Free travel Kindle books for 07 Dec 13

15 BEST Airport Restaurants plus 2,347 Runner-Ups!

by John Purner

“15 Best Airport Restaurants” provides detailed information on 2,362 airport restaurants. It will turn a dreaded 2 hour lay over into a welcome mealtime excursion. You’ll know what fresh Grab ‘N Go food options are available for every flight.

Fifteen airport restaurants top our list as the nations BEST. Try them all and be glad you’re a traveler.

A companion website is provided at no charge to all purchasers of the book. It provides first hand reports from other traveling diners and our updates detailing recently added airport dining options.

This book is an essential trip planner not only for you but also for every frequent flyer on your gift list.

The World At Large

by Cody Punter

It was just another harmless escape, another routine binge. At least that’s what Austin tries to tell himself when an old friend tells him to book a flight on short notice. Besides what else was he supposed to do while he waited for the news to come? When he finally meets up with Sam on the other side of the world, Austin finds little comfort in the fact that everything he dreaded is even worse than he could have imagined. His spirits are lifted when they meet a happily engaged gay couple and a pair of innocent looking German girls who are more than happy to distract them from the mundane debauchery that comes with being stranded with an army of well-fed backpackers on an island in the middle of nowhere. But it’s only a matter of time until the blur of cloudless days and frenzied nights begins to wear on them and soon enough the trip descends into a hard drinking drug-addled spiral of dementia. As Austin becomes sucked into the madness, he grows desperate to escape his surroundings by whatever means possible. But as their daily routine becomes increasingly absurd, he has to come to terms with the fact that there is one thing he will never escape.

More Roads to Adventure Fishing, Hiking, Rafting, Golfing, Kayaking, Caving, Biking, Sailing, Racing, Off-Roading, Backpacking, Camping and RVing Stories

by Bruce Leonard

More Roads to Adventure continues the exciting journey across North America, taking readers on athletic outdoors pursuits, adrenaline-fueled excursions and ill-conceived travel fiascos. All the adventure tales are told in first person by Bruce Leonard, a man perhaps too willing to make a fool of himself in real life and in print, as he hikes, bikes, kayaks, golfs, rafts and rides his way from campground to campground, occasionally with a plan, if spontaneous seat-of-the-pantsing it counts as one.

South of Dordogne (an eTravellers guide)

by Andy Frazier

The Dordogne region of South West France is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe, attracting over 3 millions visitors each year. With its quirky ancient Bastide towns and rolling countryside, it is easy to understand why.
In this informative and entertaining short guide book, the author will offer extensive details on all there is to see and do in the area, including a few personally recommended restaurants and other attractions.

This book is part of the eTravellers online travel guide series.

Trumpy the spider-frog

by Andy Frazier

You may have read the previous books in this series, named A Parrot in My Soup and Who the Heck is Auntie Florette? Basically they are an assembledge of random passages written as an observation of things around me over a one year period, while I sit in our house in France complaining about stuff.

Can I use the word assembledge? I know I made it up, but then so what? All words are made up, by someone, aren’t they? And at least I didn’t come up with â??paradigm’ or â??disintermediate’ which were obviously concocted by Management Consultants with too much time on their hands.

I do quite like the word â??testiculate’ though – which means waving your arms while talking bollocks! It’s what management consultants do, mostly.

Anyway, welcome to the latest installment of my assembledge of rantings – from now on I will try and use words that are in the Oxford dictionary.

Some of it might offend – some may make you cringe – most of it will make you laugh!

Postcards From Zurich

Where do the locals eat in Zurich? Where are the best places to stay? And what are the hidden gems that other tourists have never heard of?

The â??Postcards From’ series is a collection of five short essays on different elements of a destination. Our travel writers look for interesting and unusual elements to a city, composing a collection of portraits that will introduce the reader to some of the least known aspects of the destination. These collections are essential reading for the would-be traveller. Each book is around 7,500 words in length.

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