Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 07 Dec 13

Psion Beta (Psion series #1)

by Jacob Gowans

Sammy, a 14-year-old fugitive, accidentally discovers he has the powers of a Psion.

Plucked off the streets, he is thrust into the rigorously-disciplined environment of Psion Beta headquarters. As a new Beta, Sammy must hone his newfound abilities using holographic fighting simulations, stealth training missions, and complex war games. His fellow trainees are other kids competing to prove their worth so they can graduate and contribute to the war effort.

But the stifling competition at headquarters isolates Sammy from his peers. Learning to use his incredible powers is difficult enough, but when things go horribly wrong on a routine training mission, he must rely on the other Betas to stay alive.

The Silent War is at a tipping point; even one boy can be the difference.

But to do so, he must survive.

Minecraft Comic Book: Steve vs. Herobrine: The Great War

by Minecraft Stories


The Battle for the Minecraft World. Steve Vs. Herobrine. In an Epic Comic Book!

Over 20 Fully Illustrated Comic Pages!

Follow the Legendary Battle as Steve tries to stop Herobrine’s Army!

Song of the Summer King (The Summer King Chronicles)

by Jess Owen

Shard is a gryfon in danger. He and other young males of the Silver Isles are old enough to fly, hunt, and fight–old enough to be threats to their ruler, the red gryfon king.

In the midst of the dangerous initiation hunt, Shard takes the unexpected advice of a strange she-wolf who seeks him out, and hints that Shard’s past isn’t all that it seems. To learn his past, Shard must abandon the future he wants and make allies of those the gryfons call enemies.

When the gryfon king declares open war on the wolves, it throws Shard’s past and uncertain future into the turmoil between.

Now with battle lines drawn, Shard must decide whether to fight beside his king . . .or against him.

WINNER of the GOLD medal for the 2013 Global E-book Awards for Fantasy/Otherworld!

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Goldilocks & the Three Bears (Discover Fairy Tales)

by Calee M. Lee

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Discover Fairy Tales

Someone has been eating my porridge!

The classic fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been retold with simple, rhythmic sentences for beginning readers.

Discover Fairy Tales are familiar stories with cute illustrations, perfect for the touchscreen generation.

Twelve Days Of Christmas

by Gary Dickinson

So all the boys and girls have been good this year and it’s Christmas time. It’s a time when Santa Claus makes his long journey from the North Pole riding on his beautiful sled with his bags full to the brim with presents. His magical team of reindeer pull him along effortlessly from roof top to roof top delivering all the beautiful gifts that all good boys and girls have asked for this year.

In the weeks before Christmas we put up Christmas decorations, Christmas trees adorned with bright tinsel, decorations and lights, we sing Christmas songs and carols and so it’s a beautiful, happy, exciting time of the year.

We hear The Twelve Days of Christmas wherever we go and sing along with great gusto. But when do the twelve days start and end? Twelve days before Christmas day or twelve after? What do they mean and what are the gifts all about?

Find out about about the Twelve Days of Christmas in the beautifully written book for children packed with photographs too.

Scroll up and buy your copy of this perfect and timely Christmas book for kids and understand what the words to the song mean.

Horse Lovers Quiz Book 1: Interactive Guess & Learn Book

by Kelly Gerard Bestseller!

This fun and informative Horse Quiz Book is ideal for all horse lovers and amateurs who have a keen interest in horses.

Horse Lovers Quiz Book contains a lot of knowledge and information with regards to 30 different breeds of horses. To test the reader’s knowledge there is a quiz question for each particular breed to see if the reader has enough knowledge to enable them to identify each breed correctly.

There is a vast range of breeds contained within the quiz originating from different parts of the worlds. They are all different in their own ways whether it be the characteristics of the horse, its temperament, their use or history.

Guess & Learn, Have Fun!

Mongolia: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) – Level 2 (Planet Collection)

by Planet Collection

Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?

As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “MONGOLIA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Mongolia.

Toddlers and babies will love looking at the large photos, while the older children will be able to grow their minds through reading the fun fact filled passages.

Early education sets up your child for success.

We are a green company and a portion of each sale is donated to charity.

The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story

by Marilee Joy Mayfield

A forlorn little snowman hopes, prays and yearns with all his heart for a beautiful melodic voice so he can rejoice by singing Christmas carols just like human children do. There is little hope that he will ever have a voice, because the snow world is quiet and snowpeople communicate by sensing thoughts and feelings that travel as ice droplets in the swirling cold winter air. But when a cheery red cardinal awakens his mind and a kind young girl renews his hope, a Christmas miracle happens and the little snowman realizes his longed-for dream in a powerful, joyful, unexpected way.

Arthur, Donna and the Magic Crown of Tiabora

by Anthony P. Dorato

The small quiet town of Brandon, Massachusetts, erupts with a baffling series of strange and bizarre criminal occurrences. The series of burglaries, poisonings, UFO sightings, and the burning of the junior high school by an arsonist who escapes capture by taking flight through the air stymies the authorities. Desperate for answers, and under intense pressure from the mayor and townspeople, Sheriff Blodgett finds himself tangled in a web of seemingly unsolvable mysteries.

It isn’t until two juveniles –Donna, 13, and her brother Arthur, 11–begin investigating the weird incidents that the pieces of the puzzle begin to merge together, resulting in Donna and Arthur themselves being caught up in a mesh of danger, mystery and intrigue when they attempt to expose the identity of the stranger clothed in black who is holding the small town in a grip of terror.

Guided by their grandparents, they embark upon an unusual journey to the legendary island of Tiabora, where they encounter a mystical adventure of harrowing and frightening confrontations. It is there on the enchanted island and at the risk of their lives that they discover the true identity of the stranger in black.

Obsidian Sky (Book 1 of the Obsidian Saga)

by Julius St. Clair

On the World of Obsidian, wishes really do come true.

Ten years ago, a mysterious comet crashed into the planet, annihilating half of the population, and branding the rest with strange markings on their right arms, each mark symbolizing a wish granted to the bearer.

Aidan Serafino is one such survivor. Born of fire and vengeance, he quickly grows tired of the chaotic new world and searches for an escape. Finding the love and release he’s been looking for, he tries to make a home in the isolated village of Lowsunn. But he quickly realizes that if he has any chance of preserving his new life, he will have to combat enemies beyond his wildest nightmares, fight for the girl he can’t live without and above all, tame his dark and tortured heart.

David and Goliath

by Ifeanyi Esimai

David and Goliath- is a bible story, suitable for kids 4 years and up, that took place during the reign of King Saul. David, a shepherd boy, accepted the challenge to fight Goliath, a giant and a skilled warrior. From the onset, it was a mismatch. David definitely was the underdog.

David came to battle carrying a sling, some stones, his shepherds stick and his faith in God. How does he handle the disadvantages he faces – his inexperience in warfare, his size, and youthful exuberance?

In David and Goliath, the author tells the story that unfolds through beautiful illustrations.Read on as this battle that took place about three thousand years ago unfolds.

Meet The Triceratops: Fun Facts & Cool Pictures (Meet The Dinosaurs)

by Julian Hawking

“Meet The Triceratops” – A nonfiction dinosaur book for children.

This Triceratops book is filled with cool pictures and interesting facts about these long gone creatures that once roamed the planet.

If you want to learn about the Triceratops, then this book – “Meet The Triceratops” – gives you the answers to questions, including:

– When did the Triceratops live?

– What was their feeding habits?

– How did the Triceratops move?

– How good was their sense of smell?

– Did the Triceratops roam in packs or were they solitary?

… and more!

The Triceratops was an amazing creature and have been studied for many years. So, if you want your child to know more than their teacher about the Triceratops then you need to grab a copy of “Meet The Triceratops” right now.

Combining fantastic images of the Triceratops with interesting facts, this is a perfect children’s book about the incredible Triceratops.

This book uses language that is simple enough for children to read on their own or to read alongside a parent, guardian or teacher.

This is one of those must have books for kids.

Sneezie The Dragon Meets New Friends (funny bedtime story)

by Irene Andrews

Go on a journey with Sneezie the Dragon and see how Sneezie meets new friends in this funny and illustrated bedtime story.

Tic Tac Toe: Ultimate Edition

by WiWi Gaming

*** Ultimate Edition***

Tic Tac Toe is a fun game that most people seem to underestimate and play just for the sake. The game looks simplistic and is a very good pastime. However, many people do not know some of the secrets to avoid losing in the Tic Tac Toe game. There are a few little known secrets you need to know to become a master in this game.

This book describes how to play Tic Tac Toe and the strategies you need to apply to ensure that you become a master in the game. There are a few scenarios described that can assist you in weighing your options. You can learn these incredible tips today.

Are Reindeer Real? 30+ Big Photos Fun Facts Silly Jokes For Kids!

by Martin J. Walters

Are reindeer real? Do they live at the North Pole?

Here’s some real info about real reindeer.

This book will teach you what reindeer eat and may other fun facts.

Do you know how fast a reindeer can run or who wears the antlers in the family?

You can discover those things right here!

This book is jam packed with big photos, fun facts and silly jokes.

Its print is big and bold, making it easy for little ones to see and read.

Very young children will enjoy looking at the big photos and sharing the captions with an adult. An older child will enjoy learning new things on their own.

Almost everyone will learn something new from this collection of facts.

Pick up your copy today and start learning about what reindeer really do!

Bread for the Pharaoh

by Jason Black

San, the son of a baker, and Aja, the daughter of the high priest at the temple of Ra, definitely come from opposite sides of the Sphinx. But when it comes to Sheskhaf, a priest who has only recently joined the temple’s ranks, San and Aja are on the same side in finding him thoroughly detestable. Drawn together by Sheskhaf’s thoughtless cruelty, San and Aja discover not only friendship, but intrigue.

Why has Sheskhaf come to the temple? What secret disaster has befallen the half-constructed Sphinx, the grand monument to beloved Pharaoh Khafre? And can someone in their very midst truly be plotting to kill a god?

When San and Aja discover the answers, they must also decide what two powerless children can do. With Pharaoh Khafre’s inspection of the Sphinx set to happen soon, time is running out. Fighting against the most powerful forces in the kingdom, fighting against rigid class lines that forbid their friendship, can they stop the most unthinkable of all blasphemies in ancient Egypt?

They must, for if they fail they will they lose everything they hold dear. Perhaps even their lives.

Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost (Pack-n-Go Girls – Austria)

by Janelle Diller

Nine-year-old Brooke Mason has lived all her life on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now she’s headed to Austria with her mom. Brooke can’t wait! They even get to stay in Schloss Mueller, an ancient Austrian castle. Even better? There’s a girl Brooke’s age to play with! Eva, the girl who lives in Schloss Mueller is thrilled to meet Brooke. Unfortunately, the castle’s ghost isn’t quite so happy.

Kellie at Come-alive Cottage

by Wendy Unsworth

Aunt kitty is a very unusual witch – every time she waves her magic wand something goes wrong! Come-alive Cottage is full of Aunt Kitty’s gone – wrong spells, like the postman who has been turned into a Christmas elf, flowers that say ‘sniff me!’ and a watering can that gets grumpy when water goes up his spout!

And when her aunt starts making spells with snakes, Kellie Culpepper has to jump to the rescue!

This is the first adventure for Kellie at Come-alive Cottage and there are plenty more to come!

A fun, read-aloud story.

Betta Fish Kids Care Guide For Your 1st Fish

by Martin J. Walters

Thinking about getting a Betta fish?

Maybe you already have a Betta fish and want to know how to care for it. Maybe you’d like to find out if a Betta fish is for you!

Betta fish are not only very beautiful but they’re easy to care for too. Betta fish are like floating jewels with their long, flowing fins.

This book will teach you what to look for when you go to the store to buy your first Betta fish.

It also tells you what you need to buy to make sure your Beta fish has a comfy home and it explains how to care for your Betta fish after you get it home and settled in.

This book will explain how to feed your Betta and it even tells you how to teach your Betta some very simple tricks!

Choose your favorite color Betta from the 25+ full color photos and read about them with large, bold type that’s easy on the eyes.

Betta fish are a great choice if you’re buying your first fish and this book will explain the basics of caring for one.

Do you have or are you about to have a new Betta fish in your life?

Pick up a copy of this book today and you’ll start your new friendship off the right way!

I Met a Bee! A Children’s Picture Book (Kids Reading!)

by Amabel Pearl

Preschool Books: Teach your children to read an easy written word: BEE! (2-5 years old)

This Picture Book in the “Kids Reading!” Series is inspired by Dr. Glenn Doman’s book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read: The Gentle Revolution” and it is designed to help your children explore words and language with their first steps into reading.

Like with any other children’s picture books, they will be delighted and will enjoy the funny, nice illustrations, but they will also soon associate the images to the written words.

The humorous illustrations will delight them, as with any other picture books, but they will soon begin to associate the images with the written words.

According to Dr. Doman, very young children can read, providing the letters are big enough for them to see the difference between them. Dr. Doman also explains that it is easier to teach a baby to read a whole word, rather than teaching separate letters, because single letters are a concept a child cannot understand.

This Picture Book aims therefore to make your children get used to whole words, not individual letters. It encourages them to recognize their first written word: BEE.

The main word, BEE, is taught with a combination of cute illustrations and text which will bring a big smile on your child’s face.

What you will not find here: – a long story, a intriguing plot, many pages for your kid to read, a moral teaching.

What you will find here: – a short story made of 12 pages with colorful images to make your children get used to the written word BEE (follow the inside instructions – you will have to read the story).

So please, do not buy this ebook if you are looking for something different.

This ebook is best viewed with a Kindle Fire. A normal Kindle will show black and white images and a blank page every written page.

The Reaping Sowing Rabbit

by William Otel

The generous rabbit learns that the principle of reaping and sowing applies outside of the garden, too. By William Otel, author of “I Dreamed a Train” and “The Jealous Booger.”

Colors: Kids Learn Colors by Cute Animals (Free Bonus: 30+ Free Online Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzle Games!)

by Jamie Roy

(This book is currently a Best Seller on Amazon)

Learn colors the fun and easy way:

The book uses large, real animal (such as red crab) and plant (such as purple flowers) photos instead of the regular hand-drawings to get your little ones’ attention right away and keep them interested until the end of the book.

It’s a great way for your kids to learn colors as well as animals and plants.

Look Inside the Book now to see how much your kids will love this beautiful, cute, and sweet color picture book.

New – Free Bonus: You will get access to over 30 online jigsaw puzzle games absolutely FREE. These are the games specifically created for your little ones. Look Inside the Book for details now…

Ebooks For Children: The Toy Thieves. (An Exciting Book For Kids Age 4-8 With Cool Monsters And Fun Lessons).

by Charlene Christie

Children’s Ebook: “The Toy Thieves.” (A Good Book For Kids Age 4-10 Which Teaches Good Habits and Responsibility In a Fun and Exciting Way).

Jack is a 9 year old boy who is pretty stubborn, especially when it comes to cleaning up his toys.  One day Jack goes to play with his favorite toy and finds that it is missing.  Its like it vanished into thin air.  Not too long after the same thing happens with a second toy.

Jack is put off and determined to solve the mystery of the missing toys.  he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

The Toy Thieves, is a best selling children’s’ books that combines the mystique of strange monsters to satisfy the imagination while touching upon moral lessons of consideration, kindness and unselfishness.  It is also a good book for encouraging good habits for kids.

The Toy Thieves, is a new book on Amazon for kids, and also a fun Ebook for kids which you must purchase and add to your collection.  Download today and enjoy!

The Booger Fairy

by Supriya Kelkar

Everyone has heard about the Tooth Fairy but what about the other fairies? This illustrated picture book will introduce children to a world of fairies, including the Booger Fairy, the Hair Fairy and the Scab Fairy.

If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake

by Rah Gist

If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake

What would you doâ?¦if your child hands you their unfinished snack as they rush out the door?

In If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake, one mom shows you exactly what she didâ??what not to do. Walk through the day with her as you show your child just what happens with that unwanted rice cake from breakfast to afterschool snack.

You’ll be sure to go back for more!

Author’s Note:

According to Shrek, ogres–like onions, have many layers. Well, so does this story.

  • Layer one is the frustrating mommy mode moment that morphed into Facebook comic relief. Yep, right there in the middle of social media cyber space, a children’s book idea was born!
  • Layer two is the story itself; a silly mommy misadventure with a rice cake. It’s fun. It’s whimsical. It’s benign. And it took just a couple of months to put it all together.
  • Layer three is a little more complicated. It requires some backstory.
  • The back storyâ?¦

    My daughter often cried when I wasn’t home as she got off the school bus. It made me reflect upon what I did during the day. I discovered that my priorities were off balance and I searched for a way make things right, to apologize. The middle of this story evolved into an explanation of what kept me so busy during my children’s school day. It also shows my unyielding efforts to get home first.

    After this book was finished (2011), it sat gathering dust while I had a showdown with my pride. That’s when I realized that the explanations for my busyness were more excuse than anything else. Eventually, I cut out the excess by quitting my part-time job and finishing graduate school once and for all.

    Finally, after another year of experimenting, journaling and praying; the decision to homeschool resurfaced (the first surface is another story). This became the completion of one evolution…and start of another layer.

    Long story short, there is a cyclical affect a parent’s actions have on both self and child. When I peeled back my layers of parental consciousness, I found leaks in the foundation. I also found an evolutionary next step toward authenticity…which revealed more leaks, which…well, you get the picture!

    A question for you…Ever had a “rice cake moment” inspire your parental evolution?

    Find the Rice Cake Book on Facebook ( and share your thoughts!

    Thank you for supporting our evolution by buying this book!


    The Adventures of Flossy

    by S Bradshaw-White

    Flossy is a dragonfly that goes about her everyday life each day has a learning experience, from the things she does, to those who she meets, the story encounters realistic events that would happen, with some features that let the reader enjoy moments of fantasy adventure with imagination, the story tells of morals of right and wrongs that we come across in everyday life, Flossy has many adventure that make the book light reading for children or as bedtime story reading.

    Race to Wallaby Bay (Adventures Down Under Book #5)

    by Robert Elmer

    Book 5 in a series of 8 books.

    The McWaids plunge ahead to save the Lady E!

    A desperate letter from his grandfather prompts Patrick McWaid and his family to return to Boomerang Bend, where the Lady Elisabeth still rests on the bottom of the river. But they arrive to find the Old Man crushed by many setbacks. Not only has his entire crew left him, but the money meant for repairs has disappeared!

    With no other choice, the Old Man has sold half the boat to a mysterious investor in Goolwa at the mouth of the Murray River. But there’s one catchâ??he must deliver the paddle steamer to her new half owner in thirty days, or lose his remaining half! It’s a long way to Goolwa, and first they must raise the Lady E from the river bottom. Can the McWaids make the necessary repairs in time?

    The Can’t See ‘Em Museum: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids Who Like to Giggle

    by Steve Hodge

    “The Can’t See ‘Em Museum” became a #1 International Best Seller within days of its publication.

    It’s about “a strange small museum, not too far away, with many odd creatures, or so they say. But you can’t see these creatures because they’re so small. You can’t hear them or smell them or sense them at all. Yes, all these weird creatures are less than one nothing tall. Especially in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. If you ever go to this museum with me, these are a few of the things we won’t see…”

    After this intriguing preface, readers are introduced to dozens of fantastic creatures, such as a hippopotamusaurus on a hippopotamusaurus skateboard and a herd of purple gigglesnorts laughing on a gourd. A bunch of bumpy pickle birds flying all around and a family of fuzzy whipplewiggs living underground. A pair of bright red giraffeweasels sitting on their couch and a goldwinged mama kangaroo bug with a young one in her pouch.

    With lots of colorful drawings, fun rhymes and fantastical creatures, this book will engage your child’s imagination, delight his or her eyes and tickle their funny bones each time you share the book together.

    Steve Hodge’s other #1 Best Selling rhyming picture books have entertained countless thousands of children all around the world. “The Can’t See ‘Em Museum” is destined to become another favorite of children, parents and grandparents everywhere for generations to come.

    Summer of the Woods

    by Steven K. Smith

    When ten-year-old Derek and eight-year-old Sam move with their family to Virginia, they have no idea what adventures the summer will bring. As the brothers explore their creaky old house and the deep surrounding woods, they uncover a sixty-year-old mystery of a valuable coin collection stolen from the local museum. Join the boys as they spend their summer running from danger and searching the woods, secret caves, rushing waters, and hidden passageways for treasure and the rare 1877 Indian Head cent coin!

    Recommended for young readers and listeners ages 7-12.

    Read all of Derek and Sam’s Adventures!
    Book #1 – Summer of the Woods
    Book #2 – Mystery on Church Hill

    Children’s EBook: A BOAT FULL OF ANIMAL GAMES (Happy Learning Series – Book 3 — Bedtime and Fun, Creative Games to Develop Positive Qualities, ages 2-8)

    by Sally Huss

    Every child likes to feel good, and feel good about him or herself. Each likes to feel useful. The more positive skills a child has the better that child feels.

    This book consists of 30 animal games to help a child positive qualities, as well as good life skills. By playing these games, a child will gather skills in the areas of: values, morals, and just plain goodness. They are fun, creative, educational, and will lead to a happier child.

    The games include: stretching your greatness like a giraffe; cleaning up after yourself like a cat; being a good friend like a dog; going to sleep happily like a bear; listening and paying attention like a rabbit; saving for the future like a squirrel; appreciating yourself like a moose; learning from mistakes like an ostrich; being thankful like a turkey, and 21 more.

    If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, click on the cover of the book to look “Inside the Book.”

    From the Author:

    I write children’s books to help brighten the lives of children and add a little dollop of wisdom in the process. Children need good habits, handy skills, and a good sense of humor to keep them moving forward in a happy, healthy, and productive manner. As a King Features syndicated author, I have been creating positive and inspirational messages, called “Happy Musings” for newspapers in the U.S. and Canada for many years. This has led to my writing and illustrating a great number of uplifting books for both adults and children. Along with my writing and illustrating, I have created collections of wallpaper for children baby bibs, t-shirts and a vast number of prints and original art for children’s rooms.

    As you can see from the title of this book, it is the third in a line of books titled Happy Learning Series.

    The series includes the following books:

    Cutest Counting Book EVER! (Fun Rhyming, Kids and Counting)

    A to Z Animal Games (Learning Games to Develop 26 Good Habits)

    Here are more of Sally’s books:

    For Children:

    The Secret (The Importance of Saying “Please”)

    A Mermaid Tea Party (The Importance of Kindness and Manners)

    The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow (The Importance of Following Your Heart)

    Little Baby Bobby Goes to the Zoo (The Importance of Understanding “NO!”)

    How the Cow Jumped Over the Moon (The Importance of Trying Something New)

    Did You Ever Say Thank You? (About Blessings)

    Chuck and the Constipated Cat (The Importance of Facing Fears)

    Little Lonely Leigh (The Importance of Believing in Yourself)

    Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis (The Importance of Playing Happy)

    Mr. Consequences Says ‘No’ to Strangers (The Importance of Making Good Choices)

    Lulu Little Gets Smar t (The Importance of Learning from Mistakes)

    Thanksgiving Dinner (The Importance of Being Thankful)

    The Tree-Within-The-Tree (The Importance of Appreciation)

    For Moms and Dads:

    Your Survival Guide — 14 Ways to Stay Afloat (Self-Help That Works – Book 1)

    The Importance of Living Happy: 30 Ways to do it

    …and more.

    Big Nose Runs Away. (The Adventures of Big Nose)

    by mike clarke

    This is a series of Children’s’ Picture Books starring Big Nose, a big, friendly Dog who is afraid that her nose is too big, so she sets off on adventures to find out if other animals feel the same.
    In this book she goes to the countryside.

    Sally’s Christmas Skits Vol 1

    by Sally Demaray Hull

    Here are two Christmas skits that need nearly no rehearsals, or can be rehearsed in great depth, depending on the needs of the cast. They were written for children and/or adults who wish to portray children (in some cases). They can be done with few, many or no props at all. Throughout the play, the cast sings Christmas songs, or may simply sing alone with the audience. The director may use a few or all of the songs, depending on the amount of time desired. Only the titles are included in the script, since most (if not all) are found in most hymn books. The lines of the script may be memorized or read during the performance. They are written in such a way so that children who do not read, or who do not wish to speak may still participate, including any number of kids. The gospel is clearly spelled out, from Jesus’ birth, life on earth, death on the cross, burial, and resurrection. Merry Christmas!

    Splosh the kitten

    by Lesley Williams

    A story about a naughty little kitten who does not do as he is told.

    Deep in the Valley (The Fridge Fudge Seasons and Holidays Collection)

    by Amanda Patrick

    As the moon rises high and the snow begins to fall,

    The valley is visited by creatures great and small.

    As the snow keeps falling through the day and night again,

    Even more furry animals come to play in the glen.

    Deep in the Valley is a rhyming picture book for

    children 3-8 years filled with colourful illustrations

    and lots and lots of snow!

    Don’t Think You Can’t (A small story about big success that wins fears) (Happy Children’s Stories Series -Themes for kids and adults)

    by Anat Umansky

    This funny story has a theme that applies both to kids and adults.

    Reading this story, will make you see how easy it is

    to use our natural instincts to gain the confidence we need,

    in order to achieve our goals successfully.

    This children’s book will make you see how easy is to overcome our fears and obstacles which stand in our way to success, if we only could change our awareness. This is a small children’s story about BIG success that wins Fears!

    It seems that some people can get everything they want,

    while others always fall short of their goals. In this amusing story,

    the crow, who is dying for a bite of a big, beautiful tomato,

    can’t manage to get it for fear of the hungry wolf.

    His dear friend, the rabbit, on the other hand, has no problem getting at the tomato

    and happily gobbling it all up to the last bit, though he too is afraid of the wolf.

    Afraidâ?¦ and how! While he had to hear all the crow’s warnings

    Dog Wants To Be Famous!

    by C.M. Dixon

    Dog is bored and decides he wants to be famous. Cat is not sure that is such a good idea.

    Read along as Dog lets his imagination run wild, and Cat attempts to bring him back to reality.

    A humorous picture book with a heartwarming ending.

    The Goodwill Vultures Club: The Gift of the Vulture

    by Hugh Willard

    The members of the Goodwill Vultures Club meet some new friends who are very sick and in the hospital during the holiday season. Will Buzz and the others find a way to give them a joyous and meaningful Christmas this year? With the important day drawing near, they are short on both cash and good ideas.

    Follow along as a man steps out of time and into Mrs. Clemmens class and points the way for Buzz and his friends to discover the true gift of giving.

    The Missing Red Shoes

    by Maryann Macpherson

    Using fantastical images and fun word-play, try to solve the mystery of the missing red shoes.

    Samson The Greedy Gorilla Leans How To Share (Samson The Gorilla)

    by Cindy Belford

    Another day with Samson the Gorilla. He’s in heaven swinging in his very spacious cage as he sees the zoo keeper approach. Unbeknownst to Samson, today he would get a rude shock. He’s world was about to change and he would have to deal with it.

    Today Samson would have to share is most prized possession, and no it’s not his bananas. It’s something more valuable. You’ll be surprised when you find out.

    To find out what it is grab the second book in the series, “Samson The Greedy Gorilla Leans How To Share”.

    Don’t forget to read the first book in this exciting series, Samson The Cupcake Eating Gorilla”.

    For more information about me and how to get my books for free as soon as I release them on Amazon head over to

    A Piece of Cake

    by Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

    â?¦ Effortless and it’s a cinch â?¦ You can do it in a pinch. â?¦A piece of cake is what it is â?¦ You can do it â??cause you’re a wizâ?¦

    A collection of quirky and witty poems, A Piece of Cake will please children of all ages with emphasis on having fun, building confidence, maintaining a positive attitude and exploring one’s imagination. A unique mix of whimsy and inspiration, A Piece of Cake addresses an array of topics from the thought provoking to the nonsensical. Each poem is accompanied by colorful illustrations of floating faces and figures amid clouds. The playful, lighthearted illustrations juxtaposed with silly yet inspirational poetry makes A Piece of Cake the perfect book for bedtime or anytime!

    Clichéd poem titles include, among others: Catch 40 Winks, Tea For Two, Reach For the Stars, Heartstrings, The Big Cheese, Somethingâ??s Fishy, Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella, Yours For the Asking, Rainy Days and A Piece of Cake.

    Acronyms: The Names and Attributes of God

    by Cheryl Beasley

    If you love acronyms, then this is the book for you. In this book, not only will you be able to see and create acronyms, but also you will learn some of the names of God and their meanings. There are scripture references for you to go and look up context in the bible in which each particular name refers to.

    Did you know that Jehovah-Rophe means â??The God Who Heals’? You will find out the meaning and create acronyms for His names including: Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah-Jireh, and more.

    This is book one in a series of Acronym books. Enjoy and challenge yourself to come up with as many acronyms as you can.

    The Tortoise and the Hare (Sommer-Time Story Classic Series)

    by Carl Sommer

    Harry the Hare never stops bragging that no one can beat him in a race. The animals go to Mr. Wise Owl to find out how to stop Harry Hare from boasting. They vote to have a race, but everyone declines to race Harry Hare but Teddy Tortoise, the slowest of them all. It’s utterly foolish to the forest animals to expect Teddy Tortoise to win.

    Harry Hare bolts from the starting line like a flash of lightning. Since Harry Hare is so far ahead, he decides to eat and rest awhile. Teddy Tortoise keeps plodding along. The shouts of the forest animals wake up Harry Hareâ??and the race is decided by a fraction of a second. Through Teddy Tortoise’s perseverance, he wins the race and puts the bragging hare to shame. This retelling of Aesop’s classic fable shows that preparation and perseverance lead to success.

    The PrinceWhoMightNotBeKing

    by Stephen Christensen

    A short story in verse about a prince who might not be King. With incidental references to many French words with base equivalents, this story is intended for Upper Middle Grade readers, or any reader ready for lightly challenging vocabulary, enunciation, inflection, allusions to other works, and maybe a few foreign words.

    With minimal graphics and font size that can be changed by the reader.

    Skeleton Island

    by Alexander Popoff

    130 million pounds is the approximate equivalent of the 700.000 pounds prize buried on Skeleton Island — a story of greed, blood and death.
    “Money! Have you heard the story? What were these villains after but money? What do they care for but money? For what would they risk their rascal carcasses but money?”

    There are indications that Captain Flint had Letter of Marque and Reprisal, and he and his crew, called in the 18th century buccaneers and privateers (rough private men of war), fought against England’s enemies.
    For instance, Dr. Livesey, who was also a magistrate, did not arrest Billy Bones knowing well that he is a buccaneer. John Silver is a respected and wealthy owner of a public house in Bristol and had bank accounts. Captain Flint used to visit often Savannah, English colony Georgia, to careen his privateer ship Walrus and to repair her, undisturbed by the local authorities. He spent there his last days surrounded by his crew.
    The fact that Captain Flint had a Letter or Marque greatly changes the story of Treasure Island. The prize buried on the island was lawful, according to the English law, and belonged to Flint, his crew and the crown. Squire Trelawney organized a sea expedition, together with the magistrate Livesey, to the Skeleton Island to take the prize, which did not belong to them but to the buccaneers and the crown. This action of ultimate greed led to the deaths of many involved people and made it one of the greatest thefts of all time.

    Skeleton Island is an easy to read visual story of Captain Flint, pirate treasures, and adventure based on the Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson and pirate documents. The true Flint treasure story is more reliable, more interesting and more gripping.

    The Day the Snow Angels Flew Away

    by Sam Knight

    Little Annie is ill and can’t go out to play in the snow with the other kids. When they realize how lonely she is, the kids make snow angels for her to see out her window and to keep her company through the night. What happens next is magic…

    Arlie the Alligator: A story and picture book for kids ages 4 to 8. A song book too!

    by Sandra Warren

    In this delightful story, song, and picture book for kids 4-8, you’ll meet Arlie, the most friendly alligator ever

    Arlie is a very curious, lovable, positive thinking alligator who wants, more than anything, to make friends with the strange creatures (humans) on the beach. He is determined to do what no other alligators have done beforeâ??talk to the creatures.

    Can you help Arlie? Will you be his friend?

    As kids read along and look at the beautifully illustrated pictures, they can also sing the songs.

    The book also includes a link to a download for a FREE alligator hat pattern.

    Kids love meeting Arlie! Order a copy of this interactive kids book today.

    The Ring of Tima

    by W G Rigby

    In spite of the frightening legend of a ghost and warnings of a dreadful curse, Richard, Hannah and James set out into Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland to uncover the dark secrets of an ancient derelict castle. They hope there might even be some buried treasure in the old ruins, but when they find a gold ruby-ring their excitement suddenly turns to horror. This must surely be the ring used in the curse of the castle – a curse made hundreds of years ago, which brought the Black Death to intruders and still inflicts pain and death on modern-day visitors to the castle. Could the children be about to suffer the same fate? Soon, their worst fears are realised. They find themselves in a bewildering and dangerous dream-world, where past and present merge, and they are taken back through the centuries into the English Civil War. But how much is real; how much is fantasy? Then they come face to face with the terrifying Phantom of Calder Castle, and their lives are changed for ever.

    Dutch Schultz and the Gold of Quilali

    by Raymond D Schrab

    “In 1980 a young man ventured alone into the mountains of Nicaragua. He was searching for gold, and so much more.”

    This is the story is of a young man determined to plunge into a great adventure. He found himself in a perilous time and place in history. He didn’t care. He wanted the gold.

    The Cellar Door

    by Brett Gadbois

    The Cellar Door is the story of Sam Bixby, a curious nine-year old. On a fishing trip to northern Minnesota, he ignores his father’s advice, explores an abandoned farmhouse, bumps his head and winds up in another world. There, a sage teaches Sam how to transform himself into
    anything he beholds; a bumblebee, robin, even a cloud.
    Sam sets off on a journey filled with wonder and danger. He befriends a revved-up squirrel and must survive evil crow-men, imprisonment and near-death to find a magic pool that will take him back to his father, and home.

    The Great Stinky Fish Robbery (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 1)

    by Jeremy Craddock


    Angus Finn is a mean fishmonger who hates cats. He keeps vicious dogs in his back yard to keep them out. And those cats he catches trying to steal his fish? He hangs their skins on hooks outside his back door. Just to let the other cats know he means business.

    But of all the hungry stray cats who live in the alley behind Finn’s shop, there’s only one who’s brave – or stupid – enough to plan a robbery.

    When Archer, a little white cat, announces he is going to raid Finn’s shop and steal fish for every cat in the alley, nobody believes him.

    But Archer isn’t giving up so easily. Archer has a plan. And with help from the only friend he’s got, Marty, a rat who worries a lot, he’s determined to prove everybody wrong.

    Can they pull off the greatest heist since Ocean’s Eleven?

    A children’s crime story for everyone aged eight to eighty.

    The first in a trilogy of Archer Adventures.

    The Mystery of The Christmas Concert Vandal (The Detective Band)

    by Roberta Baxter

    Five band kids form the Detective Band to solve the mystery of the vandal who is ruining their chances of playing a Christmas concert. As they learn to play their instruments, they also gather information about who could be vandalizing their school. Lockers have been spraypainted, a bathroom flooded, a fire alarm pulled. Who is doing these things? Then one of the Detective Band is accused and the Band goes into top tempo to unmask the vandal.

    Archer’s Great Escape (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 2)

    by Jeremy Craddock

    The ARCHER TRILOGY (Book 2)

    The sequel to The Great Stinky Fish Robbery.

    Things are good for the stray cats of Herring Street after Archer, the little white cat, led a raid on the fishmonger’s shop.

    But now things are changing. The fishmonger, admitting defeat, has moved out. A woman, Felicity Dragoon, has moved in and opened up a cafe. At first she seems kind and feeds the cats at night.

    But what on earth does she put in her strange smelling stews and why are cats beginning to go missing?

    When Caesar, the one-eyed cat, disappears, Archer must begin to answer these questions.

    As usual, he has only his friend Marty, the worrisome rat, to help him. Together they must learn the dreadful truth about Dragoon’s kitchen.

    Their journey will take them into the heart of darkness with no guarantees they will be coming back.

    Can Archer perform his greatest escape?

    A dark and funny children’s suspense story for everyone aged eight to eighty.

    Acronyms: The Fruit of the Spirit

    by Cheryl Beasley

    This book is the second book in a series of acronyms that teaches you about the fruit of the spirit. Scriptural references are given for you to find places in the bible that attribute to the fruit. Also, you have a chance to create your own acronyms using the words to make them easy to remember, easy to apply, and easy to refer to.

    All Things Fish and Octavia

    by Vickie Berry

    The journey of two seahorses and their riveting adventures along the way to their new home on the coral reef.

    10 little frogs off to school (Nursery rhymes)

    by Simona Molino

    Ten colourful froggies on their first day at school listen intently to their teacher,but distractions get in the way! A sudden tooth-ache, a fish to chase… The lesson is over, and they happily return to their pond to play and swim.

    A cheerful, musical nursery rhyme with attractive and amusing illustrations of colourful froggies. Just the thing to teach little ones the names of colours.

    A collector’s gem: for keeps, at any age.

    For children aged 2 years and older.

    Albert Einstein Timeline For Kids

    by Timeline For Kids

    Albert Einstein Timeline For Kids

    Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist, best known for his Special and General Theory of Relativity and the concept of mass-energy equivalence expressed by the famous equation, E = mc2.

    Albert Einstein Timeline For Kids is an excellent book for your child (A Beautifully Illustrated Children Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story).Kids will enjoy reading the stories aloud during family time!

    Androcles and the Lion (Sommer-Time Story Classic Series)

    by Carl Sommer

    Androcles lives a miserable life as the slave of a cruel and unjust master. Even though runaway slaves face the death penalty, he flees to the nearby woods. There Androcles delights in his new-found freedom. He also makes an unusual friend: a lion with an injured paw. The two live together happily, but the lion gets captured, and shortly afterwards Androcles, too. Androcles is punished by being fed to a lion.

    Androcles prepares to die, glad that he has enjoyed a few weeks of freedom. To his surprise, the ferocious lion doesn’t attack. It’s the lion he helped! The emperor, amazed at what he observed, frees both Androcles and the lion. Androcles then spreads the message that everyone should appreciate their freedom and that slavery should be abolished. This retelling of Aesop’s classic fable demonstrates the importance of freedom and friendship.

    Archer’s Rise To The Top (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 3)

    by Jeremy Craddock

    The ARCHER TRILOGY (Book 3)

    So, here it is, the finale to the ARCHER TRILOGY, completing the adventures begun in The Great Stinky Fish Robbery and Archer’s Great Escape.

    Archer, the brave little white cat, and his friend, Marty the rat, must venture to the top of the city’s tallest skyscraper to rescue Cleopatra, the long-lost daughter of their mentor Caesar, king of the street cats..

    The skyscraper – or the Tower as it is known – is worlds away from the life they know. It is expensive, controlled and clinical. Cleopatra lives there with city multi-millionaire Mr Kite and his strange son, Jacob.

    Can Archer and Marty, and Marty’s new friend Suzette, rescue Cleopatra from her sterile prison and fulfil a promise they made to Caesar?

    Archer’s Rise To The Top is a children’s adventure story for readers aged eight to eighty.

    Comedy King Cowboy

    by Shanuki Amuwitagama

    A short children’s story based mainly on Richard the cowboy and three other characters he meets on his misadventures. Written by a 10 year old for all of you who likes to laugh out loud.

    Fun Rhymes for Christmas Time

    by Jen Turner

    This book contains a charming collection of 25 Christmas themed rhymes. Kids will delight in seeing their favourite things about Christmas come to life in bright colourful illustrations. Rhymes are fun, witty and sure to give the imagination an enjoyable ride. This is a super book to bond with young children at Christmastime.

    The Gift of Meagan

    by B.J.K. Brown

    How much do children really understand about why we celebrate Christmas? Find out about one little girl’s heartwarming take on the true meaning of Christmas.

    Herbert The Happy Hare

    by Reed Guymon

    A fun adventure story. As Herbert sneaks away, he gets into suspenseful trouble every time. Finally, he learns to obey his parents. You can’t beat this story for children’s fun!

    HIPPOPORANGE The importance of being orange (Kindle Fire Family addition, a fun rhyming story for ages 4 to 104!)

    by Tania O.

    22 pages, 1100 words.

    When a fun-loving, adventurous and vibrantly orange hippopotamus stumbles across a group of his grey hippo peers, his arrival is not initially welcomed with the expected excitement one would imagine. Dubious about his ‘Hippo credentials’ the other hippos do not initially accept Hippoporange into their clan and instead proceed with caution.

    Follow Hippoporanges’ journey as he tries to surprise, humour and delight the grey Hippos into a life less ordinary. This captivating story is perfect for reading aloud, enjoy the funny rhymes as you discover the colourful world of Hippoporange.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vibrant colour content throughout this story it is best experienced on the Kindle Fire family.

    I Can Grow: An Ant’s Tale

    by Cheryl Beasley

    Each day, as children and adults grow, we face different challenges. Sometimes the challenges seem to be bigger than we are. We, children and adults, must learn to look past what we see in order to attain a goal that would seem impossible. Take the ant, for instance. Though it is a small creature, it accomplishes for more most. Read and learn.

    Learning My Colors with Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleons (TM)

    by J. KindHeart

    Learning My Colors with Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleonsâ?¢ teaches girls and boys basic colors in a fun way. Colorful pictures of holiday backgrounds are used to teach children many different colors. The book is also challenging in that children’s attention to detail is required, as they will have fun trying to find Holly or Jolly, or both, on each book page, since the chameleons can change colors depending on their surroundings. This book has 27 pages of colorful holiday pictures and is intended for beginner or intermediate readers. I hope you and your children will enjoy! Professor J. KindHeart

    Holly & Jolly – The Christmas Chameleonsâ?¢ Books:

    a). Learning My ABCs,

    b). Learning My 123s, and

    c). Learning My Colors.

    Our Grandparents’ Last War

    by Ahmad Amani

    Our Grandparents’ Last War is a book about woolly creatures who rolled on the earth. They like to eat everything that they see on the earth. Our Grandparents’ Last War hope that it makes you think, while you enjoy it.

    A part of the book:

    It surprised my grandparent; “War… what is that?”

    She answered; “I think that the beast do not like to give us its meat or maybe, it want to eat us, too!”

    My grandparent said; “So, this is a war. I am a fighter. Are you ready for war?”

    She answered; “Yes, this is our first war, just for being hungryâ?¦”

    Pep the little sheep (Storie per il mondo)

    by Marco Capretta

    On a day like any other Gerolino, the shepherd, was pasturing his flock. While he was strolling whistling, he saw a little sheep whom he didn’t recognise in the middle of the field…

    A funny little story for children, in capitals and lower case.

    Planet Earth For Kids (70+ Pages of Full Color Photos, Fun & Accurate Facts About Earth, Oceans, Rivers, Waterfalls, Canyons, Deserts,Mountains, Volcanoes & MORE!)

    by Martin J. Walters

    Want to learn about this planet called Earth?

    Here are 70+ pages of full color photos and facts about the planet we live on called Earth.

    What are the 10 highest mountains, the biggest waterfalls, the longest rivers?

    Don’t know? Well, the answers can be found in Planet Earth!

    This book it has been written with an older child it mind but it will also be fascinating when shared with a younger child during quality read to me time.

    This book will also make an excellent resource for information if you’re doing a school project or report.

    Want to see the coolest picture of snow I’ve ever seen? You’ll find it here.

    You’ll find lots of fun and useful information and you can trust it because the facts in this book have been double checked for accuracy!

    You’ll love using the handy interactive Table of Contents in this superbly formatted book.

    Check out the long list of subjects covered in the list below and grab your copy at the introductory price of only $2.99 today!









    Pacific Ocean

    Atlantic Ocean

    Indian Ocean

    Arctic Ocean

    Southern Ocean


    The Longest Rivers In The World:

    Nile River

    Amazon River

    Mississippi River


    Angel Falls

    Tugela Falls

    Kukenan/Cuquenan Falls



    Waihilau Falls

    Kaieteur Falls

    Yosemite Falls


    Niagara Falls






    Sierra Nevada



    The 10 Highest Mountain Peaks In The World

    The Highest Mountain Peaks On Each Continent

    Mount Everest


    Mount McKinley


    Sahara Desert

    Arabian Desert


    Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

    Kali Gandaki Gorge

    Cotahuasi Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    Barranca del Cobre


    The Ring to Rebellion (Sequel to The Ring of Tima)

    by W G Rigby

    Richard, Hannah and James are so excited by their unbelievable experience in Calder Castle that they can’t wait use the magical power of the Ring of Tima to transport themselves back through time. But the ring is stolen and they are trapped in the year 1715, just as an army of rebels is marching through the North of England, heading for London to depose the King.

    As they search frantically for the ring, the children are forced to join the rebels and work for the horribly cruel Mrs Perkins. Luckily, they are befriended by a street urchin and helped by the ghost of a girl, whose mysterious messages and riddles must be solved if they are ever to get back home.

    A secret agent offers to help them in their quest, but they are drawn into his dangerous world, which leads to a chain of frightening and perilous events. At the same time, the Rebellion is reaching its climax in a vicious battle fought on the ancient streets of Preston.

    Although this story is fiction, it is based closely on historical fact. Many of the characters were real people, and the incredible events described actually took place.

    ‘The Ring to Rebellion’ will be enjoyed by children aged 10 and above. Also, because the story can be read on two levels, it appeals to older teenagers and adults.

    ‘The Ring to Rebellion’ is Book 2 in the series. You can read how the children first discovered the secret of time-travel in Book 1, ‘The Ring of Tima’ (ASIN: B00D5ZRUXC).

    Roothy’s Zoo 3

    by Ruth I. Rubin

    Our animal friends continue to delight, entertain, and even teach us lessons on how to live a kind, gentle, caring, and funny life. Enjoy the adventure as you welcome Farnsworth Fox, Bigley Bear, and the whole crew into your life and heart once more.

    SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS – The Pre-Teen Storybook Collection – Ages 9 to 12 – C Series (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Storybook Collection)

    by Bernie Muzeen

    SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS – The Pre-Teen Storybook Collection – Ages 9 to 12

    The books are fully illustrated, and based upon real encounters between Children and Santa.

    A collection of true, charming and insightful stories inspired by children and adolescents, ages 3 to 12, written by SANTA.

    Bernie Muzeen the author as a child of World War II, he never had the opportunity to meet Santa Clause in the land of his birth. Never-the-less, he introduces Santa and the Spirit

    of Christmas on to uncounted thousands of New Canadians. These are true stories of Children’s wonderful encounters with Santa.

    “SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” a collection of short stories, The Pre-Teen Storybook Collection contains five short stories In one great ebook. –

    9 to 12 year olds..

    Your Own Star……………………………………Book # 5

    Santa’s Keys…………………………………….. Book # 7

    Where does the Christmas Spirit Live?….Book # 11

    Santa, My Brother Teases Me…………….Book # 12

    “Do You Believe in Christmas?”…………..Book # 13

    Santa explains why we put a star on our Christmas Tree. Children are also delighted to learn that shining in the night sky is â??Your Own Star”. Parents and Grandparents are invited to share this fable. Visit: SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS on to access a heart warming story.

    Santa’s Keys

    All too often people are so busy with routine that they tend to ‘tune out’ visitors. This insightful story Santa tells how he handled the situation as it happened to him during the busy Christmas season.

    Santa is invited by grandma to explain where the Christmas Spirit resides in between each holiday season to her granddaughter and a group of adolescent Girlfriends. His conclusion to this often asked question is magical, insightful and practical. To solve the mystery with your youngsters you can find the answer in “Where does the Christmas Spirit Live?” in the SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Collection on visit

    Santa, My Brother Teases Me

    Using ‘conflict resolution’ techniques, Santa seeks to resolve an apparent conflict between two siblings. Thanks to input from the children’s Grandparents the basis for their evident discord evaporated.

    “Do You Believe in Christmas?” is about the toughest question pre-adolescent Girls and Boys ask unsuspecting Adults. In this true life encounter a Youth Leader was able to answer the youngster’s question, while keeping the Christmas Spirit alive in the minds and hearts of these youngsters entrusted to his ongoing care and supervision. Go to SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS

    to discover Santa’s wise and informative answer to this often asked question.

    Sarah Butterbridge and the Suburban Spacemen

    by Christopher Wadley

    Sarah had always felt a little out of place, but never realised that this was because she was from outer space!

    Join her on the adventure of an afternoon as she boldly goes where only the slightly useless team of extra-terrestrials (a traffic warden, a taxi driver, a journalist) who’ve come to “rescue” her have gone before.

    The fate of the universe – well, bits of it – is kind of at stake!

    The debut novel from the author of ‘Doctor Who – Gone Too Soon.’

    Sarah Jekyll’s Bridesmaid Nightmare: Fiendish Fun for Children Aged 8-12 (Hilarious Horror Books by Gaz)

    by Gaz

    A little bit scary – and a whole lot of fun!

    When she’s good she’s very good. But when she’s bad…

    Sarah Jekyll is a nice little girl. Most of the time. But sometimes she changes. And then she isn’t nice at all.

    None of this is Sarah Jekyll’s fault. Her great-great-grandfather was Dr Henry Jekyll, a famous scientist who invented a potion that turned him into a monster.

    Sarah isn’t silly enough to mess about with potions. But somehow she has inherited Dr Jekyll’s tendency to turn into a beast.

    It’s a real shame. Because Sarah Jekyll is such a nice little girl. She really hates the wicked things she does when she changes – but there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it.

    In this fiendishly funny tale, Sarah Jekyll’s beautiful Cousin Emma makes her wear the ugliest bridesmaid dress ever. Sarah becomes angry – and causes wedding-day chaos.

    With full-color illustrations. Click on the cover to â??look inside’ and see.

    Buy now – and give yourself a treat!

    Other Sarah Jekyll Books by Gaz:

    Sarah Jekyll’s Teddy Bear Terror

    Sarah Jekyll’s Horrible Valentine

    Sarah Jekyll’s Halloween

    Amazon categories: humor for kids, humour for kids, horror for kids, children ages 9-12, ages 8 – 11, scary stories


    by Adrianne Diehl

    Patrick Hayes doesn’t have an extraordinary life. He’s too skinny, too shy, and too socially awkward to attract much attention. But all that is about to change, when an ill-advised hiking trip leaves him lost in the wilderness.


    In another world.

    This new world is filled with enormous, sentient, language-using beasts. When Patrick discovers Midnight, an injured renegade stallion, he is swept up in the conflicts of the land. Now, Patrick’s only shot at getting back home is to earn the right to leave. He’s got to fight with Midnight against the only other humans this new land has to offer.

    And they may want to kill him for it.

    The Tiny Cog

    by Chris Brim

    This is a story about being different, being brave, being innovative, and being one’s self. It’s a story about fitting in, believing in yourself, and being proud of the unique person you are. For children age’s six to ten – and for the parents who care about them – it’s a little story with a big heart.

    Birds of North America For Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers (Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers)

    by John Davidson

    Birds of North America For Kids – Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

    Bestselling author John Davidson presents “Birds of North America For Kids”. Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Birds of North America. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series.

    The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle.

    Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about these wonderful birds. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of theses beautiful birds: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

    *** You and your kids will love learning about Birds of North America***

    Table of Contents


    Common North American Bird Families







    Blue Jays













    Road Runner





    Did you know that some of the birds which people believed would never ever be extinct because they were so numerous have disappeared in the 20th and the 21st century? The last passenger pigeon, which once covered the skies of North America, died in captivity in 1904.

    Common North American Bird Families

    North America is home to a number of bird species and families. Below, are some of these species.

    Anatidae is one common North American bird family. This group includes geese, swans, and ducks. There are a number of types of Anatidae and some are more commonly found in more areas than others. For instance, the Canadian goose is typically found in Canada and the northern states in the US.

    Strigidae is another common type of North American bird. The owl is the kind of bird that belongs to this family. In the US, the Snowy Owl is the heaviest owl, followed by the Great Horned Owl.

    Another popular North American bird family is the Columbidae. Many people are not too fond of one member of this family, the pigeon. This family does, however, include doves. Many of the birds that belong to this family are found in urban areas throughout the continent.

    The penguin belongs to the Spheniscidae family, another common North American bird. Unlike many other birds, this family prefers colder climates. Therefore, they are typically found in Northern Canada and Alaska.

    Apodidae is a North American bird family that spends most of its life flying. Their short legs do not allow them to settle on the ground very long. Swift birds make up this family.

    Pelecanidae is a popular bird family in North America, but differs from many other birds in that they spend most of their time in the water. Also, these birds have four webbed toes. This group includes egrets, herons, and bitterns.

    The Phoenicopteridae family also calls North America home. The bird most people are most familiar with in this family are flamingos. What makes this bird unique from other birds is its height; they can stand up to five feet tall! They love warmer climates, such as the Caribbean Islands and Florida.

    Children’s Book: A Monster Stole My Sock (A Funny And Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Bedtime Rhyming Picture Book For Ages 2-8

    by Julia Abby Thomas

    FREE Printable Activity Book Inside!

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    Download this children’s picture ebook on Amazon and get instant access to a free printable activity book for your child featuring the lovable little monster. Print as many copies as you need! Details are inside.

    The activity book includes 20 pages of fun puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots and word searches for all ages with additional illustrations featuring the characters from the book!

    Grab this children’s book and get the bonus activity book FREE while it’s still available!

    From Author and Illustrator Julia Abby Thomas!

    This is the sequel to the book: A Monster Stole My Shoe. This children’s story continues with the lovable little monster. Discover new vibrant colorful illustrations by Julia Abby Thomas that will dazzle young readers!

    This time the monster sneaks back into the little girl’s bedroom while she sleeps and delivers some terrible news! Can the little girl save the day? What does this pesky little monster do this time that will surely make you and your child laugh?

    Download this childrens ebook: “A Monster Stole My Sock” right now for your child and find out…

    …and get the Activity Book for FREE!

    The Nightingale that Lost and Found His Song

    by Lisa Flynn

    The Forest’s animals work together to help little nightingale who has lost his song. Join nightingale and his friends as they discover the significance of courage and its magical influence in beautifying our speech and inspiring the hearts of those around us. This story of learning and the wisdom of friends will captivate the imagination of young and old alike.

    Sam’s Club

    by Stephen R. Wilson

    Sanity. Chameleon. Melt. Guardian. Scientist. These are the super heroes of yesterday, gifted to take on the Mafia of Seattle.

    ‘Tween Girls and God (Gifts!)

    by Karen White

    ‘Tween Girls and God is a magazine for girls ages 9-12 who want a closer walk with Christ (or learn what that means!) Chock full of devotionals, articles, activities, short stories and poems, TGG Magazine gives girls a chance to learn, grow and share the wonder of experiencing God as a girl … with other girls!

    This week:

    New devotionals, new articles, a couple of things to make! We’re talking about gifts, girls, so start reading, commenting and sharing today!

    This is a ministry magazine. We make it free from Saturday to Wednesday after its release. Please share copies! Our goal is to touch girls’ lives.

    Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins

    by Sue Cowley

    Fed up with pretty pink princesses? Had enough of cute fluffy kittens? Want to read a book where a girl gets to be in charge? Meet Frankie, she’s Bad Faerie and she’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime â?¦

    Terrible things are happening in the Crystal Kingdom, and only Bad Faerie can save the day. When goblins attack the Castle, and steal the Crystal of Creation, it’s time for Frankie to fight back. But things don’t go quite to plan. And before long, she is trapped in the Grotto of the Goblins, trying to free herself and her brother Ernesto, and fighting to save the Crystal Kingdom from certain destruction.

    Will her father, King Elvar, make it across the River of Forgetfulness and get help from the wizards? Will Frankie get the Crystal back, and return it to its rightful place in the Crystal Castle? Will Ernesto stop annoying his sister before she has to hurt him as well as the goblins?

    In this delightful book for children aged 7 to 11 years, Sue Cowley introduces you to a magical world filled with faeries, elves, goblins, trolls and wizards. Find out why it’s so hard to cross the River of Forgetfulness. Learn how to get across a bridge guarded by a forest troll. And discover how the Friendly Forest got its name.

    Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins is the first book in the Bad Faerie series. Coming soon: Bad Faerie and the Trolls of Terror.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.