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Cycling Turbo Training for Beginners – a quick start guide to cycling indoors to Explode your fitness FAST. (20 interval workouts included).

by Rebecca Ramsay

Cycling Turbo Training for Beginners is a quick start guide to getting you up and running quickly and efficiently with turbo training so you can maximise your fitness when you can’t get outdoors for cycling training.

The guide takes you from the beginning, helping you decide what kit you need including what turbo to buy. The guide also introduces the reader to the technique of pedalling correctly, as well as how to go about an effective indoor workout to get the best out of yourself – by training less.

Near the end of the guide you will find 20 high intensity turbo training workouts. The advantage of these workouts over others you may find is the author shows you exactly how to progress the workout over time so you are unlikely to reach stagnation with your fitness.

This is a highly recommended read if you’re new to indoor cycling, or have been turbo training a short while but want professional guidance on how to take your indoor cycling fitness to the next level.

The Winter Cycling Survival Guide: How To Cycle Through Your First Winter – Keep Warm, Get Fit & Stay Motivated! (A Beginner’s Training Guide)

by Rebecca Ramsay

Dear Reader,

Wondering how you are going to hold onto your fitness and cycle comfortably and safely when it is cold, wet, icy and dark outside? Is it even possible to ride a bike in winter and actually enjoy it? How do you keep motivated without getting bored?

The quick answer is, “yes” you can cycle during winter and, “yes” it can still be enjoyable – if you abide sensibly by its limitations. Getting you successfully and safely through your first winter is what this ebook is all about.

This short guide is aimed at beginners who have never attempted to cycle through winter. It assumes you have no winter cycling experience and takes you through every important aspect of winter riding from basic winter cycling preparation to training.

I wrote this guide because last winter was one of the worst in decades. As you may remember, Europe was gripped in a prolonged cold snap that seemed to go on for weeks. Many readers contacted me in search for answers to their dwindling cycling motivation.

Indeed, I’ve experienced the problem first hand, having had to get fit for major road events with a meter of snow outside my home. Living in the mountains, I had to endure harsh Alpine winters where driving snow would last for days. You might think I was lucky, but when you have a first year pro-contract, you have no choice but to get out there in the cold and ride.

So, don’t let “the cold” hold you back for any bike workouts this winter…

Click the “Add To Cart” Button Now to kick-start your bike motivation and get into great shape for summer rides in 2014!

Rebecca Ramsay

Slump Buster: A Short Story

by Craig Lancaster

Hugo Hunter has just had his last fight. Maybe. His promoter thinks so. So does his old manager. But how does a man who has fought for everythingâ??and lost it all, tooâ??come to terms with the end?

Craig Lancaster, the best-selling author of the novels 600 HOURS OF EDWARD and EDWARD ADRIFT, conjures another memorable character in this short story originally published in The Montana Quarterlyâ??a story of grit, of perseverance, of memory, of regret.


“It’s a real delight to inhabit Lancaster’s lonely, darkly majestic Montana locations and desperate characters.”â??Chicago Center of Literature and Photography

“With remarkable speed, (Lancaster) has made himself into one of Montana’s most important writers.”â??The Billings Outpost

“Lancaster continues to weave together hope and hopelessness with his cast of haunting, unpredictable characters.”â?? Montana State of the Arts newspaper

Lessons at Love All Play – Legend Tendulkar Matters!

by Saumil Bhukhanwala

Lessons at Love All Play – Legend Tendulkar Matters! is a book about Indian cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar, and how he overcame various challenges, shouldering the hopes of a nation across two decades. It’s about the lessons learnt along all the matters that arise, when an iconic player is the focus of glory and blame in a team game.

Experience Tendulkar’s fascinating journey with other Indian legends via the mind of a maverick fan! You may not feel the same way at times, so enjoy the different perspective! However, the lessons that were filtered through, will be worth discussing!

The metaphor of Love All Play has a three fold relevance:

– In context of sports analysis: since sports offers a level playing field, it is fundamentally different from real life scenarios. As a result, the way we define sporting concepts is different from popular notions

– Love All Play is also, of course, the starting point of each match – a gift to sportspersons -as it all starts from scratch each time, reseting the past. But that brings uncertainty and pressure too, to be tested again and again.

– In a broad sense, a #loveAllPlayMoment indicates fresh new opportunities when a team is ready to compete globally on even terms.

Re-live the golden era of Indian Cricket ’07-’11:

Match summaries highlighting various Indian legends. Tendulkar raised his game to align with Team India’s #loveAllPlayMoment- that point when a team is well equipped and ready to compete with the world. Tendulkar achieved his third Test Grand Slam to help put Team India ahead of every other Test team. Finally, it all came together, as he went from a match winner to a tournament winner, yet again, to help India lift the World Cup ’11.

For whom:

Besides Tendulkar and Indian cricket, the book explores some universal concepts in sports.

Insightful essays on Sports vs Life, which lead to defining new terms. New set of hashtags! for search and for social media. Cross-sport quiz help understand a sport by comparison. Examples of table tennis, tennis, cue-sports, chess, soccer, olympics finding their way into a cricket book to broaden our perspective on sport!

Specifically for cricket, there is a new way to assess batting – based on manual inspection – without complex formulas or even averages.

Major topics/Issues covered:

– How often can a batsman play?

– Which are the matches which matter? (applies to every sport)

– You need to get this book, if you are not clear about the above two!

– Its Not About Records, but they are relevant. When and How?

– Personal aspiration vs Team goals. Humans vs chess pieces

– Match Winner vs Tournament Winner

– What administrators can learn from the NBA Basketball

– Taking an outcome: Warne’s masterstroke in India, Tendulkar in Sydney, Yuvraj in World Cup

– How is Sport different from Life- the implications

– SportsVsLife- different but inter-woven- Virat Kohli, Milkha Singh & Bustamante

– Match winning & finishing vary for each sport. Yet, one definition!

– Comebacks: Borg-McEnroe, Steve Davis-Taylor, Botham’s Ashes, Federer-Nadal, Tiger woods.

– First innings vs Second innings!

– Inspecting batting without averages!

– How many tons, Tendulkar? Logically, lot more.

– Why cricket is unlike Olympics- breaking world records vs combining scoring patterns

– Tendulkar-Lara vs the best bowlers

– Chess in Bowling- Bradman, Tendulkar

– Dot Margins- Gavaskar Richards – different legends both priceless

– The Test Grand Slam- performing against/in each country

– Tendulkar’s Test Cycles- 3.5 Grand Slams!

– Tendulkar’s amazing ’07-11, the numbers which matter

– Match summary of every Test series of India 07-11,

– India ahead of every Test country – Ranked #1 irrespective of ICC ratings

– ODI World Cups- Tendulkar the opener

– World Cups- Best bowling teams – England and West Indies!

– India in WC ’11- getting the phases and chases right!

Weight Training Essentials (The Ultimate Weight Lifting Rules To Build Muscle & Lose Fat Fast)

by Jeremy Lam

Weight Training Secrets for Maximum Muscle-Building & Fat Loss Results

You are 30 seconds away from getting your hands on the best secrets on weight training

Do NOT make these mistakes I’m about to reveal to you…

Are you frustrated with your weight lifting results (or lack thereof)?  Have you ever
wondered why some people in the gym get amazing results while most just struggled?

The devil is in the details.  Liftingweights is more than just about protein shake
or supplements, yourweight lifting technique is the key to the results you’re
after.  There are certain lifting rules one has to adhere in order to optimize your
weight lifting results.

In The Ultimate Lifting Rules, nyou’ll learn weight lifting exercises that give you
the most bang for your buck, STOP wasting your time and energy on exercises that
 produce little to no results.  You’ll also learn my closely guarded secrets on weight
training techniques that will skyrocket your gains as well as prevent injuries so you
can train more frequently and get faster results. 

Success Stories:

“This kindle book is really helpful. I’ve been lifting weights since God knows when
 and it was only 2 months ago, when I bought the book, that I started seeing some
real results. All these years I’ve been doing the wrong lifting techniques. This book
taught me how to do it right. I’m really happy with my body right now. Also, I’ve
been reading this other book: Protein, How Much? (Learn The Truth About Protein
 to Lose Weight Faster, Get Leaner, And Boost Your Health Today!), to guide me on
my diet. Both products are really amazing!” – John Watson

“This product really helped my brother. He’s been lifting weights and taking
supplements for quite some time now. And he never saw a more dramatic
change to his body than when he started reading this book. All we need to
know about lifting weights and losing weight are included in this kindle
edition. You might also want to check this book out: The Protein Diet:
Cutting-edge High Protein/ Low Carb Strategy For Fast Weight Loss and
Optimal Body Weight. It guides us on what kind and how much protein we
 should take in our bodies on a daily basis.”

How The Ultimate Lifting Rules will help you…

-   Learn the BEST weight lifting exercises for each body part so
    that you wont’ waste time on exercises that won’t produce results.

-   How to dramatically speed up recovery between weight training                                        
    sessions so you can lift weights more frequently and see faster gains.

-  How to prevent injuries forever so you won’t end up wasting weeks or
   even months and lose all your results.

-  Perform the right amount of cardio when you are weight training so you
   won’t burnout or overtrain.

    .. and more!

The Ultimate Lifting Rules will hand you the keys to finally get that lean body that
you dream of.  You’ll no longer wonder if you are weight training correctly, just simply
 follow the lifting rules laid out in this book and results will follow.

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Rediscover Your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling #2

by Richard Conte

This 2nd Edition of Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling has been developed at the request of readers of the 1st Edition who asked for more information, and a bit more depth, within the same format. We are happy to accommodate our readers and creating this 2nd Edition for them was a pure pleasure.

As with the 1st Edition of Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling, this eBook is not intended as an in-depth examination of bicycles and cycling, but rather an introductory primer and information source for those who have never ridden, or who have not ridden in decades.

Would you like to learn what, and how, to ride a bike with joy today?

Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling contains everything you need to know to begin riding and enjoying a bike.

With Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling #2, we offer more insights into the basics of cycling for the new or returning cyclist.

As children, the ability to experience joy was a constant in our lives. As adults, we tend to lose this sense of joy. Cycling renews this ability, providing us with a sense of freedom and youthful delight unlike virtually any other activity available to us in today’s high-tech, high stress world.

The almost childish rush of freedom and pleasure which is inherent to cycling makes it easy to enjoy – and continue enjoying for decades – regardless of whether we simply ride our bikes for pleasure, or for a purpose; such as, commuting to work, running errands, exercise, racing or for any other reason. Exercise with a purpose can be one of the most rewarding motivations for regular riding. Cycling to work while burning excess calories, for instance, is its own reward.

However, the world of contemporary bicycles and cycling can be daunting. There are so many choices, not just among brands of bikes, but among types, materials, components, and accessories. Bicycles can also be frighteningly expensive. This eBook is an attempt to provide enough basic information to allow the novice or returning cyclist to navigate the world of modern cycling products without exploding your brain. Or your wallet. If you take some time to study the options and necessities of safe and enjoyable cycling, rather than rushing into an impulse bike-buying decision, you should find yourself enjoying years of cycling without breaking the bank.

Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling #2 is a quick, fun, informative read, in which you will find answers to many questions about modern bicycles and cycling; such asâ?¦

– 2nd Edition Introduction

– How Can You Save Money When Buying a Bicycle?

– What kind of cycling equipment is it safe to buy online?

– What about Cycling with Kids and the Entire Family?

– Would you like to Begin Commuting by Bike?

– Why do Seniors Often Rediscover Cycling?

– What is Bicycle Touring?

– BONUS SECTION #1: Where Can You Rediscover Your Joy?

– BONUS SECTION #2: Where to Get Info and Help with Your Bike

– About the Author

– About Mile-Hi Cycle Guy

The answers to these questions, and more, are brought you by a man who rediscovered his own joy with cycling at the age of 53, when he began to commute to work on a daily basis; a man who, just two years later, also rode his bicycle from Phoenix to Denver on an 800 mile trek to return to the state he loves.

With a great deal of enthusiasm and a touch of humor, and without a bunch of high-tech cycling terminology, Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling offers the reader enough information to begin, or return, to cycling in a no-nonsense, cost-effective manner. You will learn how to ride your bike safely; how to take care of your bike to keep it safe and fun to ride; as well as the minimal equipment required to help you enjoy your new ride.

This eBook is an obvious labor of love; love for bicycles and cycling, which will inspire to get back on a bike and Rediscover Your Joy.

Armchair Man to Ironman

by Jonny Nelson

Armchair man to Ironman is a story of Jonny Nelson, who aged 38,a father of two with a divorce and a subsequent failed relationship under his belt was faced with a midlife crisis.

Being athletic was part of his life from being young in some shape or form but this all changed during his late 30’s.

Heavy drinking and overeating along with personal issues left Jonny in a dark place with a bleak future staring him in the face.

Tony Benson,Jonny’s friend and ex-drug addict, decided to embark on a rigorous training schedule, being unable to run 2 miles, building up to 10k runs,marathons,sprint Triathlons, pool swims to the first time in open waters in preparation for Ironman 2013.

Its a story of inspiration, determination and a commitment to succeed despite the circumstances so enjoy the ride readers and if this inspires just one person to make a change then this book has achieved what it set out to do!

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