Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

Big Boobs (Adult Picture Book)

by Aai Anderson

You will never forget it….some of the biggest boobs in our solar system.

Unknown Rome (Discrovering Italy)

by Dario Giardi

Cities other than Rome carry the name “Magic”: New York, Prague and Turin. But consider this – all that you think of as extraordinary is written into the DNA of the “Eternal City.” Bernini, Borromini, Della Porta, and Piranesi, are just a few of the artists who designed the face of Rome, and with not a little mystery. All these artists have a common denominator: their interest in the occult and membership in secret and Masonic orders. Churches, domed cathedrals, public squares, statues and fountains – all are steeped in symbolism and meaning that we shall discover together.
The most intriguing exploration of Rome ever published.

30 Piano Chords – Games & Puzzles – Triads, Chord Inversions, 10ths, major, minor, (Games & Quizzes)

by Rosa Suen

30 Piano Chords – Games & Puzzles – Triads, Chord Inversions, 10ths, major, minor, augmented, diminished

This is a Fun and Puzzle Game Book for Children Adults – 30 Piano Chords. Play this game to see how well you know your chords.

Pictures of piano chords are shown.

Identify the right piano chord.

There are 3 different levels for you to play.

This will increase your memory of the different chords that you play on the piano.

You are having so much playing this game & quizzes that it makes all music theory fun.

Have fun!

Snowflakes with Compacts

by David W. Runyan II

Snowflakes with Compacts is a book which teaches the reader how to capture snowflake macros in a single shot using a simple compact point and shoot camera. The book presents a gallery of snowflake macros captured using the techniques, a section on the science of snowflakes, and a chapter on the history of snowflake photography.

That Is Priceless Presents…Great Moments In Phallic Portraiture (And Other Dirty Pictures)

by Steve Melcher

“That Is Priceless” has become a syndicated comic strip phenomenon by giving hundreds of famous masterpieces 21st-century pop culture facelifts with hilariously irreverent new titles.

Now, “That Is Priceless” is taking its business straight into the gutter, with the brand-new collection, “Great Moments In Phallic Portraiture (And Other Dirty Pictures).”

From “If George Washington Had Lady Parts” to “The Mona Lisa Experimenting With Girls In College” to “Women Discussing Suitor’s Proposal of a 3-Way,” this book is infused with the strip’s signature, slow-roasted blend of high-brow art and smart-ass humor. And chock full of “Priceless” masterpieces so raunchy, Mary Cassatt will have to excuse herself from the room.

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