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At The End Of The Age Of Kali

by Nicolas Guy Williams

The Preludes was an attempt to follow an evolutionary direction in the thought; image and music of the style of my poetry and writing and to move into ever deeper philosophical images and concepts , I treat the entire group of collections that I call The Preludes as an ocean of words, whereas I have often treated the entire group of collections that came before it (collectively known as The Excanto) as a city of words. So I would describe (as the writer) all of The Preludes collections as an ocean of words dotted with the occasional island or rocky outcrop, where it is quite possible that the next group of collections to come after this one will rise out of this sea like a new continent to explore, hence the collective name for the group The preludes “Both Musical & the thing that comes first before the next but gently hints at what is to come”

Sailing towards the new continent on the ocean of words ….

Celestial Traffic Jam

by Frank Thomas Smith

Selected poems by Frank Thomas Smith

Glasses Raised

by Bukar Gadzama

Glasses Raised is an eclectic collection of poems that deals with various topics ranging from love to the religious act of communion.

Bluebell Milk Poems

by Chris Abraham

Poetry – 25 Poems

The Excanto Collections

by Nicolas Guy Williams

Limited Edition on sale in 2013-2014 only this collection contains all of the poetry collections that belong to The Excanto as it will eventually be published.

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