Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 07 Dec 13

C language for beginners who don’t know anything about programming

by SHU Braque

Preparation for programming, printf, break and continue, char, getchar, if and else etc.. Even if you don’t know anything about programming, you can learn the basis of c-programming with this book.

Caution: this book is for Windows 7 OS !

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Make Money From Internet Marketing-Earn Extra Money Online,Earn Money From Home

by Mat Gunnufson

97 Percent of People Fail When Trying To Make Money Online!
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Discover how to finally make money from the internet! Discover How To Make Money From The Internet using the simple strategies covered in Make Money From Internet Marketing -Make 100 Dollars a Day (Residual) In 30 Days.

Author Mat Gunnufson shows how to leverage the amazing power of the internet to create you a residual income online. If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping away from work while you earn money on the internet, this is the book for you. While results vary, the principles covered in this book are sound.

Order Today because This book doesn’t teach you how to slave away on the computer all day, only to realize that in order for you to make money tomorrow, you need to do the same thing again tomorrow. There are plenty of books that can show you that. This book teaches how to leverage the internet and your unique talents to create automated systems and people to sell, market, and ship products for you while you go play on the beach or sleep in.

In Make Money From Internet Marketing, Mat covers…

  • How to get as much traffic as you can handle
  • Why 97 % of Internet Marketers Fail and Why You Will Succeed
  • How To Create Automated Marketing Funnels that Convert
  • How To Fully Automate Your Online Business
  • How To Find Your Profitable Niche
  • How To Leverage Others To Work For You
  • How Mat Discovered The “Secret” To Fast Results
  • How To Create 40 Percent Open Rates
  • Much, much more!

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I’ve been doing internet marketing for years. I wish I had read this book back when I was first starting out. Even so I learned a whole heck of a lot. Just one of the tips will help me sell way more online!

– Derrick K. Wilmington, NC

I don’t know what I would have done without this book. I would have fallen into a lot of pitfalls without this! Thanks Mat.

– Tom C. Dover, DE

There is sooo much great information there. I’m going to reread this because there is a lot of good information I can start using today!

– Nancy H Butte, MT

You will save time and money by learning common mistakes internet marketers make. Since you are armed with this book,there is no need to buy more courses and learn more traffic strategies. Make Money From Internet Marketing is a real bargain being offered for a limited time at the discounted price!

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WinRAR How To – Starting

by Selwyn Arrow

WinRAR How To – Starting, is the first in the “missing WinRAR users guide” series. Written specifically for beginners, it answers the everyday questions that users have asked the author of this eBook in his 20 years supporting this software. This series is the result of the feedback from many of the 500 million plus WinRAR users worldwide who have found that the comprehensive reference manual and help that is provided with the program is just too technical for newbies.

So how can this ‘WinRAR How To – Starting’ eBook help you? Because it is the only published users manual written specifically for beginners and for those who want to get up to speed quickly with this very versatile compression program. It is written in plain English with an easy to follow, step by step format, and plenty of screen grab illustrations to help you along the way. This enables you to very quickly become familiar with the basics of WinRAR, including it’s installation, updating, configuration and registration for everyday use. The later books in this series then continue to uncover the more advanced topics that are beyond the scope of this starters manual.

You may be asking, what is WinRAR? It is a very popular utility program that enables you to compress, package, encrypt and even backup your files and folders with ease. This make it ideal for very efficiently securing and transferring your files by email and for uploading them to the cloud. WinRAR excels in keeping your data organized on your USB and hard drives and in producing the smallest possible data backup files. WinRAR is specifically designed and updated for all current versions of Windows making it the world’s most efficient and popular file and folder compression utility.

The College Professor’s Social Media Handbook

by R Smith

As the Assistant Director of Online Learning I would hear professors asking many of these questions:

How do I use social media within my classes?

How do I know which social media to use?

How can I track my students within social media?

And how in the world do I grade them?

And then I would hear the final statement of frustration, “I just don’t have time to learn all this new stuff and then create ways to use it!”

This handbook will not only answer these questions, but it will provide you with the grading rubrics for social media, social media academic activities and categorize the social media tools for quick reference while planning your upcoming semester. In other words, I listened to your needs and turned those requests into this book which is the college professor’s answer to a quick reference guidebook for social media activities for your course.

The Secret MLM Website Strategy: How to Build a Profitable Theme Based Website for Your MLM Business

by Charles Holmes

The Secret MLM Website Strategy is designed to teach you how to build a theme based website for your network marketing business, so you can generate more leads, more sales and more revenue in your business.

Rather than competing with the millions of other network marketing websites and blogs online, learn how to differentiate yourself by creating a website about your product line or the benefits of your product line. For example, if you company specializes in energy drinks, learn why creating a website about energy drinks is much better than creating a blog or website about network marketing.

Even better, generate multiple streams of income, so your MLM Business is just one of your many income streams. Find out how you can make money, even when people don’t join your business. Build a real business that you have complete control of, can run on auto-pilot, and can even sell one day if you choose too!

This is a very unique concept that very few people use, but works very well.

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