Free horror Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

Daddy’s Dolly

by Alexander Fontanez-Ordoñez

Voodoo dolls and toddlers do not mix. A quick, fun story told from a child’s point of view.

The Deep End

by Jake Burrows

Perry locates his long lost eccentric grandmother at a mysterious Georgia trailer park in order to fulfill his father’s dying wish. His mission may be accomplished, but he finds getting in was much easier than getting out. A classic terrifying short story from Jake Burrows.

The Eighth Day – Sample

by Daniel Detanico

Son of Liliam, the burned witch, cursed with an overwhelming hunger and powerful beyond any imagining, a Vampire wanders Iberia, a land literally lost in the Dark Ages of sorcery and Jesuits. First as a child then as an adult, he hunts and is hunted, wandering far and wide searching for his place in the world, among scholars, monks, women and other monsters. Is there a place for him–?

Hellscape (Book One: The Ministry of Adrian)

by Duane Ratswander

Growing up in a town where it seems that everyone is out to get you is tough at the best of times. But when that town closely resembles a vision of hell, it can be a real nightmare. Despite the stench of the stagnant, chemical-choked waters; rotting fish; roving death squads; sleeping diseases; and armies of ravenous rats, sixteen-year old Aleck Bride has got worse things on his plate.

Recently, school outcast Adrian Drummond began singling him out for a campaign of harassment and intimidation. However, as Adrian Drummond’s stalking turns into full-blown psychosis, it rapidly escalates into a campaign that will eventually lead the entire town straight in to the pits of hell.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Crawlers

by Bradley Poage

Samantha and her boyfriend Blake take a camping trip to explore a series of caves. But on the fourth cave visit they will encounter a terrible discovery, one that will seal their fate…

Monkey Paw 2.0

by Jake Burrows

When Jack, a socially awkward technophile, acquires a mummified monkey’s paw from an online auction, one of his greatest wishes is granted. Unfortunately that wish sets his life on a course for unexpected and terrifying events. A new short tale of terror from Jake Burrows.

Legends of William’s Point

by MD Martin

Welcome to William’s Point, a small town nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains. On the surface it is the image of small town Americana. Quaint cobblestone streets are lined with ancient wrought iron fences and lush lawns. Landmarks like the General Armand house entice you sit on their wide cool verandas and enjoy a glass of iced tea. Peel back the exterior, however, and you will find the black blood that throbs just beneath it’s surface. Here, hidden in the shaded hollows and forgotten cemeteries lurk the creatures of the wilds. They do not fear death, they stalk it. What better place to call home? After all William’s Point is itself a child of blood, born into it from the first day man sat foot upon it.

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