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Socrates and Plato & Their Essential Tips for Young International Travellers

by James Head

It is often said that ancient Athens in Greece was the birthplace of Western Civilisation as we know it today; and indeed the place where many modern intellectual (and artistic) concepts such as democracy, politics, economy, and ethics first came into being. Socrates and Plato are without doubt two of the best known philosophers and thinkers from ancient Athens or indeed any other period of history including our own. Why is it that they are still so well known today, and what is it really that makes them such important people? These are just some of the questions I hope to answer for you in this first book of three understandable essays for general readers.

Keep in mind right from the start that philosophy after all is said and done, is simply about giving people tips for living a good life or a better more fulfilling kind of life. Socrates was quite simply a wonderful teacher about life in its various shapes and forms; which is what â??real’ philosophy is all about. â??Where am I and where do I want to go?’ – are the fundamental philosophical questions for Socrates summed up in the Delphi Maxim or phrase: â??Know Thyself’. I hope this book will start to explore some of these questions for you, as well as giving you a good idea of what Socrates and Plato were all about and why their advice or â??tips’ are still worth our consideration today.

The three essays move progressively deeper into the philosophy of Socrates and Plato for those who wish to know a little more. After a general introduction to what â??real’ Greek philosophy actually is in the traditional Socratic sense, the first essay looks at the essential question of â??Know Thyself’ and talks about Plato’s book The First Alcibiades. Interestingly, this was also the first book that new students at Plato’s Academy began with – so it is undoubtedly a good place for us to start. The second essay is appropriately titled: â??The Nuts and Bolts of Plato’ and looks at some important ideas and themes which crop up in many of Plato’s books. By the end of this second essay you will have a very good â??general idea’ of what Socrates and Plato were all about.

Finally, the third essay discusses Plato’s book The Phaedrus in some detail. As described within the previous essays, Plato can be thought of as a poetic writer who often adds several layers of meaning to his books. The Phaedrus can simply be read as a description of what it means to fall hopelessly in love with someone; or it can be read as a road map to philosophical enlightenment. As described at the start of this final essay, this is one of the many choices we all have to make for ourselves.

(James Head, Athens, 2013)

The Worst of the Best of Roger J. Brown

by Roger J Brown

A collection of stories, essays and mental detritus that washed up on the shore of a real estate broker’s consciousness over four decades

Kona Koans

by Charles Weeden

Daoist poetry book containing koans and other short thought poems.

We Are Not Rich Because of You

by Xavier Robinson

The world is very rich but every one is not rich because the richness of the world is stolen. The stolen should be recovered. We need to promote our society by giving hand to the people lower thereof. A nation with a single poor will not be considered as blessed and so the world. The world is waiting for you and me to carry out our part perfectly and uplift it. You will find certain truth throughout the reading.

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