Free humour Kindle books for 07 Dec 13

The Case of the Not-So-Fair Trader (A Richard Sherlock Whodunit)

by Jim Stevens

A despicable stock trader is found buried under an avalanche of his own garden rocks, causing fired-from-the force- Richard Sherlock to be yanked off the bowling alley and whisked to the crime scene by his pampered protegee Tiffany Richmond. He must prove murder and stop payment of the twelve-million-dollar Richmond Insurance policy.
Nothing makes sense. Crime scene is a mess. There is no money trail. There are too many motives from too many suspects who have too many alibis. Worst of all Sherlock’s bad back is acting up, his ex-wife wants more money and the murder investigation is putting a serious dent in his parenting schedule of his two daughters.
Richard Sherlock hates his job, and may be a reluctant dick, but he is better at finding the WHO in WHODUNIT than anyone else.

Mama’s Been Drinkin’ – Keepin’ It Real and Getting It Wrong

by Penny Lane

What happens when you mix too much alcohol with a wayward soul on the edge of “dirty thirty”?

A crazy journey of self discovery that entails 5 boyfriends, 2 engagements, 6 jobs, and 4 countries!

“Mama’s Been Drinking: Keepin’ It Real & Getting It Wrong” is the dizzying story of Penny Lane, who’s only goal is to get it right, and the wacky missteps she takes in her quest to get there. Part Jack Kerouac, part Lucille Ball, you’ll roll your eyes while cheering her on for fighting the good fight and a couple of bar fights.

From the author: If you learn one thing from this book, well, reread it. It was obviously a mistake.

Man, A Dog’s Best Friend (Regular Edition) (Reg. Ed.)

by Michael Schulz

In “Man, A Dog’s Best Friend”, Michael Schulz takes his readers behind the scenes of the creative process which brought his characters to life. A chapter by chapter breakdown walks the reader through the birth and development of the characters that coexist in these wonderfully illustrated cartoons. “Man, a Dog’s Best Friend” is a descriptive view into the sometimes complex relationship that exist between humans and their canine counterparts.

The process in creating each cartoon is discussed in great detail, from the rough drawings to the final inked strips. An in depth look is also included for the discussion about the deeper meaning of the cartoon, the intentions and interpretations of the artist and the balance in making the cartoons come to life.

Minecraft Tips and Tricks

by Minecraft Books

Ever wanted to learn the more tips and tricks for Minecraft? This Book is for just you!

Screenettes: Horse Iron! Neons!

by Daniel Fryda

This companion to Horse Iron! is a compact collection of images that characterize the Ford Mustang in an exciting and novel way.

If you have an eye for the visual arts, you will appreciate the vibrant sense of textural energy in each image. Automobile buffs, hot-rodders, and other enthusiasts will enjoy this trim art book where in-close Mustang design elements have been digitally modified to create a totally new perspective. The look is new, different, and best of all — it’s fun!

Screenettes. Cool artwork minis for your device — when a picture is just enough. Bite-sized art in an eBook!

16 images, and 2 bonus neons!

It must be Hard? (Laugh out loud adventures of Trevor (Try) Hard)

by Pat O’Driscoll

Try sat patiently waiting – for his own wedding day.

Cold sweat sprung out from his brow as he glanced up at the kitchen clock, terrified that while he had been down the cellar for no more than a few minutes, it may have spun around another hour and that he would be running late already. Clocks had a habit of doing this to Try. He would be patiently sitting down, completely prepared for a perfectly timed event, and then, like that story about the hare and tortoise, he would get up and do a little job to fill in the time, only to find out that all of a sudden he was now late.
Or was it a porpoise?
Thankfully, the clock had maintained its steady pace, and he still had at least an hour to go before he had to leave. Everything, apart from his shoe, which now had a staple sticking into his big toe, was meticulously planned and on track.
â??Don’t be daft,’ said Logic, â??a porpoise is a fish, isn’t it? A hare wouldn’t race against a fish would it?’
â??It might!’ argued Sceptic. â??Maybe it was a race along the riverbank?’
â??I’m not sure porpoise live in rivers?’
â??Well, perhaps it was at the seaside, and the fish swam in the shallows while the hare ran along the cliff?’
â??No. Pretty sure it was a tortoise,’ said Logic, nodding his head. There was a bland silence in Try’s brain for a few seconds until Sceptic said:
â??A bit unfair, isn’t it? I mean, your average tortoise isn’t going to catch a bloody hare, is it? Unless it had a turbo-engine or something?’
â??It was just a story, Sep. Just a kid’s story.’
â??No bloody wonder all the kids are confused then, if someone tells them a crustacean can outrun one of the fastest creatures on earth. What a load of nonsense! Who writes this stuff?’
More hilarious adventures of Trevor – TRY -Hard. This time he is getting married to the fearful Mimosa, a Polish immigrant, but when they move into a small suburban house, Try’s gardening exploits get rather interesting.
Are frogs supposed to be that colour?
And why has his neighbour got a loaf of bread on her head?
Anyway, what are all those weeds in the greenhouseâ?¦..?

Midlife Mayhem or The misadventures of the middle-aged man

by Harry Lawrie

Has there ever been a book devoted to a non-scientific study of the misadventures of the middle aged man, either from his perspective or that of those who suffer his idiosyncratic behaviour? All those kids that have been embarrassed by the â??old man’ might recognise him within the pages of “Midlife Mayhem”. Wives and partners might also have a fit of déjà vu!

This little book is the perfect present for Father’s Day. Retirements, Festive occasions and Birthdays. A good book to dip in to on long haul flights and on train journeys. Go on, buy it…just for a laugh!

Minecraft Creative Structure Idea – Beer Hall

by Mark Mulle

Mark Mulle presents a quick Minecraft structure building guide! In this guide, learn to build a beer hall in Minecraft, using fully detailed blueprints and over 25 images detailing every step in building this innovative structure. Go check out today!

OPCULATO (Chinese version)

by Daniel Mullan

OPCULATO æ?¯ä¸?款æ??趣ç??æ?°å­¦è¿ç®?符号填å??游æ?ç??名称ï¼? 此款游æ?å¯ä»¥å¸®å?©æ?¨æé«?æ?°å­¦æ??è?½ã?è®°å¿?å??ã?é?»è¾?æ?ç»´è?½å??å??æ?¨ç?è?½å??ã??

å¼?å?此款游æ?ç??å®?æ?¨ä¸ºå¼?å?ã?æé«?以ä¸?ç??ç??å­?æ??è?½ã??Opculato 游æ?ä»¥å¿?ç®?ç??形式ç?¨ç®?符 +,-,/ æ?? x 来解å?³ç»?å?ºç??ç­?式ã??每个ç®?符é??要填å??å?¨ç»?å?ºç©ºæ ¼ä¸­ã??æ?¨é??要å?¨å¤´è??中æ?è??å?æ??ç®?符+,-,/ æ?? xå¡«å??å?¨é??å½?ç??位置ä¸?使ç­?式平衡ï¼?以此来å¼?å?æ?¨ç??é?»è¾?æ?ç»´å??æ?¨ç?è?½å??ã??å?¨é?å?°é?¿ç­?式æ?¶æ?¨å¯ä»¥è¯?ç?ç»?å?不å?ç®?符ã??æ?¨è¿?é??要å?¨æ?¨å®?æ?ç­?式å?è®°ä½å·²ç»æ­£ç¡®ç¬¦å·ç??位置ã??第ä¸?次ç?©æ?¶ï¼?æ?¨ä¹?可以å??å?©è®¡ç®?å?¨æ¥å®?æ?æ¸¸æ?ï¼?ä½?计ç®?å?¨ç??帮å?©è¶?å°?æ?¨å°±ä¼?ä½?ä¼?å?°è¶?å¤?ç??计ç®?乐趣ï¼?æ?¨ç??è?·ç??å??游æ?å?ç??满足æ??ä¹?ä¼?æ?´å¤?ã??提é«?æ??è?½ç??æ??好æ?¹å¼æ?¯å?¤ç»?ä¹ ï¼?OPCULATO ä¼?为æ?¨æä¾?æ??æ??æ?¨é??要ç??è¿?äº?æ??è?½ã??OPCULATO 不æ?¯äº¤äº?式ç??游æ?ï¼?ä½?è¿?ä¹?ä¼?迫使æ?¨è?ªå·±æ¥å®?æ?æ?´ä¸ªç??å¿?ç®?è¿?ç¨?ã??

Opculato Math puzzle Game App.

How to Get Paid To Play Video Games – Video Game Tester Jobs

by Orson Scott

If you are video game lover and are thinking of ways to get paid for playing them, then it’s a dream come true. Who doesn’t like to be paid for something that they love doing? It definitely sounds great but the question that arises is, “How to get paid to play video games?” Let’s discuss some tips to play your favorite games and get paid for it.

To begin with, you must be sure that you are qualified to make money, playing video games. By qualification here, we mean that you must have an experience in playing video games. To be a video game tester, you must have knowledge about video and computer games so that you can give a feedback to the company. This is a part of video game learning.

OPCULATO Korean version

by Daniel Mullan

OPCULATOì? ì?°ì? , 기ì?µ, ë?¼ë¦¬ì?? ì¶?ë¡ ì? ê°?ì? í??ë?? 데 ë?ì??ì? 주ë?? 즐거ì?´ ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?° ê³?ì?° 퍼즐 ê²?ì??ì??ë??ë?¤.이 퍼즐ì? ì?°ë¦¬ì? 모ë?  ì?¶ì? ë?¥ë ¥ì? í??ì?©í??기 ì??í?´ í?¹ë³?í?? ê°?ë°?ë?ì??ì?µë??ë?¤.OPCULATO 퍼즐ì? 주ì?´ì§? ë°©ì ?ì?ì? í??기 ì??í?´ ë¹? ì?¬ê°í??ì??ì? +,-,/,xë?¤ ì¤? ì?´ë?¤ ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?°ì?ë¥¼ ë°°ì¹?í?´ì?¼ í??ë??ì§?를 ì?¬ë¯¸ì??ê²? í??ì?´ë³´ë?? ì??ì?°ì? 포í?¨í??ê³  ì??ì?µë??ë?¤.이 ì?¬ë¯¸ì??ë?? ê²?ì??ì? +,-,/,x ì¤? ì?´ë? ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?°ì?ê°? 주ì?´ì§? ë°©ì ?ì?ì? í??ê²?인ì§?를 í?ë?¬í?  ê²?ì? ì??구í??ë?? ì§?적인 ë?¼ë¦¬ì?? ì¶?ë¡ ì? ê°?ë°?í?©ë??ë?¤. ë? 길ë?¤ë?? ë°©ì ?ì?ì? í??ì?´ë?´ë©°, ì??ë??ë¡? ë?´ë ¤ê°?ë©´ì?? ìµ?ì¢?적인 ì?°ì?  ë°©ì ?ì?ì? ê³?ì?°í??기 ì ?ì? ì?´ë??ì? ì?¬ë°?른 ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?°ì?ê°? ë°°ì¹?ë?ì?´ì?¼í??ë??ì§?를 í?ë?¨í??기 ì??í?´ 각이í?? ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?°ì?ì? ì¡°í?©ì? ì??ë?í?´ì?¼ í?©ë??ë?¤.ë?í?? ì²?ì? í??ë ?이ì?ì?? ê³?ì?°ê¸°ë¥¼ ì?¬ì?©í?  ì?? ì??ì§?ë§? ê³?ì?°ê¸° ì??이 즐기ë?? ê²?이 í?¨ì?¬ ë? ì?¬ë¯¸ì??ì?¼ë©° ê·¸ í??í?ê³¼ ë§?족ë? í?¨ì?¬ ë? 크ê²? 됩ë??ë?¤.이ë?¬í?? 모ë?  ë?¥ë ¥ì? í?¥ì?ì??í?¤ë?? ê°?ì?¥ ì¢?ì? ë°©ë²?ì? OPCULATO를 ì?°ì?µí??ë?? ê³¼ì ?ì?ì? ì¡´ì?¬í??ë©° OPCULATOë?? ë°?ë¡? 이 모ë?  기ì? ì? ì ?ê³µí?©ë??ë?¤. OPCULATOì? ë?¹ì? ì´ ì?µì§?ë¡? ì?°ì?  ì?°ì?°ì? ì§?í??í?´ ë?µì? ë?´ë?록 ì?í?¸ ì??ì?©í??ì§?ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤.

Opculato Math puzzle Game App.

The BlackJack Guide to Start Winning At Online Blackjack

by Daniel Chen

BlackJack Guide to Start Winning At Online Blackjack. This book will help take your online blackjack strategy and game to the next level. It’s an easy, strategy guide to online blackjack with actionable advice that uses straight forward language designed to help the online blackjack player increase their chances of winning.

If you’re a beginning online blackjack player this is the perfect guide for you as it encompasses how to capitalize on blackjack practice games, split pairs, double down, stiff and pat hands. This blackjack book does not cover card counting.

Start Winning At Online Blackjack guide also has a unique approach of when to double down or split pairs. Written by Daniel Chen is a full time online casino player and has a passion for blackjack.

Awesome Minecraft: Pocket Edition Secrets

by Minecraft Pocket Edition Books


Become a pro with these accurate, completely relevant secrets to Minecraft.

What’s included:

Valuable tips and tricks to aid you in your conquest of Minecraft

Pocket edition secrets and tricks never seen before

All of the most relevant and up to date information about the game and its mechanics

The Best Pop Quiz in Town: Pop Trivia Questions and Answers

by Alan Tongue

The Best Pop Quiz in Town: Pop Trivia Questions and Answers, covers the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s – the ‘Golden Age’ of pop music!

Hundreds of pop music trivia questions to test your knowledge with your friends and family. Some easy questions, some more difficult!

Set up your own Pop Quiz Party Night with the wonderful question and answer format.

“We had some great nights of fun with this book!”

“Fantastic for pub quizzes, evenings in and family parties!”


by Jay J. Obee


Guy meets Chick. They fall in love. Lick each other over and under. Move in together. Guy gets a job as a sewer worker. Seems like a good idea at the time.

Two years later, and Guy is going nowhere fast. Stymied by Daisy, his burnout boss, Guy is doing twice the work for half the pay. Hurricane season is upon the coastal town of Crystal City, North Carolina. After hour call-ins have become more frequent. Evenings and weekends with Chick are his only refuge. Smoking weed is his only release. The opposite, minus the pot, could be said for Daisy.

Guy has a plan. Daisy has problems of his own. Desire motivates one. Necessity drives the other. Something’s gotta give.


Contains butt-gusting humor, superfluous profanity, colorful sexual content, indulgent drug use and poop.

Maleficarum: Hunger of the Witch

by Jeremy Bennett

Maleficarum is a gripping tale of horror, action and killer blow up dolls.Two teen girls, Beverly and Ann, are stalked by a ravenous witch and her evil brethren. In their desperate attempt to survive they barricade themselves in a New Age bookstore, but as hordes of cannibalistic witches gather outside it becomes clear that they’ll need more than locked doors to survive the night. They’ll need an all consuming evil know as The Eater of Wings. Will the trapped teens strike a deal with this hateful force or will they be devoured by the gathering storm of darkness that beats at their doors. Buy now and experience the relentless action, mind shattering terror and the blatant overuse of adjectives that is Maleficarum!

Puzzles & Games: 30 Optical Illusions Games & Fun Puzzles For Parents & Kids

by Rosa Suen

Watch how your eyes play tricks on you!

KINDLE SPECIAL EDITION: The Instructions are given in the book so that you can play this game on the kindle device by yourself and with your children.

Use these 3 Level Games to Challenge Your Eyes & Mind. Parents can play. Use this Game to teach your children to use their mind and eyes to play this game.

Age Level: 7 years old & up

Target audience: Adults, Teachers, Students, Teens, Children


The entire game is hyperlinked in the book with clear instructions so that you can interactively play on the screen and move from one game quiz to another.

1. Each Game has an image.

2. A Question is asked.

3. A Hint is given.

4. You figure out the answer.

5. Hit the answer link to check the explanation.

6. Hit & move on to the next game quiz.

7. Look up your score sheet result to see where you stand.

8. Hit & move on to the Next Level.


Game Puzzle #1: Two Pictures in One

Game Puzzle #2: Elephant Legs

Game Puzzle #3: Black Dot Illusion

Game Puzzle #4 Vertical Line Illusion

Game Puzzle #5: Parallel Lines

Game Puzzle #6: How many arrows?

Game Puzzle #7: Straight or Crooked?

Game Puzzle #8: Circle Illusion

Game Puzzle #9: Spiral Image or not?

Game Puzzle #10: Crazy Line Illusion


Game Puzzle #11: Wacky Circle

Game Puzzle #12: Reversible Images

Game Puzzle #13: The Picture of Many Faces

Game Puzzle #14: Double Image Illusion

Game Puzzle #15: Sphere Illusion

Game Puzzle #16: Wavy Lines

Game Puzzle #17: The Tallest Soldier

Game Puzzle #18: Light Bulb Illusion

Game Puzzle #19: Count the Black Circles

Game Puzzle #20: Double image illusion.


Game Puzzle #21: Squares or circles?

Game Puzzle #22: Wavy Squares

Game Puzzle #23: 2 Words

Game Puzzle #24: The Disappearing Gray Circle

Game Puzzle #25: Double Image Illusion

Game Puzzle #26: Stair Illusion

Game Puzzle #27: A Liar Face

Game Puzzle #28: Father and son

Game Puzzle #29: Crazy Line Illusion

Game Puzzle #30: The Extra Hole

Have Fun!


The World According To Izzie

by Izzie Anderton

Forty-something mum, Izzie Anderton struggles with just about everything her twin teen daughters can fling in her direction.

And now that they’re older, life isn’t getting any easier.

Follow Izzie’s life over the past year as she prepares to launch her daughters into the real world, often with hilarious consequences.

As featured on Woman’s Hour.

Walking Behind a Woman and Other Shit I Hate

by Thomas Tyler

Politically incorrect observations from a fed up Chicago resident.

Weight Watchers Fun & Games: 30 Quiz Questions To Test Your Knowledge on Nutrition, Fitness & Health

by Melissa Cook

This is fun Health Quiz Books for all weight watchers.

As you answer these 30 questions, you will learn a lot about nutrition and how to eat healthily and nutritiously.

These questions help you think and choose the right food to eat daily.

Roses, Airs, and Graces

by susanna flavius

Experience the Saga of Alundra and Faversham. Timeless love in a instant! Roses, Airs and Graces, is a Historical Romance Set in the 19th century. If you want Love, Comedy, Laughter, Battles, Suspense and Mystery then this book is for you….. When a would be comical Jester called Faversham meets the Luscious Lady Alundra at a garden party he never expected his whole life to change forever! The Luscious Alundra seems extremely protective at their first meeting, but is it her that has reasons to harbour a mysterious secret? Or is it him? When the shocking secret finally comes to light at their next meeting, will the kingdom of Dreasden ever be the same again?

Bookworm Game – Android Edition

by Bookworm Fans

Complete Guide to Bookworm

– Bookworm Game Basics

– Awesome Tips and Tricks

– Strategies

– Glitches

– Cheats

Learn how to instantly become better at Bookworm today!

Plus a special FREE BONUS is included, just for you!

Please Note: This not an official guide or associated in any way with the developers or creators of the game. It is simply made by fans to help fellow fans of the game.

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