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Her Billionaire Verdict – Erotica & Seduction Book 5: One Night Stand with Him Dirty Sex Lies, Love, and Betrayal Urban Fiction (Her Billionaire Obsession)

by Mia Perry

Her Billionaire Verdict – Erotica & Seduction Book 5: One Night Stand with Him Dirty Sex Lies, Love, and Betrayal Urban Fiction

Mark wanted Lisa to see cool pictures in that “regular storage room” in his computer lab.

Now, Lisa felt Mark was the judge ready to announce the verdict on her “office affair with Hiroto”.

Lisa loved Mark so much she wanted their relationship to continue. Unfortunately, with the pictures in that secret room, she saw things going in a direction completely out of her control.

Is this the end of their relationship, passion, and hot sex?

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River Run–a short story by Janie Dempsey Watts

by Janie Dempsey Watts

Disillusioned with her life, a lonely woman schemes to take a journey.


by C Thurston

Mysticism and Central American folklore are woven together in this gripping novel ofâ?¦

â?¦.a young woman whose sailboat is destroyed along the ragged cliffs of Matapalo, charged with murdering her companion.

â?¦the man who rescues her and his conflicted love with a childhood sweetheart who has followed in her mother’s footsteps into prostitution.

â?¦a gun running lion tamer whose beasts have been seized by the Country’s dictator.

â?¦a wealthy owner of a bar with such strong ties to the village and his family he can’t escape to be with his lover in New York.

In a village named after a vine that wraps around and sucks the life out of its host tree, are these stories and more. Circling a complex and unanticipated plot are the stories of each character, torn between a past of promises and a present mired in the stench of rotting shark carcass. The reader will be transposed into a world where the future can be seen in the dregs of a lard can and strategically placed lemons can cost lives.

This novel is continued in Matapalo Part Two: Deception River.

Nervous Breakup A Short Story Collection

by Bruce Leonard

This riveting collection includes five works of short fiction: “Hem and Francis” humorously describes the collision of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, technology and their futures; “Dissolution” is a black-humor story about how far some men will go when the stresses of family life become unbearable; “Smooth Longings” examines lives of not-so-quiet desperation as played out in a dead-end bar by people clinging to what little dignity they have; “Gravity” reveals how family disfunction can resonate through generations; and the title story, “Nervous Breakup,” details the struggles with life and sanity one man faces after the woman he loves leaves him.

I Believe in Pittsburgh: Part One

by Shawntown

In the midst of a sudden divorce, a fleeting romance, and a staggering on-and-off again obsession with substance abuse, Lex, a correspondent for the New York Times, is lost in his own head.

A series of events threatens to push him over the edge. Six main characters, all in some way connected to Lex, cross paths resulting in fateful consequences. Lex is falling in love with Anna, a communications director for a promising young Senator out campaigning for his party members.

Lex is also divorcing Lily, having abruptly walked out of her life. She is an attorney representing Anna in her own bitter divorce that drags on because of her travel schedule.

Unbeknownst to Lex, Anna’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Peter, is a bartender at Lex’s local watering hole, Rosebud.

As the story unfolds in Part One, all Lex can do is try and hold on … perhaps for life.

The Broken White House

by Xavier Robinson

Life is with ups and downs and if it is always down, would be miserable. Here are triplets face difficulties in their lives from the birth and finally death consumes them in silent manner. Government, religion, community and society wouldn’t save them.

Cardenio: Days and Nights in the Wilderness

by Leo Schulz

Young and beautiful, Cardenio is drawn into a bizarre sexual journey. Equally attractive to women and men, he is acutely observant but never judges â?? and never resists. As an adolescent he dresses in his mother’s clothes, allowing friends and girlfriends, and sometimes their parents, the pleasures of his masculine and feminine bodies.

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