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Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar: How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil To Lose Weight, Prevent Allergies, And Boost Your Immune System

by Brian Night

Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar– How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil To Lose Weight, Prevent Allergies, and Boost Your Immune System-

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Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar have recently seen a dramatic rise in popularity and growing numbers of people are using them for health benefits, in the kitchen, and even as cure and preventative methods for diseases.  Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar have often been labeled as  super foods aw they been known to fight off viruses, infections, kill bacteria, lower cholesterol, and even help aid weight loss.
This Book Will Cover:

  • Skin care recipes
  • Hair Restoration and Hairloss Coconut Oil Recipes
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes
  • How Coconut oil can prevent and cure Acne
  • Skin Moisturizing recipes
  • What type of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar you should buy
  • Why early research indicates coconut oil can prevent Alzhiemers
  • Apple cider vinegar and digestive issues
  • And much more!

This book will cover the numerous benefits of coconut oil/apple cider vinegar and will show you ways you can add both to your life. We will give you tried and tested recipes that you can use for everything from cooking to hair loss. We will also break down exactly how they work and why many people are calling them superfoods. So download now and learn how coconut oil and apple cider vinegar can benefit your life.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill – Now!

by Jim Hayward

If you would like to start saving money on your energy bill – right now – then this is the ideal book for you.

All of the techniques described in this short guide are easily actionable with very little investment. These are common sense, no-cost-to-low-cost techniques that you can apply right now in order to start making savings immediately.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to make savings – and you won’t need to be a home handyman either. Simple, fast and easy to implement is very much the theme of this book.

Contents Include:

Where are you spending your money?

One thing you must do to reduce your energy bill.

What is standby power?

Room by room checklist.

Your concise action plan for energy savings.

Fat Loss Made Simple 2: How to Eliminate Even MORE Body Fat (Tips from the Trainer, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness)

by Ken Melendez

Get Ready for Another Round of Fat Loss Elimination!

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You’re about to discover an incredible breakthrough in human potential with the power of fat loss made simple.

Are you tired of unwanted body fat? Have you tried the â??diets’ before and they’ve failed? Are you ready to take control of your life and break ground into a new you?

Then this book is most definitely for you! Fat Loss Made Simple 2 is a continuation of my previous book which is the basic guide to fat loss. Don’t worry; even if you have not read the first version, this book is a complete guide in and of itself. In edition 2, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at why fat loss truly is simple.

If you are interested in a get fit quick scheme, then this book is NOT for you. Fitness is a process and it must be taken one day at a time. The difference between those who reach their goal and those that don’t is that those who do never give up. They set their mind to a goal and they stick with it.

Fat Loss Made Simple 2: How to Eliminate Even MORE Body Fat will take your physique to a whole new level if you learn and apply the information provided. This book contains everything from nutrition tips to special workout techniques and even quick recipes to make in the kitchen. Try it out and see the value for yourself!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Advanced Weight Training
  • How to Perform Calisthenics
  • Essential Nutrients
  • Advanced Nutrition Tips
  • Piecing it All Together
  • Bonus Chapter: Cooking with Ken!
  • A Special Preview of Muscle Gain Made Simple
  • Much, much more!

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Secrets of Quick Decluttering, Selling and Organizing the Home Area: Essential Step by Step Methods to Clutter-Free Lifestyle at Home & Earn Money through Selling Cluttered Items On eBay & Amazon

by R. Kishore

How to Organize Your Home in Just 7 days and Maintain a Quick, Clutter-free Lifestyle?

To become more organized and less cluttered in our home and work environments can increase our happiness, reduce stress, and enable us to spend our time more wisely and in more enjoyable ways rather than constantly searching for lost items or digging through mounds of stuff or even sifting through the ever increasing number of unfinished projects.

Reducing Clutter, Organizing, and Selling don’t Just Happen – They Need to be Planned! Here’s How You can Achieve All Three.

– How to Visualize of the Change in Looks and Function?

– What to Tell others and Getting their Support and/or Help?

– How to Getting rid of Somethings, Moving them, or Rearranging them?

– Secrets of Obtaining Organizational Supplies.

– Action Steps for Organize and Decluttering your Kitchen.

– Follow Easy Tips to Get rid of Clutter in Your Bathroom.

– Quick Steps to Decluttering and Organizing Your Living Room Spaces.

– Secrets Living Room Decoration Tips.

– Fast and Easy way for Decluttring your Bedroom.

– The Best Way to Organizing your Home Office.

– How to Arrange Your Garage Systemically?

– Some More Places for Declutter and Organize:

– Closet

– Wardrobe

– Desk

– DVD and music system.

– Toys storage

– How to decide on a places where you can sell, donate, or dispose of excess items?

Get Rid Of Clutter & Make Money At The Same Time

– List of Clutter item

– Top Sites to Sell the Cluttered item: From Clutter to Cash

– How to Sell Your Cluttered Items On eBay ( Step by Step )

– How to Sell Your Cluttered Items On Amazon ( Step by Step )

– Amazon Selling Vs ebay Selling ( Benefits)

FREE BONUS:Top 20 Natural Cleaning Product Recipes For Your Home! For Limited Time!

– The Laundry Room

(Itchy Clothing, Stiff Clothing, Clothing Stains)

– The Kitchen

( Oven Smoke, Dirty Oven, Sticky Counter Tops, Plugged Drain,

Smelly Hands, Crusty Microwave, Spotty Stainless Steel Sinks,

Dirty Dishes)

– Living Room

( Dusty, Cracked Wood Furniture, Water Damage on Wood,

Spotty Windows, Soiled, Smelly Carpets, Stained Carpets,

Air You’d Rather Not Smell, Rusty Metal )

– The Bathroom

( Dirty Toilets, Soap Scum / Mildew )

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Declutter Extreme! How to Satisfactorily Declutter Your House or Room in Record Time

by Mabel Roark

So you’d like to declutter and clean your room? Me too. I’ve been ‘liking’ and ‘wanting’ to do that for a long time until I realized I need to get up and start doing! It’s time for you to learn how to declutter in a fun, instructive and quick way!

This declutter book will give you simple (but amazingly effective) steps to organizing and decluttering your room and your home. I speak from experience and can tell you that the feeling you get after a successful declutter is utterly priceless! Start decluttering now!

Very Bad Women – 5 True Stories of Crimes by Women – Vol 1

by Guy Hadleigh

Do you  like true crime stories?

What about real crime committed by women?

You may not have heard much about some of these bad women, but they were real and ruthless

All had their “15 minutes of fame” leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them

Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end

Radiant Jade – Mat Hari of the East
Traitor to her native China, assassin and spy for the Japanese, Radiant Jade was the daughter of a Manchu prince and the mistress of murder and intrigue so sinister that 300 million Chinese thought she was the devil incarnate.

Belle Gunness – Americas First Female Serial Killer
Arch murderess Belle Gunness carved a niche all of her own in the hall of infamy. Suspected of killing up to 40 men, women and children (including her own), she put murder on an assembly line basis in her relentless search for personal profit.
Memphis Mae Corey – The She Devil with the Face of an Angel and a Heart Full of Hate
Arriving in the USA from her native Ireland at the tender age of 17, Memphis Mae was a stunningly beautiful young woman already on the run from the Irish authorities. Immersing herself in the underworld of Chicago she quickly made a name for herself as a clever and
dangerous woman. Corruption and multiple murders soon followed, eventually ending the only way it could – on the gallows.

Ma Barker – Bloody Mama
A criminal mastermind and the brains behind the infamous Ma Barker gang, she spawned four ruthless killers who slayed their way through a series of bank robberies, hold ups, and kidnappings. She devised detailed plans, gave the orders and rode roughshod over the laws of the land until the longest shoot-out in FBI history ended her rampage.

Arva Bolling – She Killed to Live
Hard, cold, beautiful and psychotic Arva Bolling lived only for money and the life it could bring. She callously killed three times so she could continue an existence of leisure and luxury and would have escaped justice and the electric chair had it not been for a suspicious

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Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes Made Easy (Paleo Recipes Made Easy)

by White Hot Kitchen

Major Update: All non-paleo ingredients have been removed

“Are You Looking for Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Recipes That Are Easy To Prepare?”

You might already know how effective a paleo diet is to shed unwanted pounds
as well as improving overall well-being. Eating a protein rich diet with nuts,
fruits and veggies while avoiding gluten, grains, dairy, legume as much
as possible This is proven by science and major studies of its effectiveness.

It all sounds good until one actually tries to prepare a paleo meal from scratch.
It’s no easy task to prepare a healthy meal that actually tastes good without
spending hours in the kitchen. That’s why the Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook:
Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes Made Easy
utilizes the power of the slow cooker.
If you’ve used one before, you know how easy and powerful this appliance is.
It’s so easy to use even someone who has no cooking experience could
prepare a delicious healthy meal with ease

If you’ve never used the slow cooker before, we’ve got you covered. In this book,
we’ve included a chapter that contains tips and tricks to help you get the most out
your slow cooker, paleolithic style!

Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes Made Easy hands
you paleo recipes that are super easy to prepare yet very delicious. It shows you
that preparing healthy meals does not have to be boring and time consuming

Get it while it’s still available at this low price!

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How to Grow Orchids: A Guide to Growing Orchids for Beginners (The New to Gardening Series)

by Fran Barnwell

No plant family has as many different flowers as the orchid family, their variety is quite staggering. Some orchids grow only one flower on each stem, while others can have more than a hundred blooms on a single spike with amazing variations in colours: from white and yellow through to pink and purple and multi-coloured.“ 

If you would love to have this spectacular plant in your home, but thought that they were too difficult to grow, then this book will provide you with all the help you need to get started.

You will discover which orchids are the easiest for a beginner to grow, and then learn the steps you need to take to keep your orchid alive, healthy and blooming.

Chapters include:
Where to Start: Discover the Orchid Family
What an Orchid Needs: Light, Heat and Humidity
More Orchid Needs: Water, Fertiliser and Rest
Moving On: Re-Potting Materials
Want More Plants? Propagation
What Can Go Wrong? Pests and Diseases

Fran Barnwell’s philosophy is to provide simple and straightforward advice for anyone starting out with gardening, whether that is indoors or outdoors, a good-sized garden or a window ledge. How to Grow Orchids is the second book in The New to Gardening Series. The second edition of The Guide to Gardening for Beginners is soon to be published.

Talking to Women Without Being Awkward – 10 Dating Tips and Advice to Improve Your Self Confidence to Attract and Talk to Women

by Billy Martin

How To Talk to Hot Girls Without being Awkward: Learn How To Be The Guy She Wants in 10 Steps

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to overcome your shyness and approach the girl you like.

Many guys get tongue-tied whenever they are around beautiful girls. They tend to become self-conscious and end up blundering their way through the conversation. In contrast, there are guys who always seem to know the exact things to say to make a girl fall for them.

The secrets to becoming that cool guy are all in this book. Learn how to be comfortable around even the hottest girls in town and become the perfect boyfriend material for your dream girl.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

  • Building Your Confidence
  • Breaking The Ice
  • The Art of Giving Compliments
  • Taking Charge
  • And much more!

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The Art of Raising a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

by X.F. Shen

Cocker spaniels puppies are cute, intelligent, lively and eager to please. Maybe you think of Lady from the movie “Lady and the Tramp” when you think of cocker spaniels. They certainly have the traits portrayed in the movie, such as loyalty, sweetness and eagerness to play. Their friendliness, devotion and ability to adapt to different environments and people make them a very popular breed to own.

In this puppy guide book, we’ll take you through all you need to know about raising a cocker spaniel puppy, including:

  • History of Breed 
  • Physical Attributes 
  • The Pros and Cons of a Cocker Spaniel 
  • Housing and Supplies Required 
  • Preparing for Your Puppy’s Arrival 
  • Welcoming Your Puppy 
  • Grooming and Cleaning 
  • Development 
  • Training 
  • Socialization 
  • Comment Ailments 
  • Signs of a Healthy Puppy 
  • Show Requirements

Curing Rheumatoid Arthritis: Guide For Patients How To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis And Improve Your Health Forever (Rheumatoid Arthritis Books, Rheumatoid … Rheumatoid Arthritis Plan To Win, Gout)

by John Stevens

A Proven, Step-By-Step Strategies On How To Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis

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at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to manage rheumatoid arthritis. This book will give you the idea on how to live with rheumatoid arthritis and how you can manage it without having to suffer limitation in movements. You will learn about the different options on how the cure and manage the said disease.

We used to think that the cure to Rheumatoid Arthritis was either non-existent or totally relied on the use of heavy pharmaceuticals. Today the approach to removing symptoms of this arthritic disease or even sending it completely into ‘remission’ is very different.

Whilst many still rely on pharmaceuticals to treat certain symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, such as inflammation, pain, swelling and stiffness, some are resorting more and more to the use of natural cures and this is bearing increasing success. The details of which natural supplements work best are on this book.

If untreated, rheumatoid arthritis significantly shortens life span by an average seven to eight years. It increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. Sixty percent of untreated patients are disabled and dependent on others to take care of them within 10 years.

One other factor that contributes to the shortened lifespan is the increased incidence of lymphoma that occurs in patients with RA.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: What is it?
  • How Can We Tell If It’s Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Alternative Treatment
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Prognosis
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Charles Dickens and the making of A CHRISTMAS CAROL

by Michael Norris

When first published in December of 1843, Charles Dickens’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL was hailed instantly as a masterpiece. Since that time, the work has never been out of print. The book has been translated into dozens of languages, adapted into countless stage and film versions, and even made into operas and ballets.

In this beautifully-illustrated and penetrating 10,000-word study, Michael Norris tells the complete story behind Dickens’s crafting of the tale William Makepeace Thackeray once praised as nothing less than “a national benefit.”

Norris dives deep into his topic to discover the altruistic angels and monetary demons which drove Dickens, the public debates and rancor which informed him, and the terrible childhood memories which both haunted and inspired him. Perhaps most importantly, he shows exactly why George Orwell applauded Dickens as a “subversive writer, a radical, one might truthfully say a rebel” as demonstrated in the CAROL and other works.

Norris as well surveys and introduces Dickens’s four subsequent Christmas books – THE CHIMES, THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH, THE BATTLE OF LIFE and THE HAUNTED MAN AND THE GHOST’S BARGAIN. Additionally, he uses first-hand accounts to vividly portray Dickens as a reader and performer of the Carol.

Santa’s Diary (Illustrated Edition) (The Christmas Connection)

by Santa Claus

A unique opportunity to hear Santa’s story first hand. Find out how he gets down chimneys, visits everyone and hear amusing elf tales.

A quick message from Santa …

Hello everyone, and welcome to my diary.

People have been asking me for years to write about my experiences and what’s going on in my world. So I have finally given in and I’m going to share with you all what I’m getting up to. I’ll be keeping a record here of all my preparations for Christmas and news for the next fews month. And what a time it’s going to be. The elves are already hard at work, and Rudolf and the other Reindeer are well rested. We’re all looking forward to another great Christmas. I hope you’ll read this diary regularly and send me lots of nice letters, and even track my movements over the coming month.

The special illustrated edition was created in association with Jo Moon, artist in residence at the North Pole.

Make Women Want You – 10 Proven Dating Tips and Advice to Attract and Talk to Women

by Billy Martin

What to Do When She’s Playing Hard to Get? Learn in 10 Steps

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make sure the girl you are eyeing would fall deeply, madly in love with you–the fool-proof way.

I will teach you how to distinguish women who are truly uninterested from women who are merely playing hard-to-get. It challenges you to actually enter the daring world of courtship and attraction.

You’ll find ten steps to make a girl fall in love with you. To all the guys who are single, dating, or in a relationship, this book is for you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

  • Why Women Play Hard to Get
  • Hard to Get Vs. Not Interested
  • Take the Lead
  • Give Her Space
  • And much more!

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Principle 1: The Bright Side – Direction & Positive Mental Attitude (When All Else Fails, Succeed!)

by David Khalil

Principle 1: The Bright Side – Direction & Positive Mental Attitude is the first principle of a 12 part series from the book; When All Else Fails, Succeed! The A-la-carte format now allows the reader to pick and choose which practical principle they wish to try and test to build a successful life without purchasing the whole book.

Each Principle has been carefully selected and can be applied individually in its own right. Yet, there is a compounding effect when the principles are strung together that can build a momentum of success in your life.

This principle focuses on the power of making clear-cut decisions and eliminating distractions that would stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

When all else fails, succeed! – Is a book that is well researched in modern day success stories with refreshing insight into practical skills to achieve personal success without the usual self-help hype! It displays a simple format that places in the hands of any reader the power to reflect and pinpoint their current state of life providing tools to build a life by design rather than by default. There is no denying that most people want success but they just don’t know how.

For over a decade David Khalil has been a student of personal success and achievement, the results of which have been tried, tested and finally collated into this book. Personally applying these principles has helped David achieve great success in Australia both in business and the social community front.

Dive in if you want to learn how to turn FAILURE into SUCCESS, STUMBLING BLOCKS into STEPPING-STONES, OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES? Want to know how you can GUARANTEE success in life?

Yes, winning is wonderful. Knowing how to win is even better!

Most of us spend our lives waiting for certainty to fall from the heavens, then wonder why we haven’t truly succeeded for such a long time. More than luck or a sixth sense, more than a university qualification or even experience, sustained success comes from a focused life.

The principles in this book are designed to focus your blurred vision, allowing you to see clearly and sharply what needs to happen next. Where once you failed as a result of distractions and hesitation, by focusing your attention and energy you truly can create a successful and fulfilling life.

They have been tried and tested over centuries by fabulously successful people. They are common keys that will unlock the door to your success. There’s no magic formula, just universal laws that make life make sense.

The only mystery is why more people don’t apply them.

So go ahead, take up the challenge as you read â??and when all else fails, SUCCEED.

24 Hours to a New U

by BRE Ashley

Confidence. Patience. Hope. Trust. Faith. Attention. Ambition. “24 Hours to a New U” is a Self-Help booklet that takes you on an exciting self-reflecting journey in just 24 hours. “24 Hours to a New U” encourages you to “Maximize Your Flavor” with a cup of hot tea, learn how to “T.R.U.S.T.” and dream higher. With edgy stories such as “Virtue or Vice” and classy stories such as “Wine Down,” BRE Ashley challenges her readers to explore their inner self in “24 Hours to a New U!”

Life in the World of Yomo: Start the Adventure to Your Perfect Calling

by Melissa Luke

A must read for anyone, any age, who wants to be satisfied with their career!

Did you know that over 40% of workers over the age of 16 are looking for a job,

and over 60% of those with a job are dissatisfied with their present career? If you fall into one of these two categories,

Life in the World of Yomo can change your life!

Here’s what readers of Life in the World of Yomo are saying:

“This book will wake you up! Expect to be activated and energized when you read about how anyone can wake up on Monday and like his or her job.”

“Life in the World of Yomo is a great book for a college graduate. It is a fun read that takes you through the steps of finding out what you really want in a job.”

“This book was such a great read with all the humor, education, and applications that the book has you complete. I strongly suggest reading it to see the personal success you can be and the help you will receive to find the perfect job that rocks!”

Life in the World of YOMO is a funny and true story about the trials and tribulations of a serial entrepreneur, later to become a highly degreed (but abnormal) professor. The book helps people understand how unimportant academics are, and focuses on career satisfaction by outlining a step-by-step process using a cartoon avatar called a YOMO. This odd but delightful format makes anyone at any age question if they should really go back to school, accept a mediocre job, or just sit in the bathtub in attempts to create the next best “pet rock”. The answers might be frightening, but may be career altering for ones life…

Melissa Luke is a motivational speaker who not only trains corporations nationwide on how to increase employee morale and create better work environments but works to guide and inspire today’s youth in finding careers they love. She holds a doctorate in management (DM) and currently resides between Denver, CO, and Seattle, WA, pretending to be an athlete.

Key to Immortality

by Stanislaw Kapuscinski (aka Stan I.S. Law)

The Human race is endowed with the gene of immortality. Our genome can endure thousands, perhaps millions of years. But what of our consciousness? Can we achieve the awareness of the immortality of our self? The Gospel of Thomas claims that: “whosoever finds the explanation of these words shall not taste death.”

An international group of scholars provided the translation of the Coptic text discovered in Nag Hammadi, while the author offers his explanation of the 114 sayings attributed to Jesus. He offers the Key to Immortality.

Five Star reviews on Smashwords:

Having studied his Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism this book, the Key to Immortality, makes perfect sense. In fact, it became very convincing. What an extraordinary view of reality! Once you accept it, you’ll never be afraid of death! Amazing! (Marvin D. Clark)

I have been reading Kapuscinski’s (mostly Law’s) books for some time now. I must admit that my background is more scientific than metaphysical, yet by means that must be akin to magic, the author manages to draw me into his reality, hold my attention, and force me to reexamine the postulates which I’ve long accepted as settled.

If you have any doubts about your own immortality, I defy you to read this book and remain indifferent to the Gospel of Thomas. This book will leave a lasting impression of you. Lasting forever? (Bohdan Czytelnik)

Terpsichore In Love (Bemused and Bedeviled Book One)

by John Tucker

Terpsichore, one of nine Muses living on Earth while they advise mortals, falls in love with Daniel Gordon; a man who displays special powers after coming into contact with her. While they keep their relationship intact, Terpsichore and Dan have to deal with her disparate sisters, the forces of Heaven who want to end their romance, and the legions of Hades who think the mortal is the prophesied Antichrist. Can their love survive the coming apocalypse?

The Art of Raising a German Shepherd Puppy

by Sam Masters

A new puppy is always a cute bundle of joy for kids and adults alike. Nevertheless, a German Shepherd or an Alsatian pup imparts an added sparkle of pride and excitement to an adoring owner.

If you own a German Shepherd or are thinking of having one, then this is THE BOOK you should read!

The Art of Raising a German Shepherd is a complete guide about this magnificent breed. You will learn specific, practical information about:

-History and the general personality of the German Shepherd.

-Amazing tips on raising a German Shepherd from Pup to Maturity and Old Age.

-Shep’s Common Ailments and Possible Remedies.

-Shep Nutrition.

-Shep Grooming.

-Socializing Your Shep

-Pros and Cons of the German Shepherd Breed

And moreâ?¦

So, get this book NOW! Your puppy will thank you for it!

101 Tips and Life Lessons for the Young Adult

by D. Scott

As a young adult, it can be a tough and challenging road when there is little to no guidance and no one to turn to. This book provides tips, life lessons, motivation, and inspiration to guide you along your journey. With pages of humor, honesty, and some encouragement, you can be well on your way to living the life you deserve.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.