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by Kevin Strange

After Cthulhu awakens and destroys civilization as we know it, humans are used as slaves and food by their new slimy, submerged masters. One such young man, Ricky, works at an undersea fast food joint where he’s forced to kill and cook other humans for the Deep Ones to eat. But he has a plan. His restaurant caters to the Big Man himself, and if Ricky’s plan works, he could pull off the unthinkable:

He could actually Kill Cthulhu.

B E K – Black Eyed Kids Phenomena – The Boy at the Door

by Lyn Murray

There’s a knock at the door. You go to answer it – but something’s wrong, you feel uneasy. Open it? Don’t?


by Lyn Murray


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

William Shakespeare,

* * *

Nibiru – the winged planet and the Anunnaki of ancient Sumerian text has for decades been the talk of doomsayers around the globe; but is it just talk OR is there truth behind the secrecy and lies?

While BLOODED is a book of fiction – the research and basis behind it lays somewhere between fact and lore; and outwardly reinforces an inner belief, which thanks to a surge in technology is being confirmed on an almost daily basis, that behind every legend – is the seed of truth!

Vampires – from Nosferatu to Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire series, and more recently the Twilight saga has fascinated mankind; BUT what if they’re real. ‘What if’ all the lore is true; and ‘what if’ all the talk of Nibiru, and the Anunnaki being our creators and having set up earlier residence upon this earth – [all the way back to the savagery of the reptilian ‘bloodletting’ Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, and beyond] – isn’t just the stuff of conversation and Myth?

‘What if’ the Anunnaki ARE a race of seductive ‘blood-letting’ immortals – hell bent on possessing us to the point of our destruction?

‘What if’ they’ve always been here; and through our innocent naivety we’ve been caught up in the courtship and romance of immortal seduction to the point of being blind to their true nature? To the power of their will, and the games they play.

‘What if’ the arrival of Nibiru is the sounding trumpet of the Book of Revelation – the beginning of Armageddon – warning us of impending doom and that the fight to survive annihilation has begun?

Are you ready?

Beautiful – obviously! Immortal – YES! But as beautiful as they are, as irresistibly seductive as they are – they are just as surely DEADLY, and they mean to take us, control us, exploit us.

How do we stop them?

Will we want too?

OR will we willingly be led like lambs to the slaughter? With their ability to manipulate our thoughts – will we even care?

‘What if’ we really are – ‘the food of the gods’; playthings for the beings that live in the fringes and fabric of our dreams – the beings we call Vampires!

Tales From The Glory Hole

by Jeff O’Brien

A talking glory hole. A man who lives out his dream of becoming a horror movie hero. A loser who makes pretzels out of human intestines. A little boy who finds a monster in his closet and is given a very serious ultimatum. A high school basketball star who was stitched together from the spare parts of dead babies, but harbors a secret much less acceptable to his classmates: he’s gay. These are just a few of the things you’ll find here in the first collection of shorter works from Jeff O’Brien, author of Bigboobenstein and The Halloween Orgy Massacre.

Lazarus and the Wife Who Came Back – Book One

by Bo Ransdell

The dirt must cover the body, the body itself must not be damaged too far beyond the repair of modern medicine, the body must be fresh and blood, always blood, is needed to call the spirit home. Such is the process of restoring loved ones to their family, and the unique gift of Vernon “Lazarus” Collins. Born with the ability to bring spirits back from beyond The Veil, Lazarus sells his services to those he deems worthy. Trouble is, those loved ones don’t always come back “right.” Along with the spirits of the deceased, whatever lies beyond The Veil is also home to the Diabolical, malevolent spirits always looking for a way into our world.

Aided by the young and beautiful receptionist, Abby, his assistant, Sean, local magic man Smilin’ Eddie, his uncontrollably telepathic grandfather, Abel, and a former lover, Kate, now possessed by a Diabolical spirit, Lazarus will discover the roots of his powers, the nature of the spirit world and prevent an apocalypse. All in a day’s work, right?

The Death Car

by Kevin Millikin

In 1962, Chuck Winters’ committed suicide in his brand new Cadillac.

51 years later, Derek Roman purchases Chuck’s “death car” for a steal, promising his girlfriend a night on lover’s lane she will never forget!

The only problem, Chuck is back and he wants his car.

“The Death Car” is approx 15.5k words in length.

Contains a preview of the first five chapters of the novella, “Trickery of a Corpse” approx. 9k words.

Rise of the Living (Virginia is for Zombies)

by Jason Henry

This is part three of the Virginia is for Zombies series.

When a plane is heard over the Wal-Mart compound Ian and Josh wonder why after all these months someone is willing to fly over the zombie horde. The man who comes to them offers them a vaccine, that will keep people from turning into one of the undead, but he needs their help. Can Ian refuse to help a man who brings a cure for death by zombie? what is he willing to sacrifice to bring this to the world?

The Dead Wall (Forsaken)

by Patrick Van Slyke

On a stormy Friday summer night in the small town of Sheridan Wyoming, sixteen year old, Nick Davis has nothing more on his mind that hanging out with his friends and chasing girls . Life becomes much more terrifying, however, when a close friend becomes the victim of a demonic possession during an innocent teenage party. As Nick helplessly witnesses more and more horrifying, supernatural events, he is must confront the possibility that God has finally lost patience with his creation, and left the world defenseless.
Nick and beautiful, young Beth Tellie are thrown together as demonic forces attempt to cohere their cooperation in the enslavement of humanity. As the small town falls apart, the couple seeks safety in the Catholic Church and end up with an unlikely ally in the new priest, Father Marco. Together they search for a miracle that can save mankind.

The Darkness Inside

by Edwin Page

The Darkness Inside is an intense supernatural and psychological horror that will keep you gripped from the very beginning. Past and present mingle in a non-linear tale of murder and violence that you won’t forget.

A figure knocks at Sophie’s bedroom window and asks to be let in, as it had on her mother’s window when she was also a young girl. In adulthood, Sophie finds that a lurking darkness within her is reawakened, a darkness that threatens to overthrow her sanity.

This is a novella that grabs your attention and pulls you along with barely a pause for breath. You will be hooked. You will be surprised. You will discover the horror of The Darkness Inside.

This is the first in a series of novellas written by the author under the influence of specific music. In the case of The Darkness Inside, the music used was The Prodigy, the energy and dark undertones present in many of the band’s tunes finding itself woven into the fabric of this riveting tale.

â??One of the rising stars of dark and horror fiction, Mr. Page’s series of novellas inspired by music never fails to shock, thrill and disturbâ?¦ Fantastic!’ – Cheryl Matthews, Mad 4 Horror

If you like The Darkness Inside, then download another of the novellas influenced by music or one of the selection of other dark books that Edwin Page has written.

Finding Southside Johnny (Celebrity Supernatural)

by Anne Kelleher

A down and out Wall Street advisor gets a second chance at love and the road not taken by means of some unexpected magic.

Lost At Sea (Life In A Heartbeat Vampire Series – Book 3)

by D.T. MacKinnon

In 1988, Martin Swinton goes skinny-dipping with the WRONG girl and he and a few of his classmates will sorely regret it.

He finds out the hard way that his hometown has its very own resident vampires in the abandoned beach house out on Hawkes Lane, a 76-year-old blood-soaked secret and the males of two prominent families in town have bloodstained hands. And now, they are hell-bent on staining their hands with his blood thanks to the disappearance of the girl and the fury of her father.

Martin quickly realizes absence makes the heart beat longer so he goes on the run with the sinking feeling that the town and a lot of unanswered questions will catch up to him some day . . . or night.


They arrived at James’s front gate with ear-splitting, heavy metal hurtling toward them. They spun around just in time to see Tim Rhodes careen his shiny, new, silver Corvette right up onto the sidewalk.

Martin’s jaw dropped.

“Sorry girls,” Tim shouted as he went by, barely audible above the thumping sub-woofers.

“I’m gonna kill that bastard if it’s the last thing I do,” Martin swore. “And no jury would convict me,” he added.

“Just ignore him,” James said in a quivery voice.

“Ignore him?” Martin squeaked. “He just clipped my toenails with his goddam tires!”

Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 2 issue 2 for July 2013)

Adults Only!

Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine. We are focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, of all genres, but we favor pieces with erotic, sexual, or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.

In this issue we have an interview with model, mom, and doll maker Marilyn Mansfield, column pieces from Andrea Dean van Scoyoc, with “Andrea’s Rants” and Dave Lipscomb, the DaveL, with “The DaveL’s Music”, as well as strange true stories of the paranormal in our reader based column “Bumps in the Night”.

Also in issue is fiction and poetry from Kat Hawthorne, Joseph DeRepentigny, Robert Leuthold, Shannon Barber, Stephen D. Nadaud II, Allen Griffin, Berti Walker, W.C. Morrow, Philip Roberts, Vincent Daemon, and Shaun.

Sybarite Among the Shadows

by Richard McNeff

SYBARITE AMONG THE SHADOWS Dylan Thomas, Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuburg caught in a surrealist web. What if the Beast returned and you were not sure if he were the best or worst thing that had ever happened to you? Sybarite among the Shadows finds Victor Neuburg on June 11 1936 with the poet he discovered, Dylan Thomas. They embark on a quest whose object is Neuburg’s old master, the Great Beast 666; settings, the Surrealist Exhibition, and pubs and clubs of bohemian London; characters, Augustus John, Nina Hamnett and Tom Driberg. Neuburg confronts his demons; Crowley does too. They also meet something far more menacing: MI5’s plot to avert the Abdication.

The Talkative Corpse: A Love Letter

by Ann K. Sterzinger

Another comedy of the damned, from the author of GIRL DETECTIVES and NVSQVAM (NOWHERE).

John Jaggo is a 40-year-old former veteran of the dying newspaper industry, currently stuck slinging pizza part-time for minimum wage with snotty kids half his age. As he chokes on hopelessness, rage, and half-rotten pepperoni, the only things he can find that give his existence a scrap of meaning are moping over his traitorous ex-girlfriend and wondering how and if the future will remember what used to be called the American Dream.

Thousands of years later, archaeologists are puzzled by the diary he decides to spend his free time writing, laminating, and burying in the dirt courtyard of his apartment buildingâ??especially when they get to the part where he summons a minor demon in a black-out drunk on Halloween. And then he meets a girl.

“Anyone who’s had the displeasure of looking for a fucking job within the last few years will probably know where Jaggo is coming from…. In The Talkative Corpse, Ann Sterzinger tears into the bullshit of contemporary American life with a mixture of venom, humor, and even a little empathy.” â?? Ben Arzate

83,845 words

Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 2 issue 1 for April 2013)

Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine. We are focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, of all genres, but we favor pieces with erotic, sexual, or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.

In this issue we have an interview with editor and writer Terry D. Scheerer, column pieces from Andrea Dean van Scoyoc and Dave Lipscomb, the DaveL, with “The DaveL’s Music”, and strange true stories of the paranormal.

Also in this issue fiction and poetry from Vicy Cross, Adam Bolivar, Robert Leuthold, James L. Jones, Erin Goodenough, Derek Muk, W.C. Morrow, Shaun Avery, John Grey, Kevin L. Kennel, Rick McQuiston, Joseph DeRepentigny, and Vincent Daemon.

Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 1 issue 1 for April 2012)

Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine. We are focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, of all genres, but we favor pieces with erotic, sexual, or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.

In this issue we have an interview with erotic horror writer Destiny West along with an excerpt from her novel Lamia: The Awakening, column pieces from Andrea Dean van Scoyoc and Dave Lipscomb, the DaveL with “The DaveL’s Music”, and strange true stories of the paranormal.

Also in this issue fiction and poetry from the likes of Genevieve Nichols, Angela Ash, Joseph DeRepentigny, Mel K.F., Vincent Daemon, Eliza Divine, Tibbie X., and Anthony Anderson.

A Case of Jitters [Hammond Hill Rectory] [Fright Night for Real]

by Lyn Murray

Father Jonas’ sudden and mysterious murder sets off a series of unexplained events that retrace time, and leaves those closest to him wondering who he really was.

When cryptic notes begin showing up around the campus, everyone wonders who’s leaving them? Could it be the murderer; or could it be Father Jonas himself – trying to warn the living?


by Joseph Mulholland

Julie is a 12 year old girl living in Gettysburg pennsylvania one of the most haunted places in american history. Julie the only child living with her very abusive and controlling father starts to realise that things in gettysburg and the house in which she lives thats built on the historic gettysburg battle ground in which hundreds of soldiers died are not what thay seem. Abuse and continuous nightmares start to affect the 12 year old. Julie a normal kind caring human being begins the soak in the horror of gettysburg she starts to change and the child once filled with kindness is now filled with rage and anger. If she cant escape gettysburg and most importantly her father….. she knows things will never be the same again.

Spider Lust (Spider Lust Series)

by Marion Pugh

Leila is running from her past life in Washington state. When she arrives in Oregon, she finds more than she bargained for. A tale of romance, lust, suspense, and supernatural mystery in the tranquil setting of Eugene, Oregon. 54,000 words.

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