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The Ultimate Bill Walton Fun Fact And Trivia Book

by Mark Peters

Are you looking for trivia about Bill Walton, the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Portland Trail Blazers, or the UCLA Bruins?

If so, The Ultimate Bill Walton Fun Fact And Trivia Book just may be for you.

In it, you will find out great information like:

-How many points per game did Bill Walton average during his senior year of high school?

-What was the most points Bill Walton ever scored during a college basketball game?

-How many times in college did Bill Walton score 30 or more points?

-Before taking Bill Walton, how many players had the Portland Trail Blazers drafted out of UCLA before him?

-How many NBA games did Bill Walton play in before he fouled out for the very first time in his pro basketball career?

-Who did the Clippers have to send to the Trail Blazers as compensation for signing Bill Walton?

-What two jersey numbers did Bill Walton wear during his NBA career?

-How many points did Bill Walton score in his first game with the Boston Celtics?

-How many points did Bill Walton score in his final regular season NBA game? How many did he score in the last postseason game of his NBA career?

Plus a whole bunch of other fun facts and trivia items!

The Ultimate Bill Walton Fun Fact and Trivia Book contains well over 200 pieces of trivia, little known information, and fun facts about one of the greatest basketball players ever. This is perfect for you if you are curious about your favorite player, want to impress your co-workers, need information for a trivia contest, or even if you want to win a bet or two with family or friends. There are some hard to find tidbits in here including stuff related to his pro days, college days, and even his life away from basketball. This is exactly what the title says it is, the Ultimate Bill Walton Fun Fact And Trivia Book.

EBOOK WRITING MADE SIMPLE! The Indie Author’s Guide to Great Storytelling

by Gordon Kessler


The “Indie” Author’s Guide to Great Storytelling

NOTE: Among the many books published concerning eBooks, none are about the actual writing of an eBook novelâ??until now! EBook Writing Made Simple! is a complete how-to guide for writing eBook novels.

EBOOK WRITING MADE SIMPLE focuses solely on the actual writing of novels intended for the eBook-reading public. It does not deal with the ePublishing or marketing of such workâ??there are literally dozens of great eBooks out there already to help you with that.

Is writing an eBook novel the same as writing a novel intended for the traditional publishing industry? It doesn’t have to beâ??it can be much better. Why? When writing an eBook novel, you’re writing for the readers and not the uptight, rutted, NYC publishing industry. Find out how, and have fun writing again!

With this eBook, you will develop an in-depth understanding of:

– hooks, grabbers and cliffhangers;
– characters and characterization;
– conflict and plotting;
– suspense, tension and seeding;
– setting, description and imagery;
– storytelling techniques;
– story idea generation and overcoming writer’s block;
– narrative modes and story tenses, and;
– writing in perfect POV.

It’s also a reference (with charts) for:

– chapter, scene, paragraph and sentence construction;
– word choice (correct word, extra words, precise terms);
– punctuation and grammar, and;
– editing, revising and critique groups, and;
– 500+ terms every writer should know.

You’ll also learn how to write effective and story-enhancing:

– Tense shifts;
– Point of view shifts;
– First/third and third/first POV shifts;
– Authoritative deep POV, using subjective view points and imagery, and with minimal psychic distance, and;
– Author intrusion that draws readers into the story instead of pushing them away,

All this is important in order to maximize your story’s entertainment value for your readers!

This eBook is especially designed for the beginning eBook writer, but it is also a great guide for the novelist who wants to think out of the box. With the huge new market writers have discovered in writing eBooks, opportunities abound for authors who take a different tack and understand this new venue from a clearer perspective. Writing for reader entertainment by bending and even breaking the uptight traditional publishing industry’s stiff and restrictive guidelines frees the author’s creativity.

Come take a look at the fiction-writing craft from a whole new angle and discover the secrets to great storytellingâ??innovative and effective ways to reach your readers.

From the basics of fiction writing and the strict unbudging conventions of a steadfast traditional publishing industry to how to break the rules for pure entertainment value, this book encompasses it all. Included are over a dozen images and charts to illustrate concepts and list concerns, as well as a 500+ word lexicon of terms every fiction writer and novel author should know.


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: Teaching & Counseling Orthodox Students

by Henry J. Roth

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder analyzes the way we understand, through the lens of religion, Orthodox students who are referred to a therapeutic day school for school-related problems. It supports the view that underlying conflicted religious feelings have been underestimated as a significant problem in this specialized population.
School problems are universal. Orthodox students with emotional and behavioral problems who are referred to a therapeutic day school frequently experience underlying conflicted feelings about their religion. This book provides psycho-educational profiles of Orthodox students with behavioral and emotional problems. Moreover, the book shows how conflicted religious feelings may cause or aggravate psychological problems that lead to unhealthy and inappropriate school behavior.
The spectrum of students’ conflicted feelings about religion is classified into five levels as a guide to selecting appropriate counseling interventions. Climbing Jacob’s Ladder discusses how to identify Orthodox students who have conflicted religious feelings in addition to school-related difficulties; how those conflicts affect their school performance, and how to work with these students and their parents in a school setting.

How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

by Luanna Johns

A good education is one of the most important things you can give your child, so choosing the best school is crucial.

In this book, teacher, school inspector, and parent Luanna Johns shares her tips and secrets for how to choose the best school for your child.

With over 20 years experience in education in seven different countries, Luanna has seen the good, the bad, and the truly ugly of schools. Let her show you how to choose the good while avoiding the bad and the ugly.

In this book you’ll learn:

How to prepare a short-list of schools.

What questions to ask.

What to look for during your school visit.

What the different curriculum options are and what they mean.

How to prepare for the first day and beyond.

What to do when problems occur.

It’s great to learn from your mistakes, but not when your child’s happiness and future success are at stake. This book will ensure you know how to choose the right school, the first time – no matter how old your child is or where in the world you are.


by Robin Rowles

This book describes some of the concepts of Halloween. It includes a couple of easy recipes for a Halloween party, and some tips on the preparation of the pumpkin.

Another 150 Really Useful English Phrases: For intermediate students wishing to advance.

by Jenny Smith

Do you want to have fun while learning English?

Do you want to move from intermediate to advanced English?

This is the second book in the very popular â??150 Really Useful English Phrases’ series.

After years of teaching intermediate students who never seemed to improve I decided to find out what the problem was. Essentially, intermediate students get stuck because learning at this stage is a different type of learning than at the beginner stage. You have mastered the grammar and the basic vocabulary but most textbooks just carry on like nothing has changed. But what you need at the intermediate stage is not just more dry grammar and lists of words, but to be exposed to as much â??real’ English as possible. This will help you start understanding what people actually say and not just â??textbook’ English. It will also help you to naturally get a feel for the language.

Every new phrase in introduced in the real context of a short story or an article. So by having fun and reading something interesting you will be learning naturally rather than having to force yourself to study. It’s a simple fact that if you are having fun you will learn quicker and more easily.

This book is 100% in English with no help from your native language. This will help you to do what advanced speakers can do, and that is: think in English. This series of books is an excellent way to be exposed to â??real everyday English phrases’ but with the guidance of clear explanations and examples in simple English. Basically it uses simple language to introduce more complex phrases.

All of the phrases in this book are in common use and are the key to unlocking fluency. I have only included phrases which I have heard recently in conversation or on the radio or television. If it is in this book it is in everyday use.

So if you would like to move up from the intermediate level, please press the buy button on the top right hand corner of this page to get started today.

Common Core and the Truth (A Parent’s Journey into the Heart of the Core)

by Amy Skalicky

Common Core and the Truth

A Parent’s Journey into the Heart of the Core

Amy Skalicky

Forward by:

Kris Nielsen

Common Core is not your typical education reform idea; rather, it is an ugly, giant step towards the goal of federalized, corporate-run education that has been the underlying ambition of elitists in this country for well over 100 years.

Parents and educators cannot rely on what they read or hear from the creators of the Common Core for the truth. One must dig deeper, past the lies, to fully understand the implications of the Common Core agenda. The standards are not evidence-based, and the resulting curricula is useless. Bill Gates himself admitted it is an experiment. Right now, Common Core is harming our children, and left unchecked, will cause irreparable damage to our education system.

Knowledge is power. Armed with knowledge, parents and educators can stop Common Core. We can, and we must.

How to Get a CNA License Online – CNA Certification Nursing Training Online

by Suzanne Somers

In the field of healthcare, a certified nursing assistant is not only important, but plays a pivotal role in the functioning healthcare services as well. In order to become a good nursing assistant and find better job opportunities, you must be getting a CAN certificate. In order to be a part of this program, you must attain the age of 18 years and should have a GED degree or a high school diploma. Along with completion of minimum 75 hours of theoretical training, you have to undergo 40 hours of practical training as well. CNA certification training provides all the necessary knowledge one must have in order to become a certified nursing assistant. After fulfilling the above mentioned requirements you are eligible to give CNA certification exams.

Multiplication Table (Flash Card) (QAmemorize series)

by cooyou

Multiplication Table (Flash Card)

12×12 ( except 0’s , 1’s )

created by QAmemorize system.

Normal (121 cards)

Reverse (121 cards)

Random group (121 cards)

Random all (121 cards)

Work: a four letter word

by Alan Parry

This is my second poetry collection. The theme of each text is work of some sort, the poems are written in varying forms from numerous perspectives, including that of a tool and that of a social commentator.

Embarrassing Habits And Stupid Things We All Do But Don’t Admit

by Arthur Joyce

101 Embarrassing Habits And Stupid Things We All Do But Don’t Admit

“Pee in the shower. They say men do this more, but many women claim to do this as well”

” Spend too much time online. We usually tell everyone we spent the day house cleaning when really we were online for about 9 hours straight.”

“Wish our friend would shut up when our favorite song comes on. We just want to hear our song, especially the one part right when they ask you a question and expect you to answer. No!

“Look in the toilet afterward. Sometimes we just want to know!”

Based on the ways of society and culture, people have a tendency of behaving in a certain way that is within the boundaries of societal norms. We all know what it socially acceptable and what isn’t. We all know what is considered normal and what isn’t. What we don’t always talk about is the fact that people often do things that are outside of these limits, just not in front of other people. Well, at least most of us don’t. Instead, we hide them behind closed doors. We sometimes mask our true human behaviors.

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