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Questions That Easily Write Books: How to write a nonfiction ebook using a simple outline method (The super easy way to write nonfiction ebooks)

by Ian Stables

Questions That Easily Write Books

How To Write A Nonfiction Ebook Using A Simple Outline Method

(The Super Easy Way To Write Non-fiction Ebooks)

Write your nonfiction book a lot easier

This is a different and much easier approach to how to write a book outline than the traditional method. It dramatically improves the writing process.

How to write a book a lot more easily

Writing a book, using the standard taught outlining method, is not that easy. However, by using the method you’re about to learn, it’s a lot easier and you’ll actually enjoy doing it. This is because it makes it easy to know what to say. You’ll realize you could have already written a lot more books if you knew this before.

Map your way to a successful and well-structured book

You will do it by using a map. You’ll know what to say up front. All you need to do then is write it. It’s that simple.

You wouldn’t take an unfamiliar long trip without a road map. Therefore, use a map when writing your non-fiction book.

This isn’t your standard way of how to create a book outline

Many people find it difficult creating a book outline using traditional methods. However, this method is easier.

Also, by using this outline method, you’ll find writing your book a lot more efficient. In fact, it’s enjoyable. As a result, your book will be more complete and help a lot more readers. Which should be your aim.

‘Questions That Easily Write Books’ will show you…

– How to outline your entire nonfiction book with simple questions. (All you do is just write the answers)

– How to come up with the questions in the easiest way

– The questions every book part of your book should answer and where

– The certain places to go, where everything you need to write, is right there in front of you (This is golden)

Join the Top 1% of all eBook Authors: For those who write, market, and sell eBooks.

by Gary Thaller

Do you aspire to join the Top 1% of all eBook Authors? Then learn from an author who has done it.
The first step is joining the Top 1% by touching it briefly, and the second step is staying there. In this book, you will learn what it really takes to join the Top 1%. Time needed: You will learn how long it REALLY takes to join the Top 1%, and how to progress faster. Hole in One Theory: Do some authors become successful on their first book? Learn why this theory is flawed, and why believing in it can cause you to fail. Conquer Time: If you lose your watch, it can be replaced. If you lose time, it can never be replaced. Banish procrastination through time saving techniques. Writing process: Writing processes help build habit patterns and save time. Learn how to create a writing process that will help you write more and write better. Learn the writing craft: You will learn to improve your writing skills through a unique apprenticeship program. Keeping records: Work records motivate a writer. Learn what records to keep, and learn how to keep them.

The author has drawn on his expertise in motivation and time saving techniques to touch the Top 1%, and these are the methods he used.

Note: The author does almost no marketing, so there are no marketing methods in this book. You won’t need them to Join the Top 1%!

English Writing Exercises for International Students: An English Grammar Workbook for ESL Essay Writing (Academic Writing Skills)

by Stephen E. Dew

English Writing Exercises for International Students – An English Grammar Workbook for ESL Essay Writing

200 Interactive exercises to develop English essay writing skills for ESL Students.

The author wrote this mostly interactive workbook for his English essay writing classes. It contains more than 200 questions and answers on English grammar topics associated to developing good English essay writing skills.The questions are typical of those used in exams for an English diploma for university entrance.

These exercises are practical exercises to help support his previous three books:

  • “Academic Writing for Graduate Students – Paragraph essentials for ESL Students”
  • “Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills – Essay essentials for ESL Students”
  • “The 5 Step Essay Writing Process – English Essay Writing Skills for ESL Students”

The exercises develop different areas required for fluent and confident English essay writing.

They include:

  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation: commas and apostrophes
  • Subject / Verb agreement
  • Sentence Structure: Simple, Compound, and Complex
  • Sentence errors: Fragments, Run ons, Comma splices
  • Sentence Combining
  • Appositives

In addition, As a bonus, the author has included an extra 50 bonus questions for a review at a latter date. Perhaps when exam time comes!

The author recommends ESL Students in low intermediate to low advanced English classes use this workbook for developing their essay writing skills. As he said previously, in his last book, “Academic essay writing is an essential skill for universities, colleges, and other tertiary educational institutions. English writing skills form a part of the assessment requirements of many courses at university, college, or even high school, so it is extremely important you can do all these kinds of exercises to become a competent English essay writer for university.”

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The Book Writing Special Ingredient: How to write a nonfiction book that readers love – This makes a book special

by Ian Stables

Nonfiction book writing is about to get easier and the books you produce are going to be better.

You’re about to discover a book writing method that makes writing not only a lot easier but also produces books that readers love. It’s the same way the all time best-selling books were written.

It took me a long time to realize that this was the best way. I had heard about this many times in the past but didn’t consider it a way that was best for writing. In fact, the first time I heard of it, it was related to writing sales letters. I never did use it in my online letters.

Very recently I was reading up on public speaking. This is a subject that I’m interested in. It’s also closely related to writing. This is because writing is just the translation of what you want to say to your reader into text.

It was a sentence I read. This turned my light bulb on. Everything else I already knew combined together with this one thought and bam, the better way to write books was born. This was the missing piece to the writing jigsaw.

This way of writing books is not new. It’s existed in the long time best sellers. The top books that have been around for some time. However, I’ve never seen it taught. Maybe it is somewhere, but I’ve never seen it.

This book tells you what it is and how to write a nonfiction book using it. The process is so much easier than just teaching a bunch of facts, and the result is so much better.

When you start using it, you’ll notice that the words just float out unto the page. It’s like someone has turned the word tap on full blast.

This is not just a bunch of usual book writing techniques found in a lot of writing manuals. This is the special ingredient that long time best selling authors use. You’ll start to notice it in the top books when you learn this method.

Write books the far easier way and produce writing that most readers love.

Read this now and find the piece you’ve been missing.

What Color Am I? A Fun Beginner Sight Word Book (Dolch Pre-Primer Reading)

by Preston Gerber

This beginner sight word book is perfect for kids just learning to read! There are two pages dedicated to each of the 10 most popular colors. The words on each page are based on the Dolch Pre-Primer sight word list.

The fun pictures are sure to capture the attention of your little ones, and have them reading this book in no time!

Italian Language for Travelers, Tourists and Vagabonds

by Larry Aiello

Italian Language Phrase Book and Travel Guide for Travelers

Enhance your journey or vacation to Italy with this easy-to-read Italian language phrase and travel guide.

This introductory course to Italian is designed to give you the minimum that you need to know to make the most of your Italian journey or vacation. Its emphasis is on what you need to know and not about studying useless grammar, vocabulary or words that you are not likely to encounter.

It’s a practical hands-on resource for anyone that wants to travel to Italy or to improve their Italian language skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist, student, traveler or a vagabond – this will help you for your trip.

2 Books in One!

This is almost like two books in one – a travel guide and resource with useful tips and advice along with Italian lessons to help you communicate in Italy.

The book is divided into chapters that would be the most likely scenario or encounter that a tourist, traveler or vagabond would likely encounter.

There are useful phrases for accommodations in hotels, youth hostels, campgrounds, etc. along with dining, getting around, greetings, medical situations, meeting people, etc. Plenty of tips and tricks to help you associate the Italian word with the English one to make learning as fun and easy as possible!

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Essential Skills Every Preschooler Needs- 7 Movement Games for Successful Kids, (For Educators)

by Monica Levy

Invigorate your preschool classroom with movement games that teach! You will learn how to improve 7 essential thinking and social skills such as communication, problem solving and listening so that your preschool classroom is full of positive energy and the children are calm and focused.

These games are easy, fast and fun for the whole class. Great for special needs children, these games will strengthen both brain and body as your class learns the fun, active way! Created by renowned childhood expert and founder of LeapSmart: Monica Levy, this book is a must have resource for every preschool teacher!

Write It and Sell It: How to write a book and sell it – The proven step-by-step plan that works!

by Ian Stables

Author of, The Self Publishing Success Formula

Write It and Sell It

How To Write A Book And Sell It

The Proven Step-By-Step Plan That Works!

For Nonfiction Books
What difference would it make to your income, if you could produce very desirable books… and have a lot of people see them?

This step-by-step book is a proven plan. The result, is a book that is easy to sell and put in a place where potentially everyone will see it.

This is not just about how to write a book. (A nonfiction book of course.) It’s not just about how to sell and promote books either.

It’s about both being combined, to help the most people and make the best income as a result. This is how to write and sell Kindle books for the best results.

You won’t get the best results by creating a book and then promoting it like mad. The selling starts before you even start writing.

If you do it this way, it will be as easy as selling a Ferrari for $100. The book is what you’re selling. The promotion is just getting others to know it’s available.

This best-selling author lets you in on his plan.

You’re about to learn how to…

Find highly desirable book subjects
This is the author’s own way of quickly finding out what the masses want to know.

Find all the content you need in a different and better way
This isn’t about just finding lot of information and then writing it down. That’s hard and doesn’t give the best results possible.

This is about finding the information and then doing something with it. You do this before you create an outline or write. The writing part is a lot easier and faster as a result.

Create an outline in a simple way
You get two options. The choice is the one that works for you. However, you must choose one as it is how to write a nonfiction book that flows.

Write chapters a lot more easily and that readers love
This is golden. This is what makes readers love certain books. It’s what the author has discovered over the years.

This is an easy to follow, step-by-step way, of writing all your chapters. Readers love it.

Write a book introduction designed to sell your book
This is the structure that the author has found to produce the best results.

Write a conclusion that helps your reader
The conclusion is there to help your readers gain the most from your book. It’s not difficult to write, but it must be there.

Polish your book the easy and effective way
Clear out the errors, using the author’s personal easy proven method.

Typos and poor grammar are often the reason for poor book reviews. Avoid them.

Create book titles that get the sale
The author’s two-part formula. It creates powerful book titles by combining two things.

Write book descriptions using a structure that sells
The author has tested different ways. This is the one that has given the best results.

Get your book in front of the most buyers, by doing just three things
These three, have always given the author more sales than anything else.

Continually increase your income and keep it there using ‘The Golden Key’
If you do continue to do this step, your royalties will continue to increase every month.

Read and start using these methods now. You will be helping yourself and your readers.

Punctuation Principles (The Write It Right Series)

by Tristi Pinkston

Are you confused about commas? Emotional about em dashes? Hysterical about hyphens? Punctuation can make or break a sentence, and it’s important to understand the rules and use them properly so your real meaning is clear. This quick reference guide will come in handy whether you’re an author, blogger, or someone who just wants to get a handle on how it should be done.

Terrorism: Nairobi Westgate Mall Siege

by Tafara Makopa

On 21 September 2013, unidentified gunmen attacked the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until 24 September, resulted in at least 72 deaths, including 61 civilians, 6 Kenyan soldiers, and 5 attackers. The attackers held hostages and later engaged in gun battles with Kenyan security forces. Over 200 people were reportedly wounded in the mass shooting.

This attack was in Kenya but their message was global taking into account that the victims are internationally representing. The events of the day were witnessed and narrated in the tale of those who survived. This book narrates the horrors faced by the dead and the surviving men, women and children. The stories are true witness of the surviving and some may seem like fiction, this showing how much humanity can go in pursue of evil deeds. This book also dedicate a full pages graphically represented in raw pictures which some may really be disturbing, but aimed at giving you the actual reality of terrorism o create a world made full terror and fear.

Playing It Safe: Reducing Concussions and Head Injuries in School Sports

by Education Week Press

Since the late 2000s, concussions and head injuries have emerged as one of the biggest issues in youth sports.

A concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) that occurs when a person’s brain is jostled inside his or her skull. When an athlete’s head makes contact with an opponent, a ball, the ground, or something else, it can result in a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion include headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to light or sound, memory problems, and difficulty with concentration. For now, it’s still unclear exactly which forces contribute to concussions or how much force is necessary to cause one.

As scientists continue to unravel the mysteries behind the causes and effects of concussions, youth-sports teams, organizations, and officials have begun to respond. Since 2009, nearly every U.S. state has passed some form of a youth-concussion law. A number of youth-sports organizations have likewise changed the rules to reduce the likelihood of head-to-head contact and other head injuries.

In Playing It Safe: Reducing Concussions and Head Injuries in School Sports, Education Week contributing writer Bryan Toporek offers a glimpse into the evolving world of youth-sports concussions. This e-book contains some of the most relevant research for student-athletes, along with information about how youth-sports organizations have begun to adopt concussion policies accordingly. This e-book also features a host of youth-concussion resources accessible on the Web and at The Education Week interactive map resource, found at the back of this book, provides a current snapshot on youth-concussion laws in every state.


by John Allen

Learn how to realistically make six figures a year writing Kindle books. Are you up to the challenge of writing 100 books to reach the goal?

This book covers my proven method to efficiently publish work weekly by using a mix of both the right strategies and the right equipment.

You will learn my correct, productive process for reaching the goal of writing 100 books in a year. The challenge can be expanded over a longer time for those that can’t commit full-time to writing.

Basics of Reading

by Linda McNine

This e-book is written for people interested in providing help to children learning to read. It reviews the difficulties a child encounters and provides specific examples of strategies that will build a reading foundation and help each child transition from learning to read to reading to learn..

Goal Setting – The Hidden Power of Setting Goals

by Andrew Craig

Isn’t it interesting that so many people talk about the power of setting goals, but so few people ever seem to actually set them?

I used to be one of those people. For years, I read every book on goal setting that I could get my hands on. I attended every workshop about goal setting that came to town. I knew everything there was to know about setting goals, but I just never set any. I knew that goals worked, but I was never willing to put them to work.

Then one night as I was trying to get to sleep, I was fantasizing about “the good life” I would have if only I could make my wishes come trueâ??like in a fairy tale. It was a fabulous fantasyâ??but it was only a fantasy!! In a fairy tale you could always count on a fairy godmother or leprechaun for help. Unfortunately, it was real life, and all I could count on was myself.

That thought, however, really got my attention! What if I really could count on myself? That’s not so bad! What if I could determine exactly what I wanted from life and then make it happen? What if setting a goal was as easy as just making a wish?

Wishes are goalsâ??but goals with some added pizzazz. Goals provide the course of action that can take you to wherever you want to go, but they lack the motivation to get you there. Wishes are a little different. They have more impactâ??like being struck by a semi-truck instead of by a Hotwheels car. Wishes let you dream. They let you fly. Wishes help to unleash a source of limitless opportunities and mighty forces that gives you the power to accomplish what you might otherwise never even have imagined. If you really want to make good things happen in your life, think of setting goals as making wishes.

Wishing was the extra motivation I’d been looking for. I never felt much enthusiasm in getting out of bed in the morning and telling myself, “Yippee!! Today I’m going to work on my goals.” But saying to myself, “Today I’m going to make my wishes come true” was a completely different story. This way of thinking made me feel as though I could accomplish anything.

This new way of thinking suddenly and drastically changed my life. It catapulted me from the minor leagues of achievement to the major leagues of success. The very instant I changed my behavior and way of thinking, the world around me started to change. The things I wanted to happen began to happen. The kind of life I had always dreamed about started to come trueâ??like in a fairytale.


The purpose of this book is to share with you the incredible power to make your wishes and goals come true. To help you get what you want out of life–regardless of your background, your age, or your present circumstances–we are going to give you a concrete strategy, not just a speech about how great success is.

Many people think that luck or good fortune is ultimately what determines our fate. That is only slightly true….

MY KINDLE SALES SUCK! 15 Ways to Double Your Kindle Profits

by John Allen

This book focuses on both fixing the underperforming books in your KDP Bookshelf, as well as tips for getting more sales for future published work.

Learn how to double your Kindle sales by applying proven methods to get your book noticed, and follow the flow of the Buyer Readiness Stages model of selling an eBook.

You’ll learn proven sales tactics from other successful industries applied specifically to Kindle book sales both with single books and series books. Make your books the successes you wrote them to be with these valuable tips!

Tips for Getting a Scholarship and Living in a Dorm

by Vasanth Simon

If you’re worried about paying tuition costs, you should explore scholarship opportunities. This guide offers tips for getting a college scholarship. It also provides college-living advice for dorms or small apartments.

Writing Character-driven Short Stories: an easy to understand, plain-English guide to story focus, structure, and the transformational character arc (Plain-English Writing Guides)

by Jodi Henley

Your character-driven short stories don’t work–what’s wrong with them? If you’re a character-driven writer trying to stuff a full-length novel into a 10-20k short story, or a flash fiction writer trying to increase your word count, if your story is over-developed, under-developed, you have too much conflict, you don’t have any conflict, you can’t figure out where to start or end, or how to trim down the fatty bits, try Writing Character-driven Short Stories: an easy to understand, plain-English guide to story structure, focus and the transformational character arc. With pertinent, easy-to-do short exercises and thinking points, Writing Character-driven Short Stories is a short, practical guide to help you get exactly what you mean to say to your reader across in a way that works with your skill level and knowledge base.

Includes a useful blurb writing template for both character and plot-driven stories, and easy tools to get your story back on track.


  • Finding Your Reader and Their Emotional Triggers
  • Focus
  • Story Focus
  • Fitting a BIG Idea into a Little Story
  • Good Blurb, Fabulous Plot, Bad Execution
  • Bad Blurb, Great Execution: or how to use invisible words and thought strings
  • The Action Line
  • Backstory is Motivation
  • Getting it Written
  • Trouble-shooting and Revisions
  • Tags, Keywords, Blurbs, Excerpts and Covers

New Word A Day

by Elliot Carruthers

This fun and entertaining word calendar will teach you like no other. You get puns and challenging puzzles to make you think. You get phonetic pronunciations to help quickly master each word. Clear and simple explanations get right to the point. Clever memory tricks make it easy to remember the meaning. You will enjoy improving your vocabulary, like never before.

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