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Nemesis (Southern Comfort)

by Lisa Clark O’Neill

What happens when your childhood nemesis turns out to be the love of your life?

That’s only one of the dilemmas Sadie Rose Mayhew must face when she returns to her childhood home. Seeking a fresh start after her broken engagement, Sadie moves into the house she left behind as a teen. Neglected since the death of her grandmother, Sadie sets about putting the place back together just as surely as she’s repairing her life – the main problem at first being her next door neighbor.

Sadie remembers Declan Murphy as the pesky little brother of her best friend Kathleen, the fly in the ointment of her childhood. And when they encounter each other again on an adult playing field, the sparks they struck against each other as kids turn to full-fledged pyrotechnics – especially when Sadie’s life is threatened on one of her first nights in town by two very aggressive burglars with an agenda.

There is something in Sadie’s grandmother’s house that her last renter left behind, something valuable enough to drive men to kill.

And as both Sadie and Declan learn, sometimes your enemies are closer than you think.

The Pursuit of Lies, A Romantic Suspense Novel (Book #4, Paradise Valley Mysteries)

by Debra Burroughs

PRAISE for The Pursuit of Lies…
“Absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down.”  ~ sable3524“I love this series! I have been collecting them all and have found a new favorite author in Debra Burroughs.”    ~ tillafrogg“Wow, a real page turner!  Yet another thrilling book.”   ~ jendoug   OVERVIEW of The Pursuit of Lies:   *  Sweet, but sassy private eye Emily Parker with her close circle of friends
*  Hunky police detective, Emily’s boyfriend, is suspected of murder
*  Emily and the gang must prove him innocent before he’s sent to Death Row

In this 4th book in the bestselling Paradise Valley Mystery series, a small town female private eyeraces to solve a scandalous murder. Emily Parker’s world is flipped upside down when the man she loves, the town’s hunky police detective, is accused of murdering a female Assistant DistrictAttorney, with whom the police believe he was having an affair. Emily must fight to prove himinnocent, with the help of her close circle of friends, as she struggles against her own doubts.    Sensual and suspenseful, captivating and addicting–you’re in for a wildly entertaining read! Absolutely unputdownable!   ***The Paradise Valley Mysteries***The Scent of Lies: Book 1The Heart of Lies: Book 2The Edge of Lies: A Bridge Short Story between Books 2 and 3, the story of Evan & EmilyThe Chain of Lies: Book 3The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4 The Color of Lies: a Bridge Short Story between Books 4 and 5, the story of Colin & MirandaThe Betrayal of Lies: Book 5(*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.)            MORE PRAISE for The Pursuit of Lies:“Another winner!  Once again the folks in Paradise Valley do not disappoint.”   ~ Janet   “From page one of Pursuit of Lies my jaw was on the floor and I was hooked.”   ~ Reenie Diva   OTHER BOOKS by Debra Burroughs:

The Scent of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book One,  A small town private eye teams up with a sexy big-city cop to solve a suspicious murder.  (think “Sex and the City” meets “Nancy Drew”)
The Heart of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Two,  Second in the series, a sassy lady private eye teams up with her sexy police detective boyfriend, along with a few close friends, and battles a ring trying to scam their town and solve a murder.
The Chain of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book Three, Third in the series, sassy small town private eye and her sexy police detective boyfriend, along with a few friends, fight to save girls from a suspected sex slave ring and solve a murder mystery. (think “Sex and the City” meets “Women’s Murder Club”)   The Betrayal of Lies, A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 5,  Feisty female private eye, Emily Parker, is finally moving forward in her relationship with the hunky police detective–that is, until a friend goes missing. Suspicions are flying that one of Emily’s closest friends may be involved. The desperate race is on to solve the mystery of who abducted the woman and rescue her before she winds up dead.    The Lake House Secret, a Jenessa Jones Mystery: Book 1, With her life going from bad to worse, reporter Jenessa Jones is drawn back to her small hometown by a death in her family. Caught between her old boyfriend, with whom she shares a sordid past, and her new love interest, Jenessa becomes embroiled in a homicide investigation that ends up pointing the finger at someone she cares very much about. Can she uncover the truth of this murder before it destroys her family and any chance she has for a happy life?   Three Days in Seattle, a delicious blend of Romance and Suspense in the Emerald City (light Romantic Suspense – think “Castle” meets “Sleepless in Seattle”)

Murder on the Candlelight Tour (Magnolia Mystery series)

by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

BOOK #2 IN THE MAGNOLIA MYSTERY SERIES. It’s a dream come true for historic preservationist Ashley Wilkes: her restored Victorian house is on the Olde Wilmington by Candlelight tour. But her dream quickly turns nightmarish when a docent is murdered in the library, and her friend, history professor Binkie Higgins, is the likely suspect. As the bodies drop faster than dead needles off a dry Christmas tree, Ashley’s as busy as Santa’s elves: proving Binkie’s innocence, rescuing sister Melanie and a historic property from a ruthless developer. And, la-di-da, solving the Atlantic Coast Line’s 40 year old payroll robbery.

5 Star Rating “All Mysteries Should Be This Great. I was hooked on this book from the first page. I have read all the books in the series and will continue as long as they are written. She has a fan for life.” Amy Barnes
“I have recently started reading your books on the Wilmington series and have fallen in LOVE. I cannot put them down . Needless to say not a lot is getting done at home.Thank you and GOD BLESS” Anne
“Just finished the last of the nine books in your Wilmington Series via my Kindle. Greatly enjoyed all of them. Are there any more to come? Especially liked the descriptions of the various foods available in Wilmington – makes one want to run right up here. Best wishes for future literary efforts.” William

“I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I just finished reading your ninth book. I was thrilled to see on your web page that you are writing a tenth! I’ve come to feel that I really “know” the characters, and enjoy reading about historic Wilmington. I’ve also fallen in love with the characters, and feel as if I know them as friends. I can’t wait till your next in the series. Don’t ever stop!” Kathy

“I am a huge fan of your books. I’ve read all of this series so far. Please don’t stop writing this series. You’ve done such good character development that the readers want these gals to go on and have new adventurer in their married lives. I truly enjoy your stories, please keep going. Thank you,” Jan

“I finished Christmas Wedding yesterday evening and I really loved it. You did a great job with the characters and elements of surprise as well as keeping it believable. I enjoy the historical information you include, it makes me want to come further south the next time we come to the Outer Banks. I have started “Murder at the Bellamy Mansion” and have to really restrain myself to not let my work go and just sit and read. ” Mary Ann

“My mother and I are huge fans of your Magnolia Mysteries book series! We live in Indiana. I have read all of the books that you have written so far, and I was wondering if there will be another book? Thank you for writing your booksâ?¦they have given me a lot of good entertainment!” Haley

“I just finished the last of the Magnolia Mysteries, when are you going to write more? I love the characters and the settings. You can’t just leave your readers guessing about what Melanie, Ashley, Scarlett and the rest will do with all the gold coins they found. Please continue the series. A true fan.” Lucie

“I just stumbled across your first book last weekend and am now up to book 5 – I simply can NOT put them down. They are wonderfully written – with characters you get to know and love and want to know more about. I thoroughly enjoy the descriptions of Wilmington – it sounds like a place I want to visit someday. To top that off, I am thoroughly enjoying the mysteries themselves – you have excellent plot twists and just when I think I’ve figured out “whodunit” I realize I’m wrong. I’ve been surprised every time!” Beth

“Just wanted to jot you a quick note of thanks for writing such a wonderful series. I just discovered the Magnolia Mysteries on my kindle last week. After reading the first three, I broke down and bought them all! You have an amazing talent for developing your characters and creating a sense of place in your books. I can’t wait to read the rest of them they are such a joy to read!” Angela


by Michael Bray

It was supposed to be a fresh start. A place for Steve & Melody Samson to begin their new life together away from the noise and crime of the city. However, their new home – an idyllic cottage nestled deep within the dense solitude of Oakwell forest-has a disturbing history, hidden for generations by the locals. There is evil in Hope House, and the cursed forest that surrounds it. Evil that has awakened after lying dormant for decades, and has terrifying plans for the young couple.

Once you hear the whispers, it may already be too late.

A Christmas Wedding To Die For (Death by Chocolate)

by Pat Amsden

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A Christmas Wedding to Die For you might also like these other FREE books:

Christmas Corpse Caper,
One Christmas Eve. One vanishing corpse. Too much mayhem. By Lois Lavrisa.       

Christmas Pleasures: A Blurred Lines Short,
His touch is a gift she can’t live without. By Breena Wilde.           

A Special Ops
and Cops

It was a perfect Christmas wedding, until a group of assassins
crashed the party. By Taylor Lee.  

The Awakening,
Can a wealthy rancher give a young woman hope? By Lorhainne Eckhart.    

The Army Doctor’s Christmas Baby,
An army doctor falls for his twin’s nanny at Christmas. By Helen Scott Taylor.           

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Maxine is making the wedding cake for the Christmas Wedding of the season. And it’s to be held in one of her favorite places, Butchart Gardens. But before the day is over the bride lies at death’s door and it’s up to Maxine to find out just who wanted Julianna dead. 

Could it be something to do with the rivalry between their parent’s two gaming companies? The two founders started off together, fresh out of university. At some point they’d started fighting with Julianna’s dad, Zeke branching off with a new game.

A game, Amoury, Rohan’s dad, had always claimed was stolen from Zone 2 Gaming. The two had gone on to become wildly successful in their own right, while remaining fiercely competitive.

And then, Rohan, for whatever reason, had quit university part way through to take an entry level job at AC Gamers, instead of finishing university and going into Zone 2 Gaming. Maybe Julianna had been the draw from the beginning.

Maybe once Rohan started working there, they became closer working on projects together, where Julianna’s love of social translated into marketing success, while Rohan’s gaming skills resulted in a brand new game and huge success in the online gaming world.

And then they decided they were in love and wanted to get married. Tension didn’t begin to cover the situation. But was it enough to cause someone to try offing the bride?

Will Maxine be able to stop a killer from striking again so Rohan and Julianna can have their own Happily Ever After?

A Very Shitake Christmas (Shitake Mystery Series #1.5)

by Patricia Mason

From award-winning author, Patricia Mason comes this short story sequel to the bestselling romantic suspense In Deep Shitake. In A Very Shitake Christmas two factors conspire to ruin Mo’s holiday: 1) her boyfriend’s obnoxious father who insists on celebrating in June, and 2) a mad bomber out for revenge. *This story is approximately 12,000 words.Check out the other books in the Shitake Mystery Series:
Shitake Happens (A Shitake Mystery Series Prequel) and
In Deep Shitake (Book #1 of the Shitake Mystery Series).

Death Sails In The Sunset (The Inspector Constable Murder Mysteries)

by Roger Keevil

A death on the ocean wave, and Detective Inspector Andy Constable and his colleague Sergeant Dave Copper are in the same boat – the brand new cruise liner ‘Empress of the Oceans’.
But which of the ship’s celebrity passengers has been the victim of the poison pen of murdered investigative journalist Ira Veal? Did lifestyle guru Anita Holm mess up in the past? Has stock market trader Baxter D. Wall got more than his share of troubles? Or did widowed TV evangelist Pastor Best provoke an unholy row?
Our detectives soon discover that murder knows no frontiers, and some guilty secrets refuse to be buried at sea.

The Horse Farm

by Derrick Heisey

After awakening from a mysterious accident, Herbie Caxton is thrust into the strange town of Herzeleid, a self-sufficient island somewhere in Lake Michigan. But something doesn’t seem right in this peaceful town. What is the darkness that lies within the horse farm?

The Last Witness #1 (Last Witness series)

by John Matthews

The Last Witness #1 is part of a two-book set. While some issues are resolved in book #1, Book #2 is required reading to gain the full resolution on all issues.

Book #1 is approx 88,500 words and Book #2 103,000 words.

Elena Waldren has a secret that she’s built fences around for the last twenty-nine years and kept from everyone. Through her work with an aid agency, her fears about the plight of a young girl placed with a nearby family finally set her on a quest to uncover the past that she’s pushed away for so long. A quest that leads her into the dangerous heart of Montreal’s leading crime family, the Lacailles.

The Lacaille brothers are at odds over their business aims for the future. Caught in the middle is the money-man holding the key to legitimizing their enterprises, Georges Donatien. But as much as Donatien could be their saviour, he is also the last witness to a murder that could bring their empire crashing down.

Distinctively writtenâ?¦ all the forceful energy of the best thrillers.

– Kirkus Reviews.

Gripping, pulse-racing. A police departments determination to bring down a leading crime family merged with one woman’s quest to uncover a secret past…. Brilliant!

– Evening Herald.

If you think in terms of the sort of â??woman in jeopardy’ mysteries that Nicci French writes so well, blended with a harder-edged â??Sopranos’-style thriller, then you’ll have nailed the heart of this story. Strongly sketched characters and emotions make this one stand out from the pack.

– Murder One.

… a novelist of real accomplishment.



The Possession

by Damien Knight

Beth McNamera is a survivor, but fate seems pitted against her. After her husband is murdered in an overgrown field, her daughter, Ashley, slips into a state of catatoniaâ??a zombie like existence somewhere between life and death. Faced with mounting medical bills and foreclosure, she reluctantly accepts Bruce’s marriage proposal in a desperate bid to cure her daughter and moves to Shadow Valley. But her young boy, Mark, can sense the evil in Shadow Valleyâ??and in Bruce.

Meanwhile, Father Doyle, a faithless priest who is haunted by the nightmare of his experience in the Rwandan genocide, is searching for a way out of the Catholic Church. When he teams up with Beth and agrees to perform a sham exorcism, both of them discover that a dark evil, someone or something, is laying a sinister path for them.

This thrilling debut novel by Damien Knight is at times terrifying, at times heartwarming, and ultimately redemptive. A suspenseful page turner that will have readers guessing until the very end whether anyone can survive THE POSSESSION.

The Card Counter

by James Kipling

Devon Walker lives a highly stressful life. A homicide detective for the city, he is also a divorced Father of three kids. And his family life and work life do not mesh together very well. Yet when popular football players of the state college team start showing up murdered, Detective Walker has to put everything else aside and figure out what is going on before someone else becomes a victim of a killer the press is referring to as â??The Card Counter’.

With each victim, the case becomes more traumatic as the killer has a point to make and doesn’t hesitate to make more people pay with their lives … until Walker and the rest of the city understand the motive of the killer.

Hard Candy # 1, Impact Force

by D.C. Messler

Candy Rawlins is living a fairly quiet life. Having recently moved to Miami, she’s running a successful security business and raising her daughter. She is the happiest she has ever been.

All of that changes with a message from her past. The hiding is over and they know where to find her. Candy has a secret. She has spent time with Israeli Special Forces, Mossad, and later the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan. She is a warrior. And the enemies she made in that part of her life are now ready to even the score.

Bit, by bit her life begins to unravel as she is framed for the murder of a client and his wife, and she finds out that a person she trusted implicity has misused that trust and complicated her life still further. Now the FBI is interested in her. And, that is one thing she can’t stand, as her entire identity is a lie, that she has concocted with the help of an old friend in the CIA. If her true identity becomes known even greater enemies will try to finish a job they started years ago with the killing of her Russian immigrant parents. People high up in the government think she is dead, and it has to stay that way, or they will be back to finish her off.

Candy goes on the offensive. Determined to protect the life she has built from being dismanteled, and her daughter put in jeopardy. She goes after the Russian thugs who have come to colllect on old debts. As she does she gets the surprise of her life, and then she gets shot.

Will she be able to recover and finish the job, keeping her secrets safe, and returning to her simple life?

Non-stop action, start to finish. A thriller of international intrigue and suspense.

Save Me (Novel)

by John Meany

The year is 2001.

On her way out of work on a frigid October night, two inebriated thugs assault pregnant Ashley Ferguson as she goes to get in her car. She is knocked unconscious and is taken to the field behind the shopping center where 23-year-old Ashley is brutally raped. This horrifying event devastates her emotionally, not only for obvious reasons, but also because it comes in the wake of her husband’s tragic death.

Down and out as well as broke, talented abstract painter Ashley is forced to moved back home with her mother. Claire Whittaker, who is retired, does not want the responsibility of having to take care of Ashley’s baby. Even though she loves the child dearly, it shouldn’t be her job.

Then one day, after peeking in her daughter’s diary, Claire is shocked to learn that Ashley is hearing voices, which are telling her to commit suicide with the .22 caliber revolver that she had supposedly bought for protection.

So who will save her? Who will save Ashley from the drugs and alcohol that begin to control her life? Who will help her become the responsible parent that her baby deserves?

Could it be Troy? The supermarket employee who had chased away the rapists? And with whom Ashley had fallen in love with? Would he accept not only her, but also her and Peter’s child? Ashley hopes so, because without someone to love, life doesn’t seem worth living.

Letters From a Murderer (special edition) (Jameson and Argenti series)

by John Matthews

This special edition is an extended preview (first 12 chapters) of the newly released Victorian crime thriller, ‘Letters From a Murderer’, first in the Argenti & Jameson series.

“One genius criminal profiler. One ruthless, streetwise cop. Both will need all their wits to capture the most notorious killer of all time.”

New York, 1891. A prostitute is found brutally murdered. The victim bears the same hallmarks as a notorious recent killing spree in England. Could it be that killer has crossed the Atlantic to fresh killing grounds? Or is this simply a copycat murder? Fear spreads through a city already rife with cut-throat gangs, corruption and vice. Aristocratic English pathologist, Finley Jameson, is teamed up with Joseph Argenti, a streetwise New York cop, to solve the case. But as the body-count rises and the killer taunts his pursuers in open letters, Jameson & Argenti find themselves fighting not just to prevent yet more victims, but also to save the city’s very soul.


“A thrilling tale of murder, corruption and trust, Letters From a Murderer is an exciting and captivating read and entirely unputdownable.” –Uncorked Thoughts

‘John Matthews ticked all the right boxes. From the interesting and odd coupling of Jameson and Argenti, to the characterisation of peripheral prostitutes and victims. Each element was three dimensional and invoked a sense of realism which helped transport me to the time where this heinous tale of bloodshed was splashed across the headlines.’ –Just a Guy That Likes to Read

‘To get this book, you need to add the following things in a blender: Sherlock Holmes, New York City, Jack the Ripper, and Gangs of New York. Add a dash of unique and excellent characterization and you have one explosive novel that will not let you put it down until you’re finished, no matter how tired you may be.’ –Meeting Chance

Fast moving story that grips you and constantly surprises you as it turns one way and then another… The characters too are sympathetic and intriguing. Set at the turn of the century, the atmosphere of the growing city with fast developing industry and the accompanying underbelly of vice and corruption is beautifully portrayed by Matthews. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it an immensely engrossing read. This book will certainly appeal to many lovers of the crime fiction genre.

— Crime Squad

If you’re interested in historical crime, whether fact or fiction, then John Matthews has produced a book with a fantastic conceit… The milieu is fascinating and well described, and the two protagonists appear to have enough difference between them to develop an intriguing relationship where the sparks will sometimes fly.

— Crime Fiction Lover

Racehorse of a narrative gives way to a thrilling dash for the finish… Matthews’s (Past Imperfect) latest is likely to be wholly satisfying to Ripperologists and Victorian enthusiasts. Fans of Matthew Pearl, Alex Grecian, Lyndsay Faye, and Alan Moore should take special note.

— Library Journal

In a word … brilliant. Over the years there have been a number of books, tv shows and films based on the Ripper murders. This is the best by far. I was gripped from page one right through to the end. The story, the characters, the setting, it was all perfectly executed. In fact, I am writing this now having finished reading it about ten minutes ago and my heart is still racing.

— Dream Believe Write

I was quickly hooked by Letters From a Murderer and could not put it down. I’m already looking forward to the next case! This is one hell of a roller-coaster ride: a detective story, a psychological thriller, a historical mystery and characters who are all too human.

— Popcornreads

The depth and layers of the action was a real highlight… A novel with so many ingredients can only result in a fully baked Victorian drama. I am already looking towards the second installment.

— The Book Trail

Time Stops Ticking

by Simon M Gray

Life rushes on. Do we make every second count, or want to stop time ticking by?

China. Desperate to secure its status as the world’s new superpower, develops a plan that threatens the stability of the West.

A situation that should be a world away from four disconnected school friends, embarking on a re-bonding cycling holiday. It’s a ride into the heart of the People’s Republic but instead of strengthening their unity, suspicion grows at every turn, love grows, trust disintegrates, until their very existence is threatened.

Time Stops Ticking is a novel very much of our times, set vividly against the dramatic backdrop of a China that most tourists never experience – rural, raw and real.

A feast of high octane drama with twists a-plenty for the cycling Brits along their switchback route of friendship. Gray, author of Blinkered and Unquiet Mind, writes with a powerrful narrative, and a multi-perspective of a country and its people as a backdrop to a fascinating love-hate interaction between the story’s principal characters.


by Christopher John Chater

Kurt Robbins always wondered where ideas came from. Then he found out. . . .

Kurt Robbins just finished his first novel and his editor loves it. The only problem is that six other writers submitted the same manuscript, word for word. Is Kurt a plagiarizer or had something or someone seeded his mind with the idea? Memeticist Ursula Stevens is Kurt’s only hope in finding out the truth. While being chased by an unknown government agency, Kurt and Ursula search out the other authors, hoping to figure out who infected them, and why, day by day, Kurt’s intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Scorpio Directive (A John Drake / Evangeline Hardy Novel)

by George Duncan

The Scorpio Directive

A John Drake / Evangeline Hardy Novel

George L. Duncan

CIA agents John Drake and Evangeline Hardy uncover a trio of enemies – Muslim terrorists, a cyber genius, and the mysterious man Bocata, who has links to the occult. Their plot: to unleash a three-prong attack on the United States. With a cyber attack that renders the nation defenseless as all electrical systems shut down, a rogue nuclear submarine, and demonic forces unleashed against the nation, America’s enemies have forged a perfect storm that threatens to drive the US to its knees. Will Drake and Hardy uncover the plot in time, or will terrorists succeed in inflicting these horrors on the nation?

Dead Men Don’t Answer

by Charles Ray

Another Al Pennyback mystery. Al is asked by a young woman to find out why her fiance, supposedly dead for six months, answered his phone. As he investigates, a ghost from his past – a military operation gone terribly wrong – comes back looking for revenge. To make matters worse, he discovers that the dead man might actually be alive, and a murderer. The clock is ticking for our intrepid DC private detectivce, known as the Brown Knight.


by Alexander McNabb

Ben Jonson is a doctor in Richmond, London. Life is peachy, perhaps the only cloud on his horizon being the problem of communicating with his incomprehensible housemaid. And then a roast chicken appears out of nowhere.

Ben Jonson never wanted to save the world. But with no warning, no final demand and certainly no invitations issued, Ben finds himself racing against time, the Russian Mafia and spooks aplenty. Driven to near-insanity by auto-manifesting incongruities, Ben is launched into a journey across Europe in search of the source of his problems by the charismatic Lysander Cullinane, the head of a shadowy government agency that specialises in telling awful lies.

Enter a catsuited blonde bombshell with a death fetish, a life insurance salesman on the run and some wickedly nasty Russians with very big guns. Add the world’s most effective computer virus, an imperious old lady with a gimlet eye, England’s most evil-tempered policeman and a dead man with a number of highly developed personality disorders. And then pop in a splash of sex worker with legs all the way up to the bottom of her basque.

The body count rises hourly and Ben’s on the run. But you can’t escape spaceâ?¦


by David Jay Ramsden

in 1975 Malcolm Bridges was convicted of the embezzlement of six million pounds. The money belonged to Manchester’s most notorious and vicious crime Lord, Jonny Jones. He does not hide his plans for revenge and the return of his money. Malcolm steps into the prison system a marked man. Jones’ men on the inside put Malcolm into hospital after a vicious assault.
Malcolm maintained his innocence and the only person who believed him was a rookie cop called Graham Daniels. As the clues and evidence begin to surface Daniels continues to investigate the case even after his demotion and return to uniform from his high life as a detective.
Malcolm’s former employers, Henry Metcalfe and Walter Jordan raise Daniels suspicion and they have a lot of questions to answer but they soon sell the accountancy firm and arrive in paradise where all is not as it should be. An exciting fast paced thriller.

The Cooper Omnibus (99 Stories)

by Bill Bernico

I’ve been writing Matt Cooper stories since 1989. Here are the first 99 stories in one volume, with a Table Of Contents. These stories will take you through three generations of Coopers in the private eye business. It covers the period from 1934 to 2012 and Features Matt Cooper, his son Clay, his grandson, Elliott and Elliott’s new partner, Gloria. Once you get to know the characters, they’ll seem like part of the family. Within these pages you’ll find murder, mystery, suspense, humor, nostalgia and good old family values.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 short stories, so far, but these are the stories you’ll find in this volume:

01) It’s In The Bag

02) Petty Crimes

03) November Child

04) Welcome, Matt

05) The Reunion

06) Cold Cash

07) The Mother Goose Murders

08) The Condiment Killer

09) A Million To One

10) Little Matt

11) Find Her

12) Hard Bargain

13) The Case Of The Plates

14) Dead Ringer

15) The Stickup

16) You Can Bank On It

17) The Last Stop

18) Violence Is Golden

19) Surprise Package

20) The Big Sweep

21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders

22) Guilty As Charged

23) All In The Families

24) Paper, Rock, Scissors

25) The Other Matt Cooper

26) Hit And Run

27) Officer Down

28) Double Trouble

29) Track Record

30) Love Finds Matt Cooper

31) The Plunge

32) Concrete And Clay

33) Top Of The World

34) ‘Til Death Do Us Part

35) Not On Your Life

36) One Bad Apple

37) Even In The Best Of Homes

38) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame

39) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper

40) Beatlemaniac

41) End Of An Era

42) Cooper Generations

43) The Cooper Back-Story

44) Clay Cooper, Panhandler

45) Cooper And Partner

46) Mutiny On A Bounty

47) Witness Protection

48) Justice Delayed

59) Two For One

50) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick

51) Revenge Never Expires

52) Head Shot

53) A Passage From The Bible

54) Come Fly With Me

55) If Dogs Could Talk

56) Trapped Like A Rat

57) Paydirt

58) Take The Money And Run

59) Fresh-Faced Kid

60) You Ought To Be In Pictures

61) Noel

62) Classified Iinformation

63) Heart Condition

64) Reese’s Peace

65) The Best Offense

66) Jack The Stripper

67) Room For One Less

68) The Glowing Corpse

69) All The Write Moves

70) Dead Letter

71) Playing The Rolls

72) Life Is Boring

73) Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Murder

74) The Family That Preys Together

75) Next

76) Change Of Heart

77) Road To Nowhere

78) I See You

79) Single File

80) Home, Home Within Range

81) Nothing To Sneeze At

82) Your Place Or Mine

83) Stand-In For Murder

84) Auction

85) Nut Job

86) The Next Great Adventure

87) The Friendly Skies

88) The Not-So-Private Eyes

89) The Hollister Story

90) Hell Is Other People

91) By Hooker By Crook

92) Separated At Birth

93) Bleeding Heart

94) Baby Steps

95) That First Step

96) Oscar Night

97) Second Chance

98) California Or Bust

99) It’s Worth A Shot

The Case of the Shrieking Ghost – A Kitza and Petey Cats Mystery

by Kate Townsend O’Keefe


It was early October, at exactly just before sundown, when the small northwestern town of Hodge Center first heard the scream that began as a shrill ear-splitting screech lasting all of 15 minutes and ending in a low moan. The scary thing about this was that it happened every evening, at exactly just before sundown, and progressed the same way each evening. The town’s people shuddered each evening as dusk approached, bracing against the expected shriek, not knowing how they could handle the nerve jarring, jittery feeling much longer.

This nerve-jarring shriek was making mistress ill – so ill the cats, Kitza and Petey feared for her health. The cats finally decided enough was enough. They were going to find out what was causing this unnerving shriek and STOP it from happening, come hell or high water.

Their investigation, with its twists and turns, make a delightful, scary read.

If you like scary ghost stories, and if you love cats’ mysteries — you’ll LOVE The Case of the Shrieking Ghost!

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The Frequent Flyer (Mitch 2)

by Ben Rhodes

After his last run in with the drug dealer, Sanchez, Mitch is determined to stay with his family and away from police work. In spite of his desires to stay away from it, he agrees to help his friend with a small project.

Before he knows it, he’s right up to his neck in it and, if he can’t find some answers, hundreds of people are going to die. In spite of his own life and the lives of his family being put in danger, he continues to seek the answers. It’s not what he wants to do, but he knows it has to be done, and soon.

Guilt (A Noah Milano novella)

by Jochem Vandersteen


Years ago Noah Milano was the son and bodyguard of gangster boss Robert Milano. He was forced to shoot Lisa Waxman’s father, turning her into an orphan, saddling him with a lifetime of guilt.

Now, Noah Milano has broken off all ties to his father and tries to make an honest living as a security specialist. He finds out Lisa’s stepfather is accused of being one of the vilest, most sadistic serial killers of California. This is Noah’s chance to find redemption. He swears to prove his innocence. It seems not everyone agrees with his quest, though. Soon not only Noah but his dearest friends are in mortal danger…

Praise by other authors:

”The writing is fresh and vivid and lively, paying homage to the past while standing squarely in the present.” -James W. Hall, author of Silencer.

”Great pop sensibility with a nod to the classic L.A. PIs.” – David Levien, author 13 Million Dollar Pop

‘Noah Milano walks in the footsteps of the great P.I,.’s, but leaves his own tracks.” – Robert J. Randisi, founder of PWA and The Shamus Award

“J. Vandersteen takes us back to the glory days of pulp fiction. And I mean the genre, NOT the movie. His Noah Milano character rings completely true as a tough, lone-wolf private.” – Jeremiah Healy, author of TURNABOUT and THE ONLY GOOD LAWYER

The Heart Doctor

by R.A Brewster

Hearts are fragile things, easily cracked and broken. They spill out their light and warmth, leaving an awful darkness. When Private Detective Asher Costard is hired to investigate the death of a prominent doctor’s wife he finds himself slipping deeper into the cracks of not only the killer’s broken heart but his own as well. Plagued by a regret that at times feels all too flesh and bone, he searches for a killer among lies and secrets in a town he thought he knew. *BONUS* Contains a teaser for Fireflies In The Night

Axeman’s Progress

by Dennis Yates

Following a devastating lay-off, four co-workers decide to get revenge on their unscrupulous company president by enlisting the services of a witch. To their surprise the target of their curse has no intention of backing down, and in fact has unlimited resources to unleash a nightmare of his own.

In Blood There is No Honor (Painted Tree: Two Novellas)

by Judith Victoria Douglas

A crime that leads to extremes in blood-for-blood vengeance.  Set in 1941, a southern family struggles through the consequences of a chance occurrence, a crime unplanned. Their tragedies begin with an opportunistic kidnapping of beautiful fourteen year old Tess, granddaughter in the three generation household. The family’s roots in Louisiana were planted before the Civil War, but even in good families a bad apple can begin an avalanche of troubles. Each is tested until they’re near breaking, blaming themselves. The brutal actions of a disturbed cousin inflame family members. One is unable to let go of his desire for vengeance. WHen the judge sentences the guilty to military service Woody joins up to follow. In Okinawa their’s is a blood for blood confrontation during one of the worst battles of WWII.
Quote from the book:
“Listen now, Dutch, Woody’s on foot, trailing after dem boys. His rash action may get him some trouble, so send someone to help find him. He can’t help Tessa alone. Ernest and Samuel may lose the trail, but Woody…he’ll find it, to be sure.”
“A car’s already on the way to your house, Zee, with two deputies,” Dutch told him. “Did you know an ambulance was also headed there?”

Night and Day

by Ken White

Five years ago, life in the United States changed forever when swarms of vampires overran the country in a war that dwarfed the carnage of the American Civil War. Many died, others were turned into vampires, and the survivors were rounded up and sent to massive internment camps for the next three years.

Five years after the war, ex-cop turned private investigator Charlie Welles is the day-side investigator for Night and Day Investigations. His partner, Joshua Thomas, a vampire and Charlie’s trusted friend, handles the night business.

When a seventeen-year-old runaway Welles is tracking is found drained of all her blood in an Uptown dumpster, it seems like the sad ending of another vampire-related missing person case. But after his partner is murdered and the bodies, human and vampire, start to pile up, Welles discovers a web of police corruption, organized crime and dark medical experiments in a case that may cost him far more than his life.

To find who killed his partner, and why, Charlie Welles must struggle to find elusive truth in the darkness of Night and the light of Day.


by David Jay Ramsden

The second book in this thrilling series set in Brazil. Gomes receives an email from a distraught parent whoes daughter has gone missing in Joao Pessoa in the North East of Brazil. Gomes goes to the rescue but finds much, much more than a missing girl…. Fast paced mystery thriller


by Peter Dudgeon

“The previous events of his life and this horrific moment were so incongruent that a faint hope surfaced. Perhaps this was nothing more than a vivid nightmare.”

Despite having no recollection of the murder, Paul Ranson knows he is the primary suspect and begins a desperate search for the truth. As the police close in, Paul is convinced that he must confront a force of hatred that has grown against him. A prospect too terrifying to face alone.

Divisive (The Rask Trilogy)

by John Tucker

The Connors are your All-American dysfunctional family. Carolyn, the matriarch, is a hard-drinking single mother with no desires to be a ‘sitcom mommy.” Elizabeth, her seventeen-year-old daughter, is a Goth dressing, snarky teenager who lives to protect her baby sister and to find love. Precocious Emily, twelve, is the peacemaker of the family saddled with issues of her own. Enter Dennis Rask, a charming rogue who insinuates himself into their family and brings them together as a self-appointed messiah – becoming loved by Carolyn, idolized by Emily, and accepted with reservations by a suspicious Elizabeth. Little do the Connors know, Rask has united three families before them, with every unit destroying themselves from within by his hellish machinations. Rask views the Connors as a hobby – a game – which has left no survivors in the past.

Divisive starts the reader off at the end of their story. Detective Frank Bostick attempts to unravel the reasons behind a tragic event in the Connors house, resulting in a ‘supposed’ death, a ‘questionable’ overdose, and a brutally ‘perceived’ attack of Rask by one of the members. Switching back between the past, and the present, Divisive ensnares the reader in a thriller that goes back several years in the life of Dennis Rask until ending in a grim battle for the soul of the one he has hand-picked to be his ‘Queen.”

Last War

by Vincent Heck

September 11, 2001 changed the world. For Jason Upton, that day tore his personal life to shreds.

Former Physicist, and NSA analyst, Upton is now the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. His aim is to reach the bottom of America’s “War On Terror.”

He does. Alone.

Upon arrival, however, he learns that the terrorists may be someone he knows better than anyone else.

Now, he’s on the run.

Insanity, Inc.

by Carolyn McKinnon

This Murder Mystery is an attack by an insider, on the big business of treating minds, in which “experts” are helped to help themselves at the expense of the mentally afflicted and the tax payer. Big business has turned America’s mental-health-care system into a fruitful, billion-dollar industry in which the mentally ill are merely the pawns. Fact or Fiction? Read it and decide for yourself.

Looking Over Your Shoulder

by p.d. workman

Just because you’re paranoid, that doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.

Things were going well for Abe. Despite all of his past struggles with his inner demons, he was happily married, had three wonderful children, a nice home, and a fantastic consulting business that satisfied his creativity and brought in a good income.

But you can never get too comfortable. When Abe becomes a prime suspect in a jewel heist – one of the largest successful jewel heists in history – his schizophrenia becomes unmanageable and everything begins to spiral out of control. Abe’s own investigation into the heist has the jewel thieves hot on his tail… or is it all just part of his paranoia, like everyone keeps telling him?

With everyone against him, how is Abe ever going to get his life back?

Cries of the Past

by paul r omalley

Inspector Dan Brewer comes across a routine break-in, a vandalised art display. But this just signifies the start of something more sinister, as events escalate into horrific killings. The trail of death can only be solved by looking into the past. Memories that have long been forgotten re-ignited. Memories that lead to a priest losing his faith and a detective finding his.

A deluded Psychiatrist enables Brewer to discover what those memories mean and that they are the cause and the solution to this nightmare.

That if not stopped, will lead to more deaths and a living Hell!

Four Shades of Recovery – Book 2 (Healing Heartbreak Series)

by J. S. Luxor

Megan and Matt’s reconciliation gets complicated when a threat from her past surfaces in Portland. The dynamics of their relationship expand when other members of their family become entangled in a web of competition and desire. The young lovers discover more about their own strengths as well as the extent to which they care about one another.

Lost Baggage (Short story)

by Declan Conner

Approx 30 pages in a printed book. Independently edited.

Short story, with both American English and UK and Commonwealth English versions available in one eBook.

How precious are your possessions? Worth risking your life for? Texas born, Rob Carter has the answer. A thrilling tale of Airport Rage in this action packed thriller.

Also available in the Lunch Break Thrillers compilation.

The Package

by Cleve Sylcox

David Winters likes Cloak and Dagger Novels, but never thought he would be in an actual mystery. That is until his law partner, Tinsley, asked him to do a simple little favor and he finds himself swept away in intrigue, death, and women.


by Pat Mullan

We meet burnt-out lawyer Ed Burke as he flees New York, a failed marriage, and a high pressure career as a criminal attorney and returns home to Dublin, Europe’s most happening city. Ed’s new job, defending a prominent developer in a tribunal investigating the rezoning of prime residential property, draws him into the world of Ireland’s elite movers and shakers who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

From Fear to Death: Six Short Horror Stories

by Justin A. Sickguy

From a futile run through the woods, to the very end of the world. Six different stories, one common destination…


by D.J. Hardin

It was a cold and rainy Friday morning in San Francisco as Samantha Taylor was sound asleep. On the nightstand next to her bed was an alarm clock that read 4:06 a.m. When the clock struck 4:07, her bed started to shake violently.

A Special ‘Ops and Cops Christmas:Sexy Romantic Suspense Holiday Novella

by Taylor Lee

Praise for A Special Ops and Cops Christmas, Taylor Lee’s exciting new Holiday Novella…
The cast from The Blonde Barracuda Collection and the All Fired Up Collection come together to celebrate Sam and Annika’s wedding. What could be more perfect than a Christmas wedding? Ask the terrorists who plan to keep ‘Happily Ever After’ from happening.” Action Junkie

Annika is a beautiful, complicated cop who came from a dirt poor family. The day before she’s to marry her drop dead gorgeous fiancé she meets his family and discovers to her dismay that the Carters make the Cosby family look like paupers.” J. John

Taylor Lee does it again! Great characters! Snappy, outrageous dialogue! Terrific interplay among the guys from The Blonde Barracuda Collection and the All Fired UP Collection. One of the steamiest and most touching love stories I’ve read.SMT Reviews  

* They called her the Ice Princess; blond, beautiful and cold as Ice.

* That was before the sexy police commander turned up the heat and proved that Fire does melt Ice.

* It couldn’t have been a more perfect Christmas wedding; family, friends, a gorgeous groom and a stunning bride –until a group of would-be assassins crash the party.

If you like Special Ops, hot cops, and a to-die for Christmas wedding plus a HOT love story you won’t soon forget? Give yourself the best present ever: A Special ‘Ops and Cops Christmas!” Romance Reads

Love Kaylea Cross’s heart pounding romantic military thrillers? Lisa Jackson’s red hot romance? Maya Banks’ sexy heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Snatch up A Special Ops and Cops Christmas and prepare to be addicted.


The All Fired Up OMNIBUS Collection, Taylor Lee’s Bestselling #1 Hot New Release–the ULTIMATE Sizzling Romantic Suspense collector’s edition! INCLUDES Playing With Fire, Trial By Fire and Ring of Fire and the EXCLUSIVE You Light My Fire: Short Story Finale

The Blonde Barracuda OMNIBUS Collection, Taylor Lee’s Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense Best Selling Collection. Includes Big Girls Don’t Cry, In the Still of the Night and Every Breath You Take plus Five additional EXCLUSIVE NOVELLAS.
The Red Rock Collection, Taylor Lee’s NEW Sexy Romantic Suspense Series. #1 Hot New Release in Military Romance and Romantic Suspense. Includes Prequel: Code Name Red Rock and Red Rock Rises: Book 1 in the series PLUS: Red Rock’s Revenge: Book 2. Coming Winter 2014: Red Rock’s Rebel Bridge Short Story, Red Rock’s Redemption Book 3 and the Short Story Finale: Red Rock Rules. 

The Dangerous Affairs Collection Sizzling International Intrigue .
Best Selling in both Romantic Suspense and Military Romance and Women’s Sleuths ! Includes: The El Paso Incident, The Moscow Affair, The D.C. Incident and the just released Book 2 The Bangkok Affair. Coming Winter 2014: The Rio Affair Book 3 and the Short Story Finale: The Paris Incident. 

The Bad Ass Brigade: Bad Guys Beware, The Good Guys Are on the Prowl.
A Sampler of Sizzling Romantic Suspense. Cops, Firefighters, Special Ops, Covert Agents, and Bad Ass Poker Players–HOT Men and HOTTER Women kick up a storm–and heat up the sheets in the process.

The Grandmaster’s Legacy, Taylor Lee’s HOT Erotic Historical Suspense. #1 in Family Sagas, Men’s Adventure and Erotic Romance If you think Shades of Gray is HOT, snatch up The Grandmaster’s Legacy. Includes FOUR full Length novels: Struck by Thunder, Race for Redemption, The Frenchman’s Woman and The Frenchman’s Revenge. WARNING: Intense, Explicit, Steamy HOT!

A Courtroom Massacre

by Mark Porto

Naval reservist Johnny Bellow returns home from duty. He notices a dramatic change in his hometown of Black Meadows, NY. A street gang has been reeking havoc and fear in the town. One day, Johnny, while helping out in his family’s grocery store, witnesses a robbery, he pulls out his weapons and kills the perpetrators. While initially ruled self-defense, political chicanery takes over since the leader of the gang was the nephew of a corrupt state senator. In the enduring years, Johnny is subjected to both criminal and civil trials, imprisonment and commitment to a psychiatric facility. Even when he obtains his freedom, he is subjected to discrimination and other forms of harassment. He finds a girlfriend and then loses her. His quest for justice is long and tedious which leads to tragedy.

The Closet (Summerset Tales)

by Jac Wright

Written as a prelude to the author’s full-length title THE RECKLESS ENGINEER.
Love is a battlefield. Who will get out of it alive?

â??â??Harry Duncan Wood runs a hotel in the historic city of Bath with his beautiful young wife. When he falls in love with Mill House, an old greystone farmhouse on the banks of river Avon among the soaring hills of Somerset, and sets about moving his family there, the first appearances of the cracks in the marriage take him by surprise. Is his wife seeing another man? Duncan needs to get to the bottom of the affairs for his own sanity. Sometimes, however, ignorance is bliss and will also keep everybody alive.

The Closet is written in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers and Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales as the first in the collection of literary short fiction. The tales have an added element of suspense similar to the works of Roald Dahl. The Closet accompanies the first title in the author’s full-length literary suspense series, The Reckless Engineer, published by Soul Mate Publishing, New York.

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