Free historical fiction Kindle books for 07 Dec 13

Cry of the Whippoorwill

by Fred Bognar

The Cry of the Whippoorwill carries readers to America during its westward expansion to follow the trials and tribulations of military scout Lance Winsor as he braves the treacherous wild to map out and stake claim to uncharted American land.

Confronted by obstacles with every move he makes, and joined by two other scouts he meets along the way, Lance must dodge arrows, bullets, and other forms of attack while carrying out the duties of his post. But when he unexpectedly falls in love, his heart is drawn into the battle and more than land is put on the line.

After rescuing a young Apache girl from marrying the brutal Indian chief who kidnapped her, Lance finds himself unable to shake his feelings for the honey-skinned beautyâ??and he’s not the only one. The chief, White Cloud, will stop at nothing to get her back, and he’s determined to settle the score with the man who shamed him and stole his bride’s heart.

The Cry of the Whippoorwill is an instant classic that delivers a strong story infused with sentimentality, spirit, and wisdom.

REVOLUTION The Road to Independence Volume Two: TRUTH and JUSTICE (The Joshua Taylor Series)

by Robert Napoli

During the American Revolution the inhabitants of the region were fully engaged. The colonists had mixed loyalties; some were dissatisfied with the British government and their â??Intolerable Acts’, others were loyal to the Crown and would defend the King’s honor at any cost. In addition, native people of many tribes found themselves fighting each other.

This is the story of the Taylor family who live on the western frontier of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and New England. They, along with a host of friends and business associates, unite for the cause of liberty and freedom. Their loyalties are tried and tested at every turn with the shifting tides of war.

As seen through the eyes of Joshua Taylor, an adventurous young man and his father Ethan, a veteran of the French and Indian war, there journey begins as the brewing storm of political change is upon them. The story unfolds and tells of patriotism, love, loyalty, courage, betrayal and tragedy. Follow them on this epic adventure as their way of life changes with the coming of the American Revolution.

Volume Two:


Joshua and Ethan embark on different paths as the British continue to put a stranglehold on the Colonies. Tensions arise in Philadelphia on all fronts for the Taylor family, both loyal and otherwise. Shadows from the west threaten Trinity Hills and Willow Glen, putting the settlers and natives on high alert.

Volume Two: Truth and Justice is the exciting conclusion to PART ONE of REVOLUTION The Road to Independence. Follow the Taylor family and their friends as the Continental Congress declares independence.


by John W. Cassell

The sinking of an American Merchantman in the early days of the Great War [1914] has tragic consequences for the American crew and the Royal Navy destroyer that rescued them.

The Coloured Chameleon

by Martin Sanderson

A story of love, war and intrigue during the last months of British Colonial rule in Africa. Played out from the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika to the political and business world in London.

Fortune Calls

by Janvier Chando

The early years of Nazi rule in Germany brings Hans Wette Heinrich’s world crashing down, forcing him to embrace a father in Africa he barely knows.

Hans meets his African family and childhood friend, and settles down into his new life thinking that his new home is a haven. When he finds out that his role as the first son of an African legend comes at a price, he tames his impulses and come to terms with his passions. Now, he must foster a dream haunted by nightmares and live with the ghosts lurking around a legacy that is too big to inherit.

Fortune Calls is the first book in a trilogy entitled “Disciples of Fortune”. It is the forerunner to Fortune’s Master, the second book telling the story of Josef Nana Njikeâ??a whiz-kid adopted by a German colonial soldier, who falls from innocence and gives birth to a legacy that inspires a continent.

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