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Louie has Landed ‘The Early Days’

by Kevin Swarbrick

The book is based on a true story with all the ins and outs of what happens when people have affairs. Does it work out and do you get your man or your woman at the end of it all? Some people go into affairs without knowing and others go in knowing that the other person is married. Some people make up stories because they seek the attention and some just do it for the fun of not getting caught.

Some do it because it’s just sex and others do it because they are confused. Sometimes two people just fall for each other and don’t know how to pull away because of the chemistry and the passion and sometimes love that’s involved.

Whatever the reason for affairs, it does happen every day with people that you wouldn’t think twice are doing it. With society the way it is today, it seems to be a case of â??if you get bored then you have an affair!’

My story tells of the secret behind closed doors.

I am a single guy of 30 something and I live in the Greater Manchester area and I have been married and divorced. When it comes to women I’m good at catching them out when an affair is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been an angel myself but when I am in a relationship I’m faithful and truthful but not everyone has the same view as me!

My experience in life has been an eye opener! I have met some lovely women and some crazy women but of all the women there was one woman that was a dream come true to me.

You may see things through life that appear real or you imagine they are but are they real? Can you be sure they’re real? Your mind wonders and then outcome the insecurities that lie deep behind the surface.

Dad Talks To Me From The Grave

by AJ Medina

A Navy sailor, who after spending a few weeks at sea, decides to begin writing letters home to his unborn son with the intent of sharing his wisdom. Growing up without a male role model, he discusses what he’s learned regarding women, dating and life while working on becoming a better man himself.


Dear Son,

Time and time again, I used to hear women complaining that they would fall in the toilet because men wouldn’t put the seat down. Growing up in a house full of woman I never understood this. I was raised to put the seat and lid back down after using the bathroom and all the women in my house did the same. Needless to say I was a bit confused.

It was a mystery to me. Why were women falling into the toilet? And why were they blaming men? Over time I analyzed the situation. If a man left the seat up and a woman came into the bathroom in the middle of the night and sat down without looking or turning on the light, she would fall in. But that made no sense to me. Wouldn’t she reach for the lid to lift it before sitting? And when she reached for it, wouldn’t she find her hand reaching at empty spaceâ??the lid nowhere to be found?

I just didn’t get it when one day it all clicked. I began to notice in every other household where a woman was present and I used the bathroom, the toilet lid was already up. As more time passed, this became a pattern. So that was it. While women blame men and yell at them to put the seat back down, I say we yell “Hey ladies, stop being lazy and put the lid back down. Is it really that hard to do? Maybe if you put the lid down all the time then you would notice that the seat was left up.” They act like we do that on purpose just so that we can laugh at them when they fall in. I don’t know maybe some guys do, but not me.

If they got in the habit of putting the lid down, or everyone in the house would put it down, then they wouldn’t fall in because they would check for the lid and if it wasn’t there chances are the seat wouldn’t be either. When you get older you might have to tell your girlfriends to quit trying to force you to do it how they want. Tell them to put the lid down. If you really want to tell them when they are done using the toilet to put the lid up. Why do we need to bend to their will? They can bend to ours. They may call you selfish, but aren’t they being selfish wanting it their way?

Either way, in my house the lid always gets put back down, just ask your mother. You can also ask her how many times she’s fallen in. The answer will be zero.

Oh, and speaking of toilets. In public bathrooms, they don’t have lids on the toilets. There’s just a seat and at the front of it, the middle piece of the seat is cut out. That is not so that we can pee without putting the seat up. That notch is there so that when we sit down, our junk doesn’t touch the seat. I know guys who try to pee with the seat down and they always get pee all over the seat. Don’t do that, okay?



Getting Married to Divorce: 9 reasons why your marriage is scheduled to fail.

by Summer Rachel Miller

Ever wonder how some women are able to meet Mr. Right while in high school, marry the guy, and seem to live happily ever after? The rest of us spend what seems like the rest of our lives looking for Mr. Right only to find Mr. Wrong over and over again. In this book, we show you nine red flags that are at the roots of failed marriages. To have a long-term marriage, you need to start with the right partner. If not, you can simply wait for your divorce unless you are willing to work hard to save your marriage. “Getting Married to Divorce: 9 reasons why your marriage is scheduled to fail” shows you how your actions or inactions starting from your choice of partner, to lifestyle can easily lead you to divorce.

How to get along with Grumpy Kids (Grumpy People)

by Michele L. Gaddis

Long after the Self Help Skills for Kids books were written, I discovered that kids and people of all ages still had a lot to say on a range of subjects. For the next nine years I collected their honest and heartfelt responses to important questions. They shared with courage and honesty, things they want others to know, what they would say if they felt safe.

This book contains the best of all their answers for How to get along with Grumpy Kids.

Kids want people to know how they feel. Adults want to understand how to better love and serve the young people in their lives.

We all want to make the world a safer place for those we love. Lets begin with being willing to hear what kids have to say, even if it isnt what we want to hear.

I Put My Trust In You

by Luke Scholey

A young girl finds her self falling in love with a bad boy, she couldn’t ask for anything more. Her life feels complete. But in this thrilling interview with Kevin Kyle, young Abbie reveals, in detail her life with this terrible boy and the end result.

Top 50 Romance Tips You Wish you knew- Rekindle your Love Life and Reignite Your Relationship

by Andry Brown

Top 50 Romance Tips You Wish you knew- Rekindle your Love Life and Reignite Your Relationship

This book contains proven tips and strategies on how to reawaken the passion in your relationships or Marriage.

– Have you been struggling with your relationship?

– Do you and your partner have the same fights over and over again?

– Do you wish you knew where the spark-the-Connection- has gone?

– Would you rather suppress your feelings than risk another blow-up?

– Do you wish you knew how you could affair-proof your marriage?

Do You Wish You Knew…

– How to bring Spark to your current relationship or Marriage?

– That Secret tips that makes your love life grow and stay Stronger?

– How to Never have a Dull Moment in your Marriage or Relationships?

– The Secret of Getting Over your Ex?

– How to rekindle desire in your Marriage or Relationships?

– How to Rekindle Love in your Marriage?

– How to Rekindle your Romance and Reignite your Marriage?

Top 50 Romance Tips you wish you knew, combines all the powerful and passionate romantic ideas and brings it to you in the most easy to understand way, and the most powerful part is that it relates your Imaginations with Pictures to make it easy to follow.


Gives you Rock solid Tips on the best proven ways to rekindle your love life and reignite your relationships.


Gives you Powerful tips on how to easily keep your love life blossoming and how to create the perfect atmosphere for your Marriage.

All Through this Book, there are great quotes, love quotes, romance quotes, relationship quotes, etc. from renowned relationships and marriage experts that would Blow your Mind

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