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Loki: Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster

by Mike Vasich

He is called the Trickster, the Sly One. For eons, he has manipulated and played the gods against each other. Now the time has come to go beyond petty schemes and seize the most powerful throne in existence.

Based on the classic tales, Mike Vasich breathes new life into the most complex god in the Norse mythos.

Bound by Prophecy (Descendants Series)

by Melissa Wright

Twenty-two-year-old Aern is done watching his brother destroy the only thing that matters. He never wanted to take Morgan’s place among council, never wanted to rule their hidden world. But when the key to the prophecy is found, a young girl named Brianna whom Morgan will destroy, Aern knows he has to take action.

What he really wants is for things to go back to normal. But now he’s kidnapped a girl, and his brother’s men are after him. His only hope is to join with the Division, but they have plans of their own, and it’s the last thing Aern is willing to do.

Emily just wants her sister back. She doesn’t care about the prophecy, or know what’s at stake. But when she goes after Aern, the truth of the matter uncoils, and Brianna isn’t the only one who’s in danger.

Suddenly, they’re at the center of a secret war, and unless they can work together, they’ll both have a sacrifice too big to make.

The Great War: Minecraft Novel

by Minecraft Books

From the Bestselling group comes the new amazing novel, The Great War!

Immerse yourself with great characters, story and a great ending!

* Amazing Story!

* Your Favourite Heroes

* A definite Bestseller!


The Wizard’s Heir

by j.a. henderson

The Wizard’s Heir

The Stoneâ??it was meant to be the answer to the last secrets of the universe. It became the center of a deadly struggle of power threatening the very fabric of the universe before it was shattered and the council of wizards destroyed. But now after hundreds of years, the forces of the northern emperor are gathering once more and his servants are scouring the lands for any trace of the lost shards, wreaking destruction in their wake.

As the nations topple one by one, the quest to save the lost shards of the Stone from the northern emperor finds its hope in a wild orphan boy on a faraway island in the Raging Westward Sea. But there is more to this sea-boy than there appears to be: outcast and dreamy, speaking only the strange language of the wizards of old and having almost uncanny abilities in the water, could he in fact be the heir of the greatest wizard of all who was foretold to reunite the Stone?

A small group of resistance fighters and refugees must now trace the vanishing thread of the wizard’s heir in a journey through seas and jungles, floating isles and deep caverns, war-torn fields and snow-covered peaks, facing dragons, wolves, deadly shadowserpents, armies of drakes and rifters, beasts of stone, creatures beyond imagination, and above all, the struggle of doubt and identity in the face of all they know, to their final destiny and a power that goes beyond the wisdom of the wise.

One Flew Over the Vampire’s Nest

by M. D .Lorraine S. Roth

A practicing psychiatrist from the planet Pharlem escapes to earth when his planet is under siege by a hostile population of creatures who dwell deep underground, and can only surface at night. Once here, he discovers that he has changed in two disturbing ways: his eyes are terribly sensitive to light; and he cannot tolerate any food or drink … only blood. He does not wish to kill anyone — but runs into some difficulty controlling this compulsion. He meets a psychologist, Dr. Leah Mendelssohn, who is in urgent need of a psychiatrist to replace her colleague who left. His true background unbeknownst to her, she invites “Dr. Theodore Pharlem” to sit in on one of her group sessions, accepting his assurance that he will supply copies of his credentials in due time. “Ted” manages to control his blood-lust just enough to avoid killing two thugs who try to attack him — but they are changed in unexpected ways. The doctor meets Rita, who reminds him of his wife back home in Pharlem, and falls dangerously in love with her. When the body of a missing young woman is found in a wooded graveyard, covered with a cloak of unidentifiable material, the Department of Homeland Security gets involved, thinking this is the work of a sophisticated terrorist organization. The chase is on.

Cracks in the Shell (Tropic of Violet)

by E.B. Loubet

Carlos Consuelo has visited many crime scenes, but none like this.
A monstrous crab’s just killed his favorite dog.

Horrified, the retired detective vows to scour the island of Cayman Brac until he’s found and destroyed the lethal crustacean. But he never could’ve imagined where this search would lead him, or what he’d discover at the far end of a sea cave…

Presenting the first book of the two-part adventure thriller “Tropic of Violet”.

Tropic of Violet – Book One
First Digital Edition

The Black Fairy (Emerald Night)

by Seamus De Burca

Seamus De Burca’s Emerald night collection is a series of short stories based on Irish myths and folklore. In this first installment ‘The Black Fairy’ Conor and Mairead live a quiet life on the west coast of Ireland until after tampering with an ancient fairy fort, Conor unwittingly unleases a Pooka, the most fearsome of Irish faries. Written by Comedian, storyteller and writer Seamus De Burca’, this collection of short stories in the Emerald Night series bring Irish folklore into a modern setting and re-invent the role of the seanchai (storyteller).

Land of COZ (Y3K)

by Dwight Franklin

The Circle of Czars (COZ) never intended for this place to become undesirable to live in. They simply desired equality in every aspect of life. Epic was born into this realm that blurs the stereotypical line between a utopia and dystopia. She was born in the year Y3K, just a few decades after America enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Many of her ancestors–including her grandfather who was stricken with cancer–voted for it back in the Y2K’s hoping to gain health insurance coverage. What they did not know about this landmark legislation was it contained numerous less desirable initiatives that were hidden and “piggy-backed” onto the Act that would soon be implemented forever changing the framework established by our founding fathers.

How The Humor Died

by Jacob Spire

The humor in the land is dying.
The evil giant Groak stole the Guardian of Humor, and it is up to a handful of bumbling zoblins to retrieve it.

But do they stand a chance? The odds are against them, and so are monsters, witches, elves, prophecies and the very laws of physics.

It is said that with persistence and true friendship, one can accomplish anything.
Too bad the zoblins don’t possess any of those qualities.

Root (The Liminality)

by A. Sparrow

Life couldn’t get more awful for James Moody. Between social isolation and family tragedies he manages to mostly stay cheerful. In his darkest hours he finds his soul transported to ‘Root,’ a way station for souls in transition.
When his lapses become more frequent and Reapers seek to facilitate his transit to the land of the dead, he finds possible salvation and maybe even love among a guild of dream weavers.
He takes refuge with Karla, a long-term resident of Root, until he can sort out the detritus of his physical life and solve the mystery of Karla’s location and identity in the living world.

The King Of Birds (Tales Of Correndrum Novelette)

by Ross Dupree

A Tales Of Correndrum Novelette (16,700 words)

Cassian is the most promising alchemist’s apprentice in Correndrum, but his daily routine of scrubbing flasks and drying herbs is not the adventure he had in mind when he began his studies.

When Master Linus sends him out to find the rare ingredients needed for a grand experiment, Cassian leaps at the chance to get out of the lab. He enlists the beautiful harvester Sera as his guide to a remote mountain forest.

Cassian soon learns that there is much more to Sera than he suspected, and she shows him the secrets and the beauty of the world outside the city.

The two encounter a wandering magician deep in the woods, out on a quest of his own. The strange old man gives them a rare magical gift that leads to a greater adventure than either of them had expected!

Christmas Odyssey

by Brigitte GRENET

Once upon a time, by a very special Christmas Night…

â?¦There was a bus.

The bus collects the lost souls on this holy night.

Fenman has just seven hours to accomplish twelve labors and to save lives. This is why Fenman keeps moving forward.

But who is Fenman? And can he change the world in seven hours: such is the challenge of “Christmas Odyssey”.

This story is an urban Christmas tale: it is set today in a Metropolis, but the magic of Christmas which makes everyone ready to believe in a better world workss, as usual.

Or is it the mystery of the 12 labors that operates as it always did since the mists of times…

Billy Bingo: When The Legman Comes

by Charles Peters

This book follows Billy Bingo: The Videotape Murder though it should be easy enough to follow the plot and characters even if Billy Bingo: The Videotape Murder has not been read or has not been recently read. It does contain spoilers to the first book.

Billy Bingo has a new neighbor , Janet Silverton who is a policewoman and a stripper and much more. After she and her erotic mystery writing Aunt Tess Favor happen on a picture that shows Billy Bingo was at the Harris home when Kane Bishop was believed killed, they begin to spy on Billy.

Detective Face visits Billy to let him know the situation with his beautiful new neighbor.

The Judge’s wife, Marjone Haskel decides Billy should become a detective and using her influence creates a false history so that he is a detective. Billy knows that for people to believe it then he will need to do a memory spell but he does not know how to do the spell so he needs help.

Meanwhile Vampire Witch Alicia Silver and her slave vampire Tommy Harris decide to get a serial killer released from jail to try to kill Steve Webster as something of a competition to see if Tommy can stop the murder. Also the evil Vampire Witch Alicia has other vile agendas.

Steve Webster’s lover, Bobby White, is somewhat upset when Steve decides to go to New York to escort an old girlfriend to her brother’s wedding.

At the Minion Plex Bobby’s brother Doug White is smitten by the new neighbor Janet Silverton. He is thrilled when he discovers that she is a stripper and decides to go where she pole dances and does a strip tease. Doug is rather inexperienced and at the strip club he is approached by another woman, Samantha Wilder who is a gang member. She convinces him to go to an alley with her to have sex. Yeah, you know that is not a good idea.

Meanwhile Bobby’s other brother, Benjamin White is outside a nearby Liquor Store hoping to get someone to buy him some liquor when Samantha Wilder’s boyfriend and gang leader Stan Wakes shows up to rob the Liquor Store.

In this easy read it all comes together in an entertaining Urban Fantasy of suspense and mayhem where the Legman saves the day, or does he?

The Queen’s Consort

by Eliza Brown

A man’s heart is no proof against a woman’s magicâ?¦.

Prince Ansel of Courchevel has a mission: to capture or kill the enemy queen of Vandau. Rumors whisper that Clairwyn is a witch, but Ansel knows that a woman’s magic is no proof against a man’s sharp steel.

Ten years ago a mysterious girl captured Ansel’s heart and then disappeared. When Ansel sees the Queen, he recognizes her as the girl he loved and lost.

War is brewing between their countries, a war Clairwyn cannot win. If she dies, Ansel will get everything he wanted, except for the one thing he now wants more than anything: to be the consort of Queen Clairwyn the Beloved, the reigning witch of Vandau.

Celebration of Light (Elven Chronicles)

by M.A. Abraham

Haylo has grown up in the human world where each year they celebrate the Christmas season. There is; however, no Christmas in the Elven world. Instead, the Elven females have decided to take the idea and change it into something for their own people. They are not about to tell their Life Mates and sweet hearts though. Keeping their plans secret is proving to be too much fun. The Elven male population can tell something is being plotted. Gabriel is sure of it, Eden is keeping secrets and it doesn’t take them long to figure out what is going on. Sevil confirms it. Watch how the season comes together, the planning, the games, the craftiness practiced, all in the name of bringing the Elves together for the Celebration of Light.

A Lady Thrillington Adventure: The Case of the Cursed Star

by Havelock James

Lady Jessica Thrillington was a locksport, before that infernal affair with the Golem Master and the death of her father. Shunned by society, considered a disgrace by her peers and under careful watch by the police, she feels her life is over before it has begun.
When the Al-Ikhwan Diamond, the largest in the known world, goes missing from the Tower of London, Detective Sergeant Carter of the Yard, knows of only one person who can assist him in discovering those responsible; but Thrillington has her own problems when she discovers the very same jewel inside the mystery that is Thrillington Hall.

An adventure of clockwork, locks and mechanical monsters.

L.A. Nocturne

by Katherine Tomlinson

Five tales of urban fantasy that take place in a Los Angeles inhabited by supernatural creatures who interact with the ordinary (and not-so-ordinary) humans.

Back Issues

by Denham Bradley Cooper

A tale of alternate dimensions in which the mystery of where magazines in doctor’s waiting rooms really come from is finally explained…

Dawn Before The Light In the Depths of the Ravines

by Preston Simmons

John and his men had no idea of the dangers that awaited them in the depths of the cave they were mining! The stories of his childhood, about the creatures of the deep, the Ravines, were not a childhood fairy tale anymore. Would they survive the dangers of the Ravines and find the mystical crystals, or would fate take their lives?

Follow The Heart (Hyperion)

by Milly Jane Ayre

A young princess, the only daughter of Prince Tylox and Princess Opia, learns that many dangers lurk beyond the safety of her castle walls.

Determined to experience life as the people of her kingdom do, Princess Shamone chooses to wear a disguise, and with the help of a few trusted friends, she learns how to defend herself against those who would harm her. Shamone soon learns the hard way that sometimes, those closest to her can be more traitorous than the criminals who live just beyond her castle walls.

Sabian, one of her father’s junior aides is hell bent on proving that she is the one thwarting her parent’s schemes to gain more power and wealth. And so a cat and mouse games ensues between them, each trying to plot the others downfall.

At sixteen, Shamone knows that it is hard to tell friend from foe and that to succeed she must learn the difference and learn fast, for outside the safety of her comfortable surroundings awaits a world of intrigue and danger. And to survive outside her castle walls she must live a double life, on the outside a young princess, but bubbling beneath her regal exterior lies a young warrior who fights to right the wrongs inflicted by others.

His Brother’s Keeper

by Sally Quilford

When Rachel Cohen is sent to investigate the mysterious vigilante called The Sandman, she finds a man who insists that the small town of Angel Cove is due to be hit by an earthquake.

She does not know if he’s insane, but there is something strange about Angel Cove and the fact that the townspeople seem as if they’re waiting for something and have been for a very long time.

His Brother’s Keeper is the first in a series of linked short novels featuring the brothers, Gabriel and Nicholas Henchard.

20,000 word novella


by J.P. Reedman

A short story set in the British Bronze Age, in a time of warfare and unrest. The warrior-woman Habren of the Shirdani seeks the Jewel Karngorm to release her shaman brother from the dreadful sleep of Death. But a price must be paid for using such a powerful talisman…and who will pay it?

Papa’s magic powers

by Daniel Butler

Papa’s magic powers is a wonderfully written rhyming story that is guaranteed to wow any audience, young and old.

Set in the windy city of Chicago, the story is about an elderly Grandfather (Papa) who, whilst on an unplanned visit to the grocery store, is guided by an unseen force to a mysterious substance that’s set to change his life in the most magical way imaginable.

Written to the highest degree by a true master of the rhyming story, this book is set to get rave reviews from even the toughest of literary critics, (even kids) and the beautiful illustrations that really bring this story to life, will leave your entertainments needs feeling fully satisfied.

This story really will enlighten you to the endless possibilities of literature. For ages 5+

Heaven’s Damned (Volumes 1 and 2)

by Maxwell Zwain

In Tomb of the Old One, Mikaela-the very first angel-vampire hybrid in history-must track down the Vampire Queen who murdered her parents and prevent an ancient evil from being freed. And in The Fall of Chaos, Mikaela faces the Fallen Angel of Chaos from cracking open the Gates of Hell.

Tales of Aneira, vol. 2

by David Hanselman

Return to Aneira amidst hardships and pretenses of war� After a homecoming long in the making, Eödyn, a battlemage of a famed and historic wizarding Order, must confront hidden guilt for a dark deed done during his perilous journey, while facing the political troubles that plague Aelic City as he is called before the governing Council to testify at the tribunal of his prisoner, the dark witch Clara Vazrey�

Meanwhile, Yared, a war weary ex-soldier and former murderer (having “proved” his innocence in the arena), leaves Republic City haunted by more recent and distant pasts to find work (and himself) before overwhelmed by despairâ?¦ And Aedóra, a beloved elven princess, tries to cope with the tragedies and horrors she’s faced in newfound safety after surviving an attack by merciless raidersâ?¦

And as Prince Béruin enters political exile at a desolate dwarven military fortress, and the gypsy and thief Izavel escapes for her life, trying to fit together the pieces of her conspiratorial puzzle, hoping to find more answers from her longtime mentor and possible betrayer, the dark elves Draxan and Ariphras leave home for the far away wild, Occupied lands of the Naerûnïm, where they discover all is not as it seems and find damning evidence that very well could tear Aneira apart!

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