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by Bev Pettersen

Book Buyers Best Finalist, 2013Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Awards Finalist, 2013
2012 Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award

National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist, 2012

She’s broke. He’s worth millions.

“…the plot gallops along at a steady pace, making for an entertaining light read.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Bev Pettersen writes with flair and a down-to-earth warmth that will make you smile and sigh with contentment.” – Julianne MacLean, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash was an easy enjoyable read, bringing tears to my eyes and laughter bubbling out.” – Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

“I loved the characters, and the chemistry between all the characters was amazing. It was a beautiful romance mixed with just enough suspense.” – Romance Writers Reviews

“Another completely enjoyable
mix of great little tidbits from the world of equine wellness, sizzling romance
and heart-stopping intrigue. The characters were well drawn, complex,
believable and likeable. This is a great summer read for all those readers who
enjoy spicy romance and hold-your-breath intrigue, whether they like horses or
not.” – Reader Views

“Looking for a fun summer read? Then this book is certainly worth your time, especially if you love horses!” – Romantic Times Book Reviews

________________________________   Jenna Murphy, a dedicated horse masseuse, relies on her job and street smarts to support what’s most important…her younger sister. But when the Thoroughbred Wellness Center experiences a hostile takeover headed by a charming but ruthless corporate shark, both her heart and career are in jeopardy.


Three Times A Lady- A Short Psychological Thriller

by Randy Charles

â??I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what happened yesterday!…’ Emma told her husband only a half-truth. The whole truth is that she doesn’t know exactly what happened the day before, but she has an idea. The whole truth is troubling: Emma has been missing time. Picture coming to, hoursâ??or daysâ??later, and not remembering a single second of your life in that gap. Where did you go? What did you do?

Like those precious minutes on the clock, Emma is losing it. And once she figures out what happened, she discovers that she has lost much more than time.

***This short story is approximately 9,000 words long.

Witness Protection

by Ursula Dukes

Ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else for a day? How about for the rest of your life? That’s the reality for thousands who have entered into the federal witness protection program. It also becomes a reality for thirty year old Madison West.

When young and law abiding citizen Madison West accidentally witnesses not one, but two murders, she finds that her life is no longer her own. And when police tell her that Ricardo Castillo, the man behind the shooting, is heavily involved in the sex trafficking of young women she whole- heartedly agrees to testify against him. And as her life continues to spiral out of control one thing remains constant, she is always protected.

Crime lord Ricardo Castillo wants Madison to pay for her performance in front of the grand jury so he puts a contract out on her. After a violent shoot out, Madison is moved some fifteen hundred miles away. But when a freak occurrence uncovers her real identity, Madison knows that she is going to have to think fast on her feet if she has any intentions of getting on with her life. Because if she doesn’t she may have to deal with some severe retribution that will affect not only her, but those around her as well. Including Deputy Tristan Calloway, the United States Marshal assigned to protect her.

THE PROTECTORS: Halloween Rave (Short-story sequel) FREE

by Bernard Lee DeLeo

Short-story sequel to the bestselling novel, THE PROTECTORS

Oakland Police Officers Connor Bradwick and Ellie James take Doc Julie Morrison undercover with them at a Halloween Rave, trying to stop the dealer distributing the flesh eating heroin substitute: Krokodil. The trio bust bad guys on the way, as the three costumed crime busters hit the rave trail with humorous results.

Mistletoe and Murder: A Midcoast Maine Mystery

by Lawrence Rotch

Ziggy Breener, the town eccentric, has pedaled his decrepit bicycle around Burnt Cove, Maine for nearly a decade, picking up empty cans and bottles for the deposit. In all that time, he has avoided talking about his previous life, being satisfied to live in a one-room shack amidst a rag-tag collection of junk and livestock. The fact is that few people notice Ziggy riding the roads, and those who do have little interest in where he came from.

All that changes when “The Can Man” inherits a valuable piece of waterfront land on the prestigious Squirrel Point Road. Sadly, his newfound wealth brings with it newfound enemies, and worse, old enemies from his past as well.

When Ziggy is nearly killed, amateur sleuths Sarah Cassidy and Oliver Wendell step in to help, but who is the real Ziggy Breener? He won’t give them a straight answer, and it turns out that unraveling their friend’s tortured past is a dangerous job, especially when powerful people are out to give Ziggy the gift of death for Christmas.

Murder by Elf. Book 1: The Body Under the Christmas Tree

by Gregory Peer Kerr


Join us for the event of the season as we roll out the 3-part series MURDER BY ELF. It’s happening right here, and NOWHERE ELSE!

**Book 1, The Body Under the Christmas Tree is available right now.

**Book 2, â??Tis the Season for a War Zone will be available in a few days.

**Book 3, the conclusion, will be available in mid-January 2014.


WARNING TO CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS: This holiday novel is fun reading.

After a tough day at the mall, come home and enjoy this wacky story about a shopping mall murder mystery. Darby Weston, a reporter, and Carissa, a maid from Iceland; will they become the next Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?

Darby Weston is a reporter covering a strange murder in a shopping mall. A security guard appears to be killed by a Christmas elf. An elf? Yes, an elf.

Is this e-novel a love story? A thriller? A murder mystery? The answer: All of the above.

Is Darby’s new girlfriend, Carissa, working for the murderer? Will she help the reporter hunt him down? Or stab the reporter in the back?

The Body Under the Christmas Tree is only available in digital e-book format. It is totally “green.” Gregory Peer Kerr’s ecology friendly books save trees, forest habitats, and endangered species from the evil paper pulp industry. They have no carbon footprint (not including your reader or computer/tablet), will not add to landfills, and do not contribute to global warming. Help save the earth by buying this book. 🙂

[This first part of the story, Book 1–“The Body Under the Christmas Tree,” is about 124 pages. The other two books are roughly the same; all three books together total about 370 pages.]

Eva and the Truth About the Laird

by Kimberley Hitchcock

When Eva’s career takes a terminal hit she is left with few choices. The situation demands that she accept the unconventional though lucrative offer to project manage the redevelopment of the magnificent Kilaurie Castle, set in the depths of the Highlands of Scotland. Leaving her friends and family, Eva goes to work for the Laird of Glen Lohdren and embarks on a journey that will change the course of not just her life but the lives of those around her.

Arriving at Kilaurie Castle, it’s not long before she realizes that all is not as it seems and senses that the Laird’s ancestral home is haunted by the ghosts of stark betrayal and crippling memories. Eva has her work cut out steering around the forbidden subjects and battling one or two extremely quirky characters. She uncovers a plot to sabotage the project but it’s not until the Hogmanay Ball that the gloves really come off. Eva finds she’s in way too deep when she becomes embroiled in a fight for not only her future happiness, but the future of the people she’s come to care deeply about. As revelers dance and amorous attachments flourish, Boardroom strategies are conceived, covetous dreams come to light and alliances are forged whilst jealousy, heartbreak and deception conspire in the dark corridors, and as the sun rises on New Year’s Day, Eva’s hopes dreams and heart lay in smithereens.

From high society and international stock markets to a family run bakery in the picturesque village of Caendoone, â??Eva and the truth about the Laird’ is written in real time from the Christmas of 2011 through into the New Year of the epic 2012. It is a story of selfless love, single-minded ambition and whether the truth really does set you free.

Rebecca Ranghorn – Texas P.I.

by Robert Burton Robinson

A murder mystery from the author of the Greg Tenorly Suspense Series and the Ginger Lightly Mystery Series.

Rebecca Ranghorn is a private investigator. Her specialty: cheating husbands. They can run, but they can’t hide from her. But now she’s on the run after being framed for murder. A lowlife Dallas businessman is sprawled out across the floor of her office with a bullet in his head. Her bullet. The police would probably thank her for killing the creep, but they would still have to arrest her. So, she goes undercover, taking a job in the dead man’s sleazy topless bar to track down the real killer. 
Previously published under the title “Naked Frame.”
“An exciting read from page one to finish. A complex plot that keeps you guessing until the last chapter. It was fast moving and the characters colourful and interesting. It’s a non-stop, can’t-put-down read. Looking forward to the next Rebecca Ranghorn adventure!” – Karen T., New Zealand

“…Rebecca Ranghorn is brilliant. I read the whole book in one sitting and loved it, and can’t wait for Mr. Robinson to write the next ones!” – Anne Shapiro

“Great book! Once I started reading I couldn’t put it away. I HAD to find out what happened. Nice twist in the end. I can’t wait for part two of this series.” – Heleen, The Netherlands

“A light-hearted read, which is fast paced, full of suspense and twists and turns. Rebecca’s friend Gabby is quite a character. The easy rapport they share and their constant banter makes for some delightful reading.” – Maddie Kanekar

“…It is the kind of novel that is almost impossible to put down. Having read it straight through in one sitting, I was eager to re-read the story in case I had missed something. I like the way you allow your reader to use their imagination when it comes to sex/violent scenes. It is a refreshing change from the modern trend of in-your-face lurid/gory details.” – Leolie Creeson

Frisky Business (A Sasha Jackson Mystery)

by Jill Edmondson

This time around, PI Sasha Jackson is investigating the murder of a porn star…

The drug addicted actress was a worthless nobody, so the cops aren’t putting much effort into finding out who killed her. Sasha takes on the case, and learns that the dirty picture business is way dirtier than it seems. She discovers surprising motives and even more surprising secrets, and just when she thinks she’s solved the case, another dead body turns up.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s private life is a shambles. Her brother is pissing her off, Sasha’s love-life is on the rocks, and her BFF has her nose out of joint over Sasha’s latest revelations. And then there’s the driving instructor, the locksmith and the glazier. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that Sasha has a credit card.

Why can’t everyone just chill out long enough for Sasha to get in a good jam session, or have a good night’s sleep?

Oh, for crying out loud, pass the Scotch…

The Nightwatchman

by Scott Griffin

Gabriel Shaw has a photographic memory.

But not much else.

Working as a security guard in an exclusive residential complex, he’s resigned himself to the fact that his unique talent has proved to be worthless.

Until a Mr Silk approaches him with a proposition.

One of the oldest, reclusive residents of the complex has a secret and Gabriel is offered thirty thousand pounds to gain entry to his apartment and memorise what he has hidden in a locked room.

With a young family to support, Gabriel needs the money – badly.

Gabriel agrees but soon finds that getting into the room isn’t as difficult as working out the truth about its contents.

And for The Nightwatchman, the night is about to get very dark indeed.

‘The Nightwatchman’ is a suspenseful mystery with enough twists to keep any thriller addict gripped to the very last page. It is perfect for fans of Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben.

Scott Griffin is the best-selling author of ‘The Benefactor’ and ‘The Donor’

His work has been widely praised.

‘Take my advice – don’t start reading “The Donor. Don’t start, that is, unless you have time to finish it. Scott Griffin’s thriller grabs you by the throat from the first sentence and holds you to the last word. Taut, tight, tense, it’s a switchback ride to hell. You’ll love every minute of it. – Colin Dunne, best-selling author of ‘Black Ice’.

‘Modern, slick, and very, very scary, this is a classic thriller’ – Matt Lynn, best-selling author of the ‘Death Force’ series.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

Free to Infect, First to Die (21st Century Pirates Inc. – Part Two) : A time travel action and adventure medical thriller


To see a video for this book, go to the image above and click “Look Inside” then click on the video graphic!

Book Two of a Two Part Series. Please read ‘Free to Pillage (21st Century Pirates Inc.-Part One)’ first. ‘Free to Infect, First to Die’ carries on seamlessly from where Part One finishes.

21st Century Pirates Inc. has got it all: romance, adventure, treasure, nuclear weapons, time travel, a plague that threatens the existence of humanity, humor, hurricanes, swashbuckling, Pirates, the United States Army, and a Court Case in the Supreme Court of America. And what’s more, it ends with a twist that you will never guess and will make you smile.

Written for adults and teenagers alike, 21st Century Pirates Inc. is another classic by Ian C.P. Irvine, the writer of Haunted From Within, The Orlando File, Crown of Thorns and London 2012: What If?: best-selling Medical Thrillers in which Ian C.P. Irvine makes the implausible sound plausible, and lets you see the action in your mind as if it’s a movie playing in your head.

So what is 21st Century Pirates Inc about?

Image the combination of four amazing films – ‘The Perfect Storm’ meets ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ meets ‘ Contagion’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and you will have the plot for 21st Century Pirates Inc.

During a daring raid on a secret Pirate stronghold in the Caribbean, Captain Rob McGregor of the Sea Dancer and his own pirate crew steal the infamous treasure belonging to Captain William Kidd. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, Captain McGregor and his band of pirates set out to sea, their ships’ holds full of pirate booty.

When they are hit by the most intense electrical storm of the 17th Century, the Sea Dancer is transported through time to the year 2014. Bemused, hungry and thirsty, Captain McGregor and his crew sneak into a secluded bay in Puerto Rico, hoping to find food and water.

Instead they find a ‘palace’ : an exclusive five-star holiday resort for the rich and famous.

Scared, bewildered and desperate, they take over the resort, holding everyone hostage.

Quickly, the situation goes from bad to worse. Within hours of landing at the Blue Emerald Bay Resort, several of the crew fall sick. When one dies, the resort doctor identifies it as a unique and new strain of pneumonic plague, never before seen in the 21st Century, and an infection so deadly, that if it infects the residents of the Blue Emerald Bay and escapes the confines of the resort, could threaten to wipe out the human raceâ?¦

“Free to Infect, First to Die”, is a medical thriller like no other you will ever read.

Download, settle back in a comfortable chair, and enjoy!

A Village Not So Green (John Harper Series)

by E. J. Holmes

When local farmer Harry Bailey is discovered dead in the English village of Hollingswood it is ruled an accident. However Detective Inspector John Harper’s boss thinks otherwise and sends the experienced homicide investigator on a two week holiday to search for the truth.

Harper finds that even the smallest of villages can hold big secrets, Hollingswood being no exception. When another person dies in unusual circumstances he is left wondering if both are related to another murder in the village twenty years ago or are they the work of a new killer with evil intent.

Slaughter in Baltimore

by Russell Raines

It’s 1955 in Baltimore. If you want to make a call, find a pay phone. Need information? Go to the library. But some things never change: cocaine, murder, lust, and human nature. Stir those ingredients together, and you have a recipe for Slaughter in Baltimore

The Society Of Dirty Hearts (A crime thriller novel)

by Ben Cheetham

There’s a darkness lying just under the surface of Julian Harris’s young mind. He has bad dreams. Very bad dreams in which he sees himself rape and murder teenage girls. Sometimes they seem more like visions than dreams. More and more he fears his dreams will spill over into the waking world and he’ll become the monster he is in them.

There’s a darkness lying just under the surface of Julian Harris’s picture-perfect hometown too. A schoolgirl is missing. Julian is convinced there’s something sinister behind her disappearance, but the police think otherwise. The girl comes from a bad background. She hung out with petty criminals and junkies. Some people think the town is better off without her.

Julian isn’t one of those people. Neither is Mia Bradshaw, a disturbed, self-harming orphan and the best-friend of the missing girl. Drawn to each other by a desire to find out the truth, Julian and Mia form a bond that goes beyond friendship or sexual attraction into something neither of them understands. When Mia goes missing, Julian’s desire turns into obsession – an obsession that leads him to a depraved underworld of drugs, prostitution, blackmail and murder headed by a man who seems to have stepped straight out of his nightmares.

Part psychological horror, part crime thriller, The Society Of Dirty Hearts is a novel that will draw you, along with its flawed hero, deeper and deeper into the corrupt depths of a small-town full of dark secrets and darker desires.


‘Cheetham ensnared me in the web of his inescapable story. I felt like a junkie needing a fix – I had to know what was happening next and couldn’t get enough of this book. If I could have mainlined this book, I would have.’ Bound & Determined to Find a Good Read.

‘Great story from Mr Cheetham, well told, fast paced and engaging.’ I Meant to Read That.

‘Great book! Can’t wait to read more from this writer. Lots of twists and turns I never saw coming. Highly recommend.’ Smashwords review.

‘…writing reminded me of early Stephen King, especially in its sense of small-town life and paranoia, and the air of supernatural that pervades the first half of the novel’ – Robert Dinsdale, author of The Harrowing and Three Miles.


Ben Cheetham is an award-winning, Pushcart Prize nominated author from Sheffield, UK, whose fiction has been widely published in magazines and anthologies.

A Prickly Situation: An Aggie Underhill Mystery

by Michelle Ann Hollstein

Aggie stumbles into a very prickly situation when determined to help her daughter with a personal problem. Not only is her daughter’s life in a state of upheaval, so is Aggie’s love life when she becomes a member of a worldwide popular online social site.

With bleached blonde hair piled on top, an oversized pocketbook to match every outfit, Aggie’s ready to stumble into another desert adventure. Join Aggie in a quirky yet comical escapade where Betty’s practicing for her driver’s license, Roger’s in the middle of an interior decorator’s baby blue nightmare, and two bodies are discovered.

Who knew the desert could be so much fun?

Fatal Lesson

by Robert Kerins

While investigating the homicide of a teenage girl, Detective Lieutenant Alec Theron and his partner, Orca learn the murdered girl’s English teacher had been having illicit sex with the 14-year-old. The detectives must pit their skills against interference from the suspect’s mother, who is a backroom political powerhouse.

Theron’s career hangs by a thread after he’s suspended pending a hearing. The coerced mayor intends to fire him to derail the investigation. Just when Theron thinks things can’t get worse, Orca’s daughter is kidnapped. The detectives must battle corrupt politicians and a sociopathic mastermind to rescue Orca’s daughter and bring the rapist and murderer to justice.

Cooper Collection 072 (Life Is Boring)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott Cooper is facing a mid-life crisis early. He’s turning thirty-two and finds life to be quite boring. That is, until he wakes up in the dark and finds himself closed up in a casket with no way out. Now do you think life is boring, Elliott?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

THE FINAL CALL–a short tale of 1970 police work (Cassell Short Stories)

by John W. Cassell

A police officer answers a prowler call. On the surface it appears routine. Follow the facts as they rapidly unfold and see if you can figure the ending. This story was used by its author in teaching officer safety classes on both sides of the Equator before his retirement in 2006.


by Brooke Brouillette

Orders, procedures, permission; not something Savanna Dawson was especially good with, but hey what teenage girl is. Loaded guns and threats of beatings seem to be a good incentive though. â??Do this, do that, go here’ and she did soâ?¦begrudgingly. Bitter would be a good way to describe her attitude at this point; bitter and pissed. She’d done everything right God dammit! She screamed, she ran, she fought like Hell and her kidnappers had the bruises to prove it; unfortunately so did she. She wasn’t prepared to die; she had plans for her life and she wasn’t about to trust her rescue to Harper’s police force. Well-intended as they were, they weren’t equipped to handle anything like this. Escape was her only option; Hell she was smart. Just cause they had some brawn on her and a loaded firearm or two didn’t make her cower in a corner, a damsel she refused to be. This may not have been her war to start with, but dammit she was in it now and it wasn’t going to be easy getting out. Not if they had anything to say about it.

Bitterroot (The Priscilla Strain)

by Destiny Allison

In the second book of the Priscilla Strain, Destiny Allison continues the amazing story of the Kovalic legacy.

Edenton is a waste of rubble and ash, Vanessa has a secret, and the designers are still at large. Until they’re dead, she’ll never be free. In this exciting sequel to Pipe Dreams, Vanessa lays claim to her legacy and teams with McGrath to take them down, but the betrayal runs deeper than she thinks. Lewis also escaped the island and the Priscilla virus is almost ready for release. As the pieces come together, Vanessa must decide what’s more important — vengeance or family.

Praise for Pipe Dreams

“Allison’s voice has been described as poetic or lyrical. Perhaps it is the artist in her that allows “heart” to shine through her writing.” —

“Allison keeps up the pace with plenty of plot twists and engaging dialog, but it’s her writing style that makes this book a gem” — Amazon customer review

“Creepy, honest, and sometimes even bone-chilling, Pipe Dreams is a taste of reality that you won’t be able to put down.” — Amazon customer review

“With a steady pace and strong characters I found Pipe Dreams a gripping and emotionally engaging read.” — Amazon customer review

Dimensional Ruins: Humanities End

by John Thompson

Prepare yourself as you enter into a landscape of death and destruction with little or no hope. Within these pages lay the often-violent musings of John L. Thompson who explores the vast terrains of Horror, Crime Noir, Science Fiction and the Zombie Apocalypse. Visit the many characters who litter the wastelands. Stop and read about the retired old hit-man who takes up residence in a nursing home, a man’s fight to escape the real Hell, a man who believes his dog is his best friend, a serial killer becomes the hunted along with a slew of many other unforgettable characters.

Within this tome of destruction is a wide collection of novellas and short stories written by John L. Thompson who has been described as a new and fresh voice in the fields of science fiction and crime noir literature. Life is not as pretty as it would seem especially when Thompson is writing about it. Thompson’s work includes all the elements of human destruction. He writes of revenge, sex, jealousy and rage with a twisted flair. These stories have been collected and edited from over a five year time frame and while some of the stories within have been previously published, many others have never seen print. His work has appeared in many publications such as Shotgun Honey, Yellow Mama, Out of the Gutter, Science Fiction Trails, Runewright and Static Movement Press.

Winona Short Story

by Alta Pridi

PRICE $0.99

Frankie is a CEO of a leading company. His achievements are so remarkable that he was able to achieve this position at the age of 35 years. But out of his carrier Frankie was suffered a strange illness and brought the confusion between doctors as well as experts. He often stayed in hospital, but when the doctor checked about his illness none of the symptoms were found.

Frankie suffered his illness over and over again as if there was no cure until one day Frankie’s Boss decided to replace him with another candidate due to the diseases. There is nothing that Frankie can do than accept it even though actually it’s very hard to deal with. He just stated that everybody has forgotten about all his efforts to advance this company in the last five years.
The meeting was held to replace Frankie with another candidate. A beautiful woman named Winona just entered the room and Frankie’s Boss announced that this lady is going to replace him. Somehow, Frankie suddenly holding his left chest and then fall down to the floor.

But it’s strange to found that everyone in the room was just watching him and none of them who give some help. They stand motionless while watching him on the floor as if letting it happens. Frankie is on the verge of the death with no one to help him.

Rumor said that Frankie was poisoned by his office mate who wants a higher position. Is it true? What actually happened with Frankie? Will he manage to call someone to help him?


by Todd D. Utley

This is the second section of the Novel titled “RESTORATION, IMMORTALITY BEGINS” which I have divided into thirds. I wanted to offer my readers a more economical option to download this work in sections. I hope you enjoy the book!

The year is 2056. The world is still recovering from the pandemic of 2027 when a meteor borne virus wiped out half the population. Cloning has been legalized in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Dodge Kerrington, a renowned Electronics Engineer leads his team at Embedded Systems Specialist in a race against their competitors. They must design and perfect memory transfer for the Human Cloning Process.
ESS prevails by creating the first successful system that records IHE (individual human experience) as a LifeFile that uploads into the brain of a newly grown clone. ESS launches the system and human immortality is born. Disease Treatment Centers are bankrupt. Hospitals and Clinics convert to LifeCenters, all in the business of providing Restoration services. Funerals are nearly unheard of, only hardcore religious hold outs choose natural death over Restoration.
Enter the world of High Tech Industrial Espionage with Dodge Kerrington and his best friend and security expert John Calhoun as they fight for their very lives against criminal master mind Cyrus Slade and his partner, a world renowned hacker known only as “Glitch” who desperately desire to obtain the new technology and the incredible power that comes with it. It’s an all out battle for control of Restoration and the minds of those that created it. In a high tech game of murder, hacking, and unbridled greed, the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Good Vs Evil Tes’s Struggle to Stay Alive

by Marjorie Simmons

Tes was just a normal, young teenage girl, full of life and love. Tes was very pretty, and had short blond hair. She was not that tall, but had the most beautiful blue eyes you ever seen. Tes had just turned fifteen and was so happy to be all grown up: or so she thought. Little did she realized that she was not as grown up as she thought. She was still just a child living in a grownup world. The world around her was not at all what she had perceived it to be.
It was late one cool fall evening and Tes found herself lost in an unkindly and most evil world of lust, hate and a seemingly path of no return. Little did she know the fate, and her future that awaited her?

Cooper Collection 086 (The Next Great Adventure)

by Bill Bernico

The Coopers have their hands full with their latest case. In order to save bus driver Harry Fleming’s life, Clay, Elliott and Gloria Cooper have to kill him. And they have to be convincing if they want to keep the twenty-five thousand dollar fee from their unscrupulous client.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 073

by Bill Bernico

There seems to be a serial killer with no apparent motive working the east Hollywood neighborhood. He gets in the victims’ houses, puts two slugs in their face and casually walks out again. Well, you can’t blame the victims for letting in someone they recognize and trust. But that was their fatal mistake. Enter Lt. Hollister and the Cooper Investigations team. The jig is up.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 080 (Home, Home Within Range)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott’s surveillance business has taken a giant leap forward with the purchase of even more electronic equipment and he’s hot on another case that will take him all over the Los Angeles area. It will also bring Clay face to face (sort of) with the ghosts of his pleasant past.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 096 (Oscar Night)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria tackle three cases in this story. And in between cases, Elliott hires a genealogist to map out the Cooper family tree. She’s able to trace Elliott’s family back through eight generation, starting in 1788.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 094 (Baby Steps)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper’s friends have given him a nicknameâ??Klaus. Klaus Trafobic, to be exact. That’s because Clay is afraid of closed-in spaces. He’s terrified in elevators, can’t sit anywhere but on an aisle seat at the theater and won’t walk among the throngs of people on the street. This is why Clay Cooperer finds himself on this particular couch in this particular psychiatrist’s office. He needs helpâ??or does he? Perhaps his fears are real and he’ll just have to learn to live with them. Let’s find out, shall we?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Staymaker:The Downfall of Thomas Kingsmill and the Hawkhurst Gang

by Andy Millen

In September 1747, the Revenue seized a large cargo of tea being smuggled into the country. However, it belonged to The Hawkhurst Gang, and they wanted it back whatever it took!

Gritty and violent from the start, this novel follows the Hawkhurst and Chichester Smuggling gangs and the attempts to bring them to justice in the final years of the 1740’s. It draws in the so-called â??Battle of Goudhurst’, the seizure of the shipment in waters off Poole and their subsequent attack on the Customs House to reclaim what they felt was their legal property. Lead by William Ferial, Jack Dymer, Ritchie Perrin and the infamous Thomas Kingsmill, they bribed, threatened and murdered witnesses, freed their comrades from prison and regained their position and reputation. The mere mention of the â??East-countrymen’ was enough to cause fear and respect once again.

Kingsmill however has a brother, Arthur, who fled the gang ten years earlier to join the army. Hell bent on stopping them, he leaves his regiment and joins the revenue, but first has to gain the trust of his superiors who suspect him of being involved in his brother’s activities. He finds himself assisted by a unit of Dragoons, led by his old army friend, the cynical Sergeant Ezra Smith.

Be drawn into the heart of Smuggler country, from Poole in the west to Reculver in the east, with a cast of real and fictional characters and documents unfurling the struggle between the Gangs and the Revenue. It is no holds barred action, and shows the Gangs as the cruel enforcers that they were, rather than the romantic heroes of legend.

Cooper Collection 090 (Hell Is Other People)

by Bill Bernico

The serial killer in this story is convinced that ‘hell is other people’ and he’s out to thin the human herd of the dregs of society, in his opinion. This story may make you think twice about how you treat your fellow man and you might come away with a new outlook on life.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 092 (Separated At Birth)

by Bill Bernico

Clay Cooper, second generation private eye, has been feeling restless lately, since he retired. His lifelong friend, Dean Hollister is having similar feelings, since he also retired. These two guys are like an entry in one of those Separated At Birth books. They both like the same things, they both think similar thoughts, eat similar foods and can finish each other’s sentences. When Lieutenant Eric Anderson of the L.A.P.D. calls and asks for their help in his latest case, these two geriatrics jump at the chance for a little excitement. But Dean gets just a little too much excitement and nearly pays with his life.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 085 (Nut Job)

by Bill Bernico

No, this isn’t a story of a mentally ill criminal, but rather a story of vandalism perpetrated by a person wielding a slingshot that shoots half-inch chrome nuts through storefront windows, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Seems like a harmless juvenile prank until one of the store owners turns up dead, with a half-inch chrome nut embedded in the back of his skull. All these events are taking place in Elliott Cooper’s neighborhood, so he decided to pay these store owners a visit. Before he knows it, he and Gloria and Clay and all involved in the case, much to the annoyance of the police.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cold Suspenders

by Alvin Finch

Cold Suspenders is set in the near future.

Morton Elise and his companion Katei Cooksie battle to save the UK from evil.

A tale of espionage, global warming, computer hacking and suspense.

It is written as a suspense thriller. It borders on science fiction, but is more about today’s surveillance society. It explores ID cards, and the remote control of transport. It covers some of the terrorisim threats recently higlighted by the government and reported in the news media.

“This book is cleverly written. The contents page alone made me want to read further. There are some really good ideas in this book – some leading to amusing results. The chapters are nice and short, so it’s easy to read just one chapter…and maybe just one more if you’re finding it hard to put down. Definitely worth a read. A good storyline with humour, suspense and tig-tags (you’ll have to read it to find out more!)”

Alluring Lists & The Bus Watcher

by Debbie Roome

A young girl’s life takes a downturn when she misses the bus to work one day. Afraid of getting into trouble with her employer, she picks up a bus timetable little knowing these will soon rule her life. Over the space of three years, her life spirals downwards into a cycle of lists, hoarding and obsessions. An intriguing short story that looks at OCD and how untreated obsessions and compulsions can destroy a life.

Grey Gold and Green

by Gerald Crook

Mars final day at Liqchems Chemical Company was being celebrated at the local dance club Once Scene, tomorrow she flies out of Heathrow to start her solo travel around the world.

As she walked into the main bar with her best friend Jude at her side, they met their dear friend Nobby at the bar. Nobby greeted them with a big smile and hugged them both, he bought Mars and Jude a drink and led them to their group of friends, all the girls from the office and some of the men from the factory whistled and cheered as they joined the boisterous bunch.

Two seats were set aside for Mars and Jude, everyone was in good spirits, the club was buzzing with excitement, the lads were messing about as usual and teasing the girls.

Ding Ding got up and paraded his nice new clothes ‘ I look good in this don’t I?

‘Yes, but I think a hood over your head would have worked better’ replied Wendy. Ding Ding smiled and added ‘I have to work hard to make myself less attractive to women.’ Wendy replied ‘Well let me reassure you, you don’t need to work so hard.’

Poor Carolyn looked a bit sad ‘what’s up’ said Mars. ‘Look at me, look at my dress! Said a dismayed Carolyn ‘I was up at the bar and this girl spilt drink down my dress, honestly I could have stepped on her foot’. ‘Ah Let me see’ said Mars. Carolyn unfolded her arms, Mars looked at the disaster scene and then turned to Doug ‘you’re the expert on chemical stains Doug’ he took an over long gaze at Carolyn’s cleavage, and then at the nearby stain and replied ‘you’re in luck I’ve got a clean handkerchief, I can soak that under the tap and I can rub it clean enthused Doug. ‘Will that do it?’ Frowned Mars. ‘Well it’ll do it for me’ smiled Doug.

The lads got up and drifted off to the bar. Stu turned to Howard ‘did you go weight training last night? Yeah confirmed Howard ‘I saw Whistle down there, he stood out a mile, the back of his gym shirt reads, Give me strength’. Stu smiled and said ‘Seen anything you fancy Howard’. ‘Not yet Stu, what about you’? ‘are you hoping to score tonight? ‘yeh I’m looking for slow sex with a fast woman’. Whistle was left behind on his stool, but jumped up and raced ahead when his date turned up.

Lyn turned to Wendy ‘so where did Whistle meet her’? ‘I don’t know, but I think you’ll find her telephone number on the back of a loo door. Bless him, he can see love stars, he told me that when she gets close a waft of chanel number 5 fills the air and he feels faint. I could smell it and I thought it smelt like chanel number 2. But he’s happy, for years he’s been saying I’ve got lots to offer but nobody wants it. He’s so pleased that he’s found somebody that wants it’

Jude asked Sally ‘are you going to Jim’s birthday party’? No gasped Sally ‘not unless a dog chases me there!

Mars pulled Nobby by his arm ‘Hey Nobby can we get everyone on the dance floor? ‘Yeh, I’m on the case, Dolly Dimps has asked me to request a song’. Mars looked surprised ‘Oh which song has she requested’. Nobby returned a smile and after a pause replied ‘Bob’s your wally’. Mars lifted her eyebrows ‘Never heard of it, how does it go? Nobby composed himself and sung ‘Bob’s your wally du du du Bob’s your wally’. They danced the night away.

The story begins as Mars returned from her world trip.


by John J Caldwell

Kazimier is a man who is haunted by his past. Confined to a high security medical ward, he writes by day and wrestles with his demons by night. Convinced of government conspiracy and demonstrating signs of insanity, Kazimier desperately searches for answers and risks his own life in the process.

Justice My Way – A New Dawn

by Ian Oldfield

This is a sexy, erotic hero type of book where you can actually imagine yourself doing what our hero does. You will with each page say yes, I would do that. It also shows the erotic side of life as a lawyer!!!

Imagine yourself losing your loved one in a horrible murder. What would you do? This is the story of a man who lost and sought revenge.
You follow him from 1995 through university and his training as a barrister where his skills become honed.

Then he takes on the criminals in society ensuring each one is taken off this earth in the most horrible way. he reaps his way of justice, not justice via civil liberty.

He then has to save society as we know it by using every one of his skills. Can he save mankind?

It is also a story of love and how a womans love can change a man who has a cold heart.

A Modicum of Thanks (Canton County Chronicles Mysteries)

by C.M. Carleton


Liz McBride has worked in the Canton County Circuit Court Clerk’s office for–well, no one quite knows exactly how long. And reliable, grumpy, efficient Liz has just about had it working for her boss, Gary Moss, the elected clerk.

Gary gets mad when he’s asked by the Clerk of the Supreme Court to make sure a small platform gets built for the unveiling of a statue. It’s a big event: the Chief Justice will be appearing, along with the local circuit judge, and pretty much half the county. Gary naturally dumps the task on Liz, who of course fails to get the job done to his satisfaction, leaving her scrambling at the last minute to get the task finished.

Liz is impressed when Kit Babcock, the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney who led a committee to raise funds for the statue, commiserates with her about bad bosses and expresses her regret that Liz got sucked into doing what should have been a simple task.

Then something goes quite unexpectedly and spectacularly wrong at the ceremony where the statue is to be unveiled.

But Liz McBride is clever enough to turn a bad situation into something much better…

This is the second short story (approx. 4800 words) in the Canton County Chronicles Mystery Series. WARNING: This story contains some language that some may find offensive.


Contains Chapter 1 from ELECTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES, a Canton County Chronicles Mystery, the first full-length novel in the series (approx. 69,000 words).

The Silver Locket (Novelette)

by Declan Conner

Approx 30 pages in a printed book, 7000 words. Independently edited.

American and UK English versions in one eBook, with internal links for you the reader to make the choice of language.

The Silver Locket

A hypnotic tale of hope, from the depths of adversity.

Sometimes our nightmares can follow us through life. For Dr John Duval, his adversary has carried out a vendetta against him since his school days. John needs to escape his clutches and to end his nightmare. A hypnotic tale of hope, from the depths of adversity In this tale of a love tragically lost love. Will John put bereavement behind him to find a new love and end his nightmare?

Also available in the Lunch Break Thriller compilation.


by Karen Lewis

The store where Christie worked for thirty years has closed down. She’s unable to find another job, and fears she may end up homeless. But things are destined to get a whole lot worse. Her best friend is murdered. This brutal and senseless crime catapults Christie onto a roller coaster ride of terror and pathological evil. Some of it originating far too close to home for comfort.

Muted Judgement

by G. E. Mason

A young girl’s life hangs in the balance. A by-the-book prosecutor must throw out the book to insure sure that young girl gets a fair trial. When an old lover enters the scene, things get quite complicated.

*Captivating, amusing, and unexpected, Muted Judgement is a thriller that will surprise you.

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