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LONG GUNS (A Jess Williams Western)

by Robert J. Thomas

Long Guns is the eleventh in the series of Jess Williams western novels. In book eleven, Jess continues to pursue his job of bounty hunter, hunting down the worst of men for money. As if his job wasn’t dangerous enough, he finds out that Thomas Stidham from New York City has hired four men to track him down and kill him using buffalo rifles to ambush him.

Jess ends up in Kansas City, Kansas, where he meets Alex Brand, just one more in a long line of gunslingers who want to square off with Jess for his reputation.

To make matters worse, a man who calls himself Snake Oil shows up in Kansas City and his reasons for being there seems to be a secret.

Jess doesn’t know Snake Oil or his real intentions, but when he does find out, things turn deadly.

Irresistible Woman

by J.W. Smith

When three of the most diverse young women are adjoined at the hip by loyalty, the threat of death, murder nor mayhem could separate the trio. Bound by blood and a vow made back in the 3rd grade, the girls are made to endure atrocious activity, to survive the gritty streets of Texas. But when one of the pack member’s are suspected of being an informant for the F.B.I., their loyalty is put through the test. With Jonetta facilitating the way and Ingrid doing hard time, Samantha is left behind to deal with the dingy street’s alone. With street credentials of a true project Diva, Samantha springs into action, readjust her values and commence to handling her priorities. This book is a fast pace novel, with great influential wisdom throughout it’s contents. These women were born and raised in poverty and destined to be a product of their environment, but eventually through believing in one another’s dreams, goals and aspirations, the girls were able to make that financial transition to the top.

Linden Avenue

by Reginia Cordell

Turning 25 is a pivotal and life changing experience. Charlotte, a proper debutant from West Helena, AR sets to embark on greater professional opportunities and a mission to define herself. A journey to Atlanta, GA as the Parkford Group’s newest PR Rep proves to be more than professional growth.

In Sickness and Self Defense

by Lucille Celano

Nina is meeting her fiancé’s family for the first time just before the wedding, full of expectation and hope for the future. And then she meets her mother-in-law. When she and the itinerant groom are given an antique Russian pistol as a wedding present things really begin to unravel, until there’s blood on the ballroom floor. Tracking the pistol’s crooked path down the groom’s family tree reveals a gypsy curse, cross-dressing, murder and revolution. It sure pays to do a background check before accepting a marriage proposal.

Part modern, part historical black comedy, In Sickness and Self Defense visits New Zealand, a South Pacific island, and Russia to answer why this family is so hell bent on self-destruction; and on taking the world down with them.

The Italian Pleasures of Gabriele Paterkallos

by Pietros Maneos

Gabriele Paterkallos, a young American poet of Greco-Italian descent, is visiting Rome to have his first poetry collection published as well to travel throughout Italy. During his Italian sojourn, he exchanges a series of letters with the self-exiled American novelist residing in Paris, Odysseus Pane, a few years his senior, and a bit more established within literary circles.

The letters – Gabriele’s private musings upon life, literature and beauty – are highly personal, yet still retain a unique universality about them. Indeed, many letters read as a passionate paean to Italy’s timeless beauty redolent of a 19th century nobleman detailing the sights of his Italian Grand Tour.

Gabriele is an arch-Romantic to the core positioning himself against the prevailing mores of the modern world. One seems to vacillate between intense feelings of revulsion, attraction, and even pity for Gabriele – not knowing whether to renounce him entirely or to fall deeply in love with him; and even those who have come to despise him find his broody, mysterious persona quite irresistible.

Alive and Fighting: Revelations

by Cole Connelly

Alive and Fighting: Revelations is the story of Blood Oak seen through the eyes of the common people. All the simple struggles of post apocalyptic life come out in full force when the city’s only safe haven falls under attack by the undead and their horrible masters. Told from the perspectives of Rose, a simple scavenger and Spike, the Harvester Storyteller, Revelations sheds light on the undead and their inner workings.

available in the Alive and Fighting Series
Alive and Fighting: New in Town

Alive and Fighting: Every Sin a Saint

Alive and Fighting: Lost and Found

Alive and Fighting: Revelations

Alive and Fighting: Heroes in Blood Oak

Alive and Fighting: Addictions
Alive and Fighting: Carrion
Alive and Fighting: Broken, Part 1

Alive and Fighting: Roads Walked

Alive and Fighting: Parting Gifts (Coming
November 2013)

Cooper Collection 079 (Single File)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria are enjoying their weekend in the country. They’re on a cross-country bike trip with a hundred other bike enthusiasts. The guy riding with Elliott is one of those stubborn types who refuses to use the bike lane and chooses instead to ride out in the road. Let the cars go around him. Well, he doesn’t know what’s in store for him up around that next bend.

The Cooper Collection consists of 98 stories, so far.

A House by the Sea

by T K Lorimer

A short story by TK Lorimer – an ideal quick read.

Cooper Collection 099 (It’s Worth A Shot)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott and Gloria handle two cases this time around. The first case centers around an electronics shop that is being robbed–actually pilfered–by one of its own employees. The store manager hires The Coopers to catch the thief in the act. Elliott finds the guy, but his pilfering days are long gone by then because dead men can’t steal. The second case comes from a frustrated husband who wants to find his wife’s killer. After four months of getting nowhere, police have all but given up on the case so the husband hires Elliott to look into it. What Elliott finds could go down in the record books as the most unusual way to catch a killer.

The Complete Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

The Forest Dark

by Jim Arnold

In 1984, during L.A.’s frenetic Summer Olympics, conservative co-ed Eden von Eiff befriends young gay man Noah Baldock and his boyfriend, Ronnie. Though they become fast friends, Eden feels like an inconvenient third wheel until she meets Ruben Acosta. Little does she know that Noah has also cast his eye on the handsome Cuban. After the wild summer, Eden’s pregnant and struggling to keep this secret from her politically powerful family back east when Noah offers a solution to her problem.

Twenty-five years later, these two Boomers must come to grips with choices they made long ago. Eden’s son Louie is now a social media star with his ambitions set on reality TV. Noah struggles with job loss and his odd “friend” Jivan, who holds a mysterious power over him. Eden regrets not being part of Louie’s early life and wants to change that, but finds mothering a 25-year-old a daunting challenge.

Thinking their troubles have mostly to do with middle age, the wrecked economy and professional failure, both Eden and Noah find themselves tested in ways they could not have predicted. In the process, they discover what it is that’s essential, and what it is that lasts.

Jim Arnold is the author of the award-winning novel Benediction. He lives in Los Angeles.

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