Free historical fiction Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

The Executioner’s Apprentice And The Inquisitor

by Edward Chilvers

The Executioner and his apprentice are summoned to Suffolk to assist an inquisitor in his interrogation of a band of supposedly heretical monks. But in this intense and paranoia-infested atmosphere it is not long before the apprentice’s rash actions and foolish words mean it is he who faces the torture chamber and must rely upon the quick thinking of his companions to save the day

Christmas Found (Short Story)

by Jennie Marsland

For the readers who have asked for more about Ruth and Nolan and their family, this is for you. For those of you who are new to my work, this short (5000-word) piece can be read alone. I hope you’ll enjoy Nolan and Ruth’s rediscovery of life after loss, and of the magic of Christmas.

Christmas 1918

A year after the Halifax Explosion shattered their lives, Nolan and Ruth Cochrane are still struggling to pick up the pieces. Their injuries have healed, but their inner wounds are driving them apart. Can a marriage strained to the breaking point by tragedy find healing in the magic of Christmas?

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