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The Young Lions

by Tony Maxwell

An African Adventure Story

“Hello Aunt Emma, I’m glad to be here too.” She was tall and beautiful, with a fine figure only barely concealed by a diaphanous nightdress and a carelessly open dressing gown. Her long dark auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and her pale, attractive face, wide set eyes and full sensuous lips took his breath away. Robert could not help staring at her in frank amazement. He found it difficult to equate this alluring woman with the tall, awkward girl he vaguely remembered while a young boy at Fairlee Manor in Scotland.
* * *
Action, adventure and erotic entanglements loom large in young Robert Hamilton’s future as he seeks to make his fortune in the rough and tumble world of the Johannesburg goldfields in the closing years of the nineteenth century.
Robert’s business interests and adventures in the wilds of South Africa, bring him into close contact with the Boer peoples of the Transvaal Republic. As the threat of a British invasion looms large over the country, his support for the Boer cause finds him on the opposing side to his fellow uitlanders – foreigners. He is dismayed to discover that both of his brothers have enlisted in Canadian regiments ready to fight on the side of Britain in the Anglo-Boer War.

Why People Do What They Do

by Emilio Iasiello

Life is messy.

It’s weird and sometimes horrifying. People do things beyond explanation. We succumb to the pressures of daily life, drugs, and temptation. In this anthology of short stories, we will glimpse the darker side of humanity. We take a look into other people’s worlds, dark worlds that make us wonder, “Why do people do what they do?”

Let’s Do Christmas, A Novella

by Cynthia Lee Cartier

Bea Bartley has waited ten years for her entire family to come home and celebrate Christmas together. This year her husband and three grown children reluctantly agree, though they not-so-secretly wish they could wait another ten.

Brett, Bea’s oldest son, is the greatest dissenter in the group. Spending the weekend with his family while experiencing middle-aged angst ranks right up there with having his teeth drilled without anesthesia. Forced by his wife to play nice, Brett makes a weak attempt to grin and bear the visit. But when their holiday plans take an unexpected turn, Brett and the rest of the family’s true colors show through in a big way as the gathering reaches funny and epically uncomfortable proportions.

Let’s Do Christmas is a fast-paced, comedic and heartwarming novella that takes one family’s less than Norman Rockwell dynamics and tests them to the very last merry drop.

A Lonely Little Christmas Tree

by Drew Adams

Christmas didn’t mean a lot to Albert Smith.

In fact, nothing meant a whole lot to him.

Then he met Sam, a ten-year-old boy

who bartered with him

for a scrawny little Christmas tree.


Drew Adams has been writing suspense thrillers with paranormal edges in some form since childhood . A variety of careers from driving 18 wheelers across America to 12 years patrolling the corridors of Texas prisons tempered by his current profession taking care of the ill as a registered nurse leads him to his latest frontier: Storytelling. He lives in Texas with Trina, his wife of 42 years and his dog, Petey.

Visit the author online on his website at for his other writings, including his GHOST REAPER serial episodes. Follow him on Twitter @drewadamsauthorand on Facebook at

C I N: Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin. You never come out the way you went in. (The C I N Series)

by Christina Leigh Pritchard

The Doctor said I should be dead.

My heart beat furiously. I looked up at the flashes of lightning in the sky. Yes, I should be dead.

Why wasn’t I?

Short Synopsis:

Seventeen year old Lisa Brown’s life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.

If that weren’t enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school full of geniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in.”

And, they aren’t kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. “Mind the cat,” everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?

Lisa thinks she’s landed in her own house of horrors with the anti-social Alex and his facetious sister Ally. But, the real drama begins the day she is struck by lightningâ?¦

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The Pastor’s Lover 3 – The Pastor’s Lover 3 (Things You Can’t Tell Mama)

by D T Pollard

Pastor’s Baby Mama

A paternity test proves without a doubt that Pastor Kendrick Johnson was the father of the baby born to an attractive church staff member after he swore to his wife, Tasha, that he never touched Damita Hawkins. Kendrick and Tasha face their biggest marital and career challenges yet as everything is closing in on them with the possibility of embarrassing sex videos of them being leaked after they were stolen from Kendrick’s computer by an unknown hacker. The couple was even recorded in the privacy of their bedroom by some unknown cyber stalker with an unknown agenda. Kendrick ponders stepping down to save the church embarrassment, but the biggest shock of Kendrick’s and Tasha’s life is revealed in a most surprising manner. It leaves everyone speechless because they now realize they can’t even trust their own eyes and ears any longer.

Yo Ho Ho and a Very Merry Christmas!

by S. DeGiorgio

In the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life and Pirates of the Caribbean, S DeGiorgio casts the Pacific Ocean as a nautical canvas for a Christmas tale that teaches us you don’t have to be a bad man to be a great pirate.

Yo Ho Ho and a Very Merry Christmas! promises to become a holiday classic readers of all ages will enjoy for years to come.

Captain Blackjack Rob’s great shame is that he has never fired his guns on the king’s fleet, nor plundered the holds of a captured merchant ship, despite the exploits of his father and grandfatherâ??two of the most notorious pirates ever to have sailed the seven seas.

Left to rot in the king’s jail, and nearly forgotten, Captain Rob and his crew seize an offer to deliver Yuletide cargo to the Town of Dryden by Christmas Eve, in exchange for their release. But to reach their destination in time, earn the king’s pardon, and ensure their freedom, they will have to chart a course straight through pirate-infested watersâ??a fool’s errand while sailing under the king’s colors.

The Dragon Holder (Forbidden Forest)

by Wilson Feliz

You wake up one morning and decide that this world is not enough, Your current world isn’t enough to fill the questions in your mind.

I am a soldier in the united states army who wishes that life was different, That this journey with me into my thoughts, into my world. This is The Dragon Holder.

The Reined Groom (Bluebonnet)

by Stephanie Jackson

Sequel to Lasso Me a Mom. Second in a three book series.

*Edits have been made on this novel to address the problems reviews have mentioned  – July 30th 2013

Nikki McGregor has big aspirations to become an elite dancer. With a full scholarship to Diamond Dance in her sights, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her dream come true. However with suspicions that her boyfriend is cheating on her, a dance scout watching her closely, and the recent news of her mother’s engagement materialize, it’s become hard for her to keep her priorities straight. Her life is spinning out of control faster than she can complete four pirouettes.

Cassie McGregor has enough on her plate to worry about: along with getting news that her daughter isn’t planning on going to college, she must deal with her mama’s boy husband to be Jeffery Raines and her fiancé’s “momster-in-law”, as well as plan and organize her wedding.

As the wedding date looms closer and a medical emergency surfaces, Cassie and Nikki will soon have to learn the values of family, dedication, and self-acceptance before making it down the aisle.

The Trail of Roses (The Western Plains)

by Donna C Keenan

A family of emigrants on the Oregon Trail headed towards California in the 1850’s endure hardships much more horrible than the norm. A helpful stranger becomes their worst enemy and sickness, death and madness fill their days and nights. Teenagers Rebecca and Sarah Williams must try to survive and get themselves to help or die alone out in the vast plain that is now Wyoming.

New Water: Twelve Stories

by Anthony Robinson

Fly fishing in the golden mean, revenge served cold on the therapeutic cliffside, ski slope consequences for the lothario’s braggadocio, neighbor giveth good cheer and taketh all peace, the bad art scene, man vs. Navy, gin vs. bureaucracy, small town boyhood tragedy. This collection is that dream store in the countryside you go searching for on weekend drives, the one that stocks the real goods. Tony Robinson’s stories find the listening part of your soul and then he’s got you.

Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found

by Cole Connelly

With the prospect of a cache of military equipment sunken in the Mississippi River, Lynn must struggle to find just how far he can go before overstepping his own limitations and morals. Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found, delves into darker corners of the post apocalyptic ruins of Blood Oak by focusing on the Grey Klan, a group of Zealous Post-Infection zombie killers willing to do whatever it takes destroy the undead menace.

available in the Alive and Fighting Series
Alive and Fighting: New in Town

Alive and Fighting: Every Sin a Saint

Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found

Alive and Fighting: Revelations

Alive and Fighting: Heroes in Blood Oak

Alive and Fighting: Addictions
Alive and Fighting: Carrion
Alive and Fighting: Broken, Part 1

Alive and Fighting: Roads Walked

Alive and Fighting: Parting Gifts (Coming
November 2013)

Married to the Military

by Tanya McDaniel

When I married my husband I did not know that most of our married life he would be in the military. I did not know much about the military life before except what I read about or saw on tv. This book was written to give you a look into a special time in my life when I experienced being a young wife and mother while my husband is away for months going through basic training, when we lived in Hawaii with it’s different type of culture and food, talking about the church we were part of while living there and the next duty station we moved to. Also you will read how we dealt with the different situations as a family. This book is written to be an inspiration to others and to show you that through the fun, frustrating and lonely times, my faith helped me through this journey.

Cooper Collection 089 (The Hollister Story)

by Bill Bernico

Much has been written about the Cooper family–Matt, Clay, Elliott and Gloria. But what about Matt’s lifelong friend and L.A.P.D. cop, Dan Hollister? I’ve decided to create a backstory for Dan, going back to the 1940s where it all began with Matt. The story covers the 1940s through 1980 and some of Dan’s stories have him running into his pal, Matt Cooper. Nice little tie-in, if I do say so myself.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

The House of Dark Music

by Ryan Myers

The House of Dark Music is a story about families. It focuses on how families stay together, even after they fall apart. The main character, Jerry, is a young boy dealing with a painful past, a fractured family, and another summer dealing with peers he doesn’t fit in with. During the summer, Jerry learns that different families handle tragedies in their own ways. As he struggles to deal with misconceptions, rumors, and new friendships, Jerry learns about himself and what makes a family.

Quixote in Ramadi

by M.B. Wilmot

“Quixote in Ramadi: An Indigenous Account of Imperialism” is a dark humor novel that is introspective and capricious, despite dealing with the serious issues of childhood abuse, neo-colonialism, homicide, genocide, and ethnic persecution. It tells the story of an indigenous female soldier in the US Army who deploys to Iraq at the height of the tension of the Fallujah massacre and the Abu Ghraib scandal, and faces unexpected catastrophes and corruption. While her command leadership frivolously spends defense funds in Baghdad’s Green Zone and turns local Iraqis into personal servants, she is sent along with three other soldiers to one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq, Ar Ramadi. In Ar Ramadi, she faces direct combat while performing checkpoint operations, personnel searches and house raids with Marine infantry units in addition to losing friends, earning the trust of locals, and responding to military suicides and homicides in the region. This takes place all while her command severs their supplies, escalates persecution of minorities in the company, and launders thousands of dollars in defense funds intended for equipment and radios for those in austere regions like Ar Ramadi. This unit, ironically, is an Army mental health company. A Jewish officer and the indigenous soldier fight the command and are threatened with imprisonment. Although they faced brazen retaliation, they refused to be terrorized into submission. The soldier confides in her predominantly male Marine counterparts of the abuse taking place, who then encourage her to take matters into her own hands. The soldier is forced to confront the powers that be and finds herself facing the same trials as her ancestors. She fights to prevent the same history from repeating itself in Iraq. Throughout “Quixote in Ramadi,” flashbacks to child abuse, racial inequality, and family history are tied in to reveal myriad social and racial injustices that still exist in the United States.

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