Free literary fiction Kindle books for 06 Dec 13

Miss Buncle’s Book

by D.E. Stevenson

Who Knew One Book Could Cause So Much Chaos?

Barbara Bunde is in a bind. Times are harsh, and Barbara’s bank account has seen better days. Maybe she could sell a novel … if she knew any stories. Stumped for ideas, Barbara draws inspiration from her fellow residents of Silverstream, the little English village she knows inside and out.

To her surprise, the novel is a smash. It’s a good thing she wrote under a pseudonym, because the folks of Silverstream are in an uproar. But what really turns Miss Bunde’s world around is this: what happens to the characters in her book starts happening to their real-life counterparts. Does life really imitate art?

A beloved author who has sold more than seven million books, D. E. Stevenson is at her best with Miss Buncle’s Book, crafting a highly original and charming tale about what happens when people see themselves through someone else’s eyes.

“Love it, love it, love it”

“There are no vampires, no faeries, no weird creatures, just a sweet story about real people living in a world I’ve always dreamed of.”-Reader Review

Heartbeat (Medical Romance)

by Anna Ramsay


“Finding two gorgeous men in a small Mission in the African bush is pretty amazing luck!” declares the senior nurse to Jenni, the newcomer.

Jenni Westcott RGN is used to getting any man she wants. And the man she definitely does NOT want is the mesmerising but downright infuriating Ross McDonnell.

The eye surgeon working at the mission hospital has taken one look at Jenni’s Titian hair and abundant freckles and declared she will never cope with the physical hardships of life in the bush.

What’s more, he has marked her down as a wayward redhead with a hot imagination. And he wants her out of there.

He has the gall to put Jenni on a two-week trial. But the fiery-tempered young woman is determined she’s going to stay put and win the heart of the man she has come all that way for: Paul, the charismatic mission priest.

Jenni is in for the disappointment of her life … Or is she? …

She Caves To Conquer

by Julia Helm

The intrigue of caves on two continents. A young woman escapes the hated, pitying gossip of her Midwest community when she moves halfway around the globe to one of the most bizarre landscapes on earth. When a family death summons her back, she leaves behind vivid memories of searchers and sojourners who live in caves and underground dwellings that have been occupied for nearly 4,000 years. She also leavesâ??but cannot forgetâ??nagging questions about rumors of antiquities smuggling by the father of the girls she tutored in the family with whom she has lived. Once back in Freedom County, she makes an effort to face the dilemma of the ghastly tragedy in her family, a memory that she has shut out of her mind for nearly a decade.

Wild Horseback Ride

by Walt Lamberg

This collection of short stories presents a variety of characters and experiences, often with a measure of humor. In “Wild Horseback Ride” a young boy, who loves to play cowboys and Indians, gets closer to a horse than he wants to be. In “Promise,” a graduate student in English learns the full meaning of the word “promise.” In “T for Texas, T for Tyrone, Too,” a new teacher at a community college is mistaken for a former teacher, with laughable consequences.

In “Dr. Parsons’ Heart,” an assistant professor meets his worse nightmare, a full professor who is an equal opportunity bigot. In “Downsized,” a laid off man wonders if he will ever feel needed again. In “Alex’s Desk,’ a man finds a new job and an unusual office-mate.

In “Haroon, the Manager,” a man rises to his highest level of incompetence and is promoted to the position of manager. In “Networking” a soon to be laid off worker follows the common advice to network. In “The Zen Guitar Lesson,” a student gains knowledge both of the guitar and himself.

[This ebook has nine short stories and 90 pages. ]

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