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Night of the Predator

by Christopher Sherlock

By the author of ‘Hyena Dawn’, ‘Night of the Predator’ is the powerful story of a family fighting for survival in a land on the brink of apocalypse. Dr Max Loxton, environmentalist and entrepreneur, has an obsession: to save one of the most sacred areas of Africa from certain destruction at the hands of an unscrupulous mining company. It is an obsession that draws him into a world of deceit and treachery, threatening to destroy his new-found love, his fortune and his love.

David Loxton, Max’s father and deadly adversary, is a politician and armaments manufacturer. Determined to build his country to a position where it controls the future of Africa, he has enlisted the support of right-wing fanatic, Dolph Klopper, who dreams of the resurrection of a race of supermen.

Sweeping from the boardrooms of Johannesburg, to the wilds of Botswana, from secret cabals in the townships to ex-Nazi hideouts, ‘Night of the Predator’ is a fast-paced thriller of terrifying topicality. It is a chilling reminder of what might have happened had Nelson Mandela been assassinated after his release.

Churchill’s Flights

by Jerrard Tickell

For Sir Winston Churchill no risk was too great if it would help Britain win the war.

As he criss-crossed the world, negotiating crucial pacts with the Allies, or supporting the generals and troops on the ground, the only way to get around was by plane.

But with the entire world caught up in war, the skies were far from safe.

Hitler’s mighty Luftwaffe were geared up and ready to attack. If they could bring down Churchill’s plane, Britain’s resistance might crumble, and the war might still be turned in Germany’s favour.

The York Ascalon and her Douglas C54 Skymaster successor were chosen as Churchill’s personal aircraft during the Second World War. And John Mitchell, a junior officer, was selected to navigate the aircraft.

Over the next few years, Mitchell became a friend and confident Churchill: the man who grappled with the red dispatch boxes in the stateroom of what he called “my aerial yacht”.

From the log books and diaries of Group Captain Mitchell, Jerrard Tickell tells the dramatic inside story of those heroic flights.

‘Churchill’s Flight’s’ is a fascinating insight into the risks run by Britain’s wartime leader, and the heroism and dedication of the staff who supported him. It is a book no one interested in WWII will want to miss.

Jerrard Tickell was born in Dublin and educated in Tipperary and London. He joined the Royal Army Service Corps in 1940 and was commissioned in 1941, when he was appointed to the War Office. Between 1943 and 1945 his official duties took him to Africa, the Middle East, Washington DC, Canada, the West Indies, and Europe. He wrote 21 novels, including the best-selling ‘Appointment With Venus’, as well as several non-fiction books.

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The Devil in the Deep: The Untold Story of the U.S. Navy Response to 9/11.

by Joseph Pignataro

The U.S. Navy was among the first responders on 9/11. Entrusted with the iconic Ground Zero flag, the Roosevelt battlegroup took to the seas searching out those responsible, and to bring justice to a nation in mourning.

1145 September 2001, the U.S.S. Leyte Gulf deployed within hours of the attack on the W.T.C. with orders to shoot down and destroy any “birds not squawking” over New York City. We were entrusted with the Ground Zero flag raised by the NYFD. We flew that flag with pride and determination from our mast on our important mission. After two days we were then redirected to the gulf and given orders to destroy the Taliban with the Tomahawk missiles onboard. During transit, we were told by our Captain that the Taliban would be waiting for us in the narrow Suez canal. So narrow in fact, only a single ship can go through at any one time. If the first and last ship were to be hit by surface to air missiles, there would be no way out. The aircraft carrier U.S.S Roosevelt, would be trapped in the middle and defenseless. There they were, waiting for us on horseback atop the sandy Suez dunes…following us. Just a bunch of scared kids manning the ships 50 cal guns, wondering what was to happen next.

One late night in the gulf, Bush declared war. It was our task to launch the first Tomahawk missiles and kick off the war on terror. We were cut off from the outside world. Email and any other means of communication had been banned for security reasons. Television reports of Anthrax gripping the country with fear and WW3 rumors scuttling through the ships decks. A six man boarding party manned up to routinely search an unresponding suspect Iraqi tanker…what was found would change our lives forever.

This is our sea story.


by Julia Mary Lichtblau

After his father dies, an American travels to Paris to reclaim a magnificent family apartment, stolen after the Vel d’Hiv round-up of Jews in 1942 and to impress his French wife. What he learns changes his view of his father, himself, and his marriage.

Awarded the Editorial Committee Prize, International Paris Short Story Contest 2011

A former journalist for Dow Jones and BusinessWeek in New York and Paris, Julia Mary Lichtblau’s writing has appeared in numerous literary reviews including Ploughshares blog, Narrative, The Common Online, Pindelbox, and Tertulia. She has an MFA in fiction from Bennington College and is currently working on a short-story collection, Foreign Service, and a novel, Sweet Melissa.

The Gettysburg Campaign??

by Chester Mohn

What REALLY lead up to the battle of Gettysburg? Shouldn’t it be called the Harrisburg Campaign? Learn the truth about WHY Lee was defeated and how he lost the fight before he even took the feild.

Holocaust Stories: A Fragment from the Planet of Ashes (Holocaust Books)

by Shmuel Socha

This is the story of a young boy who has survived alone in the dark days of the war, hiding out in a dank, cold forest, with only the animals, birds and trees to talk to. His family had been slaughtered and the enemy was on his trail.

The story moves – fast forward – to a time of war in Israel, when our protagonist – married and a father – ruminates on his early life, on the life he now leads, and on the meaning of war; that terrible monster that haunts him and follow him throughout his life.

The language of the book is a poet’s prose: rich, picturesque and filled with original and unique metaphors, and the story itself – which is a journey in time and a journey of the soul – transitions back and forth between the present and the past, forever beckoning to the future.

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