the next thing he knows, he’s in a land where there is an angry dragon.

Find out why this dragon is so angry and what he and Andy have in common.
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Calling All Grammies – A Christmas Tale of Friendship (Grammy’s Gang Book 3)

by Flo Barnett

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Calling All Grammies – A Christmas Tale of Friendship, is the third book in Flo Barnett’s “Grammy’s Gang” series, featured on Amazon’s TOP 100 Rated Children’s Humor ebooks, (February, 2013), #1 Amazon’s TOP 100 Children’s Humor ebooks, (December, 2012), featured on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” in the Children’s eBook, Holidays and Festivals > Christmas (October, 2012). Calling All Grammies-A Christmas Tale of Friendship is formatted to fill the full screen of your Kindle and any other device to which this book can be downloaded.  Add to your cart NOW while on sale for a limited time.

One of Grammy’s oldest and dearest friends, Santa, is in really big trouble. His sleigh’s engine is busted and if it can’t be fixed, Christmas won’t happen this year! But Grammy has a great idea. And her friends from around the world are ready to help!

Praise for Calling All Grammies – A Christmas Tale of Friendship

“Enjoyed by my granddaughter, and she insisted that I read it also. Very entertaining and light hearted approach which makes all ages appreciate it.”
Virginia Fralick (April 2013)

“…I would love to see this book become one of those ABC Christmas specials.This book is so darn adorable you just can’t help but love it.”
Ionia Martin, TOP 500 REVIEWER, Amazon Vine Voice, (November, 2012)

“I loved this book…A must-read for the holidays! Great for the classroom, too! This author sure has a creative knack that tickles kids silly!” Dreamergirl (November, 2012)

Other books in the “Grammy’s Gang” series include:
>>>No Way To Haircut Day! (Book 1)
>>>Dirty Face Liam (Book 2)
>>>There’s A Baby In Mommy’s Belly! (Book 4)
>>>Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Barefeet! A Joyful Rap (Book 5)

12 Days Of Christmas: A Counting Christmas Book For Kids

by Rachael Poole

The 12 Days of Christmas is a fun and colorful Christmas Book for kids who love to count. A lovable version of the all-time favorite children’s Christmas song filled with colorful illustrations and simple text, perfect for little readers.

This cheerful Christmas book for kids has simple lower case text and clear, legible, numbers so little learners will be able to identify and follow along with the story. Each of the 12 Days of Christmas has its own page, complete with the number of the day and a matching number of items to count.

Children will have fun reading along with the main character, Ella, as she invites readers to join her and her Daddy in reading and counting each of the 12 Days of Christmas. It is sure to become one of your little one’s favorite Christmas books for Kindle.

The Change-Up

by Thom Partridge

Teddy Webster is a little league baseball player who loves to pitch. Unfortunately, the other players in his league love to hit against him because his fastball isn’t quite fast enough. Struggling to compete, he learns how to throw an illegal curveball from his babysitter who just happens to be a high school baseball player.

When Teddy uses the curveball in a game, it is called illegal and he loses the trust of his coach and teammates. He needs to find a new way to compete. He reluctantly turns to his mother’s new boyfriend who works at the local sporting goods store. The results show Teddy what is really important in life and baseball just might be second to family.

Walt Disney – Just the Facts! Biography for Kids

by IP Factly

IP Factly presents “Walt Disney – Just the Facts!”

Amazing facts and photos plus videos telling the story of the founder of one of the best-loved companies in the world.

Walt Disney biography for kids – a fun and fascinating way for young readers to discover more about one of the most imaginative people of the last 100 years.

This Walt Disney biography book mixes facts, photos and even includes a video clip section.

IP Factly books are designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Accompanying webpage with video clips

This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with video clips including some of Walt Disney’s earliest cartoons.

The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models don’t support video but the safe website link is given).


Early Years

Teenage Walt Disney

Walt Disney – A New Animator

Micky Mouse

Silly Symphonies

The First Disney Film

Golden Age of Animation

World War II

After the War

Theme Parks

Live Action Films, Television and Music

Family Life

Illness and Death


Video Page

Scroll up and Buy this book now – your child will love going back to it again and again.

The First Christmas (Christian Stories for Families)

by I. Flair

“The First Christmas” is the story of the events leading up to the birth of Christ. It is written for children to read and for parents to read aloud to their children.

The Adventures of Max the Dog – Dual Language Story in English and Arabic (A Dual Language Book in English and Arabic Text)

by Helena Leech

An illustrated dual language reading book in Arabic and English text. Ù?تاب Ù?راءة Ù?صحح باÙ?Ù?غتÙ?Ù? اÙ?عربÙ?Ø© Ù?اÙ?اÙ?جÙ?Ù?زÙ?Ø©

The English text is in rhyming verse, with the Arabic translation above/below on same page.

The Idea behind the book is to enable and encourage bilingual families to enjoy reading together without the limitations language barriers can sometimes present.

The storyline is a tale of Max the dog and his adventures when he finds himself free from his lead one sunny morning in the park. Although delighted with his new found freedom, Max learns the perils of leaving the side of a responsible adult.

Children’s Book – Princess Kiah and the Glass Slipper (Princess Kiah Series)

by Joy Findlay

As any young girl would know, coming across a glass slipper brings on dreams of Cinderella, ball gowns and beauty. But, what does Kiah do with a slipper that isn’t hers? Find out in this, Princess Kiah’s third lovely ebook.

A fantastic read for children ages 3 – 5.

The Dragon Tutor

by Mar Mai

Zephyr is not your average tutor, he’s a dragon! And he won’t believe the dog ate your homework. When Prince Quiver picked Zephyr to be his teacher he had no idea the dragon would be more interested in math than magic.

But when prince Quiver meets his intended bride all does not go according to plan. The royal castle is destroyed! The young Prince is kidnapped! The kingdom in peril! Zephyr the Dragon Tutor must begin a quest that will change his life forever. Adventure awaits in “The Dragon Tutor”.

Approximately 175 full color pages.

I DOUBLE Dare You!

by Dana Lehman

Silly and Sassy come to Walnut Grove to visit their cousin Sammy. Silly and Sassy are always getting into trouble. They play hide-n-seek, have frog races, and play dare or double dare. How does this lead to jumping off a bridge? Read I DOUBLE Dare You! and find out how everyone learns to take responsibility for his or her own actions.

Finger Counting book (1 – 10) – A Bilingual R u s s i a n Animal Picture book for Children

by Sujatha Lalgudi

This is a great counting book in R u s s i a n for young children (Ages 2 – 4). Toddlers love finger play and this book encourages them to show numbers with their fingers.

Bright full length illustrations make counting in Russian a fun game to play. There are hidden objects to discover and count on each page.
Be it the adorable octopus wearing a shoe on each arm or the hungry pandas munching on bamboo shoots, this book will make for many re-reads.

Book Bonus:
Encourage your child to trace each number with the pointer finger. You might be surprised; they might start writing numbers on their own.

Snakes: A Kids Book Of Cool Images And Amazing Facts About Snakes ((Nature Books For Children Series))

by John Yost

Children’s book author John Yost gives you “Snakes”. This book uses fascinating images and easy to follow descriptions that make learning about snakes fun and interesting.

This first book in the Nature Books for Children series is acclaimed as being one of the most spectacular available on the Kindle. The pictures are carefully chosen to look their best on any device in full color, or black and white.

“Snakes” is written with easy words to encourage children to discover and learn on their own. Each picture has a caption to spark curiosity and conversation with your child.

You are welcome to guide your child through the book with the beautiful pictures. And you are invited to read the simple text to your child at bedtime or on a relaxing day together.

This book captures the marvelous and amazing world of snakes and brings them alive. Children will learn amazing facts about these beautiful creatures: its anatomy, senses, feeding habits and more.

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The book features these snakes:

*The massive Anaconda

*The mysterious Boa Constrictor

*The beautiful Black Racer

*The cool Cobra

*The stealthy Copperhead

*The gentle Garter Snake

*The magnificent Python

*The stunning Rattlesnake

*The glorious Sea Snake

I hope you and your family love this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The Sacrifice (Emerald Tower)

by Elaine Arthur

When nine-year-old Meriani learns about an invading army heading towards their small village, she fears what will happen. Everyone is scared! Knowing that the men have gone to the temple to try and find a solution, she can’t resist the temptation to go eavesdrop. Although she is not allowed in the sanctuary, she is able to hide in the balcony above, from where she can hear what is happening.

To her shock, Arnekus, the priest, chooses only a handful of men to go face the large invading forces; and, among them is her father! Her fears subside only a little when she not only hears Arnekus promise them victory; but also when her father pledges a sacrifice upon returning triumphant from the battle. Her heart is comforted that he will return because, if nothing else, she knows he must come back to fulfill his promise. But Meriani’s elation of his homecoming will dwindle quickly once she learns that what he has pledged to sacrifice is her!

También se encuentra disponible en español: El Sacrificio por Robin E. White

Popcorn Dragon

by Lesley Williams

A nonsense poem for young children, aged 4 – 8.
It is about a strange land, where the creatures and people are strange.
In space lives the Popcorn Dragon, who eats the popcorn kernels that the people shoot into space in a rocket ship.
The Popcorn Dragon turns them into popcorn in her huge stomach and sends the popcorn floating down from space for the people to eat.

Ariadne’s Harvest (Twinings)

by Francis Fitzgerald

When an herb-hunting expedition for Ariadne is interrupted by a group of bullies from her village, she stands up to them, and a series of events unfold that is beyond anything she could have expected. Follow Ariadne as she makes a journey to the furthest reaches of the forest around her home – and beyond. She will make new friends, fight fearsome enemies, and learn about her place in the world in this first installment of her adventures.

Ariadne’s Harvest is the first in a series of short books chronicling the story of Ariadne and her friends and their struggle with the forces of violence and cruelty in a world far in our future when some members of society have turned their back on greed and technology, while others cling to it as the only way of life they know.

How to catch a Christmas Star

by Lesley Williams

A story about a children in a primary school, helping their Teaching Assistant, Mrs How, to catch a star in space for the school Nativity Play.


by Don Walter

This is a short story that narrates the friendship between a deer and a wolf. The two friends from different spiecies grew together. The story is about how these friends reacted when they came across a problem. The moral of the story is ” Trust and have faith on your friends at any situation”.

Dylan McVillain

by Kevin Coulston

Dylan McVillain: A Super Villain with the Best Intentions is a collection of all ages comics about a Villain named Dylan McVillain who’s more of a hero than he cares to be.

Help, Pirates stole my son!

by Berra Pablo Andres

This adventure begins when the child Jonathan hid from his friends in what he believed was an abandoned ship, but it was a pirate ship. Once there and discovered by the crew the kid had no alternative but to endure the treatments meted out to him by the authoritarian Pirate Evilin, whose sole mission is to find a specific Island where a hidden treasure was buried. Meanwhile in Land, the child’s mother Clara embarks on the quest to find her missing son.
On this journey, Jonathan faces many challenges, always trying to heroically plan his escape. He tries arduously to involve the simple sailor Timothy Tim in his plan.
His daily battle to survive and stay focussed under extreme circumstances makes the experience all the more captivating. Jonathan’s tasks are difficult, considering he can’t trust the other members of the crew: the submissive and scared sailor who blindly obeys the pirates orders, the skeleton of the Captain whose existence was so ludicrous, a muted parrot who is the only one who knows where the mysterious island is located, and an evil and avaricious rat who seems to be the worst member of the crew.
To Jonathan finding the treasure was not important, but realising that it was his only key to being rescued, he also embarks on the quest to locate it.

This Thing

by Anna Coach

THIS THING is a book for any young boy or girl who is expecting a new baby sister. It prepares them for their new sibling by acknowledging the difficulty of having a strange, new ‘thing’ invading their lives.

The Guardian to the Phoenix Bird.

by Roberto Sánchez Núñez

Imagine a planet ten times the size of earth. A story that unfolded 65 million years ago in planet Teia, which is 180,000 light years from earth (relatively close), with a more advanced civilization but similar in many ways to the one we will be experiencing during the next decades on our planet, Earth: unlimited clean energy, economic and social stability, super advanced transportation, technology and telecommunications, an average lifespan of 100 years and broad cultural development, eliminating the last outbreaks of insanity, criminality and irrational behavior, but with personal, emotional and existential problems prevailing.

All this was happening while life on our planet extended over the Paleocene and Eocene periods in the first part of the Cenozoic era. In those times Pangaea was separating and small mammals such as marsupials, lemurs and creodonts began to dominate the planet. Human beings or their direct ancestors had not even appeared. This novel is a historical written work of realistic fiction; a work that allows one to glimpse at small hints of the human race’s real ancestors and the origin of all religions.

Bright Clarity takes the most exceptional inhabitants in Teia, one by one, to prepare them to change the emotional and existential map of the planet. He is the guardian of each new Phoenix Bird he himself creates.

At the end of the novel the question will ariseâ?¦

¿What is the state of affairs at Teia today, 65 million years after the stories and experiences presented in this novel and how would their civilization have evolved after so much time?

Jaz Jordan and the Dungeon of Bones (Human Xperiments)

by Thorn Steafel

Twelve-year old loner Jaz Jordan and her father live on the run. She can see into the future. He uses her gift to win dangerous amounts at casinos.

Chased by crooks to a remote part of Scotland, Jaz’s powers reach meltdown as the medication keeping her ‘normal’ runs dry. Hiding in a strange deserted mansion with a runaway boy who lives amongst the statues on its roof, she discovers Chimney House contains something evil – bloated – and not quite dead.

Something that is watching Jaz, across the centuries.

Something that wants to live again – but this time inside her!

The first book in the Human Xperiments series. Be warned – you’ll never dare go on a ghost-hunt again!

Crazy Sally and the Preacher (Vampire Notes)

by Rodney Rhodus

Some semesters are more challenging than others: if it’s not cold-blooded professors, it’s having to juggle school and work and social life; and if it’s not that, it’s getting changed into a vampire.

Crazy Sally and the Preacher is the story of Michael Paul, a college junior who finds himself floundering in three somewhat conflicting relationships: his painfully platonic relationship with sophomore Beth Sexton, his tenuous and tentative relationship with God, and his surreal relationship with Crazy Sally, a long-time campus fixture who dances into his life and transforms him into a vampire.

The novel follows Michael as the fall semester begins at South Central Kentucky University in Mesopotamia, Kentucky. Michael, as a dormitory RA, has to deal with a couple of freshmen who have had an encounter with Crazy Sally, one of them becoming somehow transformed by her kiss. Michael tries, unsuccessfully, to guide the freshman back toward regular college life, but the young man eventually turns up dead in a fountain. Soon after this, Michael himself has an encounter with Sally, and he undergoes his own transformation, gaining strength, agility, improved stamina and reflexes, and heightened senses, as well as the inability to tolerate sunlight on his skin and a tragic allergy to garlic. Along with his former roommate, the agnostic eternal-student James Thomas, Michael seeks to find what had happened to the freshmen, encountering a succession of drained corpses along the way.

Crazy Sally and the Preacher is a novel for a young-adult audience which deals with issues commonly faced by college students, including relationships, religion, and megalomaniacal professors. The story is written from the perspective of a sarcastic and mildly cynical English major with an interest in pop culture and food.

I Love Dogs! A Dog Book For Kids Who Love Dogs (A Fun Illustrated Children’s Picture Book)

by Rachael Poole

From Bestselling Children’s Book Author Rachael Poole

I Love Dogs! Is a fun, rhyming dog book for kids that love dogs. Fun and colorful illustrations of cute and funny dogs paired with opposites and rhyming make for an entertaining book for kids of all ages.

From big dogs to little dogs, skinny dogs to fat dogs, this book has them all! Each page is beautifully illustrated with a fun and whimsical dog picture.

Do you have any dogs that are look alikes? If so, leave a reader review and tell us which dog picture is your favorite or made you laugh.

I love Dogs is great for bedtime reading and a fun and happy way to end the day.

I Love Dogs is available exclusively on Amazon. Order your copy today and start reading instantly.

How to Name Your Elf

by N Maxim

Based on a true story. One families guide to the enjoyable process of naming your Elf (or any other family pet, project, or mascot).

Mystwood: Sakura (Book 2)

by Joss Llewelyn

When one of the kingdom’s wisest elders is kidnapped, it’s up to Lady Sakura to journey far into the northern mountains to rescue him. There she discovers the ruins of a lost city, where she will need the help of several ancient robots to find her way deep underground to rescue her friend and stop Lady Hyacinth’s plot to conquer the kingdom.

Bonus: Fans of classic video games such as Metroid and Megaman will find this adventure novella packed with familiar references, including a warrior who fires lightning from her hand and a labyrinth full of locked doors that can only be opened by acquiring certain relics from defeated machines, all explored by a heroine more interested in saving the day than fighting… but she’s pretty good at fighting, all the same.

The Bunny Rabbit In The Flower Garden

by Casey Jo

A dog may be man’s best friend, but in this great story a bunny rabbit is a girl’s best friend.

The newest character to enter the children’s literary world is a friendly bunny rabbit. This heartwarming story takes readers from the scary days of pet abandonment to the happy and loving days of adoption and companionship.

Children are introduced to the responsibilities of pet care, the history of classical music and the joy of owning a pet.

The writing of this book is simple and accessible, yet proves to also present challenges to young readers to help their reading skills grow and blossom.

The pictures are bright, colorful and friendly. They capture the reader’s attention and also inspire them to create beautiful art of their own.

FREE Crossword Puzzle and Fill in the Blank Word Game are available with the purchase of The Bunny Rabbit in the Flower Garden by visiting

Meedy Ogre Tea

by Rodney Rhodus

Having one’s baby brother abducted through a mud puddle by an ogre would be enough to complicate anyone’s life; but, for an ordinary little girl like Millicent Annabelle Trafalgar Smith, it was quite overwhelming.

Meedy Ogre Tea is the story of Millicent Annabelle Trafalgar Smithâ??Mats to her friends and familyâ??a middle school student who has resigned herself to facing two daily ordeals: enduring the tormenting from the self- appointed popularity police at school (who make a point to inform her that she is currently ranked 346th out of 346 students, up two spots since the Spurlock twins moved) and babysitting her baby brother, Demetrius (lover of dirt). When Demetrius is kidnapped by the ogre Meedy, Mats finds herself in a strange place, a place she eventually discovers to be the Emajee Nation.

Accompanied by her best friend, Ng, she must race to find her brother and the way home or be sentenced to remain as the ogre’s pet. Along the way, she encounters not only the ogre and his henchmen, the Shades (Pink and Green), but also a fiendish teacher who feeds on the mistakes of her students, the Roads Scholar, a spider who weaves spells, and her two guides: Mr. Muridae, a four-foot tall country mouse, and Earl, a ragdoll with a teacup for a head.

Through her journey, she comes to realize that no oneâ??including herselfâ??is truly ordinary.

Meedy Ogre Tea is a middle-grades fantasy novel for readers of any age who enjoy quests and words and puns and whimsy.

All the Ways to Express My Love (Easy Reader Bedtime Stories Series)

by Christina Johnson

There are many ways we express our love. Whether you are someone’s Lovebug or Peanut, no matter the name, it comes from a place of love. Read about the fun, silly, and cute names we call the ones we love in the beautifully illustrated easy reader “All the Ways to Express My Love”.

THANK YOU BONUS! Buyers of this book will be able to sign-up for live online readings with the author, Christina Johnson.


by Ángel Gabriel Olivo Díaz

Un videojuego o un libro pueden ser la llave para entrar en otros mundos. Pero estos mundos, a veces se parecen mucho al nuestro.
Con Atalindor, Aitor se enfrentará a sus miedos e inseguridades, pero de un modo muy distinto.

Dabbit And Teddy Bake A Cake

by Dave Hopkins

Dabbit and Teddy decide to bake a cake for Winks the elephant’s birthday. But baking a cake isn’t quite as simple as they think . . .

From the author of Harvey and Herbie, Henry Trentor’s Robot Cleaner and Dabbit The Rog comes Dabbit And Teddy Bake A Cake. Who knew that making a mess in the kitchen could be so much fun?

About The Author

Wine-taster, spy, actor, astronaut and horticultural genius. Dave Hopkins is none of these. He lives in Brighton with his wife and three children. Visit for more information.

Available on Amazon:

For Adults:

A Singular Sense Of Detachment

Mrs Manson (a black comedy)

The Peculiar Case Of Nathaniel Fry (five short stories)

For children:

Harvey and Herbie (8 short stories for children)

Henry Trentor’s Robot Cleaner

Dabbit The Rog

If I had a Trillion Dollars

by Michele L. Gaddis


If I had a trillion dollars was born from a note given to me by one of 6th grade students.

It said, “If I had a trillion dollars I would give it to you so you could be my teacher till I graduate from high school.”

Since then I have listened and made notes over the years as to what children of all ages would do if they had a trillion dollars.

Here are some of their best answers.

Laurie Lion’s Trip to the Clouds

by Megan Kochanski

Laurie Lion wants nothing more than to take a trip to the clouds. Follow along with Laurie and his other Doodle Darlings friends, as they try different ways to make his wish come true.

A Moo and Baa Story Tennis match

by Peter John King

This is a one off story of Moo and Baa, these farm yard animals go on journeys and adventures with their friends around the farm and town. In this story, it’s a tennis match with a different slant on things. Mr & Mrs Farmer help them as they play, of sorts, but with the Story teller telling the story, which is you, and the interjection of the Author as well, things go wrong. The characters in the story all join in to make things go upside down. This story isn’t like other stories for children, they put you in the story as every one in the story has their say.

My Mate’s as ‘Ard as Nails (My Obdurate Companion)

by Irfan Virk

It was one of those days when you feel that something’s going to happen: something bad, something you know you won’t be able to avoid. Freddy felt it as soon as he woke upâ?¦

There are some days when nothing much seems to happen; there are other days when the school bullies decide that you’re going to be their favourite source of amusement, and you then find that your best friends have been kidnapped. Well, if that happens to you, there’s only one thing to do: take things in your stride and sort it all out.

My Mate’s as ‘Ard as nails (My Obdurate Companion) is a humorous adventure story, which features bullying, blackmail, kidnapping and some evil bank robbers who aren’t afraid to do unspeakable things to anyone who gets in their way.

The book is aimed at young readers of secondary school age. Unusually for a book of this type, the text includes a glossary. This aims to provide a bridge to adult vocabulary for young readers.

The Perkins of Piccadilly

by Sarah Johnston

The Perkins are a family of pigeons living in London with their owner Fred. But when disaster strikes the family have to use all the brains and bravery to save themselves.

Plum Tree Grove – Book 2 – Will fate intervene?

by Alice Elwood

The game, Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, which began in Book One, now becomes deadly earnest as some members of the Knight family return to San Francisco, or venture to British East Africa, when New Zealand fails to contain their adventurous spirits. Death stalks at least two, while some lives hang in the balance. Can Louisa Knight, mother of eight, find happiness at last? The second book of the Plum Tree Grove trilogy shows that far from isolated, these New Zealanders are fearless in their worldwide quest for better lives.

The Rocket (Rocket Serious)

by Paul Shlykov

This story is about three main characters: Ray, Katy and Tina. They are a team of successful robbers who can deal with stealing any treasure in the world. The special thing about this team of robbers is in the amazing combination of thinking which each team member has.

Ray is a big guy who spent several years in army. He began like a navy soldier but failed to obtain the respectful position because of his insubordination. Probably because of it he has the unusual way of thinking; he likes to improvise and solve any problem by powerful methods, like explosion of a wall in a building in order to steal a safe on the third floor.

Katy and Tina are birth relatives. To be exact Katy is Tina’s mother. Katy tragically lost her husband after 2 years of marriage and right now she has to bring up Tina by her own. Katy is analyst; she likes to plan everything beforehand, every move and every action. Moreover Katy has the amazing deductive way of thinking; she is pretty sure that each action has the consequences which can be controlled and planned before making an action.

We can’t say that Tina is a good child. She is addicted with different types of mechanics, cars, weapons, electronics and gadgets. She has her own opinion on everything and almost can’t be controlled. This fact means that she bears a resemblance with her father instead of mother. Tina and her father used to spend days in workshop. Probably because of it she is expert in everything, connected with electronics.

Santa’s Christmas Forest

by Robert Donaldson

A young girl learns how to share the Christmas Spirit with others. Inspired by Raymond MacDonald Alden’s “In the Great Walled Country”, this short story reveals the magic of Christmas to kids from one to ninety-two. Short enough that reading it can become a new family Christmas tradition!

Santas and Marshmallow Pops (Easy Reader Crafts)

by A.L. Truslow

This book contains the directions for 2 holiday food crafting ideas–cookie santas and marshmallow pops. The directions are presented in both easy, photo-enhanced versions that people learning to read or who have problems reading can follow because of related photographs and simple language, as well as a version for people who don’t. In addition, Text-to-Speech is available for those units that can use it. People who are learning English or who have disabilities limiting their reading may enjoy this title, as well as young English-speaking children. A mom uses this series with her middle school daughter, a new cook, and adults use the recipes for food they can make very quickly.

These titles might also come in handy for bad weather days because I’ve tried to stay away from strange, expensive, or hard-to-find ingredients.

For more information on new releases or freebies, join me on Facebook at .

Shelby Loves Candy

by RyAnn Hall

This book tells the story of how Shelby absolutely loves candy! If mommy would let her, she would eat candy all day, every day! She would have to take good care of her teeth to eat all that candy! In the end, Shelby realizes that fruit is just as sweet as candy! It is a perfect little book for preschool age children!

The Snow Kitten

by Tasha Williams

Star is a snow kitten, raised in the North Pole by Mrs Claus to be given to children on Christmas Day. But on Christmas Eve, Star falls from Santa’s sleigh and ends up alone and scared in the snow. Will Star find his new home and be there in time for Christmas Day, and maybe make some new friends along the way?

The Snow Kitten is a light hearted story which shows that there is a lot of love to be found in the world, even for a little lost kitten.

Tales of Oscar

by Susanna Lehner

The â??Tales of Oscar’ is about the adventures of a baby tomcat, left alone in a park. He finds a kind girl who becomes his master. He gradually discovers the world of humans, and shines his colorful personality in different situations, but he often gets into trouble. When the family expands with new members, and a pretty lady cat turns up in his life, he has to face other complications as well. Fortunately, however, Oscar can always handle the challenges with proper humor and wisdom.

Telephone Terror

by Lindsey Stiles

When a young mother returns to her childhood home where her own mother was brutally murdered, she brings home a toy telephone that lets her speak to the dead. However, the revelations of the past are not without danger…and sometimes the dead don’t stay dead.

**Acclaim for the thrillers of Lindsey Stiles**

“Lindsey Stiles is a rising star in gothic suspense. She is this generation’s Mary Higgins Clark.”

â??J.R. Rain, bestselling author of Moon Dance and Silent Echo

“Daddy’s Little Devil is creepy good fun!”

â??H.T. Night, bestselling author of Vampire Love Story and The Fourth Sunrise

“Read Mommy’s Little Angel with the lights on!”

â??Elaine Babich, bestselling author of You Never Called Me Princess and Intrusion

“Whispered Lies reminded me a lot of Sandra Brown and Lisa Jackson. A very fun…and very scary book. A star is born.”

â??P.J. Day, bestselling author of King’s Blood and The Sunset Prophecy

The White Lion and the Blue Gold

by Monika Lanz

The water is too dirty. The young and weak animals must not drink it. They will get sick. The animals urgently need clean water.”

SODIS is magic that can make clean drinking water from dirty water.

Did this magic really works? Could the animals actually make healthy water to drink?

Dakota Jones and the Crystal Cave

by Gale Trumbeaux

Teddy Bear, Dakota Jones searches for the legendary Island of Pangae and the Crystal Cave.

Dylan McVillain 2: Escape From Planet Evil

by Kevin Coulston

Dylan McVillain’s back again, and this time he’s got a lot of explaining to do. The Council of Evil and Villainy have deemed Dylan’s actions towards the Toe-Nailiens to be “Heroic”, the ultimate no-no in Super Villainy. Can Dylan prove he’s still worthy of the Super Villain title? Find out in this All-New All-Ages Graphic Novel, a sequel to “Dylan McVillain: A Super Villain with the Best Intentions”!

Jillian Vs The World (The Schools Series)

by Rashad Freeman

***All proceeds from this story are being donated to the World Literacy foundation. For more information go here

This story was created with the help of the 6th graders at Johnson Middle School during a visit I did to discuss the importance of reading. I had a great time speaking and working with the students and hope they enjoy what our little activity has grown into.

(Short Story)

The red planet once thought dead and empty, is actually home to a powerful race of aliens. This giant planet of dust is also home to Jillian, the last Forynxthian left. In the dark reaches of space Jillian longed for a friend, for some type of companionship. Jillian found that in Pauley, a zebra living on Earth.

Pauley’s health suddenly takes an unexpected turn and Jillian is sent into a rage. She seeks revenge on not only those responsible, but every living creature on Earth. Pick a side and enjoy this hilarious, quick witted ride as Jillian vs. The World.

Steam Engine: Pictures and descriptions of trains!

by A+ Book Report

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Are you or your child fascinated with steam engines, or trains in general? You will love this fun picture book with a lot of fun facts about trains. This is a great book for kids wanting to look at pictures and you will love reading along with them.

A+ Book Reports is a series of books that provide information on a variety of topics. Each book has useful information which can be helpful for book reports and school projects. You can always expect fun facts and great pictures with every topic.

Toffee’s Merry Go Round Adventure: Gorgeous Picture Book for Ages 3-6 (Great for Making Friends, Young Readers and Cat Lovers) (The Adventures of Tucker & Toffee)

by Emily Turner Page

A beautiful picture book, introducing the fun-loving calico cat, Toffee. Toffee enjoys all the pleasures of a happy home, but is rather lonely. Come along with Toffee as she goes in search of a few feline friends.

– A delightful adventure story told in rhyme

– Enchanting illustrations

– Will Toffee find new friends as she explores the park next door? Come and see!

Join Toffee’s journey to meet new friends in Toffee’s Merry Go Round Adventure!

Kip, Brenda and Emong’s Adventure

by June E. Storer

Kip the Border Collie and Brenda the Persian cat lived together with their master at the edge of the bush. One night they meet Emong, a gnome who has lost his glasses. After finding them they take him home to the hollow in one of the trees. He tells them he has magic berries to make them small enough to visit his family in the tree.

During their visit, the juice which was needed to restore them to normal size, spills on the floor. Because of this, Kip, Brenda and Emong have to go on a long journey to obtain more berries from a magic berry tree. Along the way they meet a host of characters including: three kangaroos named Kelly, Mary and Daphne, Garry Goanna, Ronald Rabbit, as well as Keeky, Kooky and Kenny the Kookaburras. They also meet the snake guarding the berry tree.

After a great adventure, the kookaburras fly them home.

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